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How Does The Teacher Fulfill A Student’s Desires?

laitman_528.04Question: How does the teacher fulfill desires of a student and vice versa?

Answer: The teacher absorbs the desires of a student as his constituent part, and thus by becoming included in him, performs all the necessary work in him, leaving to the student what he must complete with his freewill.

This is a very serious contact. The teacher is, as if, inside the student and “adjusts” all sorts of attitudes in him—this is what the upper must do based on his Galgalta and Eynaim. The student must complete his part of the work.

If you are connected with me and with each other, you will feel that we work together.

Question: Are there exams for a student of a Kabbalist?

Answer: There are no special exams because his entire path is a continuous, constant exam. There is no such thing that you pass a test and find yourself in the spiritual system. The exam takes place every second.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/2/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/21/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We cannot eradicate egoism, but we can stop using it, which means his (Haman’s) death.
Instead, we begin using it to help Mordechai.
#quoteoftheday #Purim #jewish #Motivation #Israeli

One can come to good only through realization of evil. Therefore, Haman is needed—a factor that awakens evil, so that a confrontation with him pushes us to good. Without this factor, we would not have returned to #Israel from the exile of Egypt, Babylon, Soviet, and soon America.

We cannot eradicate #egoism, but we can stop using it, which means his (Haman’s) death.
Instead, we begin using it to help Mordechai. Mordechai sits on his horse, and Haman leads the horse, helping him to advance.
Destiny is in our hands. #Purim

What is special about the holiday of #Purim: in today’s world, as in a theater, the curtain rises and the performance begins.
#Jews are divided, scattered among the nations, and most importantly, they hate each other—#Haman fully dominates. And the king agrees with him…

#Haman—anti-Semite: Jews must be eradicated because they have scattered all over the world and do not wish to unite, thus they don’t fulfill the will of the Creator to “Love others as yourselves.”
This allowed #Mordechai to start calling Jews to unite, which is their salvation!
(Haman helped!) #Purim #Antisemitism

The #Irish Parliament proposes to ban “trade with the occupied territories.”
If earlier the hatred of Jews came from #Nazi #Germany, today it comes from the entire world.
Kabbalah: Jews are obliged to give the world a method of connection—or the nations will force Jews to do it
… with their hatred.

@UNHappinessRPT “2019 #Happiness Index”—Israel ranks 13th in well-being and quality of life. Once again #Israel is recognized as the happiest country in Asia and the #MiddleEast.
What causes the Creator’s concealment is people not learning from their #history!
Only Kabbalah reveals Creation!
From Twitter, 3/21/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/20/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#American #Jews have never been so polarly divided between themselves, to the extent of such hatred toward each other that even families break up and relatives do not get together. This particular occurrence indicates that we are at the beginning of #Purim. #USA

Like a swing, “unity – hatred”: if there is no unity between the Jews, the #hatred rises, not only between them but between everyone. #Jews have only one ideology—unity. If they get involved in earthly ideologies that separate them, they cause #suffering.

Megilat Esther seems to talk about our days: Jews, by their desire to dissolve among the nations, awaken the forces of #Antisemitism to raise against them, and shake them into uniting, and to bring the world a method of connection and correction—light to the nations of the world.

#Purim is a choice on the path of the Jews and the world in life:
– to unite—the side of Mordechai,
– to divide—the side of #Haman.
Choice (Pur)—is in the hands of the Jews. Therefore, the world depends on them and will put more and more pressure on them until it forces them to lead the world to the #revelation of the Creator!

What is so special about the holiday of #Purim this year? In today’s world, as in a theater, the performance begins with the introduction of all the characters of Purim. The king and queen are not yet seen, but the main characters, the villain and the #righteous, appear.
Our common task is to awaken the #Jews toward correction!
#jewish #history #holiday

Uniting, the #Jews attract the Upper light—a special force that connects their good forces of the world, ridding the world of #evil forces. Since the good #future of the world is in the hands of the #Jews, the world feels strongly about them.
#Quote by Baal HaSulam, Preface to the Book of #Zohar, p.70
#scripture #Israel

The holiday of #Purim—a theatrical production of our world.
If we take an active part in it and act it out well, we will extinguish #Antisemitism, and all the nations of the world will rejoice in our work, achieve global connection, grace will flow upon them, and the world will be content.

