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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/20/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Mutual guarantee speaks of coming out of oneself, out of one’s ego into bestowal, into the Creator, because in relation to us the Creator is the quality of connection in the group. For we can only feel Him as the quality of unity between us.
On His own He has no quality, no name or taste, everything can be felt only through the group.

The Creator cannot be felt in regards to an individual but a group as a whole, because He, the Light, can only fill 10 friends when they become as one. After all, this is a sign that their egoism has been corrected and they become similar to the Light; they want to bestow and be in mutual guarantee between themselves.

The right connection in the group is called Arvut—mutual guarantee, when each and everyone is responsible for all. Each person in the measure of his development, which the Creator is embedding him with. Therefore, everyone is different, but all are necessary.

1. There is just one force in the world and only it governs everything. We have been given the chance to reveal its omnipotence and almightiness. By attaining it, we absorb its qualities and become similar to it.
Hence, one who hasn’t attained equivalence to the Creator is on the animate degree.

2. Annulling oneself in similarity to the Creator happens stage by stage:
-annulling egoism—the intention for oneself, but not the desires,
-acquiring the intention for the Creator’s sake over desires that are liberated from the intention for oneself,            receiving the Creator’s revelation, the fillings prepared for us, into desires with intentions for His sake.

3. Redemption from the ego, the intention for oneself, happens by a struggle, a spiritual war, where we have to imagine ourselves on the Creator’s side against our ego, our nature, ourselves. This differentiates Kabbalah from other methods. We must push the “self” outside of us and place the Creator in its place.

4. Kabbalah’s main difference from other methods is that we do everything to free up a place for the Creator to carry out His work—Avodat Hashem—a place in us! Each one must feel what and how much he frees for the Creator to make changes in him.

5. Identifying a place, desires with intentions “for oneself,” for one’s egoism, which the Creator will change to intentions for the Creator, is possible only by discovering egoism, the intention for oneself. This is identified only in the group, when a person aims to recognize where he thinks about himself instead of others.

6. You must attain a state where you feel yourself as a judge, and the Creator and egoism as opponents—and it is up to you to determine who will win. To feel how you gradually take the Creator’s side, till reaching adhesion with Him.
From Twitter, 5/20/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/19/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Faith above reason can only be in the place of contradiction of the Upper governance. I have to accept everything as the highest good, despite my feelings or understanding! And this contradiction remains, otherwise there will be no difference between man and the Creator, and man will no longer feel himself or attain the Creator.

The warm and vibrant nature of Latin America never slowed down as we dined, sang and danced together. I can only praise all the students and give them douze points for unity!

Together we learned how to connect above our differences, and the connection was felt everywhere. Many more students and friends from around the world connected virtually, and the density of connected hearts was so powerful that it became truly spiritual.

Over the weekend, while Israel and European countries were glued to the #Eurovision contest, I was on the other side of the globe—in Monterrey, Mexico. My students and friends from all over the Latin continent gathered in this special region for the World #Kabbalah #Convention.

From Twitter, 5/19/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/18/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

A person is not required to carry out spiritual work, but to make efforts. It’s a game. Let him break things, but learn through it. A child doesn’t learn unless he breaks things in order to figure out what is inside. It’s the same on the spiritual path. But when doing so, one should aim to create and ascend.

David Ben-Gurion: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is Judaism’s higher imperative… #Israel will be deserving of its name only when its social, agricultural and political systems will be based on these 5 timeless words.

Kabbalah: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the general law of nature.
Its essence is: we want to unite all together in a single soul, in one attitude to one another, to feel that we are one organism. By that we become a spiritual humanity and rise to the spiritual degree.

-The #Eurovision contest is taking place in #Israel. Will this affect the other nations’ attitude to us?
-So how should we be in relation to the nations of the world?
-We must ensure a good future for them and demonstrate that we exist for the benefit of humanity.

Initially, one aspires to Kabbalah by way of the Creator’s desire. However, having exerted efforts, one suffers seeing himself going in circles. Gradually, the Kli is getting created, along with the pain of being distant from the Creator through consistent disappointments and awareness of being increasingly distant from the Creator.

The correct alignment of the desire is equalizing ascents and descents in all possible states, in one’s intention to delight (bestow joy to) the Creator. After all, all states come from the Creator, and one must accept them as perfect.
And if one is unable to do so, he should ask for help!

If one has no strength to exalt the work “in the state of being a zero” without feeling the taste in it, above any other state, preferring Him to one’s feeling good, it means that one lacks the power of faith above reason.
Then one must pray, for a person cannot achieve this on his own, but only with the help of the Upper light.

