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“What Is The Biggest Problem Of Our Current School System?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is the biggest problem of our current school system?

The current school system has no objective to develop people into human beings, in the complete sense of the term.

In Hebrew, the word for “human” (“Adam”) comes from the word for “similar” (“Domeh”), and a human is considered one who becomes “similar to the most high” (“Domeh le Elyon”). In other words, becoming a human means attaining a state of similarity to the altruistic force of nature, which is higher and opposite to our egoistic inborn nature.

By learning how to become human in the fullest sense of the term, we then learn how to navigate ourselves in order to first not harm others, and then reach exalted states of positive connection above our divisive drives.

Then, instead of following the dictates of our inborn egoistic nature, which leads to a smorgasbord of negative phenomena throughout society—from increasing depression, anxiety, loneliness and stress through to rises in violence, racism, divorce and suicide, to name a few—we learn how to rise above our egoistic drives, which wish to self-benefit at the expense of others and nature, and discover how to become truly happy. We become truly happy when we know how to positively connect to each other in society, when we live in a thriving atmosphere of increasing consideration, responsibility and solidarity, and when values of giving to others, supporting, encouraging and generally connecting positively to each other fills our lives.

Therefore, the biggest problem of the current school system is that it has no objective to raise children to the fullest realization of their inner potential, which would result in a society that blossoms with happiness, confidence, support and encouragement.

We are thus faced with the fact that we need to restructure our education and upbringing, which includes the schooling system as well as everything that influences us with certain values, behaviors and examples in society. If we succeed in changing the education and upbringing of even one generation to guide people in reaching their fullest potential, then we would bear witness to a monumental transition to a new harmonious and peaceful world.

Based on KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on August 24, 2009. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash.

What Changes The Scale Of Values?

565.01Comment: My purpose as a person is to reveal a completely different level of existence, not what I see today. I must exist in my animal body and serve it, but do it in order to achieve something higher.

Such education, in principle, changes one’s whole approach to life. That is, my life becomes only a means to achieve a higher goal.

My Response: This approach changes the entire scale of values. If I have a higher goal and I can achieve it today, now, immediately, then of course my attitude to life changes, I look at everything as a means to achieve this goal.

Now I measure what exists around me only according to it: should I deal with it or not, do I need it or not? If we treated our life this way, we would only take the minimum from it.

I take the most necessary things for myself and direct all my other resources, my strength, and aspirations only to achieve the goal because I can achieve eternity and perfection today.

At the same time, I do not have to die physically. I just need to develop an additional sensory organ in myself to bring myself into the revelation of the upper world, which Kabbalah gives.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Generation” 8/24/09

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Separate Education Or Who To Take The Cue From?

281.01Question: Is it necessary to bring up boys and girls separately?

Answer: The separation of boys and girls will not achieve anything. It will not lead to the correct result unless it is carried out in the system suggested by Kabbalah.

Artificial separation is like two camps, male and female, against each other. It will cause even greater misperceptions of reality and needs and not realizing them in both girls and boys. Perhaps what we have today is still better than such forcible separation.

Question: Recent studies have shown that co-education of boys and girls leads not only to changes in their behavior whereby a boy becomes sort of effeminate, and the woman takes the leading position, but also to a change on the chromosome level.

There is a complete leveling usually of male chromosomes. Scientists explain this by some external factors, but, nevertheless, they already understand that this factor exists. Training should still be separate. But you say that it just won’t help. Why doesn’t that solve the problem?

Answer: And what do you give them by doing that? You are simply moving them apart. That is, you do not allow the male part to mutually influence the female part, and the female part do the same to the male part. Boys no longer get an example in the form of a woman teacher, in the form of a nanny.

As a result, they get male examples. Of course, in the future this, perhaps, will make them more correctly realize themselves. But what are the examples? In what way should he be like a man and who is this man? The man is this collective image. What is it?

And the girls get the example of a woman, they rotate among their girlfriends, play their games together, and so on, that’s right. But who is this woman they are following? What is this image? What does she teach them by her example?

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to find such teachers who, in separate education, would give children the correct upbringing.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Lady Gaga Generation” 3/10/10

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To Give Someone Else Happiness

630.2Question: Please tell us how Kabbalah relates to adoption?

Answer: Adoption is a good thing, of course, because we are talking about orphans, about people who have no relatives. And when you make them feel that there is someone nearby who cares for them, who loves them, etc., then adoption turns into an action similar to the action of the Creator.

