My Teacher Is The Best!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we work with the integral education teachers who, being leaders by nature, begin to focus their listeners on themselves, without even noticing?

Answer: This is unavoidable no matter how much we try since those who listen to them, sitting in front of them, are usually on a lower level. If there are organizers among them, similar in qualities, they will get closer to the teacher, not as students but as assistants, and then they should be noted. Just like a professor notes a talented student and gives him additional tasks, the same should be here. We have to find people in the group whom we can make our assistants.

Of course, the group will worship, praise, and note its teacher to some extent since he also leads them to a different way of life.

Why do I say “worship?” We imagine the Creator as the source of goodness, as the source of something that is sublime, so we begin to see the person who shows us how we suddenly can feel good and live better as having descended from the godly level. It is natural.

On the other hand, we must follow the course of the training since there are always problems. However, if our teachers keep learning constant self-control in our workshops, there will be no deviations.
From a Talk on Integral Education 4/4/13 

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