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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/15/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Yet the suffering will compel us to correct the ego through the application of Kabbalah.
#Davos2019 #Macron #Trump

Leading stakeholders are withdrawing from #Davos 2019. “Globalization and cooperation of nations” aren’t interesting.
#Globalization is proving unattainable due to human ego.
Development pushes us to unite, but ego divides us.
From Twitter, 1/15/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/14/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Yesterday an international women’s virtual conference was held: “Creating the right, good environment.”
#Women today readily accept responsibility for the world’s #future.
For that they must rise above conflicts, make concessions and unite, turning the world into a warm home.

Don’t replace hatred with love—you’ll ruin the love!
It’s recommended to preserve everything bad, but learn to cover it with goodness, love.
Covering means maintaining their correspondence, being between them.
Then you’ll stand on two feet, growing both of these qualities.

What is required of me at the Congress?
To focus on the desire to reveal an inner connection that exists between all creatures. By revealing it, I’ll reveal all of creation and the Creator. For this sake I detach from myself, striving to immerse into and feel the reality of unity.

Mass immigration from the south is a threat to the US since it’ll bring democrats to power—forever.
Hence liberals desire migrants, no matter who they are. This gives them power over whites—and the USA will repeat the path of South Africa. The US has to focus on itself. America first!

The Torah tells a person about what is happening in him.
The point in the heart, Moses, is born from those who fled Babylon, but grows inside the ego—Pharaoh’s house.
Once ripened, he assesses Pharaoh as an evil ruler, separates from him, and then leads the people …
… all of one’s qualities, out of his rule.

Learn not to fear descents—the main thing is to keep aiming for the Creator, as if driving on a bumpy road, being thrown to and fro, but keeping going. Every descent and ascent is correction of desires. With every bump you are closer to the goal. Their number is limited.
The main thing is to aim for the Creator.

To receive correcting light, one must gain confidence in the friends’ mutual support. This is faith in the friends, not faith in the Creator. The way a drowning man clings to a log or a baby to its mom—that is how I’m confident in the friends, and by that ready to feel the Creator.

The crisis will compel the world to realize egoism as the reason for the crisis.
Revealing a need to eradicate the ego,
Compelling people to gather into groups to draw the force of correction—
to the degree of efforts to converge according to Rabash’s articles about the group.
Or to die.
But we can come together ahead of time, before the suffering.

Self-criticism and dwelling on oneself aren’t qualities of a person who works on himself, but one who follows his ego’s whims.
Seriousness of the work is revealed in maintaining the greatness of the goal inside you—of attaining bestowal to the Creator.
This is possible only “From love for the neighbor (group) to love for the Creator.”

Realization of ego’s evil, Adam’s question to the Creator, “Will my donkey and I really eat from the same bowl?”—will I enjoy only bodily fulfillment? Where is man in me?
The Creator: The ego’s evil will be revealed. You will then earn your bread in the sweat of your brow” …
—you’ll reveal the Creator and become human.
From Twitter, 1/14/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/13/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Psalm: “Creator, You lay my hand on a good fate, saying “Take this for yourself.'” All a person can do is yearn for the Creator, through the unity with the group—to the property of bestowal. And later on he will discover that the Creator has laid a quiet narrow path for him …
… amid the collective hard life.

Everyone should do his best to give the group a spirit of life, hope, and energy to keep working from a new start every time: a person was disappointed with his advancement in the spiritual work, but now the friends gave him the strength and faith to overcome all obstacles ….
…. and achieve perfection.

The #Torah is given to illuminate darkness. It performs two actions:
1. Its light reforms a person toward equivalence with the Creator, which removes the concealment and reveals the property of bestowal.
2. Allows you to perform acts of bestowal and reveals the Torah’s secrets:
…. how to attain the Creator and the state “Torah-Israel-Creator are one.”

As soon as those possessing the “point of yearning for the Creator” are united into one group, all of humanity will strive after them. Because they can be guarantors and leaders of all mankind. Therefore, its correction and closeness depend only on those who are striving for Him.

#EU is destroying Europe! The solution is to leave the EU that is bringing Europe down. It is a curse for Europe—a gathering of egoists. Europe doesn’t want to pay for defense although it is dependent on other countries and #Russia.
Trump wants to quickly move away from the sinking EU so as not to let it pull America along.

It’s impossible for a person to get himself up. But, if, with his desire to rise, he chooses a good environment and cancels himself before it—the environment lifts him up. The more he cancels himself and yearns toward the environment, the faster the Creator reveals himself in it.

