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TV Program “Foundations Of The Integral Society” – 03.11.12

TV Program “Foundations of the Integral Society”
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The EU’s Free Fall

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from EUobserver): “A first report by the EU commission looking at macro-economic data across the bloc up until 2010 warns that 12 countries, including Italy and Spain are at risk of new crises due to their public debt and lack of competitiveness.

“Part of legislation strengthening economic surveillance, the ‘Alert Mechanism Report’ published on Tuesday (14 February) singles out Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK as in need for further ‘in depth’ scrutiny of their macro-economic policies.”

My Comment: But there is no possibility to review it because without transforming the system of excessive consumption into that of limited consumption, it is necessary to stimulate demand, but it does not exist because the population is becoming poorer. The circle is closed.

The whole system has to be changed—to work as necessary and to dedicate all the free time to integral education, meaning to raising a human being. This will produce positive forces in society and nature and will fill everyone, as if they received all abundance of the world. It is because we have been created this way.

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“UN To Propose Planetary Regulations Of Water, Food”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Fox News): “The report, ‘21 Issues for the 21st Century,’ from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Foresight Process, is the culmination of a two-year deliberative process involving 22 core scientists.

“The Foresight Report suggests actions to save humanity from starvation, the overheating planet and the collapse of the world’s oceans — options that include new ‘constitutional frameworks,’ ‘international protocols’ and a ‘shared vision’ for land and water management that essentially rewire existing treaties and governments.

“Even environmentalists don’t believe that planet-wide accords are particularly popular.”

My Comment: Everyone in the world has accepted their fate and believes that humanity cannot negotiate its good future, and hence the world is heading towards a disaster. In general, they are right, if we do not take into account that there are positive forces in the world, which are developing and making an increasingly greater impact on the world. It is those who participate in integral development, education, and upbringing. In fact, the future depends on us, people who influence the Light of correction, rather than on those who resign on their fate.

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Round Table: Women Take On Responsibility

On March 6, the Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) movement held a round table in the Knesset, the legislative branch of the Israeli government. The round table was attended by women parliamentarians and prominent public figures: Deputy Minister Gila Gamliel, deputies Ronit Tirosh, Orit Zuaretz, Dr. Rachel Adachi, and Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich, businesswoman Galia Albin, Ola Najm, lawyer, “Women Against Violence,” Vered Sweid, Director General of the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women in the Prime Minister’s Office, Yifat Zamir, Executive Director of the organization “We Power,” and Ilanit Trabalsi, a representative of the Arvut movement.

The participants addressed questions related to the status of women in the modern era and discussed suggestions on how to improve the situation of women. The discussion covered a wide range of topics: law, politics, business, religion, community, cross-sectoral communication, and society in general. The discussion was attended by dozens of activists from the Arvut movement and graduates of the course organized by “The Strength of Women” association.

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What Is Egoism?

Dr. Michael LaitmanEgoism refers not to an average person’s drive to fulfill his physical (food, sex, and family) and social desires (money, power, and knowledge), but to his resistance to unity, bestowal and love for people. This rejection manifests only during one’s participation in the group of integral upbringing, to the extent of one’s efforts to unite with the group members.

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Chosen To Go Ahead Of Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou do not understand who you are! You are the first people who began the general correction practically. What can you do? A child who was born a prince does not understand that he is the king’s son; he runs around the royal palace and plays like ordinary children.

You do not realize how special you are—the first generation in history that has started correction. Everything that happened before was only preparation: Abraham’s group and Moses’ group. Similarly, the worlds were broken only for preparation, in order to build the system.

And we are the first generation that began the real correction of creation, and we have no choice but to disseminate it to everyone else. And all the generations, until the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun) all of them will come after you. You will have to rise every time so that they rise after you, into your place. Every generation will push you higher and higher. We will always be at the top because new broken vessels will come and gather below.

I clearly understand this and feel how it should happen, but I have no practical experience of attaining such correction in the group. It has never happened before; you are the pioneers, and I would love to go through this together with you. Please take me!
From the Arava Convention 2/24/12, Lesson 5

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Correcting Age-Old Mistakes of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Yesterday we finished re-watching all seven lessons from the convention in the Arava desert. Could you please sum up our state and assess the stage we’re entering?

Answer: For our next stage, starting next week we’ll be working on articles about the group by Baal HaSulam and Rabash, adapted to the modern reader. I hope that this will allow us to better feel and implement them, as well as to clarify the most suitable form to express them.

