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A Gift For A Teacher

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we ultimately realize what you say to us?

Answer: It’s necessary to realize what Baal HaSulam and Rabash say to us. I very much ask you to realize their advice and no more than this. Leave me, I have simply taught you to read what they write correctly. Realize their writings and forget about me. The main thing is that you should stick to them.

Question: But I cannot forget you. Moreover to read the texts by myself and expect a remedy, and that the Light will bring me back in repentance is one thing, but to hear you explain the texts is something else completely.

Answer: Right, we “open” the texts together and we begin not only to understand them, but the main thing is to bring them to realization. This is my function: to help in their realization and implementation.

Question: But we need to do something between us in order to get the method from you and to realize it in life.

Answer: Yes, you must establish the greatness of the Rav in your eyes. But this doesn’t say that it’s necessary to kiss my hand. You want to bring me gifts, so bring me the gift of your connection in order to receive a gift from Above.

Question: We make a lot of effort but so far it seems something is still lacking…

Answer: What you are lacking is to be connected below. When you are standing, hold hands and raise your head upward, as is drawn on the cover of one of our books, The Arvut. If you attain a state like this, then the answer will come. For this, inside you need to be like a “child,” a student who is ready to hear and to listen to teachers…

A Gift For A Teacher

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/1/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The World Is Expecting This Coming Sabbath

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt says that the correction of the world will take 6000 years, which is related to the six workdays of the week. We were given 6000 years in order to prepare spiritual vessels, desires, tools. The “seventh millennium” (Sabbath) begins at the end of the correction of the vessels, which means that it is the next degree, called the state of the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun).

The state of Sabbath or the seventh millennium is called “the similarity to the future world” (Mi Ein Olam HaBaah) since it isn’t the future world itself yet, and there are the 8th, the 9th and the 10th millennia that follow it, corresponding to the first three Sefirot (GAR).

But the Sabbath begins even before that, even before the end of the 6000 years. A state of Sabbath (the first ascent of the worlds that brings us additional Light) already begins in the “fifth hour of the sixth day,” that is, on Friday. Therefore, the entire sixth day (which means our 6th millennium) is already illuminated by the Sabbath.

The whole sixth day is called “Sabbath eve,” and so we are in a very special time now: it is the time of Sabbath eve. We already feel the movement and the changes that are starting in the world on Sabbath eve. We will have to go through the whole period that is left until the end of correction, and it seems very short. The Sabbath is very near and we will soon reach it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/13, The Zohar

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On His Own

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are some instances where a person, who we considered to be our friend, took the principles of the integral upbringing and organized them in his own way. He even wrote a book. Now he is trying to do workshops and trainings among our people. This is very confusing for everyone. What should we do in such cases?

Answer: If this person has done such a thing, wrote an article without conferring with anyone, without sending it to us to check the material, if he is going his own way, then let him go, but without us. He can work on his own.

He will not be able to succeed without the group, without that force which he should draw from the inside of the group.

There will be quite a few such people. They will be learning this way. We will meet once again in the next life cycle and they will have an opportunity to correct themselves.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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“U.S. Empire Will Suddenly Collapse Like The Soviet Union Did”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Ron Paul, American physician, author, and former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives): “Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul doesn’t see a rosy future ahead for the United States. In fact, he sees a repeat of recent history – though not U.S. history – on the horizon.’’

“‘They’re (Washington collectively) not going to work their way out of it, so it’s just (all) going to collapse,’ he said. …

“The physician-lawmaker also said recent polling showing a distinct lack of trust by the American people in their government was ‘a good thing.’

“‘Because that means that now they’ll quit believing the government,’ he told Jones. ‘I mean, they don’t trust the government, they don’t believe the government, the government always lies to them… whether its foreign policy or domestic policy.’

“‘Just think how quickly the Soviet system disappeared. I think that was the greatest miracle, or event at least, in the twentieth century’ that nobody saw coming.

“‘You know, the day before, the month before, the year before, if someone would have said, “Oh, you know, next year,” the Soviet system would be gone, everybody would have considered that person nuts. But it was fragile, and it fell apart, and quickly, and thank goodness we didn’t have to have a nuclear war in order to get rid of the Soviet system.”

“‘We’re probably in 1987, where the Soviets were in ’87, in two years they were gone,’ he said.”

My Comment: The collapse is not yet clear, but the sharp deterioration of public relations is obvious, and what the USA has initiated in other countries, including Israel, will be echoed in it, as I wrote in this blog …

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Resolution Of A Family Dispute From The Height Of A Spiritual Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How much can a person speak honestly and openly about his state in an integral learning lesson?

Answer: Only if he wants to find an answer to the question of how to solve a current situation. Suppose I have a serious conflict with my wife; I am not creating this situation, not inflating it intentionally. Truly a situation that is tearing the family apart has occurred and I don’t know what to do. I even get in touch with my instructor and find out if I can present this problem for discussion and clarification.

You don’t have to be embarrassed, because something like this happens in all families. The main thing is that we must leave the workshop with a solution to the given conflict.

Question: At what expense is an integrated solution to the conflict clarified in integral learning sessions?

Answer: Thanks to the gathering of five married couples, together they clarified the problem of each of them. For example, in the first couple there was an age-old problem: “He doesn’t understand me, I don’t understand him.” So let’s get together to decide what should be done, let’s solve how to behave together, without blaming anyone, without supporting anyone, not taking one side or another. We immediately deduce the problem to the next level, an impersonal level, and begin to solve it.

Each couple needs to adapt to the question and penetrate into it, and after working within it, share with everyone their decision because something similar surely happened with them, too. For in principle, couples come to us already with some life experience, having come across familial conflicts.