If one finds himself in a group that “in general” strives toward the Creator, then his progress depends on his desire to receive from the Creator the force of bestowal through the group.
But this desire he receives from the group as well, from the envy and jealousy to their success in their relationship with each other and their closeness to the Creator.
From Twitter, 1/13/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/12/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Man’s desire comprises 613 desires. Each must be corrected from reception to bestowal by the Torah’s light comprising 613 lights, of which each corrects one of 613 desires corresponding to it. After correction, the same light fills the desire it corrected—observes a Commandment.

The Creator made man in the desire to receive alone,
but under the Torah’s influence
man acquires the intention of bestowal,
thus becoming similar to the Creator
and starts to feel the upper world of the Creator.

I don’t work on my feeling and reason. I only aspire to be included in the group and through the inclusion to acquire new senses. In the connections with the friends I build Man, Adam, similar to the Creator. I don’t care about my current sensations since it is my animate degree.

It is written: great is the teaching leading to practical actions. The light obtained by practicing Kabbalah leads to practical actions—it returns a person to the Source, which is an action. This means that the light creates a new structure, HaVaYaH, the Temple, in one’s heart.

To turn an egoist into man (AdamEdame, similar to the Creator), the Creator gives man all the states one by one, opposite to Him, so that out of all the states (images) opposite to the Creator, man will prefer the ideal—being similar to the Creator, over his personal comfort.

I ask to feel Your greatness (faith).
In the measure of this sensation, I’ll be able to lower and cancel myself, my ego; not to follow the instructions of egoism that You created in me; but to do everything like You, in bestowal and love, “lishma.
You created the ego—and I ask You to reform it.

I’d like to act to delight the Creator, but the ego won’t let me!
If the Creator’s greatness is revealed to me, I can bestow as He does.
Therefore, I must engage in the Torah—to attain His greatness.
Hence all the conditions of engaging in Kabbalah, in a united group, etc., …
…. are to attain the greatness of the Creator!

The Creator: “I sold the Torah and Myself with it.” That is, if you take the Torah, you take the Creator too, since it’s impossible to use Torah without the Creator. Torah can be used as a means (Tavlin) to correct egoism and for reward in equivalence of form with the Creator.

By itself, study of the Torah doesn’t engage the Upper Light but merely lets one know about what was written (Hochma Bah Goim Ta’amin).
Spiritual work (Avodat Hashem) is studying the Torah by efforts, attracting the Upper Light to reform one’s intention to receive for oneself …
… to the intention to bestow to others and the Creator.

Until one gains the property of bestowal, Bina, Hassadim, faith, he is called goy.
He can attain the vestments of the Torah but not the Creator clothed in it. The outer vestments of the Torah are called outer knowledge, and not the Torah itself.
The #Torah is the attainment of the Creator, His being revealed.

Egoism doesn’t allow man to act against himself, depleting his energy.
But if man wishes to act for the Creator’s sake, he focuses only on the Creator’s light, on correction, as payment for all his efforts—only for the sake of a chance to bestow—and receives correction!

Sinking in egoism, one can only act for his own sake.
But if one acts against himself, he attracts the reforming light that makes him similar to the Creator.
Yet, he can act against himself only if the group pushes him to.
Hence it’s written: “One can’t get himself out of prison, but he can get saved by the friends!”
From Twitter, 1/12/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/11/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We exist in a system of forces that develop us.
In the 20th century we thought that the next social form is a global humanity. In the 21st century it’s clear that nature won’t do this by itself.
The world is at an impasse.
Kabbalah says: nature (the Creator) builds a global humanity…
… by our conscious desire.

The Creator made the vessel of the soul and broke it. We must identify the breakage, the gap between us, and how to bridge it, be included in one another. Despite our reluctance to unite, we come closer against our will—and by the light’s force, attain unity …
…. and equivalence to the Source.

Two lights of Torah:
—light of correction (of desires)
—light of attainment (Creator’s revelation)
At first the light begets the will to bestow, the Kli.
When one can already act with an intention for the Creator’s sake,
he will find out that only the Creator can give the Torah’s
… light, so man will be able to bestow.

Before the study one must figure out why he is going to study #Torah:
—to know what’s written in the books
—or to receive the Torah’s light, which annuls his ego, thoughts of the self and returns him to the Source; he does not wish any knowledge or fulfillment in reason …
… he wants only a change in himself!

We’re all different parts of one mechanism. We must only connect all the parts. Yet we sulk, each one about his own state. But each one’s state is corrected! The problem is only the right connection with others. But Nature completes this work from above too.
Our participation is to desire this!

