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What Is Kabbalah’s Attitude To The Adoption Of Children?

627.2Question: What is Kabbalah’s attitude to the adoption of children?

Answer: If it is done for the benefit of the child, then it is positive. A person should not think that he would like to have children and so he adopts them; rather, he should consider what he wants to give to a child. Then he can adopt a child.

Usually, we love adopted children more than our biological children because we invest more effort into them, constantly proving our correct attitude toward them to ourselves.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/29/18

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The Culture Of The 21st Century: Dogs Replacing Children

laitman_571.08In the News (CNBC.com): Why companies are offering ‘furternity’ leave to new pet owners”

“…one marketing firm in Minnesota has started offering ‘furternity’ leave for all new pet moms and dads.

“The policy is part of a growing trend in pet-friendly workplace policies and a way to offer workers flexibility they might not have otherwise. …

“A number of companies already offer pet-friendly offices. At Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, the company says more than 6,000 dogs share the workspace with employees. Dogs enjoy a floor designed for pet play in one of the company’s buildings and the company even opened a special dog park that’s also open to the community. …

“At Minneapolis marketing firm Nina Hale, furternity leave allows new pet owners to work remotely for a week after adopting a pet. The policy gives pet parents the opportunity to bond with their furry friends as they acclimate to new surroundings. …

“Pet friendly benefits like pet leave, pet bereavement and pet health insurance are growing in popularity, Steven Feldman, an executive director at Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), tells the Society for Human Resources Management. It’s a “signal you’re looking at the employee’s entire family,” he adds. It’s also a way to entice young workers, the largest pet-owning generation.”

Comment: They have pet strollers, pet coloring, dog therapy, dog aromatherapy, dog church, and dog pools. It looks like we are moving to a culture where dogs replace children.

My Comment Yes. However, on the other hand, humanity has not stopped feeling the need to take care of somebody. Do you remember the Tamagotchi toy? It had to be constantly fed and taken care of.

We need to understand that human nature demands attachment. One is still bound, unwittingly, to his or her apartment, to smells, to everything! I see this as a huge internal, but not yet conscious, longing for communication between people, which, unfortunately, does not receive its normal expression, its release.

We therefore replace people with animals. Actually, it’s not that far off.  People feel that their dog is their friend, and the dog feels a friend and a master in their owners, and we are mutually devoted to each other.

Practically, we know people who have pets that eat from the same plate with them. They feel no difference between them because such contact occurs at the animal level. It does not need any major expressions, achievements, tensions and participation. I lower myself to the level of an animal; I reach out to him and he responds back to me, and we are both content.

Let us hope that this period will pass, and it certainly will pass because humanity is evolving and we will have to achieve contact with each other. Then all that contact with the animals will disappear. Like any other part of evolution and movement toward the lower levels, it will eventually die out. We will not have much interest in cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters, etc.

Question: Will we get such a yearning for each other? Will we uncover and reveal it?

Answer: We will understand that we still lack communication. Phones, virtual communications, dogs, lonely apartments, empty benches in public parks, and so on—it will all go away because we are changing, whether we like it or not. Let time do its work.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/27/18

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Why Respect A Person?

laitman_294.3Question: What basic feelings and virtues of each person deserve respect and why are so many people deprived of it?

Answer: We need to respect only the aspirations and efforts of a person that are aimed at humanity’s benefit. Not for the good of oneself, one’s nation, or one’s family, but only for the benefit of humanity. If we respect this, we will see the extent to which a person overcomes his egoistic nature for the sake of belonging to, and sacrificing for, the entire world.

I think all people should overcome themselves, their egoistic desire. If each of us sacrifices ourselves in this way, then in response we should receive gratitude and respect from society. Everyone—the children at home, the wife, the relatives, the parents, the environment, the friends, and the whole world—should be grateful to a person and appreciate him only to the extent of his contribution to society.

A person is created in such a way that he needs the recognition of society. By this, in essence, he expresses himself, his “I.” If we make society protect a person and respond to his contribution to humanity, this will obligate everyone to be an active part of humanity. We will see from everyone only good things in relation to the entirety of human society and we will see what contribution each one makes.

Therefore, we need to establish such laws in our society so that everyone can be assessed only by their contribution to humanity and so that it is easily visible.