But they don’t begin the clarification from a materialistic point of view; rather, they raise themselves to the next level, the spiritual level, considering their relationship to the conflict specifically from that level. Why was this problem created? Why doesn’t the couple succeed in staying on the integral level, elevating and encouraging each other? What was missing for them: an environment, reminders, support? And so forth.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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In The Wake Of Different Sensations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People who begin to study the integral method not only enter into positive states, but also negative states. Is it compulsory to pass through these states or is it possible to get along without them?

Answer: I think that it is not necessary to evade them, but rather, we should investigate them properly because it is our nature that is discovered in this way in that it shows itself more prominently and so we will see what we must transcend.

In feeling the negative states, the person needs to find pleasure like an athlete who overcomes an obstacle through overcoming pain. Feeling the result of overcoming the obstacle is more important to him than feeling the pain. He goes toward this consciously! In other words, the importance of the goal of personal change rises in value due to those unpleasant sensations that we experience on our way.

Even though we don’t need to talk in advance about sensations like these all the time, we need to try to obscure them all the time (not to annihilate, but to obscure), and immediately let people understand that this is how we learn about ourselves, our essence, and then rapidly put people into a workshop, a discussion.

After that, it is necessary to give them homework to write down all their negative and positive sensations and to bring these with them to the next lesson. Sort through the pages and the most important findings are brought into the workshop because what he feels, all the others partially feel it too. So, they will now discuss these states: “What is it? What is it for? What does this give me in life? Could it be better if I didn’t feel it, or is it preferable to feel it?” After all, when an illness goes away, it is sometimes felt much more strongly than when you are just beginning to get sick and don’t feel anything, until it passes through the latent period.

Therefore, it is necessary that people feel all the problems deeply and from personal experience reach some kind of a solution among them. The guide conducts their conversation, gives the subject for discussion, and during the discussion they need to draw their own conclusions, and then this truly will be their perception, their discovery, and their attainment! It is as if they discover a new law of nature themselves, a new mutual cooperation—what was before, it could be that not one of them saw it—and now they are the first ones in the world to see this together.

These are very serious matters! It is necessary to write them down, to work, to create booklets gathered from the conversations in workshops so that others can arrange the same discussions, to learn from them, and supplement them. So, then gradually, the method of integral education will be made more and more refined and effective.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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Without Embarrassment And Limitation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our guys who are included in integral dissemination throughout the world encounter a contradiction between humility and activity. It follows that a person who is standing before a large number of people begins to block himself, “Why am I acting on such a large scale? I need to be more humble.” Do we need to shed this false modesty and realize ourselves in full swing?

Answer: First of all, it is not one person who goes out to give the training. Rather, it’s a small group of people. One person conducts half of the lecture and another person conducts the second half. The third asks questions, the fourth clarifies answers, the fifth gathers some materials from the participants, and so forth. In general, it is possible to find work for everyone.

It is very important to show that you are working together with some friends and that you are absolutely equal. You begin the talk, and after ten minutes pass, someone else continues it. After that, again, it is you and so on, and people see how you work in partnership without disturbing each other, that among you there is a complete whole. You transmit to them a general positive charge, and this is received very strongly.

Second, what obliges us to go to the people is the crisis that threatens our future, the needless suffering of the people, the lack of the ability to receive any decisions and solutions because they don’t exist, except for our integral solution, for with us there is truth, correctness, strength, and conviction, and the main thing is the necessity and urgency.

What is meant by, “I feel uncomfortable?” People are suffering and I feel uncomfortable that I have a remedy and that I am not bringing it to them? How can something like this be?

Therefore, a person must be in conflict with himself, yet not on the level that it is uncomfortable for me—on the contrary! How can I stop myself if I have a possibility of improving the lives of people, of making them smile? It is not a smile from some standup comedian. Rather, it’s a true smile, yes, from their beginning to see life in a new, pleasant light, and not because they escaped for a few minutes at some show. I need to feel my responsibility here.

Why must I feel some kind of embarrassment and shame? I don’t need to say that this is mine, that this is me. Rather, this message is found within me now and I want to pass it on to everyone. Therefore, from our side, there is always a place for a degree of solid appearance, to present ourselves as those who possess a unique knowledge and approach.

The community needs to respect you, to hear your voices, to look at you from below to above, like a small child at an adult. Otherwise, they will learn nothing.

As a start, according to the audience, you can say a little about yourselves: who you are, where you are from. Present yourselves as reputable experts, representatives of a solid organization and a solid method.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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Why Did The World Of Atzilut Not Break?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why did the world of Atzilut not break along with the world of Nekudim? Does it have a defensive mechanism that prevents breaking?

Answer: That is right! This mechanism is called “the correction of the three lines,” when the raising of MAN, prayer, and the connection between the receiving and the bestowing part is realized directly, unlike in the world of Nekudim, where all the Light descends into the Kli, desire, and leads to the breaking.

In the world of Atzilut, the Kli first prepares itself by lining up the three lines. It is as if it has gotten in touch with the Upper One ahead of time, and knew ahead of time what it was going to receive.

It knows the entire complete Light that the Upper One can give, the entire level (GAR), but it decreases itself to a certain degree in order to only receive a part of that Light, and it only accepts it in the bestowing Kelim, Malchut, which has ascended to Bina, above Malchut itself. In this way the Light is revealed and accepted by the lower one.

In other worlds, unlike the world of Nekudim, the world of Atzilut has a defensive mechanism on both sides: 1. The Upper One, who gives to the lower one, only frees VAK de Hochma, only a small portion of Light; 2. As the lower one prepares to receive this Light, he initially contacts the Upper One and he himself forms a system called the “three lines” to be prepared to receive even a part of the Light, not directly but through the three lines.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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