The End of the Development of Egoistic Nature

115.06Today we are at the last stage of development when human society moves from an animal, egoistic society, which developed like all previous forms (still, vegetative, and animate), to the development of the next degree, I would even say, dimension, as it is opposed to all previous forms of nature.

The previous forms of nature began their development from the Big Bang. This is how the Solar System and everything on Earth appeared. And then, in exactly the same way, humanity evolved from monkeys. Moreover, man is no different from animals, except for even greater egoism. This develops him to the point that he is constantly improving technology, society, the environment, and his capabilities until his egoism begins to deteriorate, like at any previous stage.

For example, when egoism exhausted itself at the still stage, another stage began to appear, the vegetative one. This is the law of “negation of negation,” when the previous stage is no longer able to express itself further or be filled, and grows into another.

So plants evolved from still matter, animal organisms from plant matter, and so on. And now a person, developing as an animal organism, gradually comes to a state when he exhausts his egoism at the animal level and eventually discovers his incongruity: “And what next?”

This is a characteristic feature of our era when we ask: “What are we living for? There is no point in existing like animals. And if not like animals, then how else?”

In everything we have created, we find that technology is to our detriment, society is to our detriment, and we find no satisfaction in anything. That means, we have exhausted this stage. Practically, this is a very good state, the state of birth, the transition to the next degree.

But the next degree is radically different from the previous ones, it is no longer egoistic. Therefore, the entire multibillion-dollar process of the development of egoistic nature from the Big Bang to our state has ended. And now we are living in such a wonderful time, the birth of a new world.

This means the birth of a new person because the world does not exist outside of us, we perceive it within ourselves. Thus, if a person changes, he will suddenly discover that he exists in a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Future of Humanity” 7/17/11

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