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How Do We Break Out of Prison?

222In the News (SciTechDaily): “University of Chicago data and social scientists have developed a new algorithm that forecasts crime by learning patterns in time and geographic locations from public data on violent and property crimes. It has demonstrated success at predicting future crimes one week in advance with approximately 90% accuracy. 

“‘We created a digital twin of urban environments. If you feed it data from happened in the past, it will tell you what’s going to happen in future. It’s not magical, there are limitations, but we validated it and it works really well,’ Chattopadhyay said. ‘Now you can use this as a simulation tool to see what happens if crime goes up in one area of the city, or there is increased enforcement in another area. If you apply all these different variables, you can see how the systems evolves in response.’”

Question: What do you think about this algorithm?

Answer: It is very good!

Comment: It scans everything and says: “Here there will be a theft and here there will be murder.”

Answer: Yes, according to some data.

Question: You talk all the time about the development of egoism and how it developed historically within time. Knowing this, can we foresee the future of mankind?

Answer: I hope that egoism will not develop the same way. But if this continues, it will develop even more, exponentially, and we will not try to limit it in any way, or correct it, and so on, then, of course, there would be a world war.

Question: So you are saying that our egoism is a criminal and its actions are more or less comprehensible?

Answer: That is absolutely correct.

Question: Does it work for a complete breakdown of the system so that everything is directed at me?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And it only leads to one?

Answer: And if everyone is like you?

Comment: If someone is like me, maybe we will be afraid to get close to each other? We’ll build fences since we understand our nature.

Answer: That has happened already, and then you fail anyway.

Question: So the ending with this criminal is inevitable?

Answer: It is inevitable.

Question: So what is the task? To understand that egoism is a criminal?

Answer: Of course. Everyone is a criminal! All are egoists.

Question: In principle, if this crime gene develops in us, which is embedded in everyone, then basically there is no future?

Answer: Yes, nothing. But the future of the world is known, and it is revealed gradually. That is, we are taught.

It is like we are in a performance that shows us the development of humanity with its egoism on the one hand, and with the methodology of development of coming closer to the right state on the other hand. And at the junction, in some correlation of these two forces on the one hand, and the development of egoism, the need to unite, to connect egoists, on the other hand, that is where we will be shown how all this will happen.

Comment: In this teaching, it is amazing that it does not handcuff the criminal; it somehow works with him in a different way. It does not put him in prison.

My Response: We are already in jail, and we are all criminals.

Question: It comes from the fact that we are already in prison. And the task is not to be put in prison, but to get out of prison. The reverse problem is how to get the criminal out of prison. Right?

Answer: The task is to show the criminal that he is in prison, so that he would want to get out of it, would understand how to do it, and would free himself and everyone else.

Question: Is this what Kabbalah deals with?

Answer: Yes. Until our time, only a few could escape from this dungeon. But in our time, it is no longer like that; it should already be the way out for everyone, for the masses.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/4/22

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Erasing the Past

276.03Question: All states come from the Creator. But knowing this, how do we avoid falling into indifference due to this lack of strength. Let’s say I understand that what I’ve done in the past comes from the Creator, then why would I torture myself?

Answer: Yes, you are torturing yourself. Like in the Ilf and Petrov book The Twelve Chairs: you steal and blush. But what should you do? Not steal and not blush, but forget everything that happened before today.

If starting from today you will clearly observe the aspiration forward, you will not be pulled back into nostalgia, and you will not eat yourself up for the useless years you have lived.

Comment: But in this way you can fall into indifference.

My Response: No. It is the striving forward that will help you not look back at everything mean and vile with which you filled your life before you began to study the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Erasing the Past” 1/22/11

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Adopting Others’ Desires

549.01 If a person lived only on his own, realized himself, and nothing more, meaning, if our egoism did not try to imitate others and invent new tasks for itself that are completely alien to it, then we would be happy and things would be simple for us. The whole problem lies in realizing others’ desires, which I adopt from them with the help of envy and the desire for fame and power, and these desires become my own.

