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The Purpose Of Kabbalah Is To Bring About The Correction Of The Entire World

Laitman_2009-05-28_0059_w The science of Kabbalah was revealed by Abraham in ancient Babylon. He revealed it as a method of uniting the souls and offered it to the Babylonians at the time of the first global crisis.  The world is once again facing the same situation and crisis.

The purpose of Kabbalah is the correction of the entire world, without exception.  We therefore cannot confine it to artificial limitations and a restricted environment, since all of the souls have to unite into one Kli and return to the state of Infinity.

Correction of the souls has nothing to do with our activity in this world. Each person can begin to correct one’s soul irrespective of where he lives and what he is doing. No special preparation is required. A person that senses inner emptiness comes to Kabbalah, whereas the one who is “full” is still waiting “down the line.”

“All of humanity in the end of its development is bound to come to the revelation of the Creator”

Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

Kabbalah Teaches Us How To Receive In Order To Bestow

It All Comes Back to You A question I received: How can the desire to receive take on the form of bestowal?

My Answer: In my desire to receive, I can only receive and am not able to give anything to anyone. I am not the source of delight or the Light, as it is only the Creator who bestows since He does have the Light.  However, by receiving from the One who loves me in order to please Him, I become a giver! The action of receiving doesn’t change, since I, as a created being, can only receive. I am only adding a correct intention to my pleasure and it therefore allows me to fill another with delight.

However, the bonds of mutual love help me to convert the pleasure of reception into the means to bestow to someone else.  This is just as a guest helps himself to a meal in order to please the host. The desire of another becomes primary for me, as I am then receiving pleasure in order to please him.

This is what Kabbalah teaches us; how to receive in order to become a giver.

Kabbalah Lets Us Scientifically Research The Whole Of Creation

visionKabbalah is a science, and Kabbalists are scientists who realistically reveal the concealed, Upper World and the Unified Force, the Creator. The revelation happens by correcting one’s nature and transforming it to the nature of the Upper World.

There have been Kabbalists who revealed the concealment (Tzimtzum Alef and Tzimtzum Bet) of the Worlds of Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, Assiya and even the World of Adam Kadmon and the World of Infinity, along with the governance by one and three lines, and so on. Each Kabbalist made a revelation to the degree of his correction.

But as long as the souls are fine (not very egoistic), Kabbalists are unable to reveal very much, since they lack a big enough instrument. The Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer) is weak and does not reach the higher levels. Therefore, the Kabbalists of the past revealed creation in general, without the particular details.

As time went by, the same souls went through many reincarnations and accumulated additional egoism (Aviut) and desires. Thus, they became able to work with a more corrupted material, which is why they conducted a deeper research of the matter of creation, the Creator’s work (Avodat HaShem).

This research is similar to research in any other science. However, the external science provides an external knowledge and attainment, meaning only about our world. It doesn’t change us. Kabbalah, on the other hand, gives us a higher mind and sensations, correcting man himself. This is why we find our way into a new world. It’s because we change and the world changes as well.

Baal HaSulam And Rabash Opened The Door To The Spiritual World For Us

there-are-no-idols-in-kabbalahA question I received: Besides the writings of Baal HaSulam, we also study the writings of Rabash. What do they give us?

My Answer: Rabash provides a detailed explanation of the phases of the inner work, yet we don’t understand the entire depth and breadth of his explanation. There are places where Baal HaSulam gives very concise explanations for beginners, and Rabash goes on to expand them. He thus creates a wide entrance for those who wish to enter the spiritual work. When a person reads line after line, he experiences different sensations. That is how Rabash leads the reader with his detailed explanations, like leading a baby by the hand, taking him from one game to another, and from one impression to another.

However, don’t think that his articles are intended exclusively for beginners. They conceal an enormous depth. It’s just that Rabash always lowered himself before his father, Baal HaSulam, and thought that there was nothing more to add after Baal HaSulam. This is why he did not publish anything of his own and did not write many manuscripts. It was because of his modesty. Yet, he was a great Kabbalist and we are yet to reveal him.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.01.09

Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson
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“Preface to the Sulam Commentary of The Zohar“, item 87, lesson 27
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Baal HaSulam Article “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”, lesson 9
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Writings of Baal Sulam, Letter 35, 1927, pg 111
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The Impossibility of Fairness In Our Uncorrected World

advice I understand that unless I have no choice, and that unless I give something out, I won’t get anything in return. Other people also want to live and if I only keep receiving, they are bound to come and take everything away from me by force, and then possibly beat me up!