One studies Torah:
—to carry out commandments
—because one has to study it.
One studies Kabbalah:
—to receive the Torah’s light that corrects egoism and gives faith, the force to bestow and become equal to the Creator (light of Hassadim);
—by the force of faith, in the light of Hassadim, to attain the Creator, light of Hochma, the goal of creation.

The force allowing one to work in the group in conditions of concealment is called Covenant, Mutual Guarantee. When I fall, I lose my strength, but the group gives me strength. When I rise, I give strength to those who fell.
One must constantly play with the group as if together we are ready to reveal the Creator at any cost.
From Twitter, 1/11/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/10/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Correction of the egoistic intention (for one’s own sake, Lo Li Shma) to the altruistic intention (for the Creator’s sake, Li Shma) happens by means of the influence of the Torah’s light on man. In the intention of bestowal (Li Shma) he feels a connection with the Creator, spiritual life, the upper world.

The Creator’s revelation to creatures in this world happens when, in a Kabbalistic group, in unity of aspirations, the common force is revealed of everyone’s aspiration among them and toward the Creator—the force of mutual bestowal, faith, reflected light…
….in which the upper force, the Creator, dresses.

The aim of creating the worlds and souls: to correct the egoistic desire to receive everything inside of you—to the altruistic desire to bestow / love, which leads to the Goal of Creation, the sensation of man’s “difference and similarity” to the Creator….
….till full adhesion by qualities in feelings and by thoughts in reason.

The Creator: leave Me but preserve the Torah, since only its light corrects you—and you will reveal Me. Hence do everything you can to correct egoism. I dwell only inside the Torah—there, you will reveal Me. All your other efforts are in vain. Those who seek Me will find Me.

The right study of Torah means a constant effort to ascertain that one is facing the Creator, holding on and not separating from Him, and by that wishing to cause joy to the Creator.

Prepare for the studies—studies with the Creator, envision yourself as the Creator’s student (Talmid Hacham) who studies the light—the force of correcting one’s ego, which He deliberately created so you’ll learn to bestow from Him.

Those who study Torah to correct the heart (desires) are called “wise of the heart” (Hochmei Lev) because they study Torah with the heart rather than with the mind—since Torah was given for the heart’s correction!

Creator: “I created egoism and I created Torah for its correction.”
If a person studies Torah not in order to understand it with the mind,
but to correct one’s egoistic heart with its influence,
he receives a force from above to be able to carry out actions for the Creator’s sake.

Kabbalah books are addressed to those who already attain the upper world
But the authors also indicate that their books are addressed to those who haven’t yet attained the upper world as well, since study of these books draws light that corrects souls ….
… and leads to revelation of the upper world.

After creating the ego, the Creator set its evil force exactly equal to the force of the light’s correction so the light will correct the ego without destroying it. Hence one must make every possible effort, in quantity and quality (without distraction), to draw the correcting light.
From Twitter, 1/10/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/9/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Learning Torah means drawing the upper light with the study
(Torah is from the word “Ohr – Light,” and from the word “Oraa – instructions”).
The light will change the student’s will to receive for oneself to bestowal to the Creator and others.
And in the will to bestow, the Creator will be revealed to him.

The #EU proposes reducing #СО2 emissions into the atmosphere to zero by 2050 by replacing the energy sources.
Kabbalah says: the world’s production must be reduced to the minimum. This will reduce waste and eliminate 80% of emissions.
The remaining 20% can be rendered ecologically harmless.
#climatechange #ecology #kabbalah

#Torah is necessary for correcting the evil inclination, egoism, so all of man’s actions will be for the sake of bestowal.
Since man is unable to change himself, his ego,
Only by annulling oneself in the group and studying Torah in the group can he correct his egoism…
…to the quality of the Creator and feel Him.

All “bad” states come only so that we can make out the light on their background.
Light is the quality of bestowal, a good attitude to the friend for the sake of the common goal, not for self-benefit.
Darkness to me is the background that brings out the light.

Study Torah and its light will bring you back to the Source, to the quality of bestowal and love in which the Creator will be revealed.
One who strives to reveal the Creator—studies #Torah.
One who has another aim, by studying Torah studies wisdom, but does not attain the Creator’s revelation.

If one studies Kabbalah to correct the quality of creation, “the will to receive” into the Creator’s quality “to bestow,” one attains equivalence to the Creator and in that equivalence feels pleasure from the purpose of creation.
From Twitter, 1/9/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/8/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Kabbalah says: man requires only upbringing—instructions on developing these skills:
—how to be a “Human” in the general circle of humanity
—what to do to feel that: I, one of 8 billion, am responsible for them, and they are responsible for me. We are one common whole.

