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Who Will Have To Pay The Bills?

259.01Question: There is speculation that future generations will pay for the coronavirus. In addition to debt, we leave them two huge problems: looking after us when our pensions are left without funding and solving the problems of climate change, which we did not solve and passed on to them. On top of that, we have limited investments in their health and education. In short, the next generation will feel bad. We have robbed our children and grandchildren.

But in principle, I still keep thinking about my children and grandchildren. Why does a person suddenly become disconnected from this? They will live in some kind of environmentally dirty, broken world, with a supply of nuclear weapons, whatever you want. We do not even think about what kind of future we have arranged for them.

Answer: Nobody thinks that he leaves it to his descendants. Why should I think about it? This is natural for a person!

Question: To not think about future generations?

Answer: No. This is his real face, Homo Sapiens. “Knowing man”!

Question: Is this what intelligence is about, to think only of yourself?

Answer: Of course. To snatch for yourself as much as possible. I live while I am alive. That is it, nothing else! “After us the deluge.”

We can do nothing with our nature; it is higher than us. Nothing! There is no natural desire in us to do something with ourselves for the sake of our descendants. We know that we are putting them right under nuclear bombs, climate problems, whatever.

Question: How does one start a dialogue with nature so that it gives us a feeling of both guilt and responsibility that we must do something for future generations?

Answer: This can only be done through the realization of the evil of our nature and the way to get out of it; is there still a way out? But humanity is not suffering enough to seek this way out.

Question: But what is the solution?

Answer: Only dissemination of Kabbalah, which talks about how to correct human nature, reveals all the ignominy, all the improbability of this nature, its horror! It reveals the emptiness in a person, so that he realizes that he needs to fill it.

Question: What is this emptiness revealed in?

Answer: In hopelessness.

Question: Is there no future? Does my nature allow me no future?

Answer: It will not allow you anything. A man is the most terrible creature.

Question: Then why did the Creator create us in this way?

Answer: In order for us to realize our evil and correct it, to ask Him for correction. And then we will become participants in our new, spiritual development.

Question: If He simply did it without our request, then we would receive everything simply for free and would not appreciate it? And here we do have to appreciate it?

Answer: We should achieve it. And then we will feel that we received the opportunity to work with this new sensation, with these new forces.

People should know this. People should understand that they are faced with a very serious task to correct their own nature. We can do this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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Eye-To-Eye No Need For Words

294.2Comment: Humanity is divided into those who wear masks and those who do not. We are interested in those who wear masks.

Psychologists say that if a newborn child grows up and sees mother and father in masks all the time (i.e., the lower part of their faces are covered all the time, and the child hears sounds, does not see the lips, and sees only the eyes), then he may develop abilities that are still unknown to humanity.

My Response: Yes. He will have to make up for what he does not see in his mother and father. However, this is not normal because this is not in our nature. Our nature is when mother kisses, mother hugs, mother whispers, and the child grabs mother’s lips and mouth.

Question: Does something change in the mother and father when they cover part of their face and communicate with the child?

Answer: Of course. To be unable to touch the baby with your lips! Lips are everything. Lips are the most important part of the mother. This is the organ of communication where sounds and warmth come from.

Question: Are we now depriving the child of this warmth?

Answer: Of course. What can we do if we are such egoists, if we pass on the egoism gene to each other?

Question: But mother should not take off her mask yet?

Answer: Obviously. After all, a mother is in contact with many other people, and therefore can bring anything to her child.

Comment: Psychologists say that anxiety and fatigue in society is also caused by restriction in communication since masks cover most of the face and we do not see others smiling.

My Response: This is also true. But it serves you right, since you oppose each other so much. It is right that you see half a face that does not express anything.

It was a false smile, and therefore it disappeared. The coronavirus took it away. Now, if you want to see another person’s face, you have to see the correct face that matches their correct intention. If you do this, you will receive faces without masks.

Question: Will the smile come back when we begin smiling to each other internally?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Comment: Psychologists say that we were ready for word-of-mouth communication and not ready for eye-to-eye communication, not ready for this reality.

My Response: That’s right. It is because our mouths speak such nonsense, such lies! Look at all these politicians, at anyone at all. Better to be silent and close their mouths. And the eyes may be harder to hide. Eyes are connected to deeper layers of the soul.

Question: What is “eye-to-eye?” What can one hide here?

Answer: This is a deeper contact.

Question: What qualities will develop in us after wearing masks? What do you think?