Jews are divided, scattered everywhere, and most importantly, hate each other. And now you can destroy them one by one—just what Haman wants to do. And the king agrees with him: “Come on, start your work.” #Purim #Antisemitism
When the situation escalates, the #Jews will understand that this is a critical state…

As far as Jews become estranged, hate and fight each other, a wave of #Antisemitism rises. As the Jews begin to unite, anti-Semitism subsides. There is a direct relationship: if one quality rises, the other falls. (#Haman or #Mordechai) #Purim

The anti-Semites (#Haman) are controlled by the Creator to bring the Jews to unite. If American Jews did not split into two legions, #Antisemitism would not manifest. Through their divisiveness, #Jews awaken anti-Semitism, forces that coercively compel them to bitter unity.

If not for the evil inclination, we would not awaken toward connection, would not reveal our distance from the Creator, nor reach equivalence with Him. One cannot achieve adhesion without the help from the left force.
In each state, the Creator sends us a helper against Himself. We have to have the right attitude toward these forces of nature.

The whole time there is a combination of two approaches, Haman and Mordechai, until a clear middle line is developed, which combines giving and receiving desires together and leads to the purpose of correction. #Purim—the end of all corrections!

Mordechai and Haman are like life and death. Desire to enjoy was initially created as opposite to the Creator, so the more I receive the more I kill myself by eliminating my desire. Receiving neutralizes desire. We see this in our world, which is overcome by depression and despair.

Esther—concealment of the Creator from man. When a person realizes that everything around him is disguising the Creator and begins to relate to the world in this way, he will come to adhesion with the Creator through his surroundings. This is called “Return” (tshuva) when everything returns to the Creator, all obstacles connect with the Creator.

The holiday of #Purim in here—the kindest holiday, the best time of the year, when great mercy is revealed. Purim symbolizes the entire spiritual work of man.

Depictions of the world should not enslave us or play with us so that we follow after them. On the contrary, we always cling to the Creator, and the images of the world serve only to strengthen the connection between us and Him.

The world is a wrapper which hides the Creator so that I would reveal Him through it. If I can penetrate this wrapper by force, each time relating it to Him, realizing that He is playing with me and that He is doing all this, then the wrapper turns from concealment to revelation.

All our work is to remember that there is a Creator, a man, and an illusory world between them. It’s important not to erase it, but to relate it to the Creator. He creates the world before a man, and a person should forcefully connect himself with the Creator and the world—and thus turn the concealment into revelation.
From Twitter, 3/20/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/18/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The introduction of #robots will free millions of people from work. Recipients of #UBI will turn into parasites and cause a social catastrophe.
Kabbalah: There is only one way out—to oblige everyone to “working hours” of participation in re-educating themselves and society.
… and receive universal basic income for this.
#UBI @BasicIncomeOrg #education #training #community #sustainability #government

As laser beams appear when a special mixture is sprayed in the room, so we need to show good efforts—and the invisible threads of connection between everyone will begin to glow. This will be the revelation of the system of the soul.

– What does universal connection mean?
– When you don’t need a government because everyone knows what he has to do each moment in order to replenish the system to its perfect state. For the whole system is also inside him and he feels it, because “the part and the whole are equal.”

Berlin Summit. Purpose: to find solutions to the problems of humanity. In a diverse world, it is necessary to coordinate relations based on common principles of behavior…
But the general principle of behavior is a joint struggle against egoism, in similitude to integral nature!

Do not judge a man until you are in his place.
It is said that a man must always remain a human being, but fear and despair change him so much that he performs unthinkable acts.
Preventing betrayal, lies or treason is possible by correcting the nature of man.
#quotes #Motivation
From Twitter, 3/18/19

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New Zealand Massacre

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/18/19

Less than 48 hours after we heard about the terrible massacre in the remote and peaceful New Zealand, we were struck by yet another terrorist attack near an Israeli settlement.

In New Zealand, solidarity is on the rise, and promises are being made to change gun laws. In Israel, the demand to uproot the terrorist infrastructure is resurfacing, and some are exploiting the attack to serve political agendas.

However, no leader, whether in Israel or in New Zealand, is pointing to the root cause that continues to generate terrorist attacks. No public discourse on social media touches on the deeper culprit: the growing human ego, which we must contain.

