The World Is Experiencing Not An Economic But An Ideological Crisis

Opinion (from AgoraVox): The crisis, which the world is experiencing today, is not financial, but a system crisis; it undermines the whole system of capitalism as an ideology, which espouses the notion that the sum of individual interests matches the collective interests.

“This system no longer works. That is why all the economists of the world cannot do anything about it. And that is why it is absolutely in vain to expect the return of economic growth, jobs, and profitability.

“What can follow capitalism? We need to build a new ideology and solve other problems, concerning the social life of human beings: Is money so necessary, what is democracy, what are the real needs of people, and so on?

“Nations do not need economists with their empty calculations, but a new ideology that will be able to create all conditions for a dignified life, regardless of the birthplace or social status. A life free from poverty is what all people need. And capitalism is simply unable to give that to them.

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