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Do Not Judge Another Until You Find Yourself In His Place

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Oleg Deripaska, chief executive of Russian aluminum producer United Co. Rusal): “Oleg Deripaska … said three generations of Europeans will pay for the mistakes and inertia of their past and current policy makers, with no single politician seemingly willing to risk his or her popularity to address key problems.

“In healthier economic times, Mr. Deripaska said, governments and politicians won public support by being extremely generous with social benefits. Unable to continue this now, few governments are willing to make the tough decisions necessary to lift their countries, and gradually the region, out of the downturn.”

My Comment: He is right, but how would he act if he were in the place of those politicians?

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A Dog Of The Field: A Plant-Animal

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the University of Toronto News): “A bizarre creature that lived in the ocean more than 500-million years ago has emerged from the famous Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rockies.

“Officially named Siphusauctum gregarium, fossils reveal a tulip-shaped creature that is about the length of a dinner knife (approximately 20 centimetres) and has a unique filter feeding system.

“Siphusauctum has a long stem, with a calyx – a bulbous cup-like structure – near the top that encloses an unusual filter feeding system and a gut. The animal is thought to have fed by filtering particles from water actively pumped into its calyx through small holes. The stem ends with a small disc which anchored the animal to the seafloor. Siphusauctum lived in large clusters, as indicated by slabs containing over 65 individual specimens.

“‘Most interesting is that this feeding system appears to be unique among animals. Recent advances have linked many bizarre Burgess Shale animals as primitive members of many animal groups that are found today, but Siphusauctum defies this trend. We do not know where it fits in relation to other organisms,’ said lead author O’Brien [Lorna O’Brien, a PhD candidate in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto].

“‘Our description is based on more than 1,100 fossil specimens from a new Burgess Shale locality that has been nicknamed the Tulip Beds,’ she added.

“Located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, the Tulip Beds were first discovered in 1983 by the Royal Ontario Museum.”

My Comment: In his fundamental Kabbalistic work “The Tree of Life,” the Ari describes the states of nature: still—corals (an intermediate form between the still and the vegetative), vegetative—Kelev Sadeh, a so-called “dog of the field” (an intermediate form between plant and animal), and animate—an ape (an intermediate form between animal and man).

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The World Is Experiencing Not An Economic But An Ideological Crisis

Opinion (from AgoraVox): The crisis, which the world is experiencing today, is not financial, but a system crisis; it undermines the whole system of capitalism as an ideology, which espouses the notion that the sum of individual interests matches the collective interests.

“This system no longer works. That is why all the economists of the world cannot do anything about it. And that is why it is absolutely in vain to expect the return of economic growth, jobs, and profitability.

“What can follow capitalism? We need to build a new ideology and solve other problems, concerning the social life of human beings: Is money so necessary, what is democracy, what are the real needs of people, and so on?

“Nations do not need economists with their empty calculations, but a new ideology that will be able to create all conditions for a dignified life, regardless of the birthplace or social status. A life free from poverty is what all people need. And capitalism is simply unable to give that to them.

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You Won’t Bend Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person who cannot physically come to the convention in Lithuania participate in unification?

Answer: First of all, the location is irrelevant. If a person cannot come for reasons that do not depend on him, it is a sign that these conditions were given to him from Above. The fact that he sits in front of the screen doesn’t matter. If at the same time he does everything that depends on him, he connects with the friends 100 percent.

Besides, we should understand that the Light comes to us through vestments, and we should change the difficulties it sends us to determination on our part. I’m required to be stubborn, to make effort, to yearn: I overcome the difficulties sent to me from Above by my determination. I constantly yearn for connection. This is all our work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2012 

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The Purpose Of Creating A Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs man undergoes evolution, all of his development occurs by way of the development of the will to receive pleasure, called self-love or egoism. Therefore, if a person does not feel that he will receive something, he is incapable of making even the smallest action. He feels it within as a lack of motivation or energy, necessary for him to make an inner or physical movement.

But Nature is the quality of altruism, bestowal and love, opposite to egoism. And it drives man to acquire this quality by developing him in ever-greater suffering, which he gradually comes to see as a derivative of his own egoism and the overall egoism of all mankind. In other words, the objective that Nature sets for our development is for man to attain equivalence with it. And this objective is intended expressly for man because egoism is absent on the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, which are governed and exist instinctively, simply obeying their nature.

Since suppressing egoism is contradictory to our nature and our entire being, we therefore need a group of single-minded people to give us a greater force to suppress it. That is why we need a group that unites people who have one desire: to achieve an ascent above egoism and mutual repulsion, and to rise to mutual love.

The result of uniting towards a common goal is that instead of being totally weak and unable to resist our egoism, each of us acquires a great force that helps him rise above his egoism to unity.

