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The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, Selected Excerpts

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Draw A New World Inside You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who is entitled to cut threads that connect us with this world so that we can be born into spirituality?

Answer: Only you! It has to be done voluntarily!

We need a preparation period only to disconnect from our previous step, exit the “uterus,” and then, without having solid ground under our feet, start measuring ourselves, our actions, and our further steps using a qualitatively different tool that doesn’t include such parameters as “time” (now-then, today-tomorrow, etc.), “accumulation of goods,” “superiority over others,” or “security.”

All properties that define egoism (time, space, past, future, present, fulfillment, emptiness, and so on) disappear. They simply cease to exist. We enter a different space, another matrix, a different dimension that carries completely different values, absolutely divergent definitions, where everything is weighed on a different type of scale. Our attitude to everything around changes dramatically.

We don’t see any parallels in this world since our observations of the still, vegetative, and animate nature allow us to watch only  different levels of egoism that outline each of these layers. Animals are more egoistic than other levels of nature, and that’s why they move faster, provide nourishment, reproduce, and so on. Plants have less egoism, while the still nature is even less egoistic. And yet all of them are constructed to consume, absorb, gain, captivate, and retain.

But here everything is directed towards the opposite. And we can’t grasp this “opposite.” This is not just the same absolute value, but actually a minus sign.

After all, we build the world in our sensations, in our values and definitions: This is bigger, this is smaller, this influences me better, and this affects me worse. This is how the world is reflected in my egoism while, in reality, the world doesn’t exist. All these spaces, objects, visions, sensations, relations that something is closer, farther, better, or worse—all of it is formed in my egoism in particular.

If it disappears for me, I begin to define everything in relation to another property: the property of bestowal. That is, I start drawing within myself a new world out of absence.
From KabTV’s “Mysteries of the Eternal Book,” 2/18/13

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In The Name Of A Collective Idea

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs a rule, integral interaction among people happens in a group of ten, on condition that they internally try to solve their problems together. Their goal is to reach balance, and no matter how different they are and how differently they regard the task they face, they have to support each other and come to a common resolution without any conflicts.

Eventually, their decision might be completely foreign to each one of them, but they still will consider it correct. Everybody will accept it since during the decision-making period, many group members dramatically change their original points of view.

There are two defining factors here: First, one changes his point of view under the influence of others by trying to completely control oneself. One simply flows with the stream and gets under the influence of others’ beliefs. All of a sudden, one finds out that one thinks the same way as others although he had a contrary opinion previously.

It can also be done in an opposite way: One sees that others think differently, but one cannot give up one’s personal opinion. Still, one follows the majority. So, he “ties” his point of view to the general approach and goes along with them. He doesn’t give up his opinion, but acknowledges that it’s better to act together with others than unwisely insist on his personal point of view because only together can they come to a new decision. So, one gives up his personal approach for the sake of the general idea.

At the same time, one still continues to experience internal conflict, but it becomes much more balanced. One realizes that he keeps thinking his own way, and in order to maintain connections with others, he becomes ready to rise to their level and think as they do.

In other words, there are two levels in us: “I” and “we.” In this case, if “I” accepts others’ attitude without internal conflict and yet preserves “I’s” own opinion, it remains internally calm. It doesn’t cause inner imbalance in “I.” On the contrary, “I” feels that it managed to rise above itself and this idea makes “I” very comfortable.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/13

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Dispersion Is Good For The Wicked And Convention Is Good For The Righteous

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Writings of the Maggid of Koznitz, “The Work of Israel”: The sages said: “Dispersion is good for the wicked and convention is good for the righteous.” That’s because a wicked man separates himself from the Creator, thinks that he manages himself according to his own desire, and thus says “I will rule,” which is the source of the shattering.

Thus the wicked, each feels that “I will rule” and so they are in the world of separation and cannot connect like the circles because they cannot sit together, and so the dispersion is good for them. However, although the righteous each work the Creator in a different style, they all still aim at one thing: at their Father in Heaven, and they gather and assemble as one man with one heart.

When each one lowers himself and praises the work of the Creator, it gives him power and the mind to work for Him and so he doesn’t feel superior to his friend, and in the world of truth they unite with one another.

A person must convince himself as quickly as he can and not let time go by until he finally listens and believes that the spiritual world is not beyond some distant galaxies or in some faraway dimension. He is indeed in a different dimension, but this dimension is in his heart, in the desires and thoughts of his heart. Everything is in a man’s heart, in his desires: “the heart understands,” the heart thinks.

Only by controlling the desire is it possible to reach the upper dimension in which the upper one dwells, where He is the one who bestows with regard to the lower one, the one who receives in his thoughts, desires, and intentions.

One can have thoughts that are aimed at and operate for unity only by self-annulment and submission; that is, the thought of the righteous can unite since they are all aimed at one source, towards their unification with the Creator. The thoughts of the wicked, however, are each for his self-benefit, and so they all are separated and cannot attain anything.

