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Clarification In A Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the best exercise to conduct for building  integral education for married couples? How much can a person invest himself in this training and talk about his condition, or is it better that he should act in the framework of a rigid program? Let’s say that, for fifteen minutes, we enter into the desired state, after that, we do exercises for twenty minutes, or is it possible to vary this according to the desires of the person?

Answer: No, I would not make it possible for people to disperse. However, if you want them to speak a little about something personal, then it is possible to do this, but only in particular frameworks. In principle, we are interested in their experiencing all this within.

The long expressions of a person’s feelings don’t interest us, especially the full, long stories. One can speak beautifully and another cannot say more than two sentences, even though he has experienced no less than the others. Therefore, I would not do this. We need the people to reach a state of shared clarification on the question in that they complete each other with their answers and even without understanding the question.

First, the people in a circle must clarify the topic. Suppose that we ask them some question, and they begin to repeat it, each in his own style, and you see how this question transforms into something completely new and different.

People will understand this. They will feel and receive the same question in ten different forms. After that, we repeat the same question, and they begin to discuss it.

I always insist that the discussions to be very relevant. Even though they will begin two or three minutes later, the first respondent can digest the question and think about the answer. Give him two minutes before responding since the others will have time to think, and he doesn’t. However, this should be a short summary of the feelings, not of the thoughts, but of the feelings.

After everyone has completed each other, we can ask them to reach some kind of common opinion because in the first round, each one expresses his understanding of the question and, after that, the entire understanding of the answer, and now it is necessary to formulate one unique question and give one unique answer to it. Can we do this or not?

Question: Do you recommend doing this with every question?

Answer: No, we give this to them as an example. However, in principle, we simply ask a question, and it doesn’t even matter what people answer. The main thing is that it will be worked out.

However, we construct our next question on every previous question, and if people find the right answer for it, then they are already proceeding correctly.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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The Power Of The Vessel Is In Its Cracks

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the friends support one another if they are in a state of descent?

Answer: The friends can support one another only through the Creator. We are not connected. From the moment the shattered desire to receive was revealed, we no longer have been in direct connection with each other. But the Creator enters the void between us.

Only He connects us. We will never be connected in the same way again, being adhered like drops of water that are incorporated into one drop. The Creator enters the void between us as the force of mutual bestowal and the force of receiving is also present there, the Klipa. So the intensity of the connection between us grows 620 times stronger than it was before.

After all, because both the force of the Klipa, the desire to receive, and the force of the Light have to work together so that we will connect and reach the same unity that was in Adam HaRishon (first man), when he was one soul, one vessel, without any inner cracks. Now we have to glue our pieces together. Each of them grew 620 times by its ego, but we still have to glue them together. This means that a soul, a vessel, of a totally new intensity is created.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/13, The Zohar

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Roundtable At Stanford University

In the News: “On Friday, Oct. 18, the 2013 Stanford Roundtable, “Are You Happy Now?” convened five experts to discuss what happiness is and why many Americans are unhappy. The panelists also discussed simple, synergistic strategies that people can employ to promote long-lasting, meaningful happiness. …

“In a recent study that ranked 50 countries by overall happiness, the United States slotted in at 23rd. This finding might seem incongruous with the American dream: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“But that rhetoric – the constant pursuit of happiness – might be what’s holding the United States back.

“Katie Couric, journalist and host of the daytime talk show Katie, moderated the discussion.” Source: Stanford News

The Roundtable In California

Around 4600 people participated in the roundtable physically and around 700 virtually via the Internet.

The discussion showed that, in fact, no one knows what happiness is. People are not clear how to achieve it. Depression is increasing on a global scale and with the onset at younger ages, but no one knows what to do with it.

The Bnei Baruch San Francisco group participated in the roundtable.

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The Circle Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the wisdom of Kabbalah, the concept of “love” is common and very important. Since the days of Abraham, who wrote The Book of Creation, love accompanied the teaching that was given as the Torah to Moses. Secretly, it accompanied the following eras of the prophets and the scriptures, was reflected in The Book of Zohar, and came the entire way. Later, the concept migrated to Hassidism from Kabbalah even before it began to be revealed to the world as science.

However, it is still unclear to us because it is completely related to bestowal or rather, to mutual inclusion, to unity. In this way, the receiving desire annuls itself, obtains the ability to feel the desire of the other, and then it can work in a new way: fulfilling the desires of the other.

To make the friend’s desire my own, I need to be cleansed, that is, to transfer part of my desire to the state of Hafetz Hesed (HH) and subject everything else to self-annulment, the first restriction (Tzimzum Aleph – TA). In this case, I really include the friend’s desire into myself and can correct him. To do this, I raise our collective desire and request such a force that will allow me to satisfy his needs.

In this situation, I am called the “first-born who takes twice.” After all, I have a double request (x2). I request the force of fulfillment, sufficient to fulfill him as well.

It is possible to imagine this scheme differently in the form of three steps. Being in the middle, I go down (1), adopt the friend’s desires (2), raise his and my desires (1 + 2) upward (3), and get a response (4), the force produces a Zivug, and I give the friend what is necessary (5).

This is the “revolution” that we are realizing today: We address a wide audience, assimilate people’s desires, raise them in the center of the group, and from there to the upper upper one, and then we get a response which we use for bestowal.

The Circle Of Love
So, these actions of mutual inclusion in each other are called “love.”

How does it differ from the state of Hafetz Hesed? In this state, I do not “interfere” with the other;  let him remain the way he is. I don’t make the slightest movement toward him. Like a gentlemen, I just follow the principle, “Do not do to others what is hated by you.”

