Is A New Wave Of Global Financial Turmoil Coming Our Way?

lastIn the News: (from China Daily):HKMA chief eyes second wave to financial downturn” Financial protectionism may be one of three signs of the second wave of the global financial turmoil. “The global economy is experiencing tremendous difficulties,” Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chief Executive Joseph Yam said. With a rise in financial protectionism, Yam said he worries that investors may refuse to buy financial instruments issued by other countries.

My Comment: This is an instinctive self-defense reaction, but it will not help anyone escape the crisis. In fact, it will only exacerbate the crisis because separation goes against the law of Nature, which states that all of humanity must unite into a single whole, like one family.

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What Will It Take To Make People Realize That We Need An Alternative Economic Model?

alternative-economic-modelA question I received: You explain that the reason for the financial crisis is people’s egoism, which acts in contrast to harmony with Nature. Bnei Baruch feels responsible to present the world with an alternative economic model, which is founded on altruism and harmony among all parts of the world’s society.

I am sure that there are economists, businessmen, and executives who could help us to build this social and economic model. We have to schedule meetings with such people.

My Answer: I agree with you completely. However, I have not been able to find people like this yet. There are only a few individuals who are specialists and agree with us on some issues. Evidently, it will take some more development of the current events and the suffering to make people more sensitive and ready for a new outlook on the world.

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Enjoy Your Love For Others


Three questions I received on love for others:

Question: One sometimes feels a sensation of connectivity, unity, and pleasure during the lessons, as if one’s spiritual issues are actually the spiritual issues of others in the Kli and that it’s these collective deficiencies you address. Is it advisable to relish this sensation, or should we strive to restrict it lest it become egoistic pleasure?

My Answer: You should enjoy your love for others! People can only grow out of positive emotions; after all, the purpose of creation is to delight the creatures!

Question: Last night I got a strong desire to do good to everyone without getting anything in return, and I am enjoying it. And today I woke up feeling my usual egoistic, melancholic self. Tell me please, what was it that I was feeling? Was it a higher stage that opened itself to me for a minute?

My Answer: You are studying Kabbalah and the Light is influencing you. The Light gave you this inner sensation to give you an example of what you should aspire to (this is called “awakening from Above” – Itaruta de Leela). Now you should continue in the same direction as that sensation (“awakening from below” – Itaruta de Letata), until you acquire these new qualities and sensations forever!

Question: When a person realizes the evil within him and changes to be an altruist, how can he live and survive among others who are egoists?

My Answer: By loving them! It’s because he will be corrected and his attitude toward everyone else will be equal to the Creator’s attitude.

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The Most Powerful Prayer Is The Group’s Desire For The Quality Of Bestowal

Mutual Guarantee in a Virtual GroupA question I received: What role does personal prayer have in Kabbalah, and does the Creator hear it? Can a prayer that has been articulated in one’s own words ascend upward? Can it also be directed toward corporeal things, like the desire to have a house or sound health?

My Answer: A prayer to the Creator can be about anything at all. However, it must come from the heart; spoken words don’t matter one bit.

Actually, everything we feel is already our prayer. However, if our desires or prayers aren’t aligned with the path leading to the goal of creation, which is similarity to the Creator, then they are “adjusted.” In other words, we receive “bad grades” (punishment) and this corrects us. However, this is the lengthy and difficult path toward the goal.

There is another, brief and pleasant path, when we direct our desires or prayers toward similarity with the Creator, the goal of creation. How do we do this? It is possible only by uniting with the group and thereby receiving the group’s desire to attain the quality of bestowal. We then end up with a desire or prayer called a “collective prayer” (Tfila be Tsibur).

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Anyone Can Study Kabbalah

anyoneA question I received: When I ask people for their opinion of you, some say that you are a fraud because the only people allowed to study Kabbalah are men who are Jewish, married, and over 40 years old. They say that anyone who teaches Kabbalah to women, youngsters, and non-Jews is a fraud, a layman, and an ignoramus. Please comment on this!

My Comment: My knowledge of Kabbalah can be tested, though I doubt there’s anyone qualified to do this. My daily lessons are an indication of the level of my teaching. In addition, everyone knows that I was Rabash’s student.

As for the prohibitions on teaching Kabbalah, such as teaching it to people under 40 years old, women, gentiles, and so on, see the commentaries of Kabbalists on this. And don’t worry about what people say about me; just follow my example. What they say comes from their current level. Give them time to grow up.

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“Ask The Kabbalist” On 02.26.2009

The TV show “Ask the Kabbalist” is broadcast live every Thursday at 9:00pm (Israel time), and translated from Hebrew into English, Spanish and Russian.

I invite everyone to ask their questions by calling 1-700-509-209 or through the site:


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The Entire Universe Is One Material (Or One Blanket, According To Dustin Hoffman)

menEverything in the world is just one material – the will to receive, to be filled with the Light of the Creator. This holds true for the Upper Worlds and our world. The difference between any object or phenomenon is only the degree of this desire. A small desire forms an object on the still level of matter, a greater desire – the vegetative level, a greater yet – the animate level, and the greatest desire forms a human being. All the desires are interconnected in one system. Through our senses, we don’t perceive the actual desires, but only their material shell. Kabbalah enables us to shift from the external level to the inner one, and thereby attain the forces that govern the entire universe.

How Are the Press and the Internet Faring During the Crisis?

pressIn the News: (from offers new help for French print media“ One of Sarkozy’s solutions to help the industry is a pilot program that will give teenagers celebrating their 18th birthday a free, yearlong subscription to any general news daily of their choice. “The habit of reading the press is learned very young,” Sarkozy said.

My Comment: The foundation of nature is desire. Our desires have changed, and they now demand communication. This is achieved best on the Internet, which is where today’s youth “hangs out.” Therefore, I don’t think Sarkozy’s initiative will help the print industry.

In the News: (translated from Utro):A Million Sites Have Vanished from the Internet” After 15 years of website growth, more than a million sites have been taken off the Internet since December 2008. The statistics indicate that there’s less activity on the Internet.

My Comment: The Internet is readjusting to the new world. It has to become a truly World Wide Web, connecting everyone in positive ways.

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