To strive for the state of absolute zero is, in fact, to accept the Creator’s upper governance (Ohl Malchut Shamaim), meaning that only the Creator can grant the strength to be at the zero point and in any circumstance feel joy.

One must believe and feel as if he reached faith in his senses, that he feels the Creator ruling the world benevolently. And although he sees the opposite, he imagines perfection and adhesion above his feelings. As a result, one is happy. Meaning, he views the world as the Creator’s perfect work, and thanks Him for it.”

Bestowal means that one regards the Creator as good and His governance as constant in everything, and therefore one is always happy, regardless of his subjective feelings and thoughts, although he feels as imperfect. This is called working for the sake of bestowal. Thus, the goal is to achieve happiness in any state.

Day means light, but the day of the Creator is the light of faith above reason. That the faith in the good power of the Creator is above all. And one does not want to see it, but only to believe it, but with the same power as seeing it. And this is called the “Day of the Creator.”

Malchut is only a black point. But if a person accepts it as important, it is deemed that he raised Shechina from the dust. And he cannot fall any longer, and Shechina bonds with him forever. If light descends upon him, he receives it as having come not by his will.

Revelation is attained only after concealment, when there’s no difference between them, in the same joy, bestowal. If the Creator desires for the person to remain in concealment forever, he agrees. That is, if one accepts the upper one’s power unconditionally, with joy, by that he turns Malchut into Keter, bestowal.

Broken desires rise to correction each time. If conditions are right, an embryo appears. Katnut means one enters the work and realizes that he’s far from the Creator, he has no Kli. Precisely what is felt as dust—becomes spirituality. This means raising Shechina from the dust.

If one strives to feel himself as fallen to such an extent that he wishes for nothing more but only to submit to the Creator’s power, wishing to delight Him—this utmost humility must come with enormous joy because this is exactly work for the Creator.

The light reduces itself and shines according to the desires aimed at bestowal. Therefore, if there are no desires for the light to enter, then the light can shine without restriction. This restriction of self is called “absolute zero.” When one completely cancels oneself, the desire loses its grip, and one enters spirituality.

To be in a state of absolute zero means a state impossible to feel and understand, completely disconnected from sensation and thought. Because there is no light in it. And if there is still light, desire can come in contact with it, which means one hasn’t yet clothed the light in the desire.

In a state of smallness, be happier than in a state of greatness. After all, one can protect this smallness from external effects more reliably; hence, it is easier to achieve the Creator’s revealing Himself in it. And also, the Creator delights in one’s smallness more than one’s state of greatness, like delighting in a baby more than in a grown child.
From Twitter, 5/18/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/17/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Bnei Baruch World #Kabbalah #Convention begins today in #Monterrey (#Mexico). It will last three days, and will continue in #NewJersey (#USA). I believe that participants will come closer to the revelation of the true world in which we exist. All activities are available to all.

Baal HaSulam: I rejoice at the flaws that are revealed, and despair at those still concealed. For it is unknown when they will be revealed, and the help of the Creator is needed. They are revealed in their initial state, and one must rejoice at the revelation for it means that the time has come for its correction.

Advice: do not wait until you’re in decline, because you can raise Netzutzim to the correction yourself. Therefore, always search for how to further improve your state, provoke the darkness!

The way the breakage occurred as a result of baseless hatred, so the correction has to be the result of baseless love.

Restriction means not wanting more than there is, wanting to stay in this state forever, in which case it is an eternal adhesion. While desiring more is an overkill and a cause for sorrow. Progress is to achieve joy in a state of increasing lack of egoistic fulfillment in the mind and feelings!
From Twitter, 5/17/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/15/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Entry into the spiritual world: reduce yourself down to a point, pass the boundary (Machsom) and start developing on the other side, in spirituality. I restrict egoism, not intervening in the state projected by the Creator and agreeing with all that happens. I thus detach from egoism
From Twitter, 5/15/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/14/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Each new state begins with a point / Reshimo, which must be raised from receiving / darkness / sadness into the light / bestowal / joy. The sensation of being distanced from the Creator is the point/ Katnut. If you agree to exist in any condition, the point begins to grow—this is the way to raise Divinity from the dust.

To attain the Creator is to learn His greatness. It can be done only by comparing our qualities, which starts with reducing my mind to zero and not accepting what I may understand. Against my desire, by detracting my self. Because the Creator is a property of complete bestowal.
This is how I approach the Creator.

Equivalence to the Creator is achieved by the desire (will to receive, daat) with the intention to bestow (above reason, for another’s sake). One does not use his own mind, but goes above it. To do so is defined as to work above reason. Desire is the left line. Intention is the right line. Action is the middle line.