It is a matter of fact that our entire task is to find that golden mean in our relationships which is called balance (peace) between receiving and giving. If we understood it, we would relate to nature differently and our lives would improve. The problem is that we are incapable of establishing genuine impartial and equal relationships with each other. Humanity has been trying to reach this kind of agreement with each other for ages,  but it thus far has not succeeded. As a result, a common global, multifaceted crisis has emerged.

We are incapable of accurately assessing who the givers should be and how much they should be giving, nor who should receive and how much they should receive. After all, in order to perform that task, we need to be able to see the complete picture of reality, including every individual’s abilities, health, desires, and so on. In reality, we have no idea with what abilities and properties each person was born, nor what education he received, what health issues he is faced with or what mood affects him from day to day.

Thus we cannot approach a person with a true measurement of his state. Instead, we demand equally from everyone and do not assess them according to their capabilities. To avoid the frightening imbalance between people, humankind built a system of different compensations for the weak.

Society thus takes a bit more from its more capable citizens and passes those assets on to the weak, poor and sick. If this did not occur, civil wars and revolutions would continually erupt. Because of that fact, the rich are willing to pass part of their incomes to the poor. In fact, their gesture benefits them, as it provides them with a more secure environment.

This principle is embedded within the government of all nations. When it comes to a parliamentarian, democratic structure with free elections, those who shout loudest that they would divide everything justly are those who are elected.  What is not realized is that if it was truly “just,” it would in reality be far worse for everyone.

Making Peace In The Upper World Brings Peace To All

Laitman_2009-08_2939 It is impossible to enter into a new reality with the old egoistic approach. All kinds of “green” movements call upon us to love nature and take care of it because the whole planet is our house. However, we are unable to relate to it like that. Man cannot conceive that the entire world belongs to him and that all humankind is within him.

Man needs to reveal the Creator and receive strength from Him in order to build a new system of relationships with the surrounding world above his own egoism. In other words, today hatred divides us, but by transcending above this hatred, we reveal this new system of relationships, a system of love.

This can be done only by the Creator, whom we attract so He will establish this connection between us. The One who makes peace in the Upper World will make peace within us!

Rely On The Upper Light Instead Of Drugs

confirmTwo questions I received about the use of drugs:

Question: What are your views on marijuana? In my opinion, it is an herb, not a drug. Is it wrong as a student of Kabbalah to smoke and relax?

My Answer: Anything is good if it’s used as a medicine, even snake venom. However, if something’s used to disconnect from reality and correction, it’s not good.

Besides this, you have to take addiction into account. Overall, if one aspires to the Upper Goal, then he does not need this.

Question: You mentioned several times that as we progress in the study of Kabbalah, our need for addictive substances such as illegal drugs, and the need to abuse prescription drugs just goes away. I personally have experienced this. Is it the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) doing the job or is it our friends helping us?

My Answer: It’s the Light and nothing but the Light!

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Crossing From Illusion Over To The Truth

Man's Relationship With the Creator Is Like a Dramatic Love StoryQuestions I received about the Light, the 600,000 souls, other readings, our purpose in this world and Mitzvot:

Question: You often mention the Upper Light or the Light of the Creator, but what exactly is this Light? What does it feel like and what will it do? How will a person sense this Light? I am certain that this Light is not the same as the light we define in our world, although I often relate the two.

My Answer: The Light is a quality of bestowal and love that cures our egoism, transforming it into similarity with Its form.

Question: I was listening to one of your TV programs where you talk about 600,000 souls scattered in the world. I also read the same thing in one of your books. If every one has to evolve in their spirituality to unite with the teachings of Kabbalah, why 600,000 instead of six billion?

My Answer: 600,000 is a conventional definition: it is measure of the height of the original collective soul (Partzuf Arich Anpin of the World of Atzilut).

Question: Have you studied Tanya by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi? And if you have, how come you never mention it?

My Answer: Because I have never studied it.

Question: What is our purpose in this physical world, in this world of illusions?

My Answer: The goal is to cross from illusion over to the truth.

Question cont’d: And do you talk about the importance of keeping Mitzvot?

My Answer: We strive to observe them in their original, true, spiritual form.

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