You Are Yourself Responsible For Your Own Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person truly believe what the Kabbalists write if, in the meantime, he has no concept of what they are talking about?

Answer: No one can just believe like that. In the meantime, the upper Light is what holds us in the state in which we are found and doesn’t let us leave. Likewise, the person also needs to invest some effort in order to tie himself to a group in order to make it possible for his beastly body not to flee. However, at the end of the matter, we can expect and be supported only by the mercy of heaven.

Someone in whom the point in the heart is manifested needs little physical evidence, rather only to the degree of his link with this world. If we were not linked to this world, then, for us, we wouldn’t require any evidence at all. If the desire for spirituality is awakened in you, then it no longer concerns you that a crisis exists in the world. There exist good and bad events, and all kinds of predictions and their scientific explanations. No physical arguments are required for you.

However, if you are linked with the world and, in the meantime, share its opinion, then you need to answer for yourself all of these strange questions, and for this you need to receive explanations that all of these concerns of this world are just vanity. You need to place a protective barrier against the influence of the external world and against its values, and then you will be freed of this influence and your point in the heart will continue its movement toward the goal.

It is as if you bring yourself to a group but, essentially, everyone was dropped into it from above, as a drop of semen drops into the uterus. And, what can it know about this itself? It doesn’t choose anything; everything comes from above, from a father and a mother. The same thing happens with us. You have a higher Abba and Ima, a father and mother, who are responsible for you so that you will develop as a human being, and therefore, they bring you to a group.

However, when they bring you there, then this society needs to be ready to help you to neutralize all the external influences. If you love science and research, then they need to give you information that will neutralize this materialistic desire.

Therefore, our work within the group in absorbing the new friends is in order to free the point in the heart from the external influence of this world with all the temporary values and scientific authorities. In this it creates a neutral environment for you. The person needs to receive an explanation relevant to the circular integral system so that everything will be combined to that system within which we learn and work.

This spiritual drop of semen must be free in order to make a choice and be held within the new environment. Essentially, the person receives this drop and needs, himself, to insert it into the uterus, into the group. He, himself, is responsible for the absorption of his semen, how much he is absorbed within the group. They need to give him all the support possible in this in order to make something like this possible for him. Here, the influence of the environment and the family is very important.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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