Hierarchy of Souls

962.3Question: Did Baal HaSulam feel dependent on his students?

Answer: Baal HaSulam is the greatest soul who absorbed all the previous Kabbalah and explained it for us. This is a special purpose of a special soul.

We can’t look up to him, but not because we don’t have to burst forward, but because we and he are different types of souls. We have to improve, and he has given us a method of correction and is working with us even now.

Twenty generations of Kabbalists from Adam to Abraham, generations from Abraham to Rabbi Shimon, from Rabbi Shimon to the Ari, and from the Ari to Baal HaSulam and Rabash work together with us and bring light to us.

And we are already receiving it and trying to implement it for our correction. We are completely different souls.

Question: Does this not mean that their souls are better and the current ones are worse?

Answer: There are no better and worse souls in any way and in nothing. There is simply a purpose based on the structure of the common soul.

There are souls who rise first. They are called forefathers, fathers, and teachers, and end with Rabash.

From our generation onward, there are souls who realize what we have received from them. Of course, we still continue to develop this technique on ourselves and give out a lot of various sources and styles of information. But in the end, this is the realization of what the previous Kabbalists gave us.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Role of the Kabbalist” 3/6/11

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