The same way as we would like to find something higher, stronger, and superior, something that would help, endorse, and support us adults. And for a child, there is such emptiness, hopelessness, there is such desperation when he has no one to turn to, no one around! We cannot even imagine it.

Therefore, adoption—if it is really good adoption–is the most giving action in our world. And above it, there are spiritual attainments, human sensations.

Question: Can an adopted child grow to be at the same level as the biological child?

Answer: Even higher.

Question: When can that happen?

Answer: When a person really wants to get close to him and adopt him. Because those qualities that are the opposite of kindness—the Creator, connection, unification, which we reveal in ourselves as negative, as falls, and so on—they are given to us so that we overcome them and on their basis build connection and love, which are impossible without prior hatred.

Love will cover all sufferings. Therefore, a person who adopts actually has a much greater opportunity to show his love for another than an ordinary biological relative.

Question: Because of it he can rise higher?

Answer: This is higher. We see how this is revealed to us in Kabbalah and in humanity today, to what extent we are opposite, distant, in some kind of hatred for each other, and so on. This is only to reveal the opposite of love.

Question: So this is where love is revealed, when you take a child? And do you adopt him out of pity for him or out of self-pity because you are alone, because you have no children of your own?

Answer: It is natural. Man acts from the state in which he is.

Question: Which intention is correct and works?

Answer: Giving happiness to another.

Comment: It is a winning answer really!

My Response: Yes. But do people understand it? At least, in any case, this is a very noble, special act. And all efforts of someone who performs such an act are really great.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/25/21

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Tools To Achieve The Goal

294.4Question: According to the Kabbalistic methodology, the new generation is being brought up with respect to a higher goal?

Answer: Yes, this is what we are doing. And we need all the other sciences in order to exist in this world.

We don’t have to live in caves and dig in the ground. We can make our life more comfortable. Why not if it is in a harmonious connection and helps to achieve the main goal?

We are on a train going somewhere. The main thing for me is where it goes. What I do inside the train car is all temporary. But there must be a comfortable environment that is convenient and good for a person in order to continue his generation and pass on the same methodology, the same goal, to children. But all these are just auxiliary tools for achieving the goal.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” 8/24/09

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The Problem Of Modern Schooling

552.03Comment: According to the current educational system, the teacher tells the children facts that are written in a textbook and all students should accept these facts as indisputable truths without expressing their opinions, without discussing anything about them, just accept them and that’s it.

My Response: The modern school has no goal to make a Man out of a person. “Man” in Hebrew is “Adam,” from the word “Domeh“—”similar to the Creator.” That is, schools do not have the goal of raising a child to a special level in his or her inner development, of giving the fullest and perfect realization of his or her inner potential, which is called a soul.

This is completely out of the question because no one knows anything about this level, not the students nor their teachers.
Here we are faced with the fact that we need to restructure the entire educational system and most importantly the system of upbringing.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” 8/24/09

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Generation Of Wealth

566.01Question: The current generation can be called the “Lady Gaga” generation. Of course this is a collective image, though many people know that there is in fact a shocking singer who is popular among the younger generation. The values ​​that Lady Gaga instills are fame, wealth, honor, freedom in this life, to be independent from anyone, and simply not to pay attention to others.

Why is it easier for parents today to place their children under the authority of such programming? They do not even notice what TV programs their child is watching, as long as they are not in the way.

Answer: Parents prefer to leave their children in the care of their environment, and what will be will be. This is our egoism. We do not want to engage with other people.

We don’t even feel our children as close as we should. A person has reached such a peak of egoistic development that he does not care; he sees that the child is sinking into bad actions and does nothing about it.

We know perfectly well what happens to children after 12 to 14 years of age. They start using drugs, participate in all kinds of “pajama parties,” arrange all kinds of orgies. But all this is around sex, which in general is natural, and around drugs, which have already become quite common.

As a result it is no longer considered something special. Here completely new relationships and new goals arise. After all, in order to stand out today, you have to be someone special in your animal manifestation.

And we cannot do anything; we have no one to turn to. In our evolutionary human development, we have lost the generation of parents.

Therefore parents are no longer parents. It is impossible to expect them to somehow be able to treat children correctly, to create the right environment around them, to demand that the state do this, since the head of state is occupied by people who have also been raised incorrectly.

Therefore our entire upbringing system is not concerned with upbringing, but only with education. A person goes to school in order to gain general knowledge. He is only assessed by his academic performance. True, they also give an assessment in discipline, but this is not taken into account by anyone.