Answer: We will become more sensitive to each other. We will start looking at each other more closely. We will start talking less. We will begin to give more importance to words, to actions, to the fact that we are allowed to be in contact with each other.

Question: Will our every word be thought over?

Answer: Yes!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/2/20

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New Life 1285 – How To Prevent Bullying Rather Than Cure It

New Life 1285 – How To Prevent Bullying Rather Than Cure It
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Children bully each other because humans are born with an evil inclination to harm, rule, dominate, and control others. Bullied children will not wish to speak about it due to fear that their parents will look down on them and they will get into more trouble with the bullies.

In order to prevent bullying, teachers should use theatre in the classroom to teach integral education. Students will learn that every person is included in everyone else and that they can be any character whether strong/weak, smart/dumb, big/small, bad/good, honest/a liar, and later on in the process, bully/bullied.

Everyone has to scrutinize, talk with one another, and relate to one another in their roles. They change roles regularly so that they learn that there are other states and they will become integrated in them all. They will come out of their shells, fears, and the roles that they feel locked into. They will learn to break down the walls that divide them by working together to achieve a common goal (in the theatre) and evoking a good attitude in others until they all feel as one.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1285 – How To Prevent Bullying Rather Than Cure It,” 10/23/20

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Education By Encouragement

962.2Question: How does the change in man’s heart occur? I understand that coercion cannot change our feelings, but I do not see that education changes our feelings.

Answer: The fact is that we do not have an example of such education. After all, today’s education is based on compulsion where you act with punishment and not with encouragement.

Education by encouragement means that you show a person how good circumstances lead to a good future, and how bad deeds lead to failure. When studying the science of Kabbalah, the surrounding upper light acts on us and awakens in us the future corrected states with its glow. This is not the case in any other method.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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The World Is Like A Petri Dish With Coronaviruses

627.2Coronavirus is a spiritual virus, not in the sense of some kind of mysticism, but because it reacts to the spirit that reigns between people. It enjoys and feeds on the hatred between us, and it develops and lives within it.

Therefore, it manifests itself and begins to gain strength fueled by our unkind relationships with each other. The more anger, rejection, and conflicts between us, the more comfortable the virus feels, multiplying in this nutritious environment.

Doctors and psychologists warn of the serious consequences of prolonged isolation of children at home. But in order for children to be able to return to school, their parents must change. Adults need to correct their bad behavior, their mutual alienation, and hatred. The egoism existing between us, the impurity, gives food to the virus, and provides it with a living environment.

Only mutual rapprochement can disinfect the place where the virus lives. The virus lives inside our hatred for each other. Obligatory distance separates us and does not allow us to get closer, and all this space is filled with hatred, claims, and discord. This is a favorable environment for the virus, it multiplies in it, as if in a nutritious solution, like in a Petri dish in a laboratory.

If you put our relationships in a Petri dish, you will see how intensively the coronaviruses will begin to multiply in it. Until we begin to change, we will suffer more and more and die. The Creator has no other method of influencing us, but for intensifying our problems, until we all agree to correct ourselves.

We need to think about what needs to be done so that all humanity, all nations, and all families can live peacefully and happy on Earth. Otherwise, we will simply come to the end of our existence. Time for thinking has already expired; we urgently need to start acting. First of all, we need to understand what changes are needed and what new world we must enter.

Nature leads us into a new state. We must realize what is happening and bring ourselves in line with it. Until we do this, nothing will change. How can we get children back to school and adults back to work if we do not fit into this new world? We will have to stay at home until we understand that we must behave in a new way.

So it is happening all over the world. First, one, then another country suddenly flares up, as if a fire has broken out, and again calms down. The reason is not the virus, but our attitude to each other.

We are entering a new stage in the development of humanity, the peculiarity of which is that it is not nature that obliges a person to live in a certain way, but people themselves determine through their relations in what nature we will exist. We have already passed all the geological periods, nature has finished developing, and it is the turn of man. We determine by our inner attitude in what world we will live.
From KabTV’s “Writer’s Meetings” 10/27/20

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Wish Others Well

962.2Question: There is a popular quote ascribed to Buddha found on the internet: “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

But a person remains a person, and he thinks about nonsense. How does one cleanse one’s mind from this?

Answer: This is possible only if I wish others well. I do not attempt to make myself and others good or bad. I try to think about goodness. That’s it! This takes constant training.

Question: People now become very sensitive, impatient, and easily take it out on others. Because of this, everyone suffers in families and in society. How do we handle excessive emotions?

