The Language Of The Spiritual World

Our Imaginary Reality is Created by Two Mechanisms It makes no difference what language you use to study the science of Kabbalah. This does not affect the connection between the Creator and the created being. You don’t have to know Hebrew.

All four languages used in Kabbalah (the languages of the Tanach, Halacha, Hagaddah, and Kabbalah) are not really comprised of the shapes of letters, the words, or the Hebrew expressions. Rather, a language is a connection between the created being and the Creator, or between the desire and the Light that activates it. The connection may be externally expressed as the moo of a cow or the smile of a baby, or even without any external expressions.

What matters is how your heart reacts and speaks to the Creator. You don’t have to write or saying anything. The truest language is your desires, which take on various forms depending on their similarity to the Creator.

There are no forms, sounds, smells, or movements in the spiritual world. The entire language of connecting to the Creator is your degree of similarity to Him, as well as how much you desire this similarity, how doubtful you are about it and how much you strive toward Him.

But none of this is related to the spoken language used by people in this world.

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