We Can’t Escape Nature’s Efficient Stimulus

how-do-you-avoid-becoming-relaxed-on-the-path1In the News (from The New York Times):In Downturn, Americans Flock to the Movies” Hollywood could get used to this recession thing. Attendance has jumped by nearly 16 percent. If that pace continues through the year, it would amount to the biggest box-office surge in at least two decades.

My Comment: This solution is nothing new: the government just provides bread and exciting shows for the homo sapiens, and forces the TV to broadcast non-stop shows made by the “dream-producing factories,” which are so in demand during these trying times. This will calm the masses down and lull them, until things really break out. After all, the crisis is necessary to take us to the next level of our development, and if we still refuse to develop, Nature has a more efficient stimulus in store for us.

Definition of “stimulus”: in ancient Rome, this meant a sharp rod, stake, or stick for pricking cattle. It is a powerful stimulating device, an inner or external factor that causes a reaction or an action.

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Hatred And Evil Are A Reflection Of Our Inner State

israel-is-all-the-people-who-aspire-toward-the-creatorTwo questions I received on hatred and evil:

Question: Are members of HAMAS also parts of my own inner Kli? If yes, then why are they fighting in me?

My Answer: A person is a desire that feels only what’s in it. The desire is complex, consisting of many parts, which depict one’s picture of this world. Since our desires are not corrected, we feel completely opposite to the Creator, instead of feeling Him the way He really is. This is why we feel wars and suffering.

All of a person’s enemies live inside him; they are a reflection of his inner state. Even if it appears that they exist outside of you, out there in the world, the fact is that the world is a reflection of your inner state, like a movie that’s showing you your desires.

Question: When I correct myself to the last degree and attain the Final Correction, will I stop seeing evil in the world?

My Answer: If there will be any people left in the world who haven’t yet corrected themselves, then you will still see evil in the world because those people are parts of your desire.

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How Should Children React To Violence?

a-reshimo-is-ones-complete-future-stateTwo questions I received on setting boundaries for children:

Question: When my son is bullied and hit by other kids in kindergarten, should he fight back? If I don’t let him, then the bullying will continue, plus he will lose self-confidence, become depressed, feel that injustice is being committed against him, and will hate the kids who abuse him. He will become dependent and learn to tattle-tale to his teacher and mother.

My Answer: Of course, the best thing, and the goal, is for the children to have friendly relationships with each other. But until that happens, he has to fight back! The two don’t contradict each other.

He has to fight back as an equal, but the kids should receive an explanation that it’s best to play nice. This explanation is the teacher’s job.

Question: You say that we shouldn’t punish children as if they were animals. On the other hand, I have heard you say that in certain cases it’s ok to give your kid a spank. What do you do in a situation when talking to my child, explaining things to him, doesn’t help? How firm should parents be? Where’s the boundary?

My Answer: That’s a very broad question! We have specialists on Kabbalistic education and you should write to them.

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What Do People Feel After Crossing The Machsom?

Using the Sixth Sense, One Perceives Like the CreatorTwo questions I received about crossing the Machsom:

Question: Does a person who crosses the Machsom and attains the Upper World know or feel exactly which of the 125 degrees he is on before he reaches the World of Infinity?

My Answer: He feels it relatively, the way a fifth-grader feels that he’s in fifth grade without yet understanding what it means to go through all 12 grades.

Question: Does a person who crosses the Machsom, but still doesn’t reach the Full Correction, feel growing pains and spiritual suffering? Or does he stop feeling pain and suffering after the Machsom?

My Answer: Yes, he feels these things!

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness

mans-relationship-with-the-creator-is-like-a-dramatic-love-storyIn the News (from Gallup International Association):Voice of the People 2008” Gallup International’s Voice of the PeopleTM Survey, conducted in 56 countries, found that two thirds (62%) of global citizens say they take life as it comes, while one third (33%) tends to worry a lot. Africa is the region where the largest number of interviewees claimed to take life as it comes: three quarters of people declared so (75%). It is interesting to note that more than half of the surveyed population in Africa (53%) declared that they are very happy, a proportion that is significantly higher than in other regions.

My Comment: What do you say to that, Europe!?

In the News: (from Bloomberg):Brown, Berlusconi Say Confidence Key to Economy” U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said restoring confidence and stringent financial regulations will help the world rebound from recession.

My Comment: That is absolutely correct. But how? Do they have the method of correction?

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The Science Of Kabbalah Is Closer To You Than Ever

man1New branches of the “Campus Kabbalah” are opening up in many cities around the world. The Campus Kabbalah studies provide broad, comprehensive, sequenced, and systematic knowledge about the science of Kabbalah. The lessons are taught by experienced instructors of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute.

In Israel, new courses for on-site learning are opening up in various locations. For more information call: 054-685-0703 You can also visit the registration site for the new 10-week course just starting in Raanana.

We invite you to join us!

In All Situations, Strive Only For The Light

is-correction-possible-without-a-man2Two questions I received on how to deal with emotional states:

Question: If a person is in a difficult state, should he delve deeper into it and try to realize the whole depth of the emotional pain, or is better to pay less attention to this state and to delve more into the studies and dissemination? I am trying to act according to the second approach, but isn’t this considered an escape from the pain and from learning about yourself?

My Answer: You should strive only for the Light, for a good state, thoughts, and desires. Leave the bad states behind you as quickly as possible. There is no sense in suffering and “eating yourself up.” Whoever engages in self-criticism is unhappy with himself and suffers. This is a waste of your time and it puts you in opposition to the Creator. The Creator feels everything you feel in your heart!

Question: At the Congress I felt like someone who’s falling in love and wished with all my heart for this feeling to stay with me forever. This was my first Congress and the first time I met Bnei Baruch members in person, though I studied virtually for three years before that. After such a high ascent, I expect that the descent will be very big. How can I go through it correctly?

My Answer: You should devote all your effort and free time to disseminating Kabbalah in the world. This will connect you with many people, and you will be elevated to the degree you’ll make efforts.

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