Should We Be Afraid Of What The Financial Crisis May Bring?

memories-of-past-lives-are-just-fantasies-of-this-lifeA question I received: Many people are fearful of the crisis. Could we soon be facing wars, conflicts, and violence?

My Answer: This is a possibility in every country. We see different manifestations of this, various disturbances and troubles in different places. People who don’t have a place to live or food on their table are unable to control themselves – after all, they have nothing to lose. They are capable of doing anything, and when these people unite and fuel one another, they cause a national outbreak.

What can we do about it? This isn’t an enemy  we can fight with weapons. Just imagine: you may have thousands of women and children marching down the street, and there is no police force that will be able to stop them.

The situation in America probably isn’t this bad yet. Americans have always been guarded individuals: when individuals have things – everything is good, when they don’t – things aren’t good. But no one complains. They still have money, goods, and food to hand out to the poor and the unemployed.

But soon they will run out of these reserves. People are already asking: where have Obama’s thousands of billions of dollars gone? People don’t feel like the money was well spent.

In Japan the government gave every citizen around $100 so people would revive the market by spending the money. But people immediately hid the money, thinking that they’ll need it later. Nobody went out to shop, as people were afraid to spend money on anything but food.

You see, we don’t have the levers to control the world. Today the government is no longer in control of anything. In the past it was able to regulate these processes through the economy, but today this mechanism no longer works.

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