This great force emerges as a result of us putting together our small, individual forces, or rather, not even forces, but just wishes. These small forces of ours will combine together and multiply one another, allowing each of us to rise above his small egoism to unity. That is how every person acquires a tremendous desire to rise above his own egoism and attain a single goal.

But in order for this to happen, every group member has to suppress or lower his “I” in relation to others. This can only be done by not noticing the friend’s flaws and paying attention only to his good qualities. If one member of the group considers himself at least slightly better than others, he is no longer able to truly unite with them.

During the group’s engagement in integral upbringing (unification), we must be serious and not deviate from the goal for which we have gathered here, the achievement of a single desire of mutual bestowal and love, as similarity to Nature demands of us.

But with outsiders, we should behave simply, courteously, and politely, taking care not to impose the idea of unity, mutual bestowal, and love upon them. This is because efforts to rise above one’s egoism cannot be made in chance meetings, but only in a constant group of friends under the guidance of an instructor. During their work in the group and generally, in life, members of the group must try to bar light-mindedness from their desires because thoughtless behavior or even thoughts destroy all personal and group efforts to unite.

But if an outsider has accidentally found his way into a session held by the group, it is first necessary to politely eliminate his presence and to continue the studies only after that.
(Based on Rabash’s article “Purpose of Society (2)”  

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What Is Our Life? A Game!

Dr. Michael LaitmanSince the wisdom of Kabbalah raises a person from the “beastly” to the “human” level (“Adam” or “man” comes from the word “Domeh” or similar to nature, to the attribute of bestowal and love), a person who rises faces the problem of “going into the unknown.” To help us rise into an unknown state again and again, we are offered a game, an exercise, to prepare within ourselves, together with the group, our next, more altruistic state. Moreover, even if we fail, it leads to the right solution: a request for the force of bestowal, an ascent above our egoism.

Today all of humanity should master this method of advancement in everything that it does. We should also be ready for descents, for feeling the mistakes, and from them to understand that only the upper force of nature can provide us with the new attributes in order to investigate, to attain, and to build ourselves, family, society, education, and economy correctly.

Until now the mistakes and failures were not acknowledged by people, but only by Kabbalists because only they rose above the general nature of humanity, egoism, to the attribute of nature, love. But today we must acquire this new attitude regarding ourselves, those around us, and the world and to teach our children to develop by learning from their mistakes.

We must not only learn from our mistakes, but also understand where they stem from: from the appearance of the new level to which we are not adapted. So a mistake (a descent) is the attainment of our lack of correspondence to the new state, and it should make us yearn to implement it internally. This is attained in the group, by yearning for nature’s general force and for similarity to it.

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Forget About Equality And Justice

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere cannot be equality and justice in our world since we are not equal to begin with. So why do we have complaints about different people if nature itself made us so different? Why do we aspire for equality if it is against nature?

One percent of the rich control 35% of total wealth. 10% of humanity is composed of geniuses, the hardworking, and the talented, and it has always been that way! Regardless of geographical location, no more than 20% of people are wealthy. This phenomenon is known as “the Pareto principle.” In addition, even within the upper 20% of society there is the upper 20%, and so on. Ultimately, whoever is on the top of society has the greatest control and is most influential. It is only natural that this phenomenon is contrary to the “average” scale of the Gaussian distribution.

We shouldn’t think that it is a result of our egoism; rather, we should understand that we don’t create this relationship by ourselves, but receive it from nature. It is the same in the spiritual Partzuf (the soul), where a tiny amount (we also say 20%, as Rabash coined it, although it is much less than that) goes to the filling (Toch of the Partzuf), and all the rest remains empty (Sof of the Partzuf), to such an extent that instead of a circle we only fill a thin line (Kav Ein Sof).

But in that line, according to the level of the connection of individuals, a process of integration begins (groups), and then on the “beastly” level everyone receives according to their reasonable needs, while all the upper fulfillment takes place in the collective desire. Therefore, the question of control and distribution never comes up!

But in our world it is naïve to demand equality and justice because inequality and  injustice are predetermined by nature, in order to force us to rise, in order for us to correct this natural inequality on the “human” level.

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Will Europe Reunite?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is Europe’s role in the correction of the world?

Answer: Europe has a very important role in the correction of the world. I am very happy with the news about the growing integration in Europe. Just recently there were talks about disintegrating the EU and about throwing Greece and other countries out. But today it turns out that it is impossible to separate. The Europeans examined the situation and discovered that the disintegration of the Union would lead to total collapse.

So they are already speaking about building Europe similarly to the US, with a federal government for all. And all this is happening in Europe where nations dislike each other even today.

