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“Why Document Our Death When You Can Build Our Life”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/16/21

According to Reuters, “Australian scientists and artists are looking to hold the world accountable for the Earth’s future by creating an ‘indestructible’ storage device to record humanity’s handling of the climate change crisis.” The device, which they dubbed “Earth’s Black Box,” will record “every step that humanity takes towards or away from the impending climate catastrophe.”

I understand people’s need to leave something behind, and I can see why they think we are all going to die soon. But what are we going to show, how foolish we were? What have we got to show that will make future inhabitants of Earth avoid mistakes?

In my eyes, we need to focus on the here and now, on building our lives rather than documenting our deaths. After all, the only reason we are nearing extinction is our relentless drive to destroy each other, regardless of the fact that we are destroying the entire world in the process. If we only stopped trying to destroy each other, we would stop destroying the planet and everything would be fine.

Now, before we are gone, we should bring this truth to everyone’s awareness and start changing our relationships toward mutual support and improved connections. We can build solidarity among us, but we must first accept that it is necessary for our survival. Otherwise, our obstinate egos will not allow us to think of anyone but ourselves.

Even this initiative, which seems like a good idea, leads us in the wrong direction: away from thinking about connection and toward accepting an inevitable destruction. It is not inevitable; it will not happen if we focus on fostering solidarity rather than hostility.

We needn’t document the past; we need to build the future. We can build a beautiful future, but we can only build it together. If we build it for each other and not only for ourselves, everyone will be safe and sound, and there will be no climate catastrophe to document.

Photo Caption:
Scientists Build Indestructible Earth Black Box To Record Climate Change And Civilisation, 10 Dec 2021 Credit: Earth’s Black Box/Cover Images

“In Search Of Ourselves”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/15/21

Searches for the answer to the question “Why do I feel sad?” broke all records with a 10% jump from the previous year in the rankings of the most popular Google searches for 2021. Searches on topics such as: anxiety, stress, sadness, grief and methods to cope with them increased incomparably.

I can understand why people feel that way and I feel sorry for them. Even more difficult for me is to see that this suffering is not producing any results. It is as if the pain were not big enough to bring them out into the streets to demand global change.

Obviously we need to get to a level where the suffering is already coming from multiple directions and is felt by everyone. Only then will we begin to understand that across all the worries and problems, we need to connect with each other, to unite to influence leaders, to drive out the blight, to bring down inflation and to eliminate sadness.

I see this clearly: all human suffering stems from a lack of connection between us. We do not have good, friendly and amicable relations. Yet, simultaneously we are interdependent of each other and our happiness is dependent on the happiness of others, but we refuse to accept this reality.

Instead, we do not care that we cause harm to others, we do not curb our egoism, our relentless penchant for self-benefit, that drives us to commit harm and to be indifferent.

When suffering inevitably increases (Google searches show suffering is trending upward worldwide), then collectively we can recognize the problem and its solution, but when will that happen? How many more blows and of what magnitude will we have to endure? We are like heedless, stubborn children who do not want to hear anything. We do not want to acknowledge that we live by the laws of the ego. So, through blows and catastrophes nature will compel us to realize we have no choice but to submit to and abide by its laws since we are surrounded by and enclosed within the inescapable force of nature.

The inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels in creation practice mutuality based on their interdependence, and therefore the general natural system preserves them and provides the balance between them. Only the human race acts contrary to this system and shows no tendency to reciprocity; it singularly disrupts this equilibrium. We receive only for ourselves according to the laws of egoism and are unwilling to give according to the laws of nature. Thus, we disturb the balance not only between us, but also in all the other levels of nature, and they, like a mighty boomerang, smack us right back.

The year 2021 has been a year of discovering great inadequacies in the relationships in human society, a revelation of so much ugliness of the selfishness that dominates the human race and drives it to fight, harm and destroy. We must see this exposure of our nature as an opportunity and the foundation for building a new social structure.

