Without Embarrassment And Limitation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our guys who are included in integral dissemination throughout the world encounter a contradiction between humility and activity. It follows that a person who is standing before a large number of people begins to block himself, “Why am I acting on such a large scale? I need to be more humble.” Do we need to shed this false modesty and realize ourselves in full swing?

Answer: First of all, it is not one person who goes out to give the training. Rather, it’s a small group of people. One person conducts half of the lecture and another person conducts the second half. The third asks questions, the fourth clarifies answers, the fifth gathers some materials from the participants, and so forth. In general, it is possible to find work for everyone.

It is very important to show that you are working together with some friends and that you are absolutely equal. You begin the talk, and after ten minutes pass, someone else continues it. After that, again, it is you and so on, and people see how you work in partnership without disturbing each other, that among you there is a complete whole. You transmit to them a general positive charge, and this is received very strongly.

Second, what obliges us to go to the people is the crisis that threatens our future, the needless suffering of the people, the lack of the ability to receive any decisions and solutions because they don’t exist, except for our integral solution, for with us there is truth, correctness, strength, and conviction, and the main thing is the necessity and urgency.

What is meant by, “I feel uncomfortable?” People are suffering and I feel uncomfortable that I have a remedy and that I am not bringing it to them? How can something like this be?

Therefore, a person must be in conflict with himself, yet not on the level that it is uncomfortable for me—on the contrary! How can I stop myself if I have a possibility of improving the lives of people, of making them smile? It is not a smile from some standup comedian. Rather, it’s a true smile, yes, from their beginning to see life in a new, pleasant light, and not because they escaped for a few minutes at some show. I need to feel my responsibility here.

Why must I feel some kind of embarrassment and shame? I don’t need to say that this is mine, that this is me. Rather, this message is found within me now and I want to pass it on to everyone. Therefore, from our side, there is always a place for a degree of solid appearance, to present ourselves as those who possess a unique knowledge and approach.

The community needs to respect you, to hear your voices, to look at you from below to above, like a small child at an adult. Otherwise, they will learn nothing.

As a start, according to the audience, you can say a little about yourselves: who you are, where you are from. Present yourselves as reputable experts, representatives of a solid organization and a solid method.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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