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A Common Prayer To Heal The Sick Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the right way to turn to the friends for help so they would ask the Creator to open my heart, and how should I carry out this request when a friend asks this of me?

Answer: All religions have a custom where a small person addresses a great rabbi or priest, asking him to pray in his stead and paying him money for it. And the latter then turns to the Creator with his request.

But just think: How is it possible to obtain a vessel, a place for revealing the Creator, if you have not built, felt, and realized it yourself yet? How can someone else create this instead of you, having a different root of the soul? How can they make the request and work for you? This is simply impossible. One person cannot do this for another.

Every person has his own root of the soul, so how can someone else, having a different root of the soul than me, carry out my work? He does not have the basis that I have, and neither does anyone else. We can only strengthen and complement one another, but no one can do the work for you.

But in that case, what does it mean to pray for the friends? When we pray for a friend, we ask all together for help to come to him. But after that he has to figure everything out on his own. It’s as if we are bringing him the medicine, our help. And after taking that medicine he can join us with greater force and become our partner. But no one can direct a request upward for someone else.

We can only unite all together and help one another. Therefore, a friend does not turn to the Creator instead of you asking for your correction. He can ask for help for your sake so you would receive the force and begin realizing it yourself.

That is exactly how we act in relation to the whole world, and this is how Kabbalists acted when writing their books for us, through which they conduct the Light to us. This is how every one of us acts in relation to another person. We depend on one another, bringing the Light of correction and fulfillment to one another. But we do not do the work for one another.

Everything happens only between you and the Creator, but with the help of the group. Through the group you come to the Creator. You attain the Creator personally, individually, but through the group.

If a friend turns to you for help, you connect with his desire and your desire becomes twice as big. And then you connect the desires of other friends to it, more and more. It’s preferable to have at least ten people, according to the ten Sefirot in the vessel, and then we make a request all together.

That is why there is a custom to gather at least ten people to pray around a sick or deceased person.
From the Arava Arvut Convention Lesson #4, 2/24/12

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Paint The World We Want!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that we should feel what The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES) talks about, but to me it seems totally unrealistic. I’ve never felt what is behind these words, such as: “Partzufim,” (faces) “Sefirot,” “Bet D’Hitlabshut,” “Aviut,” (coarseness). Reading The Zohar and the essays arouses a feeling in me, but TES is like “a desert”; I have nothing to cling to. What am I doing wrong, after all I’m trying with all my strength?

Answer: What? You really don’t feel what Bet D’Hitlabshut is? It’s as if a cloud has clothed in you and released you from the burden of the ego, and suddenly you’re floating above the ground. It’s such a force that gives you the ability to detach from the ground, from your will to receive. Aviut, the coarseness, is obvious to all; it’s as if additional weights have been put on you.

Now think, what additional force you need from Above to elevate you along with all the extra burden you now have chained to your legs, and that is how you grow.

It only refers to the relationship between both desires: receiving and bestowal, two forces painting your entire reality, depending on which is greater and in what form they exist.

The same thing takes place in our world in which there are only two forces, “plus” and “minus,” stabilizing everything that exists. Whatever you feel consists of two opposite forces. And you feel them particularly as a result of their oppositeness, to the extent of which you can discern their oppositeness in all types of forms. Our entire reality is based on that, other than that we know nothing.

Actually, there are numerous additional things, but we simply aren’t capable of imagining them. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains the simple truth to us: Two forces exist and are constantly in all sorts of relationships between them.

And I stand in the middle between them and can determine the situation myself. First, I need to catch both of them and hold them. Now, I can decide how to manage them in order to paint a world for myself as I like!

At first, I need to see that no world exists. I have frozen this picture right now, as if I stopped a scene in a movie and there’s nothing else, the film doesn’t move on. And now I reveal how I can build a world like Harry Potter’s adventures by myself.

I build it myself, there I have all the means (desires), there is order to the actions, the rules. However, I learn this program and accordingly compose the reality by myself, as much as I can. The more I penetrate deeper, the more options I have until Ein Sof (Infinity), actually, from pole to pole. So, you can’t imagine anything else because you, yourself, are built in that form. Thus, you don’t feel any limitations in what you’ve been given.

In the meantime, you have been given one reality: small, beastly and temporary, so that you’ll learn to catch it, hold it and begin to build everything onward from it, whatever you wish. You have been given a single image, a frame in a movie; onward, proceed onward!

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches you this construction. It only includes two forces and a system that you are told operates based on the relationship between both forces: Hitlabshut (clothed) and Aviut (coarseness), the force of the Light and forces of the desire. Everything changes according to their cooperation, at one time one force increases, and another time the other does. You are taught the basic rules of the work with them.

Indeed, before you matured and emerged into life in this imaginary, corporeal world, you were taught how to exist in it. It’s the same regarding the spiritual world as well. Only instead of one small image, flat and temporary in this life, the entrance inside is being revealed to you. Would you like to? Go in!