Until we turn our attention to our growing egoistic nature, it will continue to generate conflicts and lead us to an extremely bloody reality. Ultimately, the human ego will drive us to violence between sectors, parties and entire countries.

In our time, a third world war could be ignited overnight. Our world is increasingly connected through a complex web of interdependence that cannot be unraveled. As human society becomes more globally integrated, binding together countries, economies and cultures, we begin to discover the reciprocity between all parts and aspects of humanity as an inescapable law of nature.

As long as our ego grows and evades our focus as the central problem, we will continue to see suffering. As long as there is a deep chasm between the narrow egotistical view of human beings and the law of global reciprocity that governs them, we will continue to feel unstable.

As long as we do not restrain the human ego – in Israel, New Zealand, and any other country in between – human society will go further and further out of balance. Ultimately, the suffering will force us to pay attention to the law of reciprocity that governs us. It’s not a punishment, it is a natural response that stems from the laws of nature.

From day to day, the world will inevitably realize that connecting humans above the separating ego is the only solution and the only way forward.

But there’s more. Subconsciously, an inexplicable demand is brewing in humanity towards those holding the key to the system for uniting humanity: the Jewish people.

The sages wrote that “no calamity comes into the world, but for Israel” (Yevamot 58). Kabbalist Rav Kook wrote that “any global noise happens mainly for Israel” (“Letters of Rav Kook”). And the book of Zohar writes in black and white: “poverty and sword and robbery and killing and destruction throughout the world are dependent on the Jews.” (Tikkun 30).

Today, both the Jewish people and the nations of the world are completely unaware of the dynamic between them. Therefore, to be realistic, the first stage is only to raise awareness of the necessity to follow the law of global reciprocity. This means knowing the foundations of the world as they are clarified in Kabbalah: the structure of nature’s global system, the power of egoism that rules rules over us and throws us out of balance, and the true meaning of the ideal we must strive towards: love your neighbor as yourself.

My Thoughts On Twitter 3/17/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

In the process of creating a Kli, I start to feel how the Upper One starts to help me! He dresses in me and helps me, like a mother plays with a child, helping him assemble a house out of blocks. When I try and fail, I feel that He helps me understand it the right way…

It’s useful when it seems as if someone else is working for the Creator better, since envy raises and strengthens one in the work. To the extent one sees the friend as greater than himself, the flame of envy and jealousy will ignite in him for the Creator’s work and attainment.

The importance of work is expressed from the lowest state, when one feels annulled, as if he is nonexistent and has no power over his desire—and thus he enters spirituality.

Just as the Creator does not think of Himself, of whether or not He exists, whether He governs or not, and has no doubts, so one wishing to attain equivalence with the Creator mustn’t think about it since there is no greater difference between them.
One who thinks of himself is separated from the Creator and does not attain equivalence.

The most important thing is that no one in the ten will think about his own importance and will annul himself, for the Creator is present in the ten. When each one feels that he is the last one and his friends are the head, they open up a path for the upper light to them.
The main light shines to the one who is most annulled.

Restriction means to restrict oneself and not wish for anything more. One wishes to eternally remain in whatever state he is in at present. It doesn’t matter how perfect this state is, he wishes to dwell in it forever. It is then called permanent “adhesion.”

All your actions should be directed at the Creator, at adhering with Him, through bestowal to the friends. Thus you will reach the similarity with the Creator: as His actions are directed toward the good of all, so will yours be. From this point you will reach adhesion.
From Twitter, 3/17/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/15/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The spiritual comes not only by getting closer to spirituality, but also by distancing from it, when egoism gets revealed and demands its fulfillment.
And in one’s efforts to go above it, relating everything to the Creator, a person attains, in joy, the quality of bestowal and submission—degree of Moses.

The condition for receiving of the #Torah: to be in lowliness of sensation and understanding.
And if you agree to remain in it, exerting efforts in joy, as if there is nothing greater than this state—then this state is called small (Katnut), and should be permanent.
While the large state (Gadlut) is temporary, additional.

Wanting to walk in bestowal, one feels the emptiness and the need to fill it with the greatness of the Creator, to go above himself, without any attainment, only by unconditional subjugation of himself and only asks for help to fill the emptiness with the greatness of the Creator.

Feeling only the light on the path, a person can’t determine whether he’s in the states for the sake of the Creator or for his own. Therefore, a state of darkness comes from above, and if he continues to work for the Creator with joy, it means that he is in the state of bestowal.

