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Life Without Frills

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of “to enjoy being connected with others”? How can we explain it?

Answer: It is impossible to explain since we do not sense it in our world. To enjoy being connected with others means to reveal the force that exists between us.

Currently it exists in the egoistic form, in its opposite; now I can enjoy being above others, being better than others, that I look positive in their eyes, have their respect, etc. For this I work all my life. Besides the things required for fulfillment of the animate existence, everything else I do is only for the purpose to look great in the eyes of other people and to have their respect and honor.

If not for this pressing necessity of my egoism, I would buy one pair of pajamas and wear it my whole life since it’s the most comfortable. I would wear slippers all my life and would live my life the way that is most comfortable for me without concern about my neighbors. I wouldn’t care about any extras since I wouldn’t be receiving from any attitudes and values from the outside world about jewelry, hairstyles, cars, etc. I would not have any needs except for the corporeal ones.

If we were able to develop just the spiritual needs, leaving only the requirements for our animalistic, physical needs we would pretty quickly achieve the revelation of the next rung of our development, meaning our next level.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of the Integral Society” 2/5/12

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Did You Order The Universe?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the nature of Nature? There are more than 20 constants in nature, which determine what can exist and how. If the fundamental forces of nature were a little stronger or weaker, there would be no planets, stars, galaxies, or life—the universe would not exist.

Balance in Nature, established due to the operation of fundamental laws, is very fragile. A little malfunction—and life on Earth will cease to exist, and the universe would fall apart. We are forced to admit that life is the result of a very unique set of circumstances.

The probability of the emergence of the universe that can support life is 1:10000, but the chain of coincidences needed for the appearance of life is surprising and alarming. It is as if the universe was created to develop intelligent life forms in it. Do we live in the universe created specifically for us?

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Netanyahu Creates A Virtual “Government Of The Future”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from 7kanal): “The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to the Israeli youth to take part in the ‘Next Generation Government,’ a project overseen by the Prime Minister’s Office. It is a virtual platform that allows Facebook users to make suggestions with respect to the management of the state and government, and to discuss them.

“Those wishing to participate in the “Next Generation Government” have to register on the project page on Facebook.”

My Comment: Undoubtedly, the Mutual Guarantee movement should use this call as it has a solid platform and opinion on all matters of public, state, and world development. Prepare a document and send it as a proposal to the address provided.

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“Culture Of We” Buffers Genetic Tendency To Depression

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Joan Chiao, assistant professor of psychology in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University): “A genetic tendency to depression is much less likely to be realized in a culture centered on collectivistic rather than individualistic values, according to a new Northwestern University study.

“The study coming out of the growing field of cultural neuroscience takes a global look at mental health across social groups and nations.

“‘People from highly individualistic cultures like the United States and Western Europe are more likely to value uniqueness over harmony, expression over agreement, and to define themselves as unique or different from the group,’ said Joan Chiao…

“In contrast, people from collectivist cultures are more likely to value social harmony over individuality. ‘Relative to people in an individualistic culture, they are more likely to endorse behaviors that increase group cohesion and interdependence,’ Chiao said.

“Collectivist cultures may give individuals who are genetically susceptible to depression a tacit or explicit expectation of social support. ‘Such support seems to buffer vulnerable individuals from the environmental risks or stressors that serve as triggers to depressive episodes,’ Chiao said.”

My Comment: Undoubtedly, in the process of uniting, the good and bad are distributed in the group; moreover, the bad is mutually subtracted, and the good is mutually added. This is the law of nature because unification occurs against natural egoism. Kabbalists know it as one of the fundamental principles of nature.

That is why Kabbalah asserts that the unification of people solves all problems, both private and public, and raises an individual and society to the next evolutionary level. It’s because unity calls forth the similarity of properties with the upper force and thus brings those who are uniting under its influence.

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Climate Refugees

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Yahoo News): “Climate-related disasters have displaced more than 42 million people in Asia over the past two years… “Asia and the Pacific is the global area most prone to natural disasters…

“About 31.8 million people in the region were displaced by climate-related disasters and extreme weather in 2010 — a particularly bad year — including more than 10 million in Pakistan owing to massive flooding.

“A further 10.7 million were forced to flee their homes last year, it said, warning that such events will become more frequent with climate change…

“Asia has six of the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change, with Bangladesh and India in the top two places on a list that also includes Nepal, the Philippines, Afghanistan and Myanmar.”

My Comment: Due to the crisis, it is doubtful that these countries can overcome the problems we are facing because of the coming climate catastrophes. By the way, it is barely indicated anywhere what climate changes are threatening the USA and Europe, and especially France and England!

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Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis rule, familiar to all, includes the corrections of all of man’s desires (heart) and thoughts (mind). And on the contrary, only by correcting all of his desires and thoughts does man attain the quality of love for people, for all of mankind, and nature.

