Climate Refugees

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Yahoo News): “Climate-related disasters have displaced more than 42 million people in Asia over the past two years… “Asia and the Pacific is the global area most prone to natural disasters…

“About 31.8 million people in the region were displaced by climate-related disasters and extreme weather in 2010 — a particularly bad year — including more than 10 million in Pakistan owing to massive flooding.

“A further 10.7 million were forced to flee their homes last year, it said, warning that such events will become more frequent with climate change…

“Asia has six of the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change, with Bangladesh and India in the top two places on a list that also includes Nepal, the Philippines, Afghanistan and Myanmar.”

My Comment: Due to the crisis, it is doubtful that these countries can overcome the problems we are facing because of the coming climate catastrophes. By the way, it is barely indicated anywhere what climate changes are threatening the USA and Europe, and especially France and England!

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