About my #Teacher
The more time has lapsed after Rabash’s passing, the closer I felt to him.
Rabash gave all of himself. There was never a moment when he would do anything for himself. Everything was flowing only in one direction: from oneself to others.
And he infected me with this flow.
photo album>>>>>>>>

About my #Teacher
I felt RABASH pushing me forward. I had no choice but to advance like him without deviating or yielding to temptation, I had to do everything to pass to the world what he wanted me to, and what he’s given me. I felt this responsibility on me.

It is believed that people of Sodom had terrible relationships.
But the only condition they had was to strictly and invariably abide by the rule “mine is mine, yours is yours,” which is absolutely opposite to love of friends.
But neither steal, nor harm, nor profit from the other—everyone within himself!

No education in the world can change the nature of man from egoism to altruism. Only Kabbalistic education, since it brings out the quality of love and bestowal from the Upper nature, the Creator, is able to correct our #egoism into its opposite quality, #altruism.

Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: The egoistic system is based on envy and hatred. People will never get rid of them. If capitalists are not taking the blame, the hatred will turn toward #Israel. Nothing will cure the nations from their hatred of Israel except the altruistic system.

Baal HaSulam. The Last generation: The people of #Israel are hated by all the nations. This #hatred is primary, concerning all arguments, each one motivates his hatred according to his own psychology.
The only solution is to practice moral inter-ethnic altruistic relations.
#AntiSemitism #hate #internationalrelationships

Baal HaSulam. The Last Generation: Freedom of individual must be upheld unless he is harmful to society. But if someone wants to leave and enter a different society, he should not be stopped even if it harms the environment. Unless it leads to the destruction of society as a whole.

Physicists started talking about reality of the world again—is there an objective to reality? How can it be observed if the observer is not objective? Is there free choice?
Kabbalah: there is no reality. We depict the world inside us.
Tuning to reality occurs to the extent that you get rid of your egoism.

People are living longer, becoming even more concerned about providing for their lengthy old age. Whether they can work in their old age. Save for old age. Clearly long life doesn’t make us happy. Such is the world we created for ourselves. This is what our ego has driven us to.
#elderly #Happiness #oldage #retiredlife

In the process of building a Kli, I begin to feel how the Upper one starts to help! He transforms into me and helps me, like a mother playing with a child, helping him build a house with blocks. When I try to do it and can’t, I feel that He helps me understand correctly …

The only form the spiritual has is the one we build with our desires. We are given only the informational record from above (Reshimo), we build the form ourselves. From the upper degree we are given strength and intelligence for its realization, at our request.
I build the world with efforts, I draw it on the background of light.

The Creator is revealed only through my efforts to stay connected with Him.
He leaves me only one point free of Him for my response. In it, my “I” can be manifested. This point is revealed in me if I can hold on to the Creator controlling me from above, in thoughts and desires.

Our whole life is building a puzzle. This puzzle contains the intention of the Creator who made it. Therefore, building this puzzle, with a conscious desire to know its creator, we come to attain Him. We are initially made in such a way that by finding the Creator of the world in our current state, we come to reveal Him.

The #Jewish people are the source of all good and evil in the world. Therefore, it is no accident that #AntiSemitism exists everywhere.
All good and evil in the world depends only on connections between people. If we establish the right connections among the people of #Israel so will the world establish good mutual relations.
From Twitter, 3/15/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/14/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Creator leads us to independence, which arises as a result of our transition from the quality of reception to the quality of bestowal. In other words, we use our desire to enjoy but in the action of bestowal, for the Creator’s contentment, and not for self-gratification.

As it develops, the creature appreciates the light for its care and wardship, just as a child gradually begins to appreciate the parents’ love and care.
To raise the creature to a new degree of bestowal, the Creator takes away direct pleasures, and grants the ability …. to be fulfilled by bestowal and not reception.

The desire’s direct reaction to light – pleasure is natural and known beforehand. That is why there’s no creation in it, since creation (Beria – bar) signifies an external, new quality.
The creature is born with an unnatural reaction for the desire to not be filled with the light
…. but rather to become like it.
From Twitter, 3/14/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/13/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Simple humility does not require solidarity with the upper governance, but only subjugation to it. Spiritual conception (Ibur) is also built upon humility, but upon a harsher one, when I completely annul myself before the upper one in everything not taking my feelings and opinion into consideration.

