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Depression—A Result Of An Internal Request

546.02We all know that education is a big problem. I see how children are brought up in schools. Therefore, children’s depression will not go away! We just need to answer the children’s request.

Depression is a consequence of their inner request. Moreover, this is a huge social problem because it manifests itself in more than one child. We observe this in absolutely all children from different countries of the world.

There is such a thing as depression in animals, especially in pets that live near their owners. I am sure that both wild animals and plants have it.

That is, depression is a feeling of lack of the force of life, which is beginning to be felt in our world. It depends on the person because he must rise to another level so that through him the spiritual upper force, the force of life, passes into our world. And then the problem with the environment, with our health, with social relations, with everything, will disappear.

We lack vitality. We see that everything is exhausted, aging, disappearing, and losing its value, meaning.

We try our best to inspire ourselves with all sorts of fashions, aspirations, to keep each other playing with the help of technology. But if you look at the truth, we need a completely different level of existence, some other level, an understanding of what we are for, where we are going. This is the challenge all of humanity is facing, especially now.

And children in this case should play a very important useful role. After all, we will not get rid of them, this is our problem, and this is our pain. We can deal with ourselves somehow, and when a child feels bad, there’s nothing you can do about it.

So when I look at my children and especially my grandchildren, I start to feel these requests. They exist literally in the baby. It shows that even at such a young age, he is internally missing something in his life. It’s hard to explain. I just see it with my inner vision, from the depth of the nature that I have discovered for myself, but it exists. We’re not getting away from this.
From KabTV’s “Close-up”

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Why Does Childhood Depression Occur?

543.02Comment: In the last 15 to 20 years childhood depression has become very common. Doctors do not know what to do about it. They cannot find the reason. There can be some reasonable explanations for adult depression.

My Response: It is not just that. We can restrain adult depression. You can force a person to be lower, more limited. But we need to develop our children.

A person who is depressed is given sedatives, tranquilizers, even some drugs just to “put him to sleep.” How can we do this to children? By doing this, we detach them from their natural growth. The manifestation of depression in children is opposite to the tendency that they must develop, overcome, and grow. We encounter a phenomenon here that we cannot conquer.

Question: The fact is that patients are five to six years old children. Why is a six-year-old child depressed and finds that nothing pleases him?

Answer: The question of the meaning of life! Many great Kabbalists wrote about this and in particular Rav Kook and Baal HaSulam.

As long as I can remember, as a child, I had this question. Not explicitly, but it was: “Why? What for? What is all this about?” This question did not allow me to live, did not allow me to rejoice. It was necessary to find an excuse to have fun: to go on a spree, to get carried away with something in order to escape this question. And it was all during childhood.

But let us assume that the soul has no age. Then it will be easier for us. Let’s not look at the young generation as being children.

A soul is a soul. We received it from our past incarnation in which we lived to our old age. And today, in our brand-new young body lives an old soul that has lived on this earth for many generations and has been through a lot.

The fact is that you evaluate a child by its small body, but you should look at its soul. It is already old, wise, and understands that all this is pointless. It has already lived for so long that you cannot confuse it. What will you do with it?

So through depression it gives you its external emptiness and lack of fulfillment. So what if it manifests itself in a small child? And if it was in its thirties, in its forties, is it different?

Depression does not come from life. Absolutely not! We see that there is a lot of depression and suicides among people who have everything in life.

Comment: Usually they say about such people: “They get mad from fat” [unsatisfied from prosperity.]

Answer: No, not from fat. A person simply needs to know what he lives for. And when he has everything and his daily bread is not in question, he really does not see what to live for.

As long as you are forced to take care of your body, you have no opportunity to free yourself for other matters. And as soon as you provide it with everything you need, the question of the meaning of life immediately arises.

This question also appears in children. Why not? I don’t see much difference. The fact that it occurs in children suggests that, after many reincarnations in this world, our souls have come to a state where they actually need the answer to: “Why do we exist?”

