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Dr. Michael LaitmanMany people in the world are connected to all kinds of groups, associations, alliances, and communities, and they are quite satisfied with these “hobby clubs.” In addition, people also cooperate in businesses in order to make a profit together.

There are the great and small, supervisors and subordinates, but, ultimately, there is a clear goal for everyone, and they understand that everyone needs to have his own place and contribute for the benefit of all. The picture is clear when the result is felt in the pocket or our desire for pleasure is delighted in some other way.

All the ways and forms of connection differ, including the religions. However, in general, people enjoy shared interaction that provides everyone with some benefit.

It seems to be different when a person asks the question about the meaning of life, “Why and for what am I here?” After all the searching, this question only grows, leaving a sensation of emptiness inside. So, finally, the person comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

However, in addition, he opens books and doesn’t find an answer. Essentially, the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t reveal anything. On the contrary, it is called the “concealed wisdom” because it removes the cover and only shows a person that something is hidden from him. What is this exactly?

What is concealed from us is the Creator. He is what we are missing. If we were to discover the higher power in nature that activates all of its forms—the still, the vegetative, the animate, and the speaking—then everything will become clear to us.

So, actually, in our world, in our life, there is no other question than the discovery of the Creator. In this way, we will solve all problems. We will understand what is happening to us, how we should act, what the consequences of our actions are, how they come back to us, and so forth. In brief, everything will be revealed to us. When we go beyond the limitations of this world, we feel not only the shortness of material life but also the entire way that stretches to Infinity. All this is provided that we discover the Creator and understand and feel reality in the same way that He does.

In addition, we don’t understand and feel. Here, the question arises, “What do I get out of this understanding and feeling?” The wisdom of Kabbalah answers like this, “You can understand and feel to the degree that you can become like the Creator.” In other words, the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t make it possible for us to recognize that particular phenomenon called the “Creator” but presents a condition that is not characteristic of our world.

Here, we look at things from the side. For example, I go to a ballet performance and see people dancing on the stage. I enjoy watching them, but I can’t perform like them myself. However, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this would not be called attainment. True attainment requires that I carry out this activity myself. From this, I will understand and feel what is being said; I must be “on stage.” 

So, how, in this case, can we be like the Creator? Initially, this is impossible, as the wisdom of Kabbalah explains. You see, the “Creator” is the power of bestowal and love, whereas I am the power of reception and hatred. That is how I am built, an egoist that wants only his own good, and the Creator is my opposite; He created me specifically in a form like this.

What for? It is to give me the possibility of choosing for myself what I want from life and to decide if I am interested—from my present state opposite the Creator—in reaching bestowal. If so, then I have the opportunity for this.

How can I use it? I can do this with the help of several means that connect me with the Creator. Since I am entirely an egoistic desire to receive and the Creator is an absolute desire to bestow, we oppose each other, are far from each other, and have no connection at all. In order for me, somehow, to be opened to see, to perceive Him and be like Him, I need some kind of connection, a thread, and I have this.

The Creator placed a desire to discover Him into me that is called the “point in the heart” (). This desire is egoistic, but it can be transformed into its opposite. In its essence, this point is the back side of the soul, opposite to the form of bestowal, a spark from the shattering of the vessels that fell into the desire to receive. It is one-hundred percent opposite to bestowal, and specifically this fact makes it possible for it to “reverse the polarities.”

Therefore, I find within myself two factors: egoism (Ego), wanting only to receive, and the point in the heart that also wants to receive but already relates to the Creator, having a mutual connection with Him.

However, this is also not enough. I need something between us, a power with whose help I truly will connect to the Creator. It is true that he awakens in me this point of the initial impulse, but by what means will I be able to take a step forward toward Him?

It is clear that there exists a special “adapter,” called a “group,” through which I can adapt myself to the Creator. In general, this is talking about ten men with whom I must work in order to attain the goal.

I artificially raise the importance of the friends in my eyes. I give them gifts (♡!), pretend that I love them, invest in a system of relationships between us, and participate in activities, egoistically, like a commando. Then, I get a response from them. You see they speak about love of friends, about bestowal, and this impulse influences my point in the heart and causes it to want what the environment is talking about. Suppose there is no real love and bestowal in the friends, that it is not important to them, but I hear their words and accept the message simply the way it sounds. Similarly, we are unconsciously influenced by the media.

The friends can put all the required data into me. When I am with the friends, I acquire the awareness of the importance of the Creator from them, that He is good and does good, and, through the group, I begin to relate to Him accordingly. There, in the “center of the group,” I find Him. So, my group and I transform into a vessel (Kli) for one soul, and in it, I discover fulfillment, the Light.

This is the process through which we must pass.

Thanks to the group, we can go out of ourselves, out of our ego, to rise above it, to be included with the friends, and to find the inner power that is called “Creator” there. This is all of our work; this is the patent of the Kabbalistic method, the means of going out to the world to come. You see, when in a group, I encounter the Light that fills me; my feeling is called “the world to come,” the “higher dimension,” the opposite of the state today.

Therefore, there is nothing more important in this world than the group and love of friends. This is the only means making it possible to attain the higher dimension, to discover the Creator among the friends in the unity between us. If we are at least ten people, according to the law of root and branch, we have enough power; through mutual influence, we can discover the Creator among us.

All the rest depends on us to the degree that there is mutual influence among our ten. In this work, we don’t just unite our efforts. Even in our world, there is the unique phenomenon of resonance. In the spiritual world, this becomes expressed in a much stronger form. When we are united, we reach a result far beyond the nominal sum of the participants.

Here, a holistic form operates; a complete system of laws. We don’t just unite the individual parts. Rather, we make a complete work between us in order to discover the higher power. The players on a good soccer team are also ready to cooperate in a marvelous way, but we add a higher dimension to this. Like parts of an engine, we are connected in the right way, and then, our shared engine gets the fuel to run.

Thus, it is clear that the group is as important as the Creator. You see, it becomes the vessel through which we reveal Him. Through our inclusion in it, each of us loses his “self” acquiring the entire vessel. If I am connected with the ten, in fact it is all mine. I invest in a connection and unite with the friends in my special way, in my “style.” Therefore, everything is found in my hands and this is my soul.

In this way, everyone is connected with the group from his point in the heart and acquires the soul. Even though the vessel is shared, it is expressed with different properties in everyone, according to his qualities and at the end of the way when everyone corrects his integration with the others, we unite into a whole and truly become one soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/13, Writings of Rabash

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