Leaders Are Realizing What Can Help Us Out Of The Financial Collapse

the-present-crisis-is-a-crisis-of-peoples-trust-in-the-egoistic-system-of-relationshipsIn the News (from The Bundespraesident):“Berlin Address by Federal President Horst Köhler 24 March 2009” The crisis is now teaching us that destruction lies at the core of freedom that knows no constraints. But the market must have rules and a sense of ethics. That is why it is precisely the crisis that confirms the value of the social market economy. It is more than an economic system. It is a system of values.

My Comment: All the leaders and economists are speaking about a new social regulator – the connection between people, even though they still don’t quite realize what the necessary changes are. Still, what’s important is that the trend has begun; everything else is a matter of time.

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We Must Rise To A Higher Level Of Consciousness To Solve Our Problems

psychiatry-and-kabbalah1We have revealed an illness, but it still isn’t quite clear what the treatment for it is, so we keep searching. Until we find the treatment, we will continue to feel ill – to experience a crisis. Yet the treatment is gradually being revealed. We know that if humanity reveals a problem or illness, then people will spend decades or even centuries looking for the remedy. In the Middle Ages, the epidemics that broke out in Europe were so great that they killed half the population. But eventually, people found the remedies.

Suffering pushes humanity to look for and find the remedy. It makes people more refined, sensitive, searching, and understanding. One’s desire opens the doors to Nature, and then one finds what he is looking for. There is an answer to everything.

It is the same in our case. As a result of suffering, we will find the remedy to the crisis. This is difficult because the problem is happening in one’s inner world, one’s desire and psyche, and this is something we don’t know how to treat. Lately we see that all the misfortunes happening to humanity are taking place on the psychological level – whether  it is divorce, drugs, depression, the relationships between parents and children, the crisis in upbringing, the crisis in science, the crisis in a person’s attitude to the world, or our neglect toward nature. All of this occurs on the level of psychology.

We are quite weak when it comes to overcoming our psychological problems, since a problem can only be solved when one is situated above it. One can then examine it from above and understand it. One’s mind is then able to grasp the problem from all possible angles, and the problem is “grasped” by the consciousness, so to speak.  A person studies it, performs an analysis and a synthesis.

However, psychological problems occur on the same level that we are on – the human level. This is why we have a difficult time solving them. If we wish to solve these problems, we will have to rise to a higher level. And we can find out how to do this instinctively as well as consciously, if only we will desire to rise above ourselves. Otherwise, as it says in “The Scroll of Esther,” “That generation will be convicted to death.” Certainly, we won’t agree to this, and therefore we will be forced to solve this problem.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

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Gordon Brown Is Like A Doctor With No Means To Treat The Illness

outlawsA question I received: Gordon Brown recently gave a speech before the United States Congress where he spoke for forty minutes about the need for a global world and a global economy. He said the new economy should be built by the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself.” What else should he have said from the tribune?

My Answer: He should have said that he has teachers: the Bnei Baruch group, which can teach all of humanity how to implement this. What does he have besides beautiful words? He has the money and the influence to carry out practical actions, but he lacks content. He only senses the problem, but has no way of dealing with it.

Does he have anything practical to recommend? No. He is like a doctor who’s good at diagnosing the disease. He does an x-ray, blood and urine tests, examines you, and gives you a long list of illnesses that you have. You ask, “Doctor, so what should I do now?” And the doctor replies, “God will help.”

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Should We Be Afraid Of What The Financial Crisis May Bring?

memories-of-past-lives-are-just-fantasies-of-this-lifeA question I received: Many people are fearful of the crisis. Could we soon be facing wars, conflicts, and violence?

My Answer: This is a possibility in every country. We see different manifestations of this, various disturbances and troubles in different places. People who don’t have a place to live or food on their table are unable to control themselves – after all, they have nothing to lose. They are capable of doing anything, and when these people unite and fuel one another, they cause a national outbreak.

What can we do about it? This isn’t an enemy  we can fight with weapons. Just imagine: you may have thousands of women and children marching down the street, and there is no police force that will be able to stop them.

The situation in America probably isn’t this bad yet. Americans have always been guarded individuals: when individuals have things – everything is good, when they don’t – things aren’t good. But no one complains. They still have money, goods, and food to hand out to the poor and the unemployed.

But soon they will run out of these reserves. People are already asking: where have Obama’s thousands of billions of dollars gone? People don’t feel like the money was well spent.

In Japan the government gave every citizen around $100 so people would revive the market by spending the money. But people immediately hid the money, thinking that they’ll need it later. Nobody went out to shop, as people were afraid to spend money on anything but food.

You see, we don’t have the levers to control the world. Today the government is no longer in control of anything. In the past it was able to regulate these processes through the economy, but today this mechanism no longer works.

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It Is Not The Torah Scroll That Matters, But Our Correction

there-is-no-time-in-the-torah1A question I received: What is your opinion on preparing the Torah scroll in order to bring it into the Temple?

My Answer: It is necessary to prepare the people to serve at the Temple so they will attain the quality of the Creator. Hence, the Torah scroll isn’t the most important thing. It’s because the Torah has been given to us for our correction, as written, “I created egoism and the Torah for its correction.”

The Torah scroll will not be beneficial if man isn’t corrected. So it’s best if you put your effort into the correction of people.

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The Creator And Nature Are The Same

laitman_2008-11-14_7050Two questions I received on what the Creator actually created:

Question: I have heard you say, “The Creator and Nature are the same.” How can this be?  What did the Creator create, if not Nature, meaning, the world, the universe, and everything that’s in it?

My Answer: All of this is the Creator. The only thing that was created is your own self.

Question: Did the Creator create us with the intention to receive rather than to bestow so that we would have our own desire and then ask Him to change it to the intention to bestow, so we would reach equivalence of form with Him? But won’t the development of this new desire, which will emerge from nothing, out of the creation itself, lead to a recognition of being separate from the Creator?

My Answer: The correction is brought about precisely by the recognition of evil and of one’s separation from the Creator by virtue of egoism.

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