This is our progress forward! By the fact that I want what others want (suddenly I want it too), I  develop. But these desires are given to me so that I can feel others and connect with them, satisfy their desires and enjoy it, and not adopt their desires to myself and try to fill them. In this I never enjoy and will never find fulfillment.

When we adopt others’ desires and start trying to fulfill them inside of us as “I want!” is when we start digging ourselves into the ground.

If I did the opposite, fulfilled these desires not in myself, but in others, in the form that they have, in their place, then I would be infinitely happy! I would connect to everyone. This is why the qualities of envy, jealousy, respect, honor, and all others were given to me, so I would feel the qualities of others and would fulfill those desires inside of them. Do you see how simple it all is?

But we do the opposite. This “opposite,” meaning adopting others’ qualities (envy, jealousy) inside of us, “What do others have? And what about me? Why not?” This is a real expression of egoism. It turns us around in the opposite direction from the goal of creation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Use Other People?” 12/22/12

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A Higher Mind

610.2Question: How is it possible to replace one’s mind with the mind of the Creator if I don’t even know what kind of mind He has and what it is?

Answer: When you start acting according to the Kabbalistic methodology, you will see that you are slowly beginning to understand Him, and everything is normal.

Question: But how does it happen practically?

Answer: You acquire the highest mind, the mind of the highest degree.

Suppose I am currently at my level. According to it, in this world, in my condition, I understand everything, perceive, know. In general, I am oriented.

I am told:

  • You must block yourself. You must now start working with a higher degree.
  • How?
  • Everything that seems black, harmful, vague, and incomprehensible to you; everything that is against your egoism, against your knowledge, practically everything that is in you now, you must downgrade, do not pay attention, try to merge with the group.

Relative to you, the group represents a higher element. The more you can do it, the higher you will rise.

That is, you have to accept the reason, the decision, the greatness of the group, all the attitudes and values that the group, the Creator, and the books offer you. Only in this way will you be able to advance and acquire a higher mind.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Higher Intelligence” 1/2/11

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Israel and the Nations

749.01Question: What is the principle of mixing the nations of the world and Israel? What is the purpose of this process?

Answer: On the animal level, the mixing of nations does not matter at all: who mixes with whom, what kind of children they give birth to: black, white, or red.

It only matters to rise to the degree of “Israel” – “Yashar El,” “straight to the Creator,” meaning to the degree of equivalence to the Creator so that those who call themselves Israelites, Jews and non-Jews, will rise to this degree, and the whole of Ancient Babylon will come to its correction.

Question: But what is this quality “the mixing of the nations of the world”?

Answer: This is not an external, but an internal mixing, when a point in the heart begins to arise in each of us, called “Israel” – “Yashar El.” The aspiration to the Creator, to attain the Creator is called “Israel.”

This point originated in ancient Babylon in the several thousand people who left Babylon and formed their own nation although they were in no way connected with each other except for a spiritual purpose.

It is the same thing today. Gradually all nations, each in their own time, in their own situations, will begin to feel the need for spiritual ascent. And that point in the heart, which is called “Israel” – “straight to the Creator,” regardless of today’s Israel, will awaken in everyone and force them to start a spiritual path, because that is how our development is programmed. We will all reach this state.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Israel And the Nations” 2/7/11

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Friendly Relations

938.07Question: What relationship should there be between friends in a Kabbalistic group?

Answer: Relationships between friends in a group are very complicated. Everyone should give others full confidence that he or she loves them, cares about them, and that a friend in his arms is like a baby in its mother’s arms.

By giving such a feeling, it is as if I impose the feeling of the upper state on him, when he can think about others and not about himself. You disarm him, neutralize his ego, and he will inevitably think about others. He will not be able to think about himself because you have neutralized him. You gave him the feeling that you would provide him with everything he would ever need. Then he can go to the spiritual world.

