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Baal HaSulam’s Innovation

209Baal HaSulam wrote the “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” in the language of Partzufim and Sefirot. Before him, practically no one had described Kabbalah in such volume.

By this, he shows us how our desires and the connection between desires and light develop. These are sensuous states, which he tried to explain in mathematical language.

One needs to understand the material very deeply and feel it in order to be able to depict it in such a physical and mathematical language.

Question: It is interesting that scientists do not study the works of Baal HaSulam at all. The Torah has been studied inside and out for thousands of years but not his works. Is it because this is something new? After all, he wrote his articles only 100 years ago.

Answer: The Ari began to use the language of Kabbalah even earlier in the 16th century.

Question: But in the Ari’s work this is very veiled, and not as open as in the case of Baal HaSulam. Do you think the time will come when people will be exploring this or will it stay like that?

Answer: I think that people will be exploring this from being alive, since we are in the transition from the concealed world to the world of revelation. Therefore people will feel like it is actually happening.
From KabTV’s “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” 8/13/23

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The Greatest Souls

Hierarchy of Souls

962.3Question: Did Baal HaSulam feel dependent on his students?

Answer: Baal HaSulam is the greatest soul who absorbed all the previous Kabbalah and explained it for us. This is a special purpose of a special soul.

We can’t look up to him, but not because we don’t have to burst forward, but because we and he are different types of souls. We have to improve, and he has given us a method of correction and is working with us even now.

Twenty generations of Kabbalists from Adam to Abraham, generations from Abraham to Rabbi Shimon, from Rabbi Shimon to the Ari, and from the Ari to Baal HaSulam and Rabash work together with us and bring light to us.

And we are already receiving it and trying to implement it for our correction. We are completely different souls.

Question: Does this not mean that their souls are better and the current ones are worse?

Answer: There are no better and worse souls in any way and in nothing. There is simply a purpose based on the structure of the common soul.

There are souls who rise first. They are called forefathers, fathers, and teachers, and end with Rabash.

From our generation onward, there are souls who realize what we have received from them. Of course, we still continue to develop this technique on ourselves and give out a lot of various sources and styles of information. But in the end, this is the realization of what the previous Kabbalists gave us.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Role of the Kabbalist” 3/6/11

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A Revolutionary of His Time

962.3Comment: If we compare you and Baal HaSulam, he was not as public as you are and he did not disseminate to such a large number of people.

My Response: I am sure that if he could, he would have done everything. In 1940, Baal HaSulam published the newspaper The Nation. Can you imagine what it meant to publish a Kabbalistic, Zionist newspaper at that time?!

And the book The Giving of the Torah in which he addresses ordinary people! A Kabbalist comes out of his corner and addresses ordinary people! He was a true revolutionary!

Who am I compared to him? Now everything is open, do what you want. It is a completely different century!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Who controls Laitman?” 12/27/12

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The Greatest Souls

961.2Question: Baal HaSulam descended from the high level of understanding at which he was in order to explain the Kabbalistic methodology in simpler words. How did it happen with him?

Answer: I do not know. It is as if you jump from a chair to the floor, and someone jumps from the stratosphere. This is a completely different technique I have not yet attained at all.

I study Baal HaSulam at my own level, not at the one he is at. His level is unknown to me. I know only what he wrote about himself. If he had not written, I would have said about him: “Yes, he is at a high degree, but I do not know where.” After all, any upper degree feels like infinity relative to the lower one. You cannot measure it in any way with your instruments; therefore, it is infinite, without end, and without boundaries.

Question: Did Rabash tell you about his father?

Answer: No. Both Rabash and Baal HaSulam are unattainable to us. These are the greatest souls! The fact that we are connected with them and receive directly from them is, of course, a great fortune. For this, we must constantly be in a state of gratitude and awe!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Most Significant Kabbalist of All Times” 12/17/12

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Baal HaSulam’s Amazing Revelation

226Of all the great Kabbalists of the past, Baal HaSulam is the most universal. He presented Kabbalah in a scientific style, in a language that links both the ancient language, the ancient biblical approach, and the scientific, psychological, Kabbalistic approach. He interconnects it all. He made an amazing revelation!

I can’t stop admiring how he turned everything around, took it, and opened up everything! Before him, everyone was beating around the bush and did not know how to convey the methodology as if they were tasting it. But he opened it up!

Of course, he can be compared with other great Kabbalists, but in the sense of revealing Kabbalah, he certainly made an amazing step forward!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Most Significant Kabbalist of All Times” 12/17/12

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Angel—Mechanical Executor

568.01Question: Did Baal HaSulam have a special soul? In principle, he was like an angel.

Answer: No, he is not an angel. An angel is someone who is given something to do, and he does it without putting any effort of his own, like, say, a horse, cow or dog, like any person on the street. They obey the calls of nature that are aroused in them, its signals, and they fulfill them.