On the other hand, love means that I want to give him fulfillment. By being included into him, I want to benefit him. With all my heart, I want to bestow to him so he will feel good.

The Circle Of Love

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Connection As A Means Of Salvation

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn light of the growing global crisis, our main goal is to provide the world with the method of integral education. The Light that Reforms will take care of everything else and will direct the development so that people will not need anything else from us:”Just teach us on this path so  we will be able to fulfill the connection between ourselves.” Our momentum will continue to live in them, to”talk” to them, and they will find the means to fulfill  themselves, by feeling the general connection.

The whole world is approaching a new phase where nations are no longer able to provide for their citizens. Even if they wanted to, the governments will not be able to. Bankruptcies will be widespread, and budgets will have no money left for “social excesses.”

If we don’t change the economic trend and move from the current economy to a new economy, there will only be a gradual decline and a chain of collapses.

On the whole, everyone already agrees with this and sees that there is no turning back. Not one sector in society, in the nation, will be able to receive more from the state. On the contrary, the “pie” will only get smaller and smaller. Today even developed countries are coming to the conclusion that they need to raise taxes.

Ultimately in the face of impending recession there is only one solution:an integral system formed by the people, by the people. There is no other way.

Things will work out so that people will be ready internally for integral education, and they will create the derivatives themselves. The Light will provide them with a different mind and feeling from a different level where one system operates. Then they will lack nothing; on the contrary,  and they will feel prosperity and comfort; they will be satisfied with an ordinary standard of living and will enjoy it so much their happiness will soar to new heights.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13, Writings of Rabash

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The Family Of The New Era

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is a family in terms of the method of integral education and upbringing?

Answer: A family is a union of two people who have a common goal that is outside of each of them. The couple builds this state between them by desiring to rise to it, and then they really unite in it, in one integral whole.

A family is a common unit built on a mutual inclusion in each other. A typical union, the union of two people at the household level cannot be called a family if they are not connected, do not dissolve into each other, do not become one integral whole, creating an average, a third component, the family. For example, on a physiological level, the family is a father, a mother, and a child. The child is the creation from both of them. So a family is both spouses and the third part that they build together.

Question: If this family does not have a child, the third component yet, then are they still a family?

Answer: We are not talking about a physical child. If the spouses have not built their collective unity, then there is no family.

The third component is their union, their spiritual child for whom they live. They support it, it warms them up to rise to the next level. They begin to feel that because of this third component, they obtain a completely different existence.

Therefore, the family of the new society will not exist by serving themselves and their children on a physical level by meeting physiological needs, but only by giving spiritual fulfillment to each other.

We cannot reach the next level of humanity without the correct relationship in the family.

Question: Who does one cancel himself before in the family?

Answer: This is not a cancellation, but an understanding that the connection must be above our individual, egoistic, natural properties and tendencies that are created so that we rise above them. Therefore, spouses are partners who help each other in this process.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/21/13

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Harmony – The Golden Middle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible, through using an interest in having a healthier body, to transform people to a higher level of understanding of a higher order?

Answer: An integral view of the world makes a person self-sufficient in everything. He will no longer want marinated crab and other delicacies. On the contrary, an aversion will appear in him for everything that is imposed, pretentious, and unnatural.

People will be satisfied with normal, basic, healthy food. Gradually, they will begin to be attracted to something simple, wholesome, and good, in their personal lives and in their diet, in everything. In a natural way from their inner guidance they will seek this resonance, this harmony in the golden middle.

It is possible to bring them to a healthy internal state, to psychological and physiological balance, only through knowing what this balance is.

Question: It follows that, first, we attract the new ones simply to whatever they are interested in learning.

Answer: Yes, this is part of the introduction, and after that we take responsibility for them. We give them an understanding of other levels and lead each one to that state that he wants to reach.

I think that in every circumstance it is precisely the integral sensation that will attract them, and they will want to continue to develop. When the person really feels his balance and inner comfort, and adheres to this state—in diet, sports and relationships with others—this will be a sign that he has brought himself to the level of normal behavior.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/20/13

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Without Saying A Word, You Said Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we tell people we want to attract to study the integral method that with its help they will balance stress?

Answer: You can call it whatever you want, but when people come, we must sit them down in groups of ten immediately and within five to ten minutes start asking them small questions so that a flow will begins between them. The questions will go around like a ball in a roulette wheel, and people will begin to feel that there is already something “moving” between them, some kind of a connection is created. I have faith only in this.

Let nature work! Emotions don’t perceive words. The ears grasp them with difficulty, the head processes almost nothing, and the heart doesn’t respond at all! The lecturer says something from the podium and let him say it.

Let the people not just be empathetic, but rather, let them give birth to all that you want to convey to them. You need to build the training, training in a form that they will reach the right conclusions by themselves, without even hearing a word from you.

Divide your lecture into parts. Give each part a title and move in such a form that they themselves will say what you wanted to say to them. Instead of using the phrase, “There is an opinion,” ask them a question so they will search for the answer together according to certain rules, and from what comes out, continue to work. Can you imagine what experience they will get?

Without saying a word, you bring them to a discovery of their own shortcomings. Moreover, when they discover these within themselves, it is with a good relationship, from a high state of perfection, that they attained between them.

You are not the ones who showed them the negative. Rather, they see their state as negative themselves from the height of the positive they have risen to. That is, two characteristics already exist within them, positive and negative, which they discover within themselves.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.25.13

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash Dargot HaSulam,” Article 298

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The Book of Zohar —General Explanation for all Fourteen Commandments and How They Divide into the Seven Days of Creation,” Item 9, Lesson 95

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 3, Part 9

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Writings of Baal HaSulam,The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose” 

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