Therefore, we should discover as quickly as possible in a true and decisive manner that the first spiritual level stands for self-annulment, connection with others in any way possible. We shouldn’t fear that it’s too honest and that someone may get scared and run away. The Creator gives us an example by showing us that the entire world is in a terrible crisis that spikes despair and helplessness in people’s hearts.

Thus, as a result of all our efforts to connect egoistically and to find spirituality not where it actually is, we must discover this helplessness. Then, out of helplessness, as it is written, “and the children of Israel sighed from the work,” we will be forced to turn to the upper force and demand that He save us.

The faster and more correctly we discover the fact that it isn’t in our power to reach self-annulment, the faster we will be able to reach the truth. This is possible only through connection, unity, and the strive for one root.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/13

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Abraham, The Father Of The Kabbalistic Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does Baal HaSulam hardly mention the group in his articles?

Answer: There is hardly anything to say about the group since it is an obvious condition. If you don’t work on the connection with the group, you don’t have a spiritual vessel.

So Baal HaSulam has only several articles about the group. A Kabbalistic group is a concept known since the days of Abraham, who was the first Kabbalist who had to work in a group. Before him, there was no need for that since the idea of the connection of the souls was not revealed. The souls were so pure until then that they didn’t need to connect to one another in order to connect to spirituality.

Although we know the history of Cain and Abel, this connection is still on the level of the roots of the evil inclination. So, Abraham was the first who needed a group although he had already attained spirituality.

He was the first link in a chain of twenty generations from Adam Ha Rishon (the First Man) until Noah, and from Noah until Abraham (ten Sefirot of the Direct Light and ten Sefirot of the Reflected Light). He was the first who started to organize a group, and so he is considered the father of the nation of Israel. This nation is a Kabbalistic group.

The concept of the group was then formed, and it is impossible to reveal spirituality without it. The more we advance, the bigger the groups become. First, the groups were only a teacher and a student, as it says: “The minimum of many is two.”

There were different stories throughout the time periods in history, but the end result is they are all eventually meant to be as one. During the events before Mt Sinai, when Egypt’s desire to receive was revealed, the unity of the group of the whole Israeli nation as one group was crucial. The conditions of the gathering before Mt Sinai were the conditions of a Kabbalistic group: To be “as one man with one heart,” “each man shall help his friend,” “don’t do unto others what is hateful to you,” “love thy friend as thyself,” and “all of Israel are friends,” connected in mutual guarantee.

These are the conditions for the existence of the group because the “nation of Israel” is a Kabbalistic group.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/13, Shamati #25

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Do Not Be A Prisoner Of Sleep

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter a very powerful Men’s Convention, we feel great heaviness. But I think that it should be the opposite since we have ascended to a new level, have received new desires, and now have to go out and fight the narrow-minded world we have returned to. We have to fight so all the confusions and the hardening of the heart that we will feel will not wane our feeling of awe and elation. If we won’t let things calm us down, then all the locks will become openings and the gates will open up.

If you feel heavy and indifferent, it is a sign that you are working with your primordial raw egoism. It is the way it operates in its pure form, as a feeling of a dark extinguished desire that doesn’t care about anything. Now you have been given another ten pounds or ten ounces of desire, it doesn’t really matter how much, and you have fallen under this load.

You mustn’t refuse to receive the new desire since doing so is considered disrespect of the chance to advance, of the gift you are given from Above. But you should ask for two things: From the group, you should ask for support, empowerment, mutual guarantee, and mutual responsibility; and from the Creator, you should ask for correction, awakening, elation, and the Light.

You have to ask. There is nothing you can do other than that! If you stop asking, then you immediately fall into a state of unconsciousness. So you must constantly ask and pray internally, focusing on the group and on the Creator, holding on to this prayer. Otherwise, you fall into a deep sleep.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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Moonlight Is The Light Of Thanksgiving

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “The Consecration of the New Moon”: The concept of the moon indicates Malchut, the idea of accepting the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven. It was difficult for Moses to tell the people of Israel that they should accept the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven while they felt its concealment. And common sense tells us that if he had come to the people of Israel with some kind of revelation of divinity, they would have accepted the kingdom of Heaven. Then there would have been room to talk with them.

But the moon must specifically be blessed, not when it is full, but at the new moon, when it is not evident how it receives the light of the sun, when it doesn’t shine. And then it is time for us to sanctify it. That is, a person must accept the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven upon himself during the lowest phase, and say that it is even in this state, which cannot be any lower, entirely above reason, without intellectual and emotional support, where he builds his foundation.

A new moon, which must be blessed, symbolizes Malchut that has nothing of its own, meaning our substance, a human being who receives everything from outside. It is precisely when I feel that nothing depends on me—this is the most blessed state for which I need to be grateful. I no longer rely on my power, like the new moon that is temporarily totally invisible.