If a person understands the need to cancel himself before the Creator, but retains his individual “self” because such is the Creator’s desire—he enters Lishma and turns to the Creator for bestowal, not for self-gratification.
In that case, the Creator gives him both the strength and the intention, the light and the screen.

Parable: The king, wanting to move his treasures, distributed them coin by coin to each of his subjects so that they would carry them to the destination, not yielding to the temptation to steal. Likewise, a person carries his great will for pleasure over the Machsom in parts.
First, he brings in the spark, and then, portion by portion, his desires.

The boundary of the spiritual world, Machsom, is the point of adhesion with the ten, the willingness to cling to the friends, to replace self-importance with their importance, to dissolve in them, to lose one’s “self”—meaning, to cross the Machsom. Detaching from one’s own self and plugging into the ten is passing over the Machsom.

The Creator’s worker does not accept sickness, trouble, or any other obstacle with humility, but rather perceives it as an indication of the necessity to be corrected, in order to achieve a greater special connection with the group, to correct the problem, which is being remote from the Creator—and to achieve adhesion thereby.
From Twitter, 5/14/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/13/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

To enter spirituality, one must develop one’s Reshimo, spark, into a Partzuf. Growth happens from a sensation of joy, although one reveals how far he is from the Creator, and needs light to develop the embryo’s Partzuf.

If you are in the intention to bestow, then any states are perfect, even if the Creator wishes to leave you in this state forever. Matching the Creator’s desire is being in a state of perfection. But if there’s a difference between the desired and the actual—to this extent you diverge from the Creator

One must imagine that he is in complete bestowal, in a world filled by the Creator’s light. And although one sees the opposite, he must imagine the truth, rather than the world he sees, distorted by his egoism. One must thank the Creator for sensing the greatness of what He created and the work he has been granted to do.

The Creator and I are opposite with our qualities. Hence I feel the world as bad. As it develops, my egoism depicts the world to me as increasingly worse. The Creator is absolute—I am the one that needs to change, coming closer to Him with my qualities. This is why the Torah was given—the light of correction, of my desires and thoughts.

Spiritual development is independent of our ego-feelings and thoughts (faith above reason). The Creator wishes for us to feel the world as we feel it, but to attune ourselves as if it comes from the absolute Creator. That is, for us to change ourselves so we’ll feel the world as perfect. This is called perceiving in the quality of bestowal.

In spiritual work, it is better to be in a small state than a great one because:
1. there is less risk of awakening egoistic desires and thoughts;
2. we give the Creator more pleasure by being devoted to Him in small states.

A person is a device for measuring the Creator, and like any measuring device, it must be tuned, calibrated. Initially set yourself to zero, and then, from zero, study and measure your states—and thus advance. Zero is the start of the spiritual ladder.

To measure how similar my qualities are to the Creator, I have to set the “scale to zero.” Since the Creator gives absolute goodness to the world, I must imagine myself as being in this state. This is possible only by restricting all my desires. This is the restriction, Tzimtzum Aleph.
From Twitter, 5/13/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/12/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Mentally including myself in the Creator’s white light, who is good that does good, I can start coming closer to Him, discerning which changes I must perform in me in order to enter the light through equivalence of form with it.
These are already stages of spiritual growth of the embryo, birth, nursing…

I separate from my I, egoism, as if I don’t exist in my desires and thoughts inside the white light, eliminating any intervention of my egoism. This way, I am confident that I won’t fall, since it’s impossible to fall from zero.
This is how a toddler that loses its footing sits down on the floor.

I am always in the Creator’s white light.
If I am unhappy with my state and want changes—this is excess! Since I add my egoistic desire to enjoy and understand, which conceals the Creator from me—and I feel myself, the material world.
Restriction is the 1st condition!

We are in the Creator’s light of bestowal and love to us.
Our first equivalence to Him lies in annulling our egoistic nature, which is opposite to Him, as if we don’t exist. This is a restriction of oneself.
Next we guard this state in constantly changing internal and external conditions. The 1st exercise!

My first calibration is to annul myself, to eliminate my intervention in the white light, the Creator’s quality of bestowal, not allowing awakening of my egoistic desire to enjoy and understand. I want to annul myself completely, to not be a disturbance for the upper light, like a drop of semen in the mother.

I try to attune myself as if I do not have my own mind and feelings—but rather, everything comes from the Creator. All my thoughts and sensations, everything there is in me—was sent by the Creator. If I am ready to hold on to this state, I become a spiritual embryo.
The main thing is to try to leave everything to the Creator.