However, it’s on the condition that you build your world by yourself. The spiritual world has no form of its own; you are the one painting it. You are ready, please, go in. You are given two forces to use to build in accordance with the extent of your equivalence of form with the Creator.

You may say that you’re limited somehow because you already get a certain image upfront. Truly, that is where your ability to choose is determined, yet you also won’t need anything else. If you choose the best relationship of current conditions to the extent of your abilities each time, then you’ll always build the steps of the ladder higher up and you won’t feel any limitations in them.

In our world, you actually feel yourself limited in everything. Here there are directions, but not there. Everything is open before you.

Thus, while studying TES, we constantly try to feel more. It’s a kind of physics of the upper world, and of course, we learn very dry, technical details: The Light expands, the desires act among them. However, that’s only because we don’t live in that world and don’t reveal it in our desires; hence, we perceive them as dry. Just understand that we’re learning how to build a world for each and every one!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Escape From The Kingdom Of Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t go through the level of the “forefathers,” and all that happened at the beginning: “First Man,” Babel, the Land of Canaan, Jacob and his twelve sons, the descent to Egypt. We begin to discover ourselves as already in Egypt. The time before that belongs to the “forefathers” and is incorporated in us in the form of Reshimot (reminiscences, informational genes), our internal attributes.

We begin to work in Egypt until we discover that we are in an egoistic desire and that we have to escape it because we receive less and less vitality from it. Years go by until we discover this in order to escape.

If at the same time we are in a group and we help one another, it says “and the Children of Israel sighed from the work,” which means everyone together. The exodus from Egypt takes place together.

The exodus from Egypt is called the exodus from detachment and separation to connection and unity. It isn’t a physical exodus from a geographic location. In Egypt we discover that we are separated by our ego. All the work in the exile of Egypt is in trying to connect with each other and our not being able to do so. We discover that it is Pharaoh who disturbs us because he stands in our way and separates us.

And then we keep working on the connection, each time discovering that it is impossible. Then Moses appears, kills the Egyptian, and escapes to the desert for 40 years. We work on the connection all the time, until Moses returns, goes to Pharaoh and demands “Let my people go,” which means, let us connect.

I want to connect with those who seem to be strangers now. It is Pharaoh who shows them to me as strangers by depicting them as being outside myself, while I am asking for a chance to connect with them. Let Pharaoh stay. I want to connect above him. In order to do that I need an even greater force, above all his great desire and ego that spins me around as he wishes.

So I have to ask my ego to restrict itself and to stop controlling me. With this demand I come to Pharaoh. Pharaoh answers: “Do you want me to come down from my height, from my throne?” He only hardens his heart, and so I need the Creator to be even stronger than Pharaoh.

This is Pharaoh’s mission, to raise the Creator in my eyes so that I am forced to increasingly appreciate the general power of bestowal prevailing in nature. Only this will give us the opportunity to connect with each other.

We have to imagine what Egypt is correctly. The Creator should constantly become more important for me; otherwise, I will never be able to connect with the friends, and that is the “exodus from Egypt,” and I will stay in exile forever.

Egypt is called separation. And where am I running to? I want to connect above this separation, above the hatred that is revealed to me, above Mount Sinai (a mountain of hatred), and so I leave Egypt. Such an act is called “exodus.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/12. Shamati #159

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TV Program “Foundations Of The Integral Society” – 03.04.12

TV Program “Foundations of the Integral Society”
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It Is All A Matter Of Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today an expert has to study his whole life in order to “catch up” with the changes in his field. One way or another, science discovers accurate absolute laws. Do such laws exist for those who yearn for spirituality? For example, are there clear, unchanging formulas without which we will not attain our goal?

Answer: What are you actually studying in the lessons? We can describe our egoistic desire as a “box.” This is the material. Above it there is the intention of in order to receive, and that is the problem. The material of the desire is stable, unchanging. It is only the intention that changes by changing all of our reality.

So ignore the material, it is unchangeable. But if you change the intention, then the feeling within the material will change drastically. You will be able to do that only by evoking it to change.

Today we fill ourselves by the egoistic intention. It is among us in our mutual relations. The desire to receive is aimed at itself; it wants to receive in order to receive. As a result, we all feel reality in the form of “this world.”

There are five phases between the intention of in order to receive and the intention of in order to bestow, or 125 steps. It is only about the intention! If I learn to use it correctly, a greater desire is revealed time after time. This is how I transcend the “Machsom” (barrier), I restrict myself by keeping myself from treating others badly, then I build a good attitude towards others, and then I bestow upon them. Then it turns out that others, and in fact the whole “field of work,” is actually myself that is gradually revealed to me.

All this is according to the stabilization of the intention. There is nothing we should worry about except the intention. The only remedy is to evoke among us a concealed internal power that will change our intention. Then, gradually, in our environment, we will discover the worlds of Assyia, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, Adam Kadmon, and the world of Ein Sof. We will discover them here, among us, and not somewhere in unknown distances.