If we in the ten enter the state of the sons of Jacob, not wishing to unite, the lack of spiritual fulfillment will compel us to start working against the ego, to descend to Pharaoh. The realization of ego as disturbances against unity prepares us to agree to take on the “Mutual Guarantee.”

If I have ceased to feel that the Creator rules in everything, it means I have departed from sanctity and no longer belong to the spiritual system. I must therefore immediately return to the state of, “There’s none else besides the Creator” and strengthen myself by incorporating my inclusion in the group into my effort.

All mistakes and crimes turn into commandments when I establish that “There’s none else besides the Creator” and He is the cause of everything. A crime is to be influenced by the disturbance, and see nothing outside of it. For, undoubtedly, the disturbance is sent by the Creator
… out of His love to advance me spiritually.

I seek ways to surrender myself “I awaken the dawn, the dawn doesn’t awaken me.” Preparing to subjugate means to accept everything by “faith above reason” as coming from the Creator. And all that is happening is a game of hide and seek of the Creator with me of “There’s none else besides Him.”

Subjugation is the main spiritual action to the very end of correction, the basis of all spiritual work. The more we look for ways to humble ourselves before the Creator, the faster we advance spiritually. We must seek ways to change the power of ego for the power of the Creator.

The right reaction shortens time in thousands. A person receives a challenge in the form of emptiness, he immediately moves forward, despite his state. The main thing is to punch the ego, Pharaoh, in the teeth without a pause. You get rejected from unity—you have to fight back!

When a state of heaviness comes, distance from the friends in the group, it is necessary to annul your “I,” i.e., not to demand more—let it be so. The main thing is not to think about anything bad between us. And strive for connection, rising above any circumstances.

You remove the obstacles by raising above them and building love above hatred. It is impossible to achieve anything without obstacles. They are what gives power to connection, just as all sorts of obstacles and failures give taste to love, otherwise it is a plain tasteless feeling.

The complete measure of exertion, quota, after which a qualitative change occurs in us (new spiritual sensations) is made up of the quantity and quality of our actions, years, cumulative invested efforts and experiences.
These are the quantitative indicators that result in new revelations.

“Signals” from #Ilhan #Omar and the entire West not only focus public attention on the #Jews, but also awaken them from sleep.
We need to re-implement the principle “love others as ourselves.”
Everyone needs specifically the working method of connection.

Coming out into the light is like a chicken hatching from an egg, or a worm from a bitter radish. It takes a lot of effort and help of friends because of the wall between us.
As it’s written, “Each one should help his friend.” My friend and I keep knocking from each side toward each other.

The Creator covertly controls everything, but when evil appears, it conceals Him and separates Him from a person who is filled with doubts in the upper government. But when he returns to the realization of the Creator, he receives a reward and can adhere with the Creator again.
(#Zohar, “Night of the Bride, 138”)

After LO-LISHMA, one advances further, with no calculations about oneself, but only about how to annul to the true reality, feel the work for the Creator by feeling His greatness. One forgets about himself, annuls before the sensation of the Creator, stays in LI-SHMA caring about the Creator, and is then in bestowal for the sake of bestowal.

It is still very difficult for American Jews to believe that calm and peaceful life has passed and will not return. The sense of security and incredible success, which have shown signs of hope over the years, are being destroyed. #Jews #AntiSemitism

The Creator is revealed only above our #egoism, for while everything is well—we will not turn to Him. It is necessary to understand once and for all that all advancement happens only due to bad feelings. If a man is comfortable, he is unable to make a move, such is our nature.

“Faith above knowledge” is a complete departure from all our calculations. When this force is revealed in us as a result of internal efforts, inside our desires, once we change, we realize that we can complete knowledge with faith, and this faith is bestowal instead of reception.

Major General M. Bergman: “In my opinion, it is a terrible mistake for #military to go into #politics. We are taught differently, and our mentality is dissimilar. A military person should not be a #politician.”
The whole story teaches us that politicians and military think and make decisions differently. Changing them is dangerous!