Question: You want to say that we incorrectly approach a person from the very beginning by focusing on him as the biological body?

Answer: Of course! After all, this is not a person at all but his animal body. An animal! And how does it differ from other animals?

But its inner part, our “I,” has nothing to do with this body. It goes through many different improvements, dipping into the body, coming out of it, accompanying it. As a result, these metamorphoses lead it to such a development, when—that’s it! We already live in a generation in which we must necessarily answer the question: “What for?”
From KabTV’s “Close-up”

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Perfection Of The World Is Perfection Of A Person

947The perfection of the world depends on the inner perfection of a person, that is, on the connection of people with each other. In the beginning, connection takes place in the tens that are consciously working on their correction, but eventually the entire world should join them.

We are talking about a general complete connection because to the extent of this connection above all the disturbances we come to a general correction, and only under this condition can we expect a good life for everyone.

To reach the final correction, we need to attract the reforming light to the entire world. That is why it is so important to disseminate Kabbalah. And dissemination is not just the publication of materials in the mass media, but influencing the world with a special light from above, which we want to bring through our Kli, through all the tens, in order to awaken the desire for spiritual advancement, for connection, for the attainment of the upper world, in the rest of people.

It does not matter what a person feels and what he does, but in the end, all the inhabitants of this world without exception will have to at least to some extent engage in general corrections, and thus correct their souls.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/21, “The Importance of Dissemination”

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Thank You All For The Feedback

631.1I am grateful to all those who criticize my articles for their responses. If my words hurt them, then we already have a connection. Although this connection is negative and we don’t understand each other yet, I recognize that everyone can have their own opinion. Let’s just find out the truth.

It is not important to win an argument by proving who is right and who is wrong. We want to find out what the truth really is, not from the point of view of everyone, but from the side of nature.

The truth is not something that seems right to a person because of his upbringing, one’s established worldview. It doesn’t matter what we think but where we exist and what might happen here. After all, we are in a dangerous situation in a country, in the world, on the whole globe, that is covered by a global pandemic.

Today all problems are common all around the globe. So let’s find out what they are rather than figuring out who is more right and who is less in terms of their subjective perceptions and past baggage.

Let’s go on, and instead of quarreling and recriminating, let’s stick to a simple reasonable principle, as neutral as possible without personal interference, but as scientists who value facts.

There are different opinions on the left and on the right, but if we keep a neutral, middle line, then this is the path leading to the truth. Let us be based only on the facts that occur in nature, not on what is presented to everyone, according to their mood, education, and so on.

Let’s rise above all human differences and look at the situation from above. And then we will probably see what we are facing, open up a new vision, and understand what new states we should strive for. The main thing is to reveal the truth.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/20, “Bereshit

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My Thoughts On Twitter 10/11/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Troubled by #depression, problems?
This is the pleasure of bestowal and love
“knocking” on my door,
but I’m not ready to let it in,
to turn it into pleasure.
From Twitter, 10/11/20

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The Era Of The Last Generation

The state of the last generation is a shift to a new form of social organization, where we gradually learn how to work correctly with our ego and come to sensing an integral connection between us.

Today, we are in a transition phase that lets us realize the corruptness of our attitudes toward our social and natural environments and start rebuilding ourselves to fit the whole, complete, and caring structure of nature.

Therefore, the main value of tomorrow is our ability to mutually support and take care of each other.

“A Spark Of Light When Life No Longer Makes Sense” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Spark of Light When Life No Longer Makes Sense

Stress, fear, loneliness and economic hardship are exacerbated by Covid-19. How will those feelings increase the risk for higher suicide rates is still a subject of study, but mental health organizations already see signs of a potential increase of the so-called “deaths of despair,” including drug overdose and suicide. Society cannot bury its head in the sand any longer. It needs to prepare for what lies ahead and organize the conditions to support those in need through care, warmth, and mutual responsibility.

Boundless satisfaction cannot be achieved by any one of us alone. It can be achieved only through a good connection with others, and this creates the necessary “field” where the eternal source of fulfillment can be revealed.