We will rise from the crisis in the right way if we direct our efforts toward connection and cooperation. In this way, by the end of next year, our most pressing questions in life, such as “Why am I sad?” “Why am I suffering?” will be answered and put back in order.

“An Inside Warning About American Jewry’s Future”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/12/21

America is deeply divided, split in half between the political left and right. It is particularly alarming when such polarization blinds American Jews to antisemitism and makes them oblivious to it if the hatred is coming from a political sphere that they concur with. That is exactly what is happening now and which may bring dangerous consequences in the future.

In a rare speech, Michael Bloomberg, the Jewish-American billionaire and former New York Mayor, recently called on U.S. Jews to refrain from partisanship and open their eyes to “antisemitic violence that is deeply unsettling,” and coming from all sides. The hatred is manifested as physical violence against Jews, damage to synagogues and subversive conspiracies on social media.

“When faced with these kinds of attacks, we like to imagine that our community will naturally put aside its differences and stand together in solidarity,” Bloomberg said. “Yet history records that the opposite is often the case. The Talmud teaches that the Second Temple was destroyed in part because of baseless hatred — one Jew against another.”

Does Bloomberg’s statement indicate that American Jews are beginning to understand what their role is and how they should act? I hope so. However, this is not the correct way we should come to the realization of our role in the world as Jews. Not being aware of it just prolongs the agonizing pressure of hatred towards the Jewish people.

But despite the great difficulty facing American Jews, they still dream of a promising future. If they do behave in any fraternity between them, it will only be like brothers in time of need, to preserve themselves and be saved from antisemitic pressure, not out of a tendency to fundamentally investigate their origins, role, and destiny. Jews have no sense of closeness to their roots. If not for the hatred towards them from all strata of American society, which points to them negatively as Jews, they would have long ago been totally divided.

Due to the reluctance of the Jews to know who they are and what they are and due to their evasion of Judaism and their role, the antisemitic pressure continues to increase and may easily reach a similar situation to that of Nazi Germany. There, too, it all began with petty and marginal things, until it deteriorated to the point where Jews were excluded from state law, and from outside societal laws in general. If this happened in Nazi Germany which was more developed and the Jews were an integral part of it, there is no reason why it should not happen in America.

History has repeatedly tried to teach us, Jews, that we will be really valued and appreciated not for leadership among other peoples, not for financial success and prosperous business. Rather, we need to get to a point where we know exactly what to engage in, what our mission is. Know it and implement it.

Our mission is related to the free hatred that was revealed between us in the Second Temple, but the mission did not end there. Quarrels and conflicts are the basis on which we must transcend, lovingly cover all crimes and thereby set an example to the whole world that is in constant war and needs a similar method of connection. This has always been our destiny. No other people can fulfill our role, and as long as we do not perform it, the world suffers and consequently hates us.

There is no expectation here from Bloomberg and American Jewry to become unconditionally pro-Israel and develop sympathy and closeness to Israel, but the aspiration is to be pro-Jewish. For now, the State of Israel is neither an example nor a “light unto nations”, nor does it have a tendency to approach our identity and our destiny. There is nothing in today’s Israeli society that can be boasted of, spread and shown as an example of unity and cordial connection.

Every Jew, in Israel and abroad – and in general anyone who can connect to the Jewish idea – should strive to direct himself to the values of the people of Israel, to the foundations of Judaism which are connection over separation, love over hatred, “and love your neighbor as yourself”—this is the whole Torah.

“Kiss The Fist”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/2/21

Some memories never dim. About sixty years ago, I had a row with a girl with whom I had a relationship. At one point, I became so angry that I brought my fist right up to her face and threatened to punch her. In response, she kissed my fist. It blew me away. I didn’t know what to say. Her gesture gave me an example I will never forget of how to teach by example.

There is no way to nurture love other than to show it. My teacher, RABASH, would say that love is like a pet: You must constantly feed it if you want it to grow.