Everything in reality, good and evil, has a right to exist, is forbidden to be destroyed, and is intended only for its correction for good and for manifestation of the Creator’s perfection.
#Wisdomofkabbalah #quotesoftheday

Crisis of the world civilization. There is no clarity on how to live in the #future. The #EU and the #US are headed into decay. Without a connection between countries and nations, selfish provocations lead to war. This can only be confronted together.
But the people of #Israel carry the method of #connection, which they don’t even suspect, but it is the reason why they are hated.

The new Prime Minister of Palestinian Authority Mohammad Shtayyeh: “Jews are not a nation. It is a religious denomination. When talking about dialogue with the #Jewish people, you need to understand—there is no such nation, just like there are no #Muslim or #Christian nations.”
According to the #Torah: Jews originate from 70 nations of Babylon, striving toward the Creator.

Everything done within #egoism is doomed to failure. Since the single Euro currency (the #Euro) links egoists, it can’t exit the crisis for a while now, despite the support of all #EU countries and the #ECB.
Salvation lies in an urgent departure from the single currency or in the rise above egoism.
#Euronews #BREAKING
From Twitter, 3/13/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/12/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

When a person humbly goes through all problems as coming from the Creator, then precisely in the contradictions and threats that he feels, he reveals adhesion with the Creator as the only force and power.

Revealing the Creator, His power and perfection cover all the previously manifested contradictions, to the extent that, in the revealed perfection, it appears that the sufferings we previously experienced are related to the feeling of unity and perfection that is being revealed.

Revelation occurs only in the opposite quality. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the qualities opposite to the corrected state, in order to fully reveal the necessary qualities. Therefore, in order to achieve the adhesion, we have to reveal the disparity. (Baal HaSulam, Shamati 34)

If one creates efforts above oneself, feeling bitterness in the work, not seeing the result for himself nor for others, and the greater the efforts—the greater the bitterness, until the efforts and suffering accumulate to a degree when the Creator takes pity on him and gives him taste in work above the desire.

When one exerts in faith above reason, he gets used to going against egoism in work for the sake of the Creator and takes pleasure in working for the sake of the Creator. It is because efforts against oneself have created conditions in him to work only for the Creator so even his pleasures are for the Creator.

One must decide whether he wishes to annul before the Creator, to fulfill only His desires. After deciding to annul himself in everything, he asks to be able to do it.
Seeing that the body does not agree, he asks to completely annul himself, without leaving any desires.
This complete prayer is prayer for a whole desire.

When one feels the voice of the Creator in his heart as “He who comes to be purified is aided”—with his soul. The heart “hears the voice of the Creator,” desire to bestow rules over the desire to receive, the heart opens up to be filled by the Creator, and then he becomes completely filled by Him.

It is difficult to attribute evil actions to the Creator, for He is all good. And only to those who subjugate to His rule is His personal management revealed, that He is the source of all actions. And a person connects with the actions of the Creator.
And the difference between good and evil disappears. This is the main action of man!

All the qualities that a person uses to realize his connection with the friends are necessary for work with the Creator. And are originally created in man for his work with the Creator. But one must study and develop them in order to properly use all of them to receive the Upper light for the sake of the Creator. (Baal HaSulam, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot 68)

All creations are necessary for everyone, for their development and achievement of complete correction. By working on bestowal with the friends, one develops the channels of communication with the Creator. And love for the friends is necessary in order to feel love for the Creator.
The group is a network of communication with the Creator.

Faced with major world disturbances, our small efforts toward correction are counted as big.
Therefore, it cannot be assumed that the world interferes with our spiritual work; on the contrary, it helps us! Without such interference we, being weak, could not correct anything.

After great protests from the ego, when a man disagrees with everything, even the Creator, at the peak of revolt, of jealousy of other’s success, hatred of rivals, he suddenly feels calmness, the Creator is letting him realize what the humility sent from above means.
He must develop it!

I rejoice at the problems that arise, but suffer from those still hidden, for they must unfold from their root, which they all initially stem from. Therefore, I rejoice in their disclosure, for by relating them to the Creator by faith above reason, I correct them all.
(Baal HaSulam Letter 5)

The Creator controls everything, but man has to reveal it, to determine that the concealment is also the Creator’s rule: a patient, having received the doctor’s medicine, is cured, but he must believe that he would’ve been cured even without the doctor, for this was predetermined by the Creator. That is how he relates concealment to the Creator. (Baal HaSulam, Letter 16)
From Twitter, 3/12/19

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