Classical Science Will Never Discover The Spiritual World

The Right Path Is Paved With Confusion Together With Clarity A question I received: Physicists also say that we perceive only a small portion of everything that exists in the universe. How are the parts of reality that we don’t perceive different from spiritual space?

My Answer: Scientists can create tools to recognize everything that we don’t perceive with our bodily senses. With the help of these instruments, we expand our senses. However, all the data that we discover with these tools still has to go through our senses and be transformed into signals that we can perceive inside us.

We perceive everything inside the desire to receive, in an egoistic form, because we are egoists within. Therefore, no matter how many new phenomena we reveal in nature, we will not reveal the spiritual realm. We will only reveal more of our material world.

The spiritual world can only be revealed by changing the method of how we perceive our surroundings (nature). We have to change our perception from reception to bestowal, making our perception altruistic.

But in order to have this kind of perception, we need a new method of relating to the world. We have to feel the world “outside of us” rather than “inside us.”

This is why a completely new science about the world – Kabbalah – is emerging to replace the sciences that examine nature through our egoism. No matter how much we examine nature through our egoistic desire, we will not reveal the spiritual world. That is why regular science is now in crisis; it cannot give us anything qualitatively new.

People feel oversaturated by the material things because they do not fulfill us. That is why they are starting to ask the question: Where do we go from here? The only answer is to shift to a different way of using our desire.

What Is The Screen?

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception A question I received: What is the screen? What is it made of and how can I recognize it?

My Answer: The screen is a force that enables you to think about others instead of yourself. It is when you acquire a different way of thinking, feeling, and making decisions. When this happens, it is as though you are born anew!

This is called a miracle – “The miracle of coming out of Egypt.” It is when you come out of your egoistic desire and suddenly begin to care for others. All your thoughts begin to work in this manner.

Right now it seems like a frightening change. Who would want this? And even though we do talk about this, inside we are very afraid of it.

However, the Upper Light will perform this change on us. I don’t know how it will do this. It will simply happen in the same manner as it created us. This change in a person is called a miracle. The Light that created our desire can also perform this “upgrade” on it.

What Do We Have To Correct?

discover A question I received: Do I have to correct my point in the heart?

My Answer: No, you do not have to correct your point in the heart because there is nothing to correct there. It is just a point and it has no volume.

What you have to do is connect your point in the heart with other points. When you create this connection between you, it is called correction.

You will then reveal that the “group” of points or desires is completely corrected. Everyone exists in the perfect connection, like cells of a healthy organism; everyone except you!

To the extent that you “bow down” before them, they will influence you and you will begin to have the correct intention for similarity to the Creator. When you read about the Upper World with this intention, the reading will evoke an influence upon you from the Upper Level. You will be influenced by the Surrounding Light, which will give you a feeling of the Upper Level from where it descends. So go ahead – start!

The Imperceptible Influence Of The Surrounding Light

venture A question I received: Is the study of Kabbalah the only thing that brings us Light?

My Answer: It is the only means you have to connect to the system that contains the Light. You exist below all the degrees that descend from Infinity down to our world, below the 125 degrees of the Light’s weakening. Even the absolute lowest degree, which is still above you, already has a portion of Light, but your degree, called “your world,” does not.

Therefore, with regard to you, the Light that comes from a higher degree is called “Surrounding Light.” It doesn’t enter into you as “Inner Light,” but merely shines for you from the outside. That is why it is called “surrounding.” Its influence is imperceptible and determined by the results it yields.

You have no way of connecting to a higher degree, because you differ in qualities and thus have no point of contact, since the higher degrees operate by the quality of bestowal, while your present degree is run by the will to receive. Therefore, you do not have even a single bestowing quality that you could use to establish contact with or in any way influence a higher degree.

However, if you study the higher degree and want to be a part of it, even though you presently are opposite to it, the Light changes your qualities to match its qualities. This miraculous remedy (Segula) allows you to change yourself even though you don’t understand what you ask or where those changes will take you. It doesn’t matter that you’re an egoist making a “false” request, since the higher degree will accept your efforts as though you really do wish to become equivalent to it.

This is made possible by the system where the Upper Level descends to your degree with the mechanism with which you can ascend upwards. It is called the AHP, and it is a kind of intermediary, a womb (Rekhem). This system of connections is concealed from you, but it is the reason why you aren’t completely detached from the spiritual world and also why you don’t sense your connection to it.

It is just as an embryo in its mother’s womb that doesn’t understand where it is and doesn’t know its mother. The mother however, cares for it nonetheless.

Finding Our Life’s Purpose Through Revelation Of The Creator

Laitman_2009-08_2934Questions I received regarding finding our importance, interest in life outside Kabbalah, and freedom of choice:

Question: I only want to say that in my search for meaning, it seems as though everything leads to the wisdom of Kabbalah . I know there is something I must do, and I do not know what it is. How can the wisdom of Kabbalah help me to discover what my importance or role in life might be?

My Answer: Everything is revealed through revelation of the Creator, because there is nothing else besides the Creator and man. While everything around me is part of me, thus far, I just perceive everything as being external to me.

Question: After a few months of studying Kabbalah, I find it hard to find pleasure in ordinary things that I did before. Whatever I try to do, I hit the barrier of my ego. Either I decide not to do anything, or I break it, but afterward I feel shame.

Therefore I am losing interest in everything besides studying and my job, which I have to do. How can I justify the Creator if there is nothing to look forward to or nothing to take pleasure in?

My Answer: You lack a society that is going towards the Goal with you.

Question: One recurring question many people have who are new to Kabbalah, myself included, is this: Do we have any free will other than the choice between Kabbalah and the path of suffering?

My Answer: No.

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