If we measure a person only according to these criteria, if everyone knows that this is how he is assessed, this is how he is treated, then he will have no way out. He will have to become a healthy cell in the general body, that is, a person that is as useful as possible for humanity.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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New Life #1051 – Inner Consciousness, Part 2

New Life #1051 – Inner Consciousness, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The expansion of human consciousness happens through desire, a deficiency or hunger for an awareness of the entire reality. We become more conscious when we ask existential questions like, “Why am I alive?” and engage with a Kabbalistic group in order to discover the answers together. To the degree that I connect to others with attitudes of love and bestowal, I acquire the higher power that is between us. Development of consciousness means attaining a connection with the upper force; I recognize and activate it and this is how I advance and discover the truth. The higher power is bestowal and love and it is what manages our lives. To develop consciousness, we need to create a connection with this higher power.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1051 – Inner Consciousness, Part 2,” 8/21/18

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New Life #1050 – Inner Consciousness, Part 1

New Life #1050 – Inner Consciousness, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to attain a true and complete consciousness and experience a higher reality. A person normally lives within himself, within a field of pleasure and suffering, and what he imagines about himself and about the world is completely incorrect. When the desire for pleasure becomes aware of the higher power that produced and developed it, a spiritual consciousness begins to develop. The developing consciousness is built from emotion and intellect or heart and mind since these complement and influence each other. The more desire I have, the more intelligence I will have. A child who doesn’t want anything will not develop intellectually. Research on consciousness can only be accomplished by changing desire in a positive or negative direction.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1050 – Consciousness,” 8/21/18

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How To Really Listen To Others?

laitman_204Question: How can one learn to listen to oneself and others and not just hear? After all, this quality will only improve relationships between people.

Answer: This requires an inner contact—a contact of the hearts. Once you desire to fulfill each other, you will be able to listen to each other.

And so people do not listen to nor see each other. They create a certain reality within themselves and treat it as a person who is actually outside of them. We do not see those who are outside of us; we see everything that is built by our egoism within us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/29/18

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Upbringing In Kabbalah

laitman_942Question: Many times I’ve heard you speak about the necessity of proper upbringing. What is upbringing according to Kabbalah? Can egoism be educated or do we need a properly educated egoist?

Answer: A Kabbalistic upbringing means an upbringing by means of the upper Light. It is when I, along with my friends, with the help of various actions described in the Kabbalistic methodology, attract the upper Light. The upper Light influences us and brings us to a state of unity where the Creator is revealed and where we all become one whole. This is the state we have to reach.

A Kabbalistic upbringing is supposed to unite us under the influence of the upper Light, revealing the Light under the condition that our connection, our mutual bestowal, will resemble its qualities. Then in the union between the upper Light and us, we will reveal its source—the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/29/18

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Becoming Strong And Independent

908Question: What advice can a Kabbalist give to build a successful connection between parents and children?

Answer: It depends on the situation in which the child is being raised. He should not be in antagonism with his environment. A child should know that the family supports him as much as possible, gives him confidence, protection, and will always be behind him.

Then he will become a strong person. Surprisingly, exactly when he feels that a good family and love are behind him, he grows up to be brave.

This is a paradox that is especially noticeable in Israel: Here children are brought up very gently and later they are not afraid of anything, not in the army or during the war, which cannot be said about Arab children, who are brought up extremely harshly. This is how the psychology of the various layers of society manifests.

Give children maximum love and sensitivity and you will see that they become strong and independent.

Question: Wouldn’t this turn them into little egoistic bandits?

Answer: No, love and softness are not permissiveness. This does not mean that children do not have any framework. After all, you educate them, give them everything necessary for education, but at the same time you support them and they clearly know they have support behind them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/29/2018

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The Selfie Generation

laitman_549.02Remark: Our generation is called the “Selfie Generation.” People fall from bridges, rocks, get into accidents and want to capture these moments.

My Comment: In principle, a lot of people work for death. Death is a dear point in our existence when I leave after me something I wish will remain related to my name to feel some kind of eternal existence.

Question: What does this narcissism lead to?

Answer: This leads to understanding that all this has no importance, no value.

Question: What will happen when we come to this?

Answer: We will begin to understand that there is emptiness in the world! It will be very bad! Then we will begin to seek life’s real fulfillment: eternal, perfect, enduring, existing outside the framework we exist in today before death or after death.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 7/3/18

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Soccer 2018

Laitman_124Remark: Soccer is the religion of humanity. Boys run and chase the ball in Iran, in Israel, in France, in Turkey, and in Germany. There is some kind of unity around the football.

My Comment: People need it. Better soccer than war.

I am in favor of people playing instead of engaging in wars and quarrels. But we will have to add a different relationship to this, to make this game non-egoistic so that people will start to communicate because there is still too much competitive spirit in soccer.

It seems to me that if the players themselves, after mutual defeat or victory, organized a good festive dinner all together, in an embrace, this would be a good example to the world of how it should develop.

As they say, friendship won. I hope that somehow, someday, we will get to it, and then people will see that there is a basis for good in these games.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/26/18

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