I should only discover an attraction, a vector inside my desire that is aimed at changing the attitude to others, which is the intention. Let’s hope we succeed in preparing and doing that in the Arava convention in the desert.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/12, The Zohar

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Cities Will Die Like This…

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Final Hour blog): “The city of Detroit has become the poster child for everything that is wrong with the U.S. economy – and for good reason. It literally looks like it is in the middle of a war zone or like a hurricane has hit it. The truth is that the city of Detroit is dying and it is simply not going to recover.

“It wasn’t always this way for Detroit. Decades ago, it was a shining example of America’s incredible manufacturing prowess. It was the center of the automobile revolution. At the time, nobody could have ever dreamed that one day Detroit would be the biggest economic disaster in the United States.

“But that is what has happened.

“Just consider the following facts….

“During the boom days of the 1950s, Detroit was a teeming metropolis of approximately 2 million people, but today the current population is less than a million and people are leaving in waves. The mayor of Detroit has admitted that while the “official” unemployment rate in Detroit is 27 percent, the ‘real’ unemployment rate in his city is somewhere around 50 percent.

“House prices of under $1000 are quite common in Detroit now, and there are some houses in the city that you can actually buy for just one dollar.

“Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb has announced a plan to close 44 Detroit schools. According to one estimate, the city of Detroit has 33,500 empty houses and 91,000 vacant residential lots.

“So how do you possibly save a city that is dying right in front of you? Well, the mayor of Detroit has unveiled his radical solution – you bulldoze one-fourth of the city.

“But sometimes it is not enough just to read facts and figures. Sometimes you just have to see what is going on with your own eyes before it will start to sink in. The short video news report posted below shows just how bad things have gotten in Detroit. Would you like to live in a city that looks like this?…

“Before you jump on Detroit too much, the reality is that this is going to happen to a lot more American cities before all of this is over. It is not just the economy of Detroit that is dying. It is the entire U.S. economy this is dying.

“The United States has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and now the day of reckoning is here. Millions of Americans have already lost their homes and their jobs, but this is only the beginning. Incredibly hard economic times are on the way, and unfortunately America is going to pay the price for going into so much debt. Please make sure to prepare yourself and your family for the times that are ahead because they are not going to be easy.”

My Comment: Of course, salvation is the immediate introduction of the law of mandatory integral education and upbringing, whereby instead of benefits, participants of integral education courses receive scholarship, and their study is considered as work or study at university (to make it reliable and attractive).

The next part of the program is to make the city crystal clean and attractive to tourists and shoppers. All the residents of the city should voluntarily participate in this, as a result of their integral upbringing. It cannot be done without upbringing. Upbringing makes everything possible!

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This Is A Crisis Of Values​​, Not Finance!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andres Arrak, professor, liberal economist, Estonia): “It is impossible to restrain the economic crisis. ‘The long economic crisis is happening now. Such crises emerge as a consequence of bad decisions. The 2012 will be a decisive year. This is a crisis of values, rather than finance or real estate.’

“The ideology of ‘more is better’ that represents a triumph of consumerism has exhausted itself.

‘The problem is that the club of the ‘rich and famous’ has no honest way out….’”

My Comment: There is an honest way out: The rich should continue to manage; they can do that, that is why they are rich. But they should channel all their energy for the benefit of society and be rewarded with gratitude, respect, and love instead of hatred, envy, and humiliation!

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Europe Goes On Strike

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Voice of Russia): “Unwilling to accept cuts in wages and social spending, the Europeans go on strike almost every day. Obviously, in the coming year we will see many more strikes in Europe. The EU will have to save in order to overcome the crisis, but the measures to reduce budget spending and market reforms are very painful for the population.”

My Comment: Humanity must switch consciously or through wars and crises from the economy of (unlimited) consumerism to the economy or reasonable (necessary, balanced) consumption. This will free up to 70-80% of the workforce. According to the law of nature, we need to distribute the remainder of work in the most ecological (with minimum cost) and effective way among all the workforce.

We, all the inhabitants of the Earth, must dedicate the time freed from extra (harmful) work to our integral education and upbringing, the method of homeostasis (balance with nature), until we achieve integral connection between us and feel the upper level of the governing forces of Nature.

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Couples Spend Less Than 30 Minutes A Day Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the Mirror): “The daily grind is leaving stressed-out couples with just 30 minutes of quality time together each day.

“A survey found 30% of people thought their relationships suffered as a result.

“And 89% felt they would get on better if they saw each other more, by having dinner or going out, for example.

“, which carried out the poll, said: ‘We encourage couples to make sure there is at least time for a meaningful conversation.’”

My Comment: Nature will force us to restore order in our lives. Through penalties, we will find out that there is no way other than balance with nature. Through suffering, we will realize that we need to comply with the law of nature, rather than invent our own. It is a pity that humanity learns by long and bitter experience.

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