After all, it’s possible to make tons of mistakes here, which is exactly what people have done with the wisdom of Kabbalah over the centuries. It is the oldest science; indeed, there were no sciences in the world before Kabbalah. And it is precisely its breaking, meaning its incorrect interpretation, which has led to all that we see today in humanity. These consequences are manifested in absolutely everything: education, culture, family, economy, and political structure, in the entire world.

Kabbalah speaks of natural phenomena, the Creator’s actions, and our lack of understanding thereof results in our erroneous, egoistic development. Let’s hope that we will succeed at clarifying all these matters in depth, which will help us move forward. And then we’ll be able to develop the point to which we were able to ascend at the convention.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2012, TES

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When Will A Monkey Become A Human?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The recognition of the shattering, of the total oppositeness of our attributes, is simply a disaster after which we don’t see how we can advance. What can we do about it?

Answer: If a person discovers such a shattering, he already begins his correction because then he understands that his advancement is only possible in “faith above reason.” It’s like wanting to ascend to the human level while being on a beastly level. It’s like trying to make a human being out of a cow, a cat, or even a monkey. You understand that it is impossible. Something is needed here that can never happen.

Now you are discovering that you will never be able to be human! After all, your state is such that the Creator will always outplay you because you are a beast, an angel.

You will be able to ascend and to become human only if the upper Light comes and performs a miracle on you. This is why it is called “the miracle of the exodus from Egypt,” “the miracle of the crossing the Red Sea.” It all happens miraculously, that is, it has nothing to do with the level and the state you are in. A force from an upper level comes to you and performs this miracle.

Scientists don’t know how the vegetative level evolved from the still matter. Try to bring a stone to life, let’s see what happens. How does the animate level evolve from the vegetative? Something like that is simply impossible in nature with its accurately separated levels: One is the vegetative level, and the other is animate. Between the vegetative and the animate levels there is some intermediate form called the “dog of the field,” and between the inanimate and the vegetative there are the corals. Between the animate and man there is the monkey that doesn’t belong to either level.

We don’t understand what the monkey form symbolizes in spirituality. To be a monkey means to perform actions by which you are trying to resemble a human. Then the upper Light influences you and transforms you from the level of the animate to that of the speaking.

The term “monkey” indicates that my desire is to resemble a human, Adam, meaning to resemble the Creator.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2012, TES

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Intention Catchers

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have gathered here to catch our intention and not let go of it, even for a second. It is what’s called man, the head, the clarification; the rest is not important. If we immerse ourselves into this analysis deeper and deeper, we will suddenly feel that we exist in the common space. One is better, another is worse, but it doesn’t matter. Most importantly, we are all in one collective field and we clarify our intention together.

Each person may be in their own state, but when all analyze their intention, the inner prayer arises about how to clarify it better and in a more intelligible way: Whether my intention is egoistic or bestowing in where I looked, what I said, what I smelled, how I sat, or what I did—absolutely everything, on all levels. It can come to a point when we will begin to feel how the blood runs through our veins, how the nervous and other systems work inside our bodies.

A person will see the entire creation inside out, as transparent, and will realize that everything is working for the sake of egoistic reception. While he, seeing this, wants to clarify what “for the sake of bestowal” could mean.

As a result of the efforts to clarify the intention, we begin to feel the group. And then each individual effort adds up to the rest—in clarification of the intention and yearning to achieve the quality of bestowal. The intention to bestow cannot be private, individual. It is always connected with others’ identical intentions.

Hence, in this intention to bestow, in aspiration toward it, I suddenly begin to feel that I am not alone. Next to me are enormous forces that I suddenly notice, great sources of bestowal: the souls of Kabbalists of all generations. I feel like a little child who wants to join them: to grab their hand so they could lead me, just like a grown up takes a child by the hand, directs, and teaches him.

It is said: “A person’s soul will teach him.” My yearning for intention to bestow puts me into the collective circle. Then we achieve the connection, and any thought about my intention, which could be wrong, as well as my search for the right intention to bestow, everything together is included in our common prayer. And this prayer will be awarded an answer.

If we succeed to unite within this intention to bestow at least a little, we will understand the need for mutual guarantee when every one influences and helps each other. Each of us adds to the rest their own desire for bestowal. Then this prayer will reach the upper root, and this root will reveal to us the possibility to live in the intention to bestow.

Only then will we realize that this entire reality is, in fact, egoistic. Nothing changes between this and the upper reality, everything stays as it was: the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature. We only begin to see them from an altruistic perspective, through the prism of bestowal. Then we will indeed be looking through this reality, even through our own body, and we will see a reverse world operated by the opposite intention. We will see the infinite, perfect world, in addition to the one we see today.
From the Arava Convention 2/23/12, Lesson #1

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