This is how the upper Light conveys the idea of integration to us, and although they are not too thrilled about it, they are making a new plan from hopelessness. I have been writing about this in my blog for several years, and now the unification of Europe may actually be realized.

Now that they have taken this new direction, we will see what the trend will be, to what extent they will advance, and what changes it will bring about. The Europeans still need an integral education system, of course, but we may be able to offer it to them because they are already prepared for that in a way. Otherwise, how will they manage to unite in the background of all internal conflicts?

One way or the other, it is a very important change of direction.

Question: How is it possible to hasten the integral upbringing? After all, it takes a long time.

Answer: Ordinary education takes a long time, but not integral upbringing. After all, it is realized in large groups of people who suffer and who immediately receive support from nature. It is enough to perform minor actions towards connection and the corresponding upbringing, and by that you will already be more balanced with nature, at least by one or two percent. In response to that you will certainly begin to feel positive changes.

The moment the process reaches the masses, it will immediately ease the feeling of crisis. After all, the “crisis” is the lack of the connection that we should have reached. This is what creates the negative feeling in the current situation. Therefore, the moment you take the first steps towards connection, the crisis will stop.

Then everything will work out. You will understand how to divide the resources and the services. Crime rates will decrease, people’s health will improve, suddenly you will discover new financial resources, and so on.

So it isn’t only about integral upbringing. After all, because of its lack a person spends great sums of money in order to satisfy his or her needs.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2012, Writing of Rabash

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The Patient Is Dead And Feels Good About Himself

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Babylonian Talmud, Treatise Taanit 7: He who engages in the Torah for its sake, the Torah becomes the potion of life for him, and he who engages in the Torah not for its sake, it becomes the potion of death for him.

If there is such great danger concealed in the Torah, perhaps it’s better not to engage in it? After all, if you study correctly, you “rise to heaven,” and if you don’t, “you sink into the ground,” into the abyss.

The problem is that if you don’t study correctly, the Light concealed in the Torah puts you into states that are opposite from the truth, but you don’t even notice that. The Torah doesn’t bring you death, but rather “the potion of death,” when you don’t feel that you are dead. You can study the Torah day and night, memorize page after page by heart, and at the same time be dead, meaning not understand that this is totally opposite from the goal for which the Torah was given.

The Torah was given to us so that we will reach the love of others. It says: “I created the evil inclination, and I created the Torah as a spice because the Light in it reforms.” What does it mean that it reforms? It’s the “great law of the Torah”—”love thy friend as thyself,” or in other words, the general goal of everything that we do according to the Torah.

In every precept we perform, in every detail, we must advance towards the love of others. Only through the love of others will we reach the final goal, the love of the Creator and adhesion with Him, according to the equivalence of form between a person and the Creator.

Therefore, before the study, we have to prepare ourselves and keep all the necessary conditions so that the study of the Torah will bring us the desired goal: adhesion, that is, the correction of our intentions from egoistic to altruistic. This work is clarified only in the group, where we can check ourselves practically.

Each time we will discover hate among us and will get a chance to rise above it towards love. To do that, we need to organize ourselves correctly: We want to connect in order to reach adhesion and to discover the Creator in it, thereby bringing Him contentment. It’s possible to discover the Creator only in our collective vessel of bestowal. It’s necessary that we prepare ourselves for the lesson in this way so that we’ll approach the study correctly.

Question: If the potion of death doesn’t let me feel that I am dead, does the potion of life enable me to feel death?

Answer: I feel that I am living from the “potion.” It isn’t an ordinary existence anymore. In the intention of in order to bestow, above my nature, I attain life. The potion has the effect of making me lie to my egoistic desire and not to myself. On the other hand, the potion of death drowns me in the lie, which I don’t notice, and then I see myself as “righteous,” although I haven’t even entered the rank of “wicked.”

Question: How can the wisdom of Kabbalah save a person from the potion of death?

Answer: It can do it by the Light that Reforms. If you arrange all the conditions for yourself correctly, if you enter the group and disseminate, which is an inseparable part of the preparation these days, and if you participate in everything that the group experiences in order to reveal the connection, then you are preparing correctly for the study, and your intention during the study is not to read yet another paragraph, but to receive the Light that Reforms. It isn’t by chance that Baal HaSulam wrote in “The Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 18: “…that while practicing Torah, they did not set their minds and hearts to draw the Light in the Torah….”

Everything is solved by the preparation. The right study is the study that you have prepared yourself for correctly. Then you read the text correctly, with the right intention, in the right group, with all the necessary conditions. And what do you get from the study? You get the chance to work and to rise: the feeling of hate and rejection of the friends….
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/2012, “Introduction to TES

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