Answer: Of course it would be good if more right-minded psychologists spoke on public channels. But a person, nonetheless, has to constantly train himself to think about everyone in a good way. And even if he is scolded, criticized, and angrily opposed, he must forgive people for this, and understand that our unhappy life makes them like that.

Question: What is a correct thinking psychologist? What is he or she supposed to be like?

Answer: This is a person who explains how to come to good. Without any inventions, without any theories, just be as kind to everyone as possible.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/27/20

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What Will Protect Our Children?

632.3Question: Today, children are not in any hurry to leave their parents’ home. They are not in a hurry to get married. Times are difficult, and there is no work. In Europe, this is often the case. You live with your parents, and they provide everything for you.

Is there such a rule about when a child should leave home?

Answer: I think that for males it is from the age of 13, 14 at the maximum. They should leave home, live in dormitories, and learn to live under serious supervision. Then they will be fine.

Question: What does it mean to learn to live? What does it mean to teach them to live from the age of 13 or 14?

Answer: It means to treat each other correctly, in mutual assistance! To treat life correctly, to know what we want from it.

Each should realize themselves in your their way! I must have a task in which I realize myself. It may not be the same as for my friends who are sitting next to me. Everyone has their own dream. This dream is in front of me, and I attain it. They help me realize it.

We are taught. We are taught science, we are taught to dance, we are taught how to flirt, and we are taught everything in the correct way. Everything that a person has is only in the correct form. Then we would see a different society.

Question: Why specifically dancing and flirting?

Answer: Because this is really the pinnacle of the relationship between the sexes, when I express my inner feelings in my movement. We do not teach expressing our feelings. Here we do it through motion. This is very difficult, deep philosophy. Ballet, stage play is all philosophy.

Question: Is there, in fact, as if some kind of conversation occurs when you dance with a partner?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Are you not disturbed by this closeness of the partners?

Answer: No. This is how they talk to each other. This is not intimacy, but the transfer of energy, sensations, tenderness of a different kind, not a physiological one.

Question: Do you mean that when there is this kind of education, people will not be violent?

Answer: They will not be violent, no way. They will respect women.

Question: Will there be a sense of the other, without words?

Answer: Yes. They will have a sense of support.

Question: It is a big deal. Perhaps we should indeed introduce dancing at schools?

Answer: Dancing is about support, when a man supports a woman and gives her the opportunity to express herself. In general, this is so. Look how it is in ballet or dancing in general. In dancing, this already been erased a little, but in general this is exactly so.

Remark: You know, there was an interview with the ballerina Plisetskaya shortly before her death. She was asked, “What is your biggest dream? What would you most like?” She said, “I want Shchedrin [her husband] to be healthy.”

Can you imagine? That is, there was already such a connection, and they both gave each other so much. Indeed, it was as if a dance was happening between them. She understood what a partner is.

My Comment: Ballet is a very deep philosophy expressed in movements. This is everything that a person can express. Contact of the hearts through the motions of the body.

Question: Is it desirable for a boy to leave home for an independent life at the age of 13 or 14?

Answer: A  life that we provide for him!

Question: Does it mean that he is under care?

Answer: All the time.

Question: Is he directed to connection with others, to the understanding of others?

Answer: Until his very last moment in life. Society continuously accompanies everyone! This is called “the absolute mutual guarantee.”

Question: Does society provide a guarantee for him?

Answer: Of course. And he undertakes to obey society.

Question: Then there will be no abandoned, lonely people that we see here and there?

Answer: There will be nothing like that! People will be aware to such an extent in what environment they exist! It will be a different world.

Question: What about a woman, a girl, when should she leave home?

Answer: What can be more secure, pleasant, safe, and confident for her than the feeling of such a society that thinks about who she will marry, how she will treat her children, home, family, her raising children, and so on? The whole society must think together with her.

It will be a common umbrella that will cover us and serve us all until the mutual guarantee covers us all with such a common blanket. All of humanity! Then we will become one single desire in which one great upper force is revealed. That’s all.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/31/20

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This Powerful Word—Father!

543.02Remark: Scientists have been studying the causes of high incidences of crime in the world for forty years. It turns out that it is not a matter of poverty or starvation. It was proved that criminals are mainly those who have no fathers.

Scientists write that without a father figure, children acquire the habit of not thinking about the well-being of other people. The transfer of family values from generation to generation is broken.

Answer: If a child does not have a father, it is, of course, a very serious detriment in their life, in their upbringing, in their perception of reality, in everything. A mother cannot replace a father.

Question: That is, he seemingly had everything: an elite school, a wonderful environment of children, but no father, and that did it! He can commit a crime, even the most terrible one.

