Research Of The Human Level Is Only Possible From A Higher Level

global.jpg Like any other science, Kabbalah studies what happens to matter. However, it has several special features:

  • In contrast to corporeal sciences, which study the physical manifestations of the “desire to receive,” which we feel either on our own or through tools, Kabbalah studies matter that we do not feel, called “the desire to bestow.”
  • Kabbalah allows us to observe the matter in which we exist “from outside,” from the spiritual point of view. This is that same point that created all of matter, both spiritual – the desire to bestow,  and corporeal – the desire to receive.
  • While conducting research in the sciences of our world, we exist in this world, inside its matter (desire to receive). Thus, we merely examine this world and draw conclusions based on this. We study the animate, vegetative, and inanimate levels from our perspective as human beings. Kabbalah allows us to rise to a level that is higher, the level of the Light, the desire to bestow, and to examine our material from that level, from above. We cannot investigate the “human” level in any other way except through the method of Kabbalah.
  • The science of Kabbalah allows us to develop a new sense from the “point in the heart” that exists in us. Through this sense, we will perceive the part of the universe that is now hidden from us and reveal the system that governs us and our whole world. We will also be able to control our state through this system from above downward.
  • Adapting to the system of governance will allow us to switch to a perception of our existence in the system of bestowal. Thus, we will not be limited by the boundaries of space and time and will feel the flow of existence beyond time, space, life, and death.

How To Make A Square Peg Fit Into A Round Hole

peg The right environment can provide beginners with a new platform and a fresh outlook on life. It can help us discard our old views, concepts, attitudes, and values and instead take on a new form, as if fitting a square peg into a round hole. We have to reshape ourselves in order to fit into a new world and take on its properties. These changes take place slowly, but steadily. It takes constant work that results in new attitudes and values.

For example, if you wanted to know about a visiting alien’s home planet, you would need to show interest in learning about his home so that he would take you with him when he returned to his planet. If you did not show the willingness to learn, and did not make the effort to learn, he would not take you with him.

In order to transform your sensations, thoughts and desires, spirituality has to become infinitely important to you, while the material things must be limited to necessities, or what is required to maintain a sensible lifestyle. We have been given every opportunity to reveal the higher, eternal and perfect existence, but we aren’t using them. Thus, we are not utilizing our freedom of choice. We seem to be waiting for something, but the fact is that we have to come to this revelation ourselves. No one can do it for us.

Everyone Wants To Know Why Kabbalah Is Important

boy 1 A question I received: Why is Kabbalah important?

My Answer: Everybody asks this question. There are many things in our lives. Some are more important, other things are less important. Every second, different things become important to us, things like sleeping, playing, eating, or running around. How do we find the most important thing in life?

The main thing in life is to feel something unconditional, infinite and almighty, seeing through all the worlds without boundaries between life and death, and fulfilling all of our desires, even those with which we are not yet familiar, such as becoming like the Creator.

There is nothing higher than that. This is the very peak where all things lead. So how do we reach it? How do we attain absolute success here and now? We do it through a method called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.”

This is why it is important. It is because we value all things according to how they benefit us. If Kabbalah can help us attain everything, this makes it more important than anything else.

(From the Children’s Lesson in Buffalo, NY)

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: What Do You Get From Kabbalistic Books?

Don’t Just Stand There Between Heaven And Earth – Pick One!

pick People often complain that time is slipping away, life is passing them by and they don’t feel that they’re advancing. We exist in an unconscious state without being aware of it, and we can’t help it.

And all of this is because we don’t make use of the means that are at our disposal. We are like a sick person who suffers but won’t seek medical help.

It has been brought to our attention that there is something above this earthly existence, and we have also been given the method to attain it. Yet, we are still trying to enter the Upper World with our usual approach and the means of our world. We are sitting around and waiting, thinking that somehow we’ll succeed.

We just don’t understand that the only way to enter the spiritual domain is to conform to the law of equivalence of form. We’ve been given the teacher, the books and the group in order to help us. All we have to do is let go of the old methods, approaches, and views, and follow the advice of Kabbalists in order to change our perception of reality.

The stumbling block is that we are trying to enter a new life with our old baggage – our desires for food, family, money, power and knowledge. But it’s impossible to advance spiritually without raising the priority of spirituality above all the material things and in everything we do.

You are already holding all the means for entering the next level of existence. Now, you just have to finally decide – where do you want to be!? Don’t just keep on standing there with one leg in the material world and one leg in the spiritual; that is how the years will go by wasted.