After six months of the pandemic, we thought the virus’ behavior and impact had already been sorted out. However, the global plague keeps surprising the scientific community with new mutations, and new symptoms and side effects. Until a cure is discovered, uncertainty will continue to reign and more difficult times can be expected.

As many as 75,000 more Americans could be added to the death toll of the pandemic, not due to natural causes but because they decided to end their own lives, according to an analysis by a national public health group. Suicide rates in the United States have risen by 35 percent overall since the year 2000, according to official data. Historically, economic distress — particularly deep recessions like the one experienced in 2008 — have almost doubled the number of people who cut their lives short out of hopelessness. We have entered a new stage in humanity, a new era in which we must be connected to each other through positive reciprocal bonds, where everyone in society acts toward others like a loving mother embracing her dear child.

Suicide is the worst decision a person can take. A desperate person reaches this most extreme resolution in order to escape the pain. In the minds of those who commit such extreme acts, life becomes a burden worth getting rid of, an ordeal without satisfaction. By doing so, they disregard the pain they inflict on their family and friends and manifest complete unwillingness to accept the conditions granted by life.

They seemingly run out of strength to demand what they consider they are entitled to have in life, whatever it is. Instead of involving others to help work on finding solutions together, the suicidal person retreats into his own self-absorbed thoughts and whirlwind of emotions.

While suicide appears to be the most personal of decisions, we carry a collective responsibility as a society for failing to create the necessary conditions for people to live healthy and happy lives. Such conditions would prevent people from reaching the ultimate state of despair, anguish and pain that takes them to the point where they feel life no longer makes sense.

We must create mechanisms of mutual responsibility to guarantee that each person’s most basic needs are met in order to be sure that each person has the essentials necessary for dignified existence.

The Light after the Darkness

One should always be aware that whatever torments arise, they are given for our personal advancement, for the purpose of correcting our egoistic nature of self-gratification above any other consideration. Such low states of depression awaken the deepest point hidden within each of us, a spark aimed at a higher level of existence where the dark void is filled.

As foremost Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) writes, “In every person, even in the secular, there is an unknown spark that demands unification with God. When it sometimes awakens, it awakens one to know God, or deny God, which is one and the same. If someone generates the satisfaction of this desire in that person, he will agree to everything.” (The Solution)

Boundless satisfaction cannot be achieved by any one of us alone. It can be achieved only through a good connection with others, and this creates the necessary “field” where the eternal source of fulfillment can be revealed.

What is the right approach to helping someone in despair? We should not overwhelm them with exaggerated sympathy or patronize them. We simply need to express care, listen, be next to them, show them that they are not alone and they can count on their friends and family.

We need to share with someone in despair the thought that there is light after the darkness. In the same way, every gloomy state is the preparation for a better reality, the perception of a new, positive state, since there is no filling without a lack. That new state of feeling that we are understood, protected, and embraced is waiting and will give us renewed passion for life and expand our horizons toward a meaningful life filled with meaning and purpose, joy and abundance.

“The Surprising Way To Come Out Of A Bad Mood” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Surprising Way to Come Out of a Bad Mood

Many people want to show their pain when they are suffering or in a bad mood, as in, “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” But if you project negative emotions and burden others with your pain because it makes it easier on you, this is simply super selfish. What you should do instead, is put a smile on your face and act as if everything’s fine. If you do that, you will find that you really have come out of your down, since when you put on an act, you become what you’re acting.

For example, think of a mother with her baby. Even under the worst circumstances, she will try to look cheerful for her child. And at the moment she does this, she is emotionally with her child and she really is happy. If she has big problems she will probably fall back down later, but at least for that moment, she came out of herself and felt good precisely because she tried to make someone else feel good.

The only cause of suffering is our ego. Once we rise above it, we do not suffer. My teacher, RABASH, used to laugh at himself when he felt down; he was laughing at his own ego. And once he did that, he was no longer down.

