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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of a teacher’s work in the integral upbringing courses, or are his qualifications not subject to doubt?

Answer: In our system, the teachers are classified in the process of work. Suppose twenty people are admitted to teaching. In the process of their work with the group, we see that one of them is suited for this work, another is suited for a different kind of work, and so on. This is how they switch over. In the course of a few months, each one finds their place, their forte, and their hobby, and the groups under their supervision begin to work correctly.

Simultaneously, the teacher works on the development of the methodology, writes various abstracts, and participates in the creation of additional educational and accessory material. Then we see that he has found his place.

However, among such people, there can be those who have no internal expression, lack enthusiasm and energy. In these cases, it is still necessary to try to attain the auxiliary state so that work in a group won’t be just a job for a person. After all, you are creating a new society here, you are creating! It’s as if you were on the level of the Creator, and out of an animal, you are creating a human. You summon special forces, which harbor within our unity and create the collective image of Adam out of us.

That is why it is necessary for us to see the teachers as inspired and inspiring. Otherwise, this will be a lifeless structure, a group that will gradually wilt. We are watching out for this. By switching the teachers, it is possible to come to this.

Besides this, the teachers keep changing within the group since this resembles the teaching in colleges and universities. Everything goes according to the specializations there, and that is why each teacher has his place, meaning that different teachers teach different disciplines in the group.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #12, 12/16/11

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  1. It must be exciting and inspiring! Otherwise it feels as a lie. This is critical, connotation can make or break a subject for someone. The brain will reject even truth if too bitter and seemingly without purpose.

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