Beyond The “Black Box” Of Creation

munich We have to attain creation in its entirety and depth. Then we will be able to do what is written, “I will know You from Your actions.” This means that we will come to know our Creator within us, to the extent that we correct the system. We will recognize Him from within our own material, which will take on a more elevated, special form.

Language is a connection between the Light and the Kli. It enables us to understand the Light and to take on its forms. It is a program that enters our material and builds new forms out of us, organizing them differently every time.

The same 22 letters are always arranged differently within our material. They bend and sculpt our material, making us more and more bestowing, until we become completely like the Creator. Once you achieve this, you will understand the Force that created you.

However, until this happens, we will only reveal everything due to the changes in our material. This means that we reveal all the languages, programs, changes, and everything we went through, which is stored in our memory, in our huge “computer.” This is where all the forms and qualities are found, from the very beginning to the end.

But all of this enables us to attain the main Force – the Creator, who created this “black box” called “Malchut of Infinity.” We will then attain His actions beyond this “box” – beyond the creation of the created being itself.

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