My egoism demands understanding and sensation. External disturbances come from all sides. I must constantly null them to zero since I receive everything from the Creator, everything is in perfection except my thoughts and desires.
If I correct them, I will be in the Creator’s light. For now, the work is to hold egoism in zero!

At every moment I attune myself such that I don’t care what is happening to me. I hold on to the center of my desires and thoughts, like a spider in a web on guard, making sure not a single ego-desire or thought can pass through. This means I annul myself till zero, and then I can rise up the spiritual ladder.

I feel that I have “deceived” myself: I perceive everything as coming only from the Creator, since “There’s none else besides Him,” and hence as perfection, “The Good that does good.” The whole work lies in preserving oneself in zero, self-annulment, the initial state, as if there is no egoism, an embryo.

After completely annulling himself down to zero, one can reveal any states, since everything was created in order for him to remain in zero—in the Creator’s power, while gradually incorporating into him everything there is in the world.
Thus he includes in the Creator everything that he receives from the Creator, while remaining in zero.

Man is separated from the Creator by the manifestation of pride in him. He starts his adhesion with the Creator by suppressing his “I,” creating “zero,” with the intention only to bestow, with the fact that “There is none else besides Him” that there is only the Creator’s single will. Next he attributes everything to that will.

Eva Stories, an Instagram project about a Jewish girl’s life, presents a “modern” view of the dark days of the #Holocaust. It’s tragic that the gloomy days are returning with the rise of #Antisemitism across the whole world.
Yet the events are given for our nation’s unification and salvation.

But if he doesn’t have the forces to exalt the work “in zero,” with no taste, above any other state, it means he “does not respect” the Creator, preferring Him over his good sensation. If he does not have the forces to advance like this by “faith above reason”—then ask because it isn’t in a person’s power, but only in the upper light’s power.

Yearning for absolute zero is acceptance of the Creator’s upper rule (Ol Malchut Shamaim), that only the Creator can give one the forces to joyfully be in “zero” in any situation. He presents this state, as the result of efforts, to the Creator —and this makes the Creator happy.

Proper tuning of desire is so in any state, ascents and descents are equal, in intention for the sake of (joy) the Creator. After all, one receives all states from the Creator and hence agrees with any state he receives as a perfect one. And if he cannot—then ask for help!

If one aspires to feel oneself as spiritually fallen so low that one wishes nothing more than to submit to the Creator’s power, wishing to delight Him—this is “Absolute zero,” extreme humility. And it must come with great joy since precisely this is work for the Creator.

The light restricts itself and shines to the degree of a desire for bestowal; hence, if there are no desires for light to shine, the light can shine with no restrictions. Such a restriction of oneself is called “absolute zero.” When one completely annuls oneself, there is no rule of the desire—and one enters spirituality.

Absolute zero means a state impossible to feel or understand, completely shut off from sensation and thought. Because there is no light whatsoever in it. If there is still light, the desire can have contact with the light, still not having attained the state of the light’s clothing in desires.

Restriction means not wishing for more than you have, but wishing to remain the way you are forever—this is eternal adhesion. The desire for more is excess and elicits sorrow. Advancement lies in attaining joy in the state of increasingly greater lack of egoistic fulfillment of the mind and feelings!

While being in a small state, be happier than in a great state!
After all, the small state is easier to protect from foreign influences, and hence it is easier to attain the Creator’s revelation while in it. The Creator also has more enjoyment from the small state than from a great one (like a baby and a grown child).

Believing and feeling as if in one’s feelings, one sees and feels that the Creator governs the whole world in a good way. And although one sees the opposite, above one’s sensations he imagines perfection. He is happy and grateful for this opportunity to accept the world as the Creator’s perfect actions.

Bestowal means seeing the Creator as good and His rule in all things, hence I am always happy, regardless of sensations and thoughts, even though I am not in perfection in them. This is work for bestowal. Its aim is to attain the sensation of happiness in any state.
Despite the fact that I am not similar to the Creator.
From Twitter, 5/12/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/11/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Joy is a testament to bestowal, faith in the Creator’s greatness. And although there are no obvious reasons to be joyful, one believes that he receives everything only from the Creator and is hence in joy, to the extent of his faith in the Creator’s good governance of the world.

At first one sees fulfillment as the goal and result of his efforts, but afterwards, when he gains awareness of the process of correction, he sees everything in the reverse manner—that precisely the yearning for the Creator is his true fulfillment, which brings him joy!

The desire to reveal the Creator is determined by the importance of maintaining joy in the group from its spiritual work and the goal. This determines the sensation of perfection (Shlemut), which determines the degree of equivalence and of the Creator’s revelation to man.