What is it about the father figure from the Kabbalistic point of view?

Answer: This is how a child learns; he looks up to the father. This restricts him, shows him the way he should be, how he should think and act. He feels this father figure internally.

Question: Does the father exist in order to set an example for the child?

Answer: Any example, no matter what kind.

The fact that I have a father puts me on my feet, shows me the way. Even if it is wrong, I will be able to make adjustments, but at least, I have a point of reference.

Question: Does something disappear from me when the father leaves?

Answer: There is no foundation, only emptiness, no base. As if I have nothing to stand on.

Question: Does a child have this concept: father—mother?

Answer: Of course. A boy must have a father. It is of paramount importance. Otherwise, he has to make him up, create him in his thoughts and dreams, no matter how, but he has to be there.

Question: Can a stepfather replace him?

Answer: A good stepfather can. A good stepfather is someone who rekindles in a child the almost natural sense of connection with him as with a father.

Question: If we depict all of humanity like a child that does not feel the Creator, can we say that it exists without a father?

Answer: We have to revive in ourselves this need to feel our father, the Creator, strive toward Him, try to reveal Him, and make Him into a symbol of perfection for ourselves. It is Him we should follow and become similar to.

Question: Do we feel that He has left us?

Answer: No, He did not leave us. He is hiding on purpose so that we develop all the qualities within us that will make us similar to Him. To the extent of this similarity, He will reveal Himself. Take an example from this and see how a father should act toward his child.

Remark: So, we do have a father?

Answer: He exists and He is forcing us to look for Him, to find Him, and adhere to Him.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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In The New School Year

630.2Question: In the new school year, hundreds of millions of children went to school like in “battle” conditions: they have to sit with masks, separate from each other, not play with each other, and not get close to each other.

It is the same tragedy both for teachers who have to restrain the children and for the parents.

What would you wish for teachers?

Answer: To learn from children how it is incomprehensible to children that they cannot get close to each other, it is so incomprehensible to us how to relate to each other correctly. We do not have these properties, these sensations. How can I feel the other so that I can approach him correctly, so that by my correct approach I destroy this virus?

Question: What else would you wish for teachers?

Answer: To understand the nature of this virus, where it comes from, and accordingly, to educate children to have the right attitude toward each other, and the virus will disappear. Explain to children that we can fight this virus only by our good relations.

We do not lose anything by this! We win for sure! Let us try!

Teachers have always taught children to be good, to be close to each other, to interact with each other correctly. So, explain to them that the virus comes as a result of improper interaction, distancing,  and harming each other.

Let’s try to make the virus go away. Let’s eradicate it.

Question: What would you wish for parents?

Answer: In this case, I would like to wish parents to learn from their children.

Question: That is, children come from school and teach their parents?

Answer: At least they could tell their parents what is going on. First, in their relationship with each other. How the virus trains them to act this way. And then, as a result of this, perhaps we will indeed see good statistics.

Question: What else can you wish for parents?

Answer: To undergo the same education as the children. Everyone needs to be trained. Everybody is the same.

Question: That is, a parent should feel almost equal to the child?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What would you wish for children?

Answer: I do not know what can be asked of children at all. To listen to what their elders tell them, at least in this respect because otherwise, there will be still bigger problems, still bigger restrictions in their playing with each other, in visiting each other, in getting close to each other, and so on.

That is, let’s make it so that we stop thinking about what distance should we keep between each other, stop walking around with muzzles like vicious dogs, shying away from each other.

To do this, we just need to change our attitude toward each other and make it good. Let’s start getting used to it. It’s not that hard. Let’s set an example for each other. And we will see how it goes.

Question: Do you want this message to be heard in the classroom, in the teacher’s room, and at home?

Answer: And in the world.

The message is very simple: Everyone should be friendly to everyone like they are to themselves. After all, it is written: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Take an example from this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/31/20

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New Life 1284 – Family Connection Above Any Disagreement

New Life 1284 – Family Connection Above Any Disagreement
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

It is impossible to grow unless we embrace conflicts, ascend above our egos, make mutual concessions, and feel love for others. Love has to be more important to me than my own opinion and any competition between us. I concede my truth and do not demand the same from others; I only set a good example. It is impossible to demand love. If we touch delicate issues, it is only an opportunity for me to show the extent to which I am ready to pay for the connection. The outcome is that I feel a warm embrace, a sense of giving and closeness. If we do so, no disease will break out.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1284 – Family Connection Above Any Disagreement,” 10/16/20

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