And here the man worked on himself and made great efforts! Therefore, it cannot be said that he is an angel. He is a “Man.” And an angel is a very small degree.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Most Significant Kabbalist of All Time” 11/17/12

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Due to the Influence of the Light

214Question: How does it come to you that you can talk to the world?

Answer: It appears from within due to the influence of the light. I feel how it acts, enters, reveals, arranges qualities, connects them together, links all internal causes and effects, and forms such a model in you, and then you can talk.

I do it in every lesson with small steps. I cannot come to class and say old things. Never! I always go at least a millimeter forward.

Question: Do you think Baal HaSulam also kind of descended from certain heights?

Answer: I do not descend from the heights. Baal HaSulam was at the level of the Creator! At the full level, i.e., in the full scope of the entire universe—lower and higher, including everything within himself.

Question: In principle, did he attain the entire path?

Answer: Absolutely! Not only the entire path but more than that—the 10th Millennium!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Most Significant Kabbalist of All Times” 12/17/12

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Jerusalem: Under the Influence of Two Forces

4Question: When people living in Israel come to Jerusalem, does the upper light influence them there?

Answer: Of course, I feel it very much. Baal HaSulam also wrote that he was proud that he was able to choose Jerusalem as the place where he lived and taught Kabbalah.

He emphasized that no Kabbalist before him since the ruining of the Jerusalem temple, when the pure, altruistic force disappeared and an impure, egoistic force appeared instead, could establish his own school there.

Today Jerusalem represents the lowest, most egoistic force in the world. But at the same time there is also a positive, altruistic force. Both of them, as if from above, are in a constant battle over this city.

Therefore, Baal HaSulam was proud that he was able to create his own Midrasah (Beit Midrash) and school there. None of the previous Kabbalists could do this since Rabbi Shimon, who was forced to leave Jerusalem. The greatest Kabbalist of the 16th century, The Ari, did not succeed either. None of the great Kabbalists could do this except Baal HaSulam. At the same time, he pointed out that this place is still very egoistic, anti-spiritual, and it is felt through people.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Jerusalem Syndrome” 4/7/12

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Influence of the Great Kabbalists

219.01Question: Did a big transformation take place in the world when Baal HaSulam died?

Answer: Yes, the world took a sharp turn in its development; it has greatly accelerated. I must say that after the death of Baal HaSulam in 1955, it was a period of the Second World War ending and rapid development beginning; the youth, the Beatles, etc., all this went forward.

The next stage took place at the beginning of the 90s: the collapse of the Soviet Union and many changes in the world. All this was preparation for the recognition of spiritual descent and the need for spiritual ascent.

Question: Why did one person influence the entire world so much?

Answer: It is not just one person. It is not a person at all. Why do you think that the world is individual people? These are not people, but a special egoistic mass that needs to be worked on.

A Kabbalist is also not an individual person; he is like a probe, a tube, that descends into our egoistic world and transfers special spiritual energy into it. Thanks to it, the world goes to its originally intended goal in the best way.

When a Kabbalist dies, all kinds of shifts for the worse take place in the world. The world is already on the path of not good, evil development, but it is development nevertheless. This is what happened abruptly, from 1955 onward. It is mutational development, a predatory plunder of nature, the American dream, and so on.

Then, from 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the common market, in general, absolutely everything. To this day, it goes on and on.

But in our time there is an opportunity to soften the path and accelerate the correction of humanity; otherwise, it will catch up with us from behind and hit us with “sticks.”
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How Does a Kabbalist Die?” 11/16/13

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Milestones in Changing the World

917.01Question: Who before Baal HaSulam changed the world so much that it brought certain changes?

Answer: Baal Shem Tov, and before him, the Ari, and even before that Rabbi Shimon and his disciples (the authors of The Book of Zohar), before them, Moses; before Moses, Abraham, and before Abraham, Adam HaRishon.

Comment: But there were quite long periods of time between them. And now, as it turns out—Baal HaSulam…

My Response: Baal HaSulam and Rabash are practically the same. It is a bundle. Because Baal HaSulam passed this methodology only to him, and it as if did not develop further. When I brought students to Rabash and we started studying together, then he opened it up and developed it. And now, we are in essence continuing what Rabash gave us.

Question: All in all, did it matter that Rabash was the son of Baal HaSulam?

Answer: In this case, it does not mean a physical son but a spiritual one.

Question: Let’s say, the Ari lived during the Renaissance when the world concretely changed its perception. What were the additional changes in history according to the lives and deaths of great Kabbalists?

Answer: Then there were small changes, but it does not matter because all other changes were already directed toward spiritual correction. After all, you cannot exactly impose one axis upon another like spiritual development of humanity and some of its historical milestones.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How does a Kabbalist die?” 11/16/13

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