What Can Be Done About Seasonal Depression?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/11/19

Winter depression sets in right around the time that the holiday blues begin as well. It’s time for us to understand what is going on with our souls. This is the key to fixing all the problems in our life.

How Balanced Relations Between Genders Solves Depression: Women’s Depression And The Meaning Of Life (KabNet)

KabNet published my new article: “How Balanced Relations between Genders Solves Depression: Women’s Depression and the Meaning of Life

Depression is a global epidemic. Currently, over 300 million people around the world suffer from depression, and women are diagnosed nearly twice as much as men.

Why is there such a striking gender gap in the numbers of depressed people in the world?

Dissatisfaction in women compared to men has a deep spiritual root. It is embedded in the feminine nature.

Is There Anything That Could Completely Fulfill a Woman?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is.

Spiritual attainment.

Spirituality is attained when the woman—the female force—uses her deep desire to propel the man—the male force —to reach a higher purpose in life. The complementarity of the opposite male and female forces enables their mutual attainment of harmony and fulfillment.

The female ability to elevate the world to a higher state stands at humanity’s foundation. Just as the old adage says, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Nature is designed such that the female ability determines how to correctly adjust and direct the world, i.e., how to find the appropriate cooperation between male and female forces so that both function together supportively and harmoniously.

Women’s sense of longing is evidently far greater than men’s. A man can be more easily satisfied by earthly fulfillments, for instance, by engaging in some activity together with his friends.

A woman desires more depth. She wants warmth and love. She longs for more sympathy and support. Her way of fulfilling herself is a lot more complicated than how men fulfill themselves.

Everything begins and ends with a woman. She feels herself as the center of reality, the queen of the world. Her sense of uniqueness is a natural feeling that she rightfully embodies.

“When we attract this force, it performs what is called a “correction” upon our self-centered, egoistic desires, which naturally oppose the tendency to unite, the needed “click” for us all to merge as one and experience a higher level of reality.”

Why It Is Nearly Impossible for Women to Truly Bond

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is nearly impossible for women to truly bond. Their yearning for a greater sense of wholeness can only emerge when opposite forces support one another in a delicate balance.

Therefore, male and female forces need very precise fine-tuning so that an intermediary force emerges between them: the force of love, bestowal, and connection. The study of Kabbalah deals primarily with how to attract this force in order to unite people, and discover an eternal and whole reality in such connection. When we attract this force, it performs what is called a “correction” upon our self-centered, egoistic desires, which naturally oppose the tendency to unite, the needed “click” for us all to merge as one and experience a higher level of reality.

It is written that “man and woman, the Divine presence is between them.” The correct combination and functionality of male and female forces is that:

1. the female force balances the male force by activating the male force toward connection, and

2. the male force balances the female force by providing it with strength, understanding and support for the female to rise above its nature.

This is the mutual complementarity that allows male and female forces to function harmoniously.

What Force Is the First to Activate the Other: The Male or the Female?

It is the female. The need and request for unification always emerges from the female. The desire for a connection in the depth of the desire, the soul, is at the basis of every woman’s dissatisfaction and depression.

Even though men think they make progress and breakthroughs due to their own abilities, in fact, all of the male’s activities are for the female, i.e., in order to become significant in their eyes. It is the way we are naturally built.

Thanks to the differences between genders, over which they need to connect into a single whole, perfection becomes possible. There is nothing in each of them alone that the other doesn’t complement, since in spirituality, their wholeness can only exist in mutual complementarity according to the principle, “love will cover all transgressions.”

In other words, instead of fighting our differences and focusing on the differences between men and women, we need to find our common ground of support and understanding where we can together discover a much greater fulfillment and purpose in life—the revelation of how nature functions in more unified levels—and start resembling our relationships to nature’s own form of complete unification.

The sensation of attaining perfect unity will cure depression, as we will work directly with the key that unlocks our negative sensations, opening them to a fulfillment of a completely new kind: balance with nature’s unified form.