One must be joyful at all times—due to the fact that he has received, from the Creator, a yearning for Him and considers this the most important thing. Being aware of the joy creates the Kli to receive the Creator’s revelation and attain adhesion.

The nation of Israel is timeless, but the state exists only if Jews engage in unity. Hence throughout 3,500 years, we have existed as a state for 75 and 66 years. Now we exist on the condition that we create ourselves as a nation and state. If we succeed—we will continue, and if we don’t—we will drift apart once again…

Every nation has its traditions, but the nation of #Israel‘s traditions correspond to 125 spiritual degrees, which the broken souls must transverse as they reunite to attain the goal of creation—full correction.
Hence these aren’t traditions from the past, but signs of the #future correction.

Jews as a nation are disunited. Only the nations’ hatred holds them together, like nuts in a sack. Likewise, non-Jews wishing to create a group for revealing the Creator, by uniting their points in the heart and studying Kabbalah—reveal reciprocal rejection, egoism, as Jews do.

“Jew” derives from the word “la’avor“— one crossing from the egoistic existence to the altruistic sensation of the Creator, the upper governing force that one can engage. Anyone can, who has such a desire. The others await being lifted to this condition.
This is why they subconsciously feel their dependency on the #Jews.

#Antisemitism is impossible to correct! But if you correct the #Jews, make them authentic Jews, who aspire for “Love your neighbor,” then anti-Semitism will cease to exist and anti-Semites themselves will turn into Jews. After all, a true Jew is not a nationality but one who incites love of others!

Outside the spiritual path, #Jews are worse than the others because the breaking and evil manifest in them to a greater extent. This is why they succeed in our egoistic world. Yet, by exerting efforts to unite that draw the upper light, they become better than others—the light to the nations.

The level called Man (Adam) requires bonding with others, unlike the animal level, where a more advanced feels more isolated. At the animal level, separation seems as acquiring independence, while at the level of Adam it is cancellation of self and allowing others to depend on you that produce independence!

Orientalist Dr. Guy Bechor has accused liberal American #Jewish #democrats of the increasing #Antisemitism in the United States.They inspire provocations against Trump and Israel. And despite their hate for #Israel, they will flee to it from the hatred they create.
I completely agree with Dr. Behor!

All the nations have to embrace unity and love of neighbor as the foundation of the society. And this is what is called true religion. But beyond this, every nation can practice its own customs, and no-one has the right to impede their doing so. (Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation)
From Twitter, 5/11/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/9/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We are obliged to create a broad education system that will bring everyone up to a national love between us and to the whole nation, which existed 2,000 years ago. And this is our primary duty, for the success of all our undertakings will rest on this foundation.
(Baal HaSulam #quote from The Nation newspaper)

Our only hope of becoming a nation and a state is to create a system of upbringing that will bring back, by any means, our national bonds that we lost throughout 2,000 years of exile.
(Baal HaSulam, The Nation)

David Ben-Gurion: The words “love your neighbor as yourself” encompass a higher message that includes the entire ethics of this world. The state of #Israel can realize itself only if this condition is observed in all spheres of social life.

Israel is a group of people united by the upper force of mutual bestowal and therefore existing at the level of the upper world, in the property of bestowal and “love your neighbor.” If they isolate themselves from the upper force, they exist in mutual enmity—their current condition!

A people is a community of naturally connected individuals, where everyone is prepared to serve this community. Every nation feels the presence of such a connection. Except #Jews. Their task is to create this type of connection among themselves by drawing the upper light.

#Israel is man’s desire “from himself toward the Creator,” which means—toward the whole world, for the Creator’s sole desire is to fulfill the creations. Therefore, man seeks to fulfill this single desire of the Creator—to delight the creatures and by doing so he yearns for the desire to bestow through others—to the Creator.

Initially everyone depends on one another egoistically. #Independence is when everyone depends on one another the right way. Independence from others is impossible, but rising above our ego-nature, liberated from its slavery, we can acquire love for everyone—this is independence.

Initially, we all depend on each other egoistically. Independence is when we depend on each other in the right way. There is no such thing as #independence from others; but if we rise above our ego-nature, having freed ourselves from its bondage, we can start loving everyone—this is what independence is.

The world will never agree that #Israel must exist. The Creator makes it so that no-one wants to take our side. Our #independence is in the hands of an upper force. Nobody will accept us, for everyone feels that we are different. Nations would rather accept us as superior than as equal to all.

In #Israel, there is a gathering of people with different cultures from across the world, each one seeing the nascent country according to his own conception, with no natural, unifying foundation to obligate everyone to be in a single desire.
(Baal HaSulam, The Nation)
From Twitter, 5/9/19

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