Couples Spend Less Than 30 Minutes A Day Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the Mirror): “The daily grind is leaving stressed-out couples with just 30 minutes of quality time together each day.

“A survey found 30% of people thought their relationships suffered as a result.

“And 89% felt they would get on better if they saw each other more, by having dinner or going out, for example.

“, which carried out the poll, said: ‘We encourage couples to make sure there is at least time for a meaningful conversation.’”

My Comment: Nature will force us to restore order in our lives. Through penalties, we will find out that there is no way other than balance with nature. Through suffering, we will realize that we need to comply with the law of nature, rather than invent our own. It is a pity that humanity learns by long and bitter experience.

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  1. Love and relationships, are the keystone of our world. If we replant and repair the garden, life will flourish!

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