The main thing emphasized is to succeed in the sciences, to provide for oneself in the future. But neither the schools, nor any other institution, not the house or what surrounds the child—the outside, television, the Internet—form a person out of him.

Unfortunately we cannot impose any demands on children or even on their parents because they are not in a position to do anything at all. We see this even from grandfathers and grandmothers, who, although they regret what is happening, are also rather passive. This lost state has been observed for at least fifty to sixty recent years.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” 8/24/09

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I Do Not Want To Be A Herd Animal!

962.6Comment: You claim that today’s misunderstanding between parents and children stems from the fact that children have more developed souls and their desires come from a more developed stage.

My Response: Of course. Today’s children demand answers to more serious questions than their parents posed. Their parents were satisfied with ordinary life and religion, but this is not enough for children. They are interested in the meaning of life.

They cannot simply follow society; they cannot appreciate society that tells them: “This is how it should be done, this is the framework, the social relations; this is how one should act; this is what is acceptable.” As the saying goes: “Die but keep up appearances.”

“But I do not want to exist for this! It does not give me any satisfaction. What should I do? Live only for the sake of being like others or not worse than them, to be guided by them, to take an example from them?! To be a herd animal?! I cannot!” So many people feel this way today.

As a result, the new generation suffers from problems of depression and drug use. Therefore, those who are unable to bend under the values of bourgeois society come to Kabbalah. A new desire pulls them precisely toward spiritual development.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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Internal Lynching

962.3Comment: You said that punishment is the impression from understanding that such an action should not be done, which means that the very action performed by a person should leave such an impression in him.

My Response: Simply put, a person should punish himself.

We must bring a person to a state where he evaluates his past action as a punishment from above, feeling that he was allowed to transgress some right action and do the wrong thing instead. He judges himself. This internal lynching causes in him such a state of bitterness, resentment, regret, and self-condemnation that this becomes an actual punishment for him.

He understands that he himself made a mistake. At the same time, it is necessary to help him come to the point that next time, despite future disturbances and impulses, he could no longer perform such an action. But this is possible only with the help of a special spiritual template, the upper light.

Kabbalah states very simply: “I created evil” says the Creator, that is, the Creator created our evil. “And I created the Torah,” that is, a special light to correct this evil.

We have no other weapon in our hands. If we really want to correct a person, then it’s done only with the help of the upper light, this special force of nature that created him.

And if we invent some restrictions ourselves, then they only harden a person toward nature, society, and even himself. He comes out of prison a big beast.

Therefore according to the Torah, in Israel in ancient times there was no punishment like prison. Instead, there were sanctuary cities. If a person inadvertently harmed someone and was being persecuted for it, he could run away to one of six such cities and stay there until all the circumstances were clarified or until the so-called jubilee year (shmita yuvel).

This is a certain year when a general amnesty is announced, all debts are forgiven, all leased lands are returned to the owners; that is, absolutely everything starts anew, from scratch.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Presumption of innocence” 4/27/10

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Shape A Man

013.01Question: The modern education system is arranged in such a way that up to thirty people study in one class, and the teacher sort of commands what to do. You say that such an arrangement is completely wrong.

Answer: Absolutely wrong. It does not give the student the right role model. The student is not a member of the group, he or she is not in contact with the teacher, and the teacher is not a friend to the student.

Children do not sit in a circle, but face the board. They are given such and such data, remember this, and that’s it. A predisposition to raise oneself, to formalize one’s relations with others, with the world, and with nature is not created in a person. And this is the most important thing.

We see why there is a crisis in science, because all this knowledge does not give us anything and certainly does not bring happiness. Even what we do with this knowledge only exacerbates our problems.

Therefore first of all, the formation of a person is necessary. For this there must be small groups of students with instructors, teachers, who are practically at the level of students, as their friends. And gradually, by giving examples and organizing the right relationships between students, teachers should develop them.

Kabbalah says a lot about this. This is how we educate our instructors who are already working with our children. We see the benefits of this. Moreover, this is clearly a tangible benefit when children do not leave their parents, do not run away from home, and do not participate in any “pajama” parties.

A completely different person is being formed. You do not close him, you do not make a prude, but rather direct him to the right goal.

Society must take care of this and rebuild itself. And it doesn’t matter who to start with because both parents and children and all generations are in this state.

Nowadays if you look at the whole society, at people of all ages, none of them understand why they exist, since they are in a state of mutual dependence and mutual influence on each other. All of them need to be taught the correct perception of reality.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” 8/24/09

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