Creation Of The World: How Do You Reconcile Genesis With The Big Bang?

munichA question I received: I am a school teacher, and we are now covering the topic, “The Creation of the World.” We have just finished discussing the first part of the Bible, “Genesis,” and we are now starting to talk about the Big Bang. How can I explain the apparent contradiction between the creation of the world 5600 years ago and the Big Bang which occurred billions of years ago?

My Answer: The Big Bang took place 14 billion years ago. It was caused by a spark of the Upper Light, which reached its lowest level and clothed into egoism. This spark contained all the matter and energy of our world, from which the whole universe later developed.

Then, about 4 billion years ago, our planet emerged from the condensation of particles. It cooled for billions of years until the atmosphere and life were generated. None of this was coincidental. All the actions and events are the realization of information contained in that initial spark of Light.

Next emerged the inanimate and vegetative levels of nature, followed by the animate level of nature and then the human being. Everything happened consecutively, just like explained by Darwin’s theory, except that the cause for the emergence of each species was the information that was initially implanted in the spark of Light. This spark initially contained all the information about our entire universe.

However, we can only observe the external emergence of one species from another, and we interpret this incorrectly, thinking that species evolved one from another, when in fact, it all happened due to the realization of informational genes (Reshimot).

As the Ari wrote in his book, The Tree of Life, a human being emerged from an ape hundreds of thousands years ago – (see Part 3 of Talmud Eser Sefirot). However, the first Man, meaning the first person who attained the Creator 5769 years ago, was Adam. His name comes from the word Edame, meaning “similar to the Creator.”

We celebrate this date as the New Year, and our chronology begins from it. This is because starting from that date, within 6000 years all the people have to attain the level of the Creator – the complete correction of their egoism.

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  1. Hello,

    Could you please explain in simple terms where do we come from?

    1. Is it from Adam and Eve when they became a couple, and they they had to live the garden of Eden for disobeying the Creator?

    2. Is it from the Ape?

    3. Is it from the stages we study: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking (us)?

    Before the Big Bang there were they humans who by opposing the Creator brought the Big Bang?

    I have tried to get info from the Forum without success and also from the Rav’s articles on the internet, and It is still not crystal clear.

    Why Adam has been called Adam Kadmon?

    I thank you for any help you could give me.



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