Can you imagine how dependent we are on each other? This is a mutual guarantee. It is not that I think about it, feel it, and measure it, but my friends, with their thoughts and concerns about me, put me in such a state.

I cannot do anything, I involuntarily move into bestowing and into exiting myself because I have nothing to do inside myself. Just nothing! They took it all away from me and it is as if I said: “Do not worry about yourself; this is all on us.” Then I have no choice, I start thinking externally: How can I through them do the same with the Creator?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Motherly Care” 12/31/12

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New Life 200 – How To Fall In Love Every Day Anew

New Life 200 – How To Fall In Love Every Day Anew
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

In order to develop a mutually loving relationship, we need to feel what is missing for our spouse and try to fulfill that desire. We provide each other with opportunities to love in the same way that a mother loves her baby. In order to receive love, we must give love. We should provide workshops in which people can learn about true love by expanding their ability to feel and their understanding of where feelings come from and the purpose they serve. For example, we need to learn that when emotional coolness enters our relationship, it is only an invitation to fall in love again, more deeply, above our egos, through conscious effort and commitment. By following the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself,” we learn to hold onto each other through every cold wind and live in an eternal paradise.
From KabTV’s “New Life 200 – How To Fall In Love Every Day Anew,” 6/23/13
This summary was written and edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

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“Can soldiers be against their wars?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, on Quora: Can soldiers be against their wars?

In 1914, during World War I, an amazing event happened. At a time when half a million people were killed near the Belgian city of Ypres, on December 24, before Christmas, suddenly soldiers began to decorate the German trenches with garlands and various lights. Later, they moved onto neutral territory. Both the French and the British also came out to the neutral territory from the enemy trenches, making a gathering of about 100,000 people. They had been killing each other up until that point, but on that day, they got together and connected: they exchanged souvenirs, sang songs, traded buttons, tobacco, wine and sweets, and played football with cans. In 2014, a football monument was built to commemorate the event.

It was an incredible spectacle. Those who fought to the death and hated each other suddenly started bonding. Naturally, the generals were instantly alarmed. Under threat of death, the soldiers were forced back into the trenches, and war continued. It lasted four years and 20 million people got killed.

A key question that arises from this example is indeed, could it be possible to stop war from the level of the soldiers themselves? We see that the soldiers could end the war if they wanted to, but since they follow their generals’ commands, then it would require the generals to also wish to stop the war, which in turn requires each successive higher level, which makes it impossible.

However, the example is etched in history: People who were killing each other in cold blood, with bayonets, fighting hand-to-hand, where everyone was faced with so much blood and it was not just distant firing of guns and missiles. They literally faced their enemies, felt hatred for them, and in a single moment, it all shifted to a state of bonding.

It shows that even the strongest hatred can be inverted in a moment. A fight could continue for a long time, and then all of a sudden, poof—the hatred dissipates. The reason behind the hatred suddenly disappears.

It is no miracle. It is simply how a program that runs our desires plays out. There is no point in our hatred, nor in our love. We can see similar examples of people who were once seemingly in love, and all of a sudden, they stop loving each other. That love that held them together instantly disappears. It is common to hear divorcees say about their partners, “What did I ever love in them?”

The fact that our emotions can suddenly shift from one moment to the next shows us that any unity we establish should be based not on our feelings, but on an idea. That is, if we circulated an idea of the need to unite in order to reach a complete merging among each other as the most desirable state we could possibly achieve, then we would have a strong basis for uniting.

The foundation of this idea is in a higher root, that humanity was originally created as a single unified consciousness that underwent a process of shattering and dispersion until we found ourselves in a reality where we perceive ourselves separated from each other. While we are in this state of separation, we undergo a certain development until we reach a point where we start waking up to our unified state once again. That is, at a certain point, we start feeling that we are opposite to our most desirable state, that we have suffered enough in our divisiveness, and we develop a new desire to undergo a major shift back to complete unification.

Based on the video “How to Stop War” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.