Infatuation is not love; it is attraction. Love is what you feel after the infatuation is over, provided you nurture it. Especially, it is the result of showing it even when we feel the opposite. We feed it by saying it, by showing it, by showing others how we feel about our loved one, whether we feel it at that moment or not.

I am not talking about love for our children; this is natural love. Think about your partner. How often do you tell your partner that you love him or her? It needs to be said openly, verbally, with sound, so everyone can hear it.

And most important, it is not our partner who needs our love, it is we who need our love for our partner. Through our efforts to show love, we change ourselves for the better and set an example that makes our partner want to do the same, just like that girl did to me so many years ago.

“The Mount That Entombed Pompeii”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 28/11/21

A few days ago I visited Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy. In the fall of the year 79 CE, the mountain exploded. The explosion was so violent that it shot a cloud of fragmented rock and gasses to a height of 33 km (21 miles), released pulverized volcanic glass (pumice) and hot ash at a rate of 1.5 million tons per second, and unleashed a torrent of liquid rock and gas that flowed down the mountain at a speed greater than a Category 1 hurricane. To this day, such events are referred to as “Vesuvian eruptions.” That outburst buried the lavish Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and to this day the tragedy symbolizes nature’s wrath at man’s decadence.

Volcanic eruptions are nature’s way of restoring balance. Just as viruses trigger “eruptions” of pandemics today, so this colossal explosion served the same function then.

All of reality evolves in such a way that to shift from one state to another, it must reach a certain threshold and then erupt. Planet Earth and the entire universe evolve in this way.

At the same time, natural disasters are not mandatory, certainly not at such levels of destructiveness. Because humans exert a negative influence on nature, we tilt it off balance, tremendously increasing the severity of volcanic eruptions and other cataclysms. If we understood the extent of our influence on nature, we would see that there is a lot we can do to calm it down.

Since nature is in balance, anything that is unbalanced in it has a negative effect on it. In all of nature, humankind is the only part that is corrupt and distorted. We inject nature with swarms of selfishness and almost no good will. We contribute nothing to the prosperity of other plant and animal species, and deplete, pollute, and corrupt everything we touch.

Clearly, such a severe imbalance requires intense rebalancing. This is what we experience as “natural disasters,” whose viciousness and deadliness are “man-made.”

“We’re Sick Because We’re Sick”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 25/11/21

Sometimes I feel that we will never learn to sympathize or care. Instead of feeling compassion, we will become so alienated that we will destroy ourselves one person at a time until we’re all gone.

If we consider our true nature, this is what is supposed to happen. When I think about it, I become so pessimistic that I think it would be best to convene the plenary of the United (and pathetic) Nations and agree to all push the red button at the same time and blow it all away once and for all. At the very least, we would clean the earth of humans.

If you look at the world, you see everyone—politicians, scientists, money moguls—working toward a single goal: to destroy others and not be destroyed themselves. There is no cure for our disease because we ourselves are the pathogen. Humanity is sick because we are sick in spirit. When our minds are evil, everything we do, say, or think is evil, and so is the world we have created. When I’m in such moods, I just want to fall asleep, forget about everything, and never wake up.

At the same time, I have no choice but to keep doing what I feel is my assignment, my task—to tell the world that there is a completely different way. I feel that I must make people aware that suffering is not mandatory. We can exist in a completely different way and be in a completely different state than where we are today.
We must remember that nature consists of opposites. If there is black, there is white; if there is darkness, there is light; and if there is absolute evil, and there is, then there is absolute good.

And so, for all the pessimism I sometimes feel, I know that after the darkness we are in, the light will come. We will become the opposite of who we are today.

If we are not aware that the opposite of darkness exists, it will take longer to find it. It will come one way or another, but our sages tell us that we do not have to sink all the way to the bottom to get all the way to the top if we make a concerted effort to get there sooner. We just need to recognize the evil in our nature and toil and pray to become the opposite: absolutely loving and absolutely loved.

Image Caption:A cat runs past burning barricades during a metalworkers’ strike in Puerto Real, near Cadiz, Spain, November 24, 2021. REUTERS/Jