What Is The Screen?

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception A question I received: What is the screen? What is it made of and how can I recognize it?

My Answer: The screen is a force that enables you to think about others instead of yourself. It is when you acquire a different way of thinking, feeling, and making decisions. When this happens, it is as though you are born anew!

This is called a miracle – “The miracle of coming out of Egypt.” It is when you come out of your egoistic desire and suddenly begin to care for others. All your thoughts begin to work in this manner.

Right now it seems like a frightening change. Who would want this? And even though we do talk about this, inside we are very afraid of it.

However, the Upper Light will perform this change on us. I don’t know how it will do this. It will simply happen in the same manner as it created us. This change in a person is called a miracle. The Light that created our desire can also perform this “upgrade” on it.

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  1. Is there a lot of people who have the screen. Does everyone who have awakened point in the heart have the screen.

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