The One Who Ruined Everything Will Fix Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand that we shouldn’t regret the past, but what should I do if I now find myself in a difficult situation because of mistakes that I made in the past? Does it mean that I don’t have to correct anything but hope for the Creator’s help instead?

Answer: Of course it is the Creator who has ruined everything and of course He is the one who will fix everything. You only have to ask, to thank Him for the fact that you see the corruptions He has caused, and to be thankful that you are asking Him to correct it now. After all, it says: “Everything is in the hands of the Creator, except for the fear of the Creator,” except for the fact that I see that I pin everything on Him. If He hasn’t corrected your state yet, it is a sign that you haven’t asked Him to do so or that your requests were incorrect; check them!

You are not a master of your past or future. You are in charge only of the present, the current moment—to the extent that you can choose between the path of Torah and the path of suffering, to ask the Creator to perform the correction on you—that is specifically on you!

You have to ask for such correction so as to cling to the upper governance with all your mind and heart, with all your being, with your entire consciousness, so as to not disappear in the current of life, but rather be in agreement with everything that happens and accept it in all your mind and heart, with all that you are.

But this doesn’t mean that you should simply sit and wait for the Light to do all the work. You have to perform many important actions in order to reach such serious thoughts, using all the means that you are given in this world. You will have to build this world, change society, make revolutions, manage in life, raise children, work, and worry about other people by bringing them closer to the Creator— a lot of different things.

Besides, you have to inspire the friends in the group to make sure that they have the best conditions for their study, development, and connection. You have to perform many actions, both physical and mental. But it is all in order to tie all the future moments to those of the past and the current ones with the only force acting in creation. This is our job, which is called the work of the Creator. He does everything and you justify everything that He does in all the vessels of your soul, in all your inner feelings.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/13, The Zohar

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