Every person’s love for the neighbor is very weak and is therefore not expressed explicitly. Thus, if several people unite together into a group and every one of them suppresses his egoism in relation to others, then every one of them will receive the forces of all the others. In that case, all of the separate forces of the group members will be amplified into one great force and they will gain the ability to carry out nature’s law of “love your neighbor.” A discrepancy arises here: Must one correct all of one’s egoistic qualities to attain love for the neighbor, or does one only need love for his friends in the group to attain it?

Usually people unite in a group to improve their situation in some respect, and every person makes a calculation as to how much he bestows to others and how much he receives since this kind of group is founded on egoism. If a member of such a group feels that he can receive more outside of the group than inside of it, he regrets being in the group. This kind of society distances a person from rising to the “human” level.

Indeed, reaching love is possible only by correcting all of one’s egoistic desires and thoughts. But by uniting each person’s small desires through love, in that union, together they create a new, common, great force, which every group member can use to attain love of friends and then to attain love for humanity and Nature.

But all of this can only happen on the condition that every person suppresses his egoism in relation to another. If a person is separated from the friend by his egoism, he cannot receive the force of love for the neighbor from him. Thus, one can receive the force of love from the friends only to the degree of one’s self-annulment before them.

This is similar to the inscription of numbers: If you first write a 1 and then a 0, you will get 10, meaning 10 times more. And if you write two zeros after a one, you will get 100, meaning 100 times more. This means that if one’s friend is a one and he is a zero, a person receives 10 times more from the friend. And if he says that he is two zeros in relation to his friend, he will receive 100 times more from him.

And vice versa, if he is a one and his friend is a zero, this equals 0.1, so he is 10 times less than his friend. And if he can say that he is a one and he has two friends who are two zeros in relation to him, then he is equal to 0.01 compared to them. Thus, the more zeros he places on the value of his friends, the smaller he is himself.

Yet even if you already have the forces to love the neighbor and you can really express that love, and you already feel that self-benefit only harms you, nevertheless, don’t believe yourself and be afraid that you might stop in the middle of the path and fall into egoism. You have to be afraid of receiving such egoistic pleasures that you won’t be able to resist them and will enjoy them instead of love for the neighbor. Precisely the fear of falling into egoism gives a person the forces to observe the law of nature, the law of bestowal and love.
(Based on Rabash’s article “According to What Is Explained about Love Thy Friend as Thyself”)

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Three Factors For A Properly Working Mechanism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the true standard of measuring the love for friends? What is the correct definition of a friend?

Answer: A person’s true check of the degree of love for friends is his understanding that he will not be able to reach the most important goal in his life without our uniting into one whole, and while within this whole, we also reveal the Creator.

It turns out that I, my friends, and the Creator obtain equal importance for me. They become one (1) with relation to everything else which I consider zero (0). The closer I approach such a form, the greater is the degree of my love.

A friend is my closest part of the soul together with which I am building a system in which the unity will be revealed. This is a cogwheel existing next to me. I have to grasp it in order to spin together according to the desire of the Upper One.

It turns out that we already create a system. I need just one friend with whom we spin together when we annul our ego, we enter into the clutch with our cogs, but this grip is realized according to the desire of the upper force.

We annul ourselves and as a result we enter into connection. We do this precisely to annul ourselves before the prior request from Above and allow the Upper One to spin us. We make an agreement with one another that we connect for the sake of sensing the order of the Creator who begins to spin us. Here all three factors are necessary.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Book For The Lost In The Desert

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople who are not engaged in spiritual work took a different Torah, which one can understand, carry out, demand rewards, even arrange exams, and count the memorized pages. And a person who aspires to spiritual development is always facing the unknown, impossible, contrary to his will and reason, and thus he needs faith, that is, the force of bestowal, which is higher than the force of reception.

This is called faith above reason. Thus, spiritual advancement happens, and it is said: “The opinion of the Torah is opposite to the opinion of the landlords.”

This is the path for everyone who has found the “Book.” But there are many friends who wander in the desert, suffering from their unhappy existence, and who would like to improve their conditions. They do not seek spiritual attainment and ascent to the next higher degree, but merely want to improve their lives on the degree where they are now. And they should be treated as the Rambam writes: “Women, slaves, children, and old people are taught gradually, until they gain wisdom.”

They will also advance, and some day, a spark, which is now hidden deep inside, will break through. And in the meantime, they should be taught to the extent of their desire, for the sake of the goals that they understand before they come closer.

They will think that they act to fulfill their egoism. But since we teach them, and the concealed Light that Reforms passes through us to them, wisdom will gradually come to them, and slowly secrets will be revealed to them. In this way, the whole humanity will advance towards the goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/12, “The Last Generation”

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A Good Life For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the development of the so-called good life for the unemployed the purpose of the course on integral upbringing?

Answer: In general, we want to create a good life for everyone.

We want to do it in such a way that people left without jobs (let’s say, one billion people) would have something to do. We want to distribute the work among all the people according to their skills so that everyone works two to three hours a day and feels obliged and able to give to society. But the rest of the time people would stay in the system of integral education and upbringing.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #12, 12/16/11

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