Gordon Brown Is Like A Doctor With No Means To Treat The Illness

outlawsA question I received: Gordon Brown recently gave a speech before the United States Congress where he spoke for forty minutes about the need for a global world and a global economy. He said the new economy should be built by the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself.” What else should he have said from the tribune?

My Answer: He should have said that he has teachers: the Bnei Baruch group, which can teach all of humanity how to implement this. What does he have besides beautiful words? He has the money and the influence to carry out practical actions, but he lacks content. He only senses the problem, but has no way of dealing with it.

Does he have anything practical to recommend? No. He is like a doctor who’s good at diagnosing the disease. He does an x-ray, blood and urine tests, examines you, and gives you a long list of illnesses that you have. You ask, “Doctor, so what should I do now?” And the doctor replies, “God will help.”

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