Will You Use Kabbalah As A Potion Of Death Or Elixir Of Life?

war2 A question I received: You said that Kabbalah books are similar to medical books. Any medical dictionary or instruction manual accompanying a medicine will list the cases when it is forbidden or even dangerous to take a medicine. Are there similar contraindications in Kabbalah books?

My Answer: Definitely! The “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot” says that the Torah (as well as Kabbalah) can be an “elixir of life” or a “potion of death.” It’s a known fact that all medicines are poison, but not all poisons are medicine. All medicines were created on the basis of poison; otherwise they would not have a healing effect.

We can be healed or corrected only with the help of a poison, by turning poison into a medicine, or by taking special portions of poison to counter the evil that is inside us. This principle comes from the foundation of nature, following the rule: “The angel of death turns into the angel of life.” The same principle is used in medicine.

That is why a snake curled around a vessel with medicine is the symbol for healing used in medicine. This did not come from someone’s imagination, but from the foundation of all of nature.

Kabbalah says the same thing: You have to use the books as an instruction manual, a remedy that will work against your egoism, because the Light it contains will correct you and bring you back to the Source. If, however, you don’t accept the book as a means to counter your ego, in order to correct yourself, then the studies will blow up your pride, self-confidence, and your demand for a reward in this world and the world to come. Thus, your study will turn into a “potion of death.” You will become an even greater egoist and will demand a payment from the Creator.

Baal HaSulam writes in Items 69-71 of the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar” that the source of all the problems in the world lies in none other than people’s incorrect use of the Torah and Kabbalah.

The Art And Science Of Spiritual Healing

good Kabbalah books are a lot like medical books. A doctor cannot give health to a sick patient; he can only give him advice about what actions the patient has to make in order to heal and become healthy.

This is exactly what Kabbalists do for us. It is not their intention to depict pictures of the spiritual world for us or to simply describe what is happening there. Their texts are written in order to help us become similar to the qualities of bestowal being described. Using their books, we start to identify ourselves with these actions, and are then able to “process” our qualities, desires and intentions in such a way that we will become similar to spirituality, the Creator.

A Kabbalah book is not written in order to be studied, or to give us knowledge and wisdom. If this is your approach, then you won’t see or attain anything spiritual. On the contrary, it will only lead you farther away from the result you desire to achieve, which is to change yourself and become a “citizen” of the Upper World.

When a sick patient reads a medical book, he isn’t looking for anything besides advice on how to be healed. That is the approach we should have when studying Kabbalah books. Otherwise we will be studying for the sake of knowledge, and the same books will become a “potion of death” instead of an “elixir of life.”

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Beyond The “Black Box” Of Creation

munich We have to attain creation in its entirety and depth. Then we will be able to do what is written, “I will know You from Your actions.” This means that we will come to know our Creator within us, to the extent that we correct the system. We will recognize Him from within our own material, which will take on a more elevated, special form.

Language is a connection between the Light and the Kli. It enables us to understand the Light and to take on its forms. It is a program that enters our material and builds new forms out of us, organizing them differently every time.

The same 22 letters are always arranged differently within our material. They bend and sculpt our material, making us more and more bestowing, until we become completely like the Creator. Once you achieve this, you will understand the Force that created you.

However, until this happens, we will only reveal everything due to the changes in our material. This means that we reveal all the languages, programs, changes, and everything we went through, which is stored in our memory, in our huge “computer.” This is where all the forms and qualities are found, from the very beginning to the end.

But all of this enables us to attain the main Force – the Creator, who created this “black box” called “Malchut of Infinity.” We will then attain His actions beyond this “box” – beyond the creation of the created being itself.

The Language Of The Spiritual World

Our Imaginary Reality is Created by Two Mechanisms It makes no difference what language you use to study the science of Kabbalah. This does not affect the connection between the Creator and the created being. You don’t have to know Hebrew.

All four languages used in Kabbalah (the languages of the Tanach, Halacha, Hagaddah, and Kabbalah) are not really comprised of the shapes of letters, the words, or the Hebrew expressions. Rather, a language is a connection between the created being and the Creator, or between the desire and the Light that activates it. The connection may be externally expressed as the moo of a cow or the smile of a baby, or even without any external expressions.

What matters is how your heart reacts and speaks to the Creator. You don’t have to write or saying anything. The truest language is your desires, which take on various forms depending on their similarity to the Creator.

There are no forms, sounds, smells, or movements in the spiritual world. The entire language of connecting to the Creator is your degree of similarity to Him, as well as how much you desire this similarity, how doubtful you are about it and how much you strive toward Him.

But none of this is related to the spoken language used by people in this world.