The law of the soul is the union of its parts,
That are so connected,
They are attained only out of fragmentation!
#Kabbalah #wisdomofkabbalah #quoteoftheday
From Twitter, 1/8/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/7/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Exercise: Everyone cancels himself, his self-love before the group, the ten—until one feels it as a single organism, feels that he loves the friends, and then—that he loves the Creator.

Exercise: A member of the group should view himself in the group as a grain planted in the ground. And strive to dissolve in the group, like a grain decomposes in the soil—to grow in a new capacity.

Exercise: Imagine that with each effort of cancelling ourselves and plugging into the group, brick by brick we build the Temple out of our efforts, the collective aspiration above us to the Creator, until “And I will dwell among you” manifests in our Temple.

Exercise: To be in a group in the search and request for achieving unity, when everyone dissolves in the friends; and together, as one, to aim for the Creator, who is waiting for them.

It’s important to prepare for the lesson. From waking up until arriving at the study hall, I must constantly think about why I am doing all of it.
That’s the only way to start the lesson with the right intention and start advancing toward greater unity among friends, and that means
—toward the Creator.

Studying means checking, together with friends, how connected I am to them. If I advance, then at first I feel rejected by the friends and the study. Thus an opportunity of correction, convergence, is revealed to me. Or, vice versa, I passionately aspire to greater unity.

In aspiration to or rejection from the group, I need Torah, the light that returns me to the Creator, who will connect me to others. Inside unity, the quality of bestowal is revealed to reveal the Creator in it. Study is an auxiliary means; the main thing is connection between us.

Articles help one get organized properly, while TES [Talmud Eser HaSefirot – The Study of the Ten Sefirot] draws the light that reforms. Yet its study entails a risk: study for knowledge’s sake rather than Torah, correction. It’s important for knowledge to come from acts of unity, bestowal. One must study only for bestowal’s sake.

People would do anything to reveal the upper world.
But Kabbalah teaches that revelation of the upper is possible only by drawing the light of correction, called Torah, OM [Ohr Makif – surrounding light]. It’s called study in our unity. Only unity and study with an intention of correction are spiritual actions!
From Twitter, 1/7/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/6/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The fulfillment of the commandments in a Kabbalistic group is the union of ten people (at least two) who decide that they want to comprehend the Creator.
Therefore, they are obliged to unite and form a group united according to the laws of the soul—the laws of mutual bestowal.

The spiritual world is impalpable—we have no matching properties.
We don’t feel radio waves but can build a device that will help to perceive them.
We must build a device that would perceive the Upper World.
This device is called the Soul.
It must have the properties of the Upper world.

#Women don’t want to form a family with men who earn less than they do. Single mothers give birth to children out of wedlock, get on drugs, and quickly get jailed.
Only an upbringing according to #Kabbalah can restore the family institution and rejuvenate the society!

The Creator switches the states we are in—I feel as if I’m driving on a bumpy road and must constantly balance myself and the car.
But if I hold on to the group, my thoughts are focused only on my connection with it—I shouldn’t focus on potholes; I no longer feel them at all;
I balance them with my connection to the group.

In the measure of our efforts to unite in the ten over our egoism towards one goal, in the measure of driving egoism towards connection, bestowal, and similarity with the upper light—in this measure the surrounding light affects, reforms, and corrects egoism ….
… for the property of bestowal and connection.

The more the opinions vary and the stronger the yearning to rise above them to a common opinion is—the greater wisdom and reason are, which gives room to discerning the problems and their solutions.
In fact, all the failures and degeneration of common sense occur only due to the lack of criticism and the suppression of differences.

Exercise: the Temple, the Creator’s House is the desires above “each to oneself” collected in one desire “bestowing to the Creator.” The place of the Creator’s dwelling, the Temple, Shechina, is a request to the Creator, which depends solely on over-the-ego unity of the desires…
… striving for the Creator.

Exercise: a group becomes a single whole (minyan – a spiritual unit) if a common property of mutual bestowal from the group to the Creator arises over its members’ egoism—the property of holiness, bestowal, Divinity, in which the Creator, Shochen, is revealed.

Exercise: To study the Torah means—in the unity of a group to study and implement exercises that lead to the revelation of holiness and the properties of bestowal in the group, up to the properties of love, so that the Creator can remain in them.
From Twitter, 1/6/19

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