The moon begins to shine only in the middle of the month, and not with its own light, but with light reflected from the sun; that is, the moon depends entirely on the sun—precisely as a person depends on the Creator. It is necessary to connect yourself completely with the upper force, understanding that everything is done only to help the Creator to be revealed to the created being, and for this revelation it is necessary to reach equivalence of form.

To reach the full moon that shines like the sun, that is, to become the human being similar to the Creator, I must accept all of His properties and embed them within me so that “darkness will shine like the light.” Then I will discover that I have all the necessary parameters, I only have to use them correctly, and that’s why I need the Light that Reforms.

Therefore, I bless specifically the beginning of the month, when the complete restriction is in effect, and my nature is not revealed in any way. This makes it possible for me to reveal myself only to the degree that I am identical with the Creator. If my desire to receive were more apparent, I would not be able to begin this work.

But as long as the desire is restricted, I can work on attracting the Light that Reforms to myself. And as I work and advance, the desire becomes more revealed, constantly showing me new strata of my incompatibility with the Creator: These are my attempts to use all kinds of desires, thoughts, and intentions that do not suit the good relationship with which the Creator turns to me.

I bless the restriction of my desire to receive and the possibility to receive a screen on it; after that I gradually open this desire to the degree that I am ready to control it and use it to bestow to the Creator so as to be like Him. In this way I bless this whole renewal (Chidush), my new state, the new “month” (Chodesh), and gradually begin to build my spiritual Partzuf: This consists of the ten Sefirot of the Rosh, ten Sefirot of the Toch, and ten Sefirot of the Sof, a total of 30 Sefirot, 30 days of the month.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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Homeopathy: The Study Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I know that you dealt with homeopathy. I know some of your patients who were really cured. Why did you choose homeopathy from all the other methods?

Answer: Homeopathy didn’t stand in my way of doing what is really important. Besides, it’s a method by which you can help people, even after one session.

Question: It’s interesting that when we speak about the placebo effect, most people attribute homeopathy to this category. They say that it’s about pills that don’t really contain any active substances.

Answer: Indeed, there are no chemical substances in them since it’s above the Avogadro constant. In homeopathic medicine, there is the power of the matter of which it is comprised. This means that it’s a real power that stands behind the matter and which, in the meantime, we can’t define.

Here there are many such fields which we can’t define. When a person stares at my back, for example, I feel his stare. But what is the power that is focused on me? Where does it stem from, from his eyes? There are many such phenomena in the world.

If we use homeopathy correctly, it’s very influential. In fact, in our days when the body is polluted by chemicals, it’s a much different situation than it was at the beginning of homeopathy. In the past, people used to get three to five potencies and that was enough to have an effect on a person. Today, however, potencies that are a thousand times greater don’t have any effect on a person.

Homeopathy is a very complex science. I think that it is more complex than all the other medical sciences since it’s also individual. Of course it isn’t allopathic (a phenomenon that is attributed to the overpowering effect of one organism over another by the extraction of chemical substances). It depends on a person’s habitat, the environment he lives in, on his race, and his nationality. In fact, all this should be studied with regards to his soul.

Question: In order to choose a specific homeopathic medication for a person, a practitioner should rely not only on a certain symptom, like earaches for example, but also on the patients psychology in general?

Answer: Yes, his inner spiritual component is taken into account, as it shows what a person has contracted and how it can be neutralized. Primitive homeopathy of the allopathic type cures the patient on the basis of external symptoms, but the real cure is fulfilled only on the basis of a person’s inner world.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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Collective Meals: A Cure For Illnesses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Half a century ago in Pennsylvania, there was a small village in which people actually didn’t get sick. Doctors found this very intriguing and studied this phenomenon for twenty years. During this time everything changed: People started to get sick, the hospitals were filled, and then more doctors were needed.

The researchers reached a very interesting conclusion. It turned out that the small village was founded by Italian settlers who lived under the same roof and helped one another for four or five generations, respecting family ties. The moment they began to live separately, they started to get sick.

But now it’s the time of a generation that doesn’t know what it means to live in a big family. So the very notion of family has been so distorted, that, now, we can’t even imagine what it means to dine together with the whole family.

Answer: By the way, a compulsory family meal is one of our recommendations. It may not even be a family, but a community meal.

In the past, religions conducted extensive social work. A person used to come to the house of prayer, he heard a sermon, met other people, and talked to them.

All this was necessary even in the times when our ego was on a rather primitive level compared to today’s, when there was not the mutual rejection we feel today. Today, the mutual rejection is already an illness that has to be cured. Back then, the illness didn’t have to be cured but only needed preventive treatment. Now, however, we have to cure it. We have to reinstate the actions aimed at connection. They can’t be related to religion or to some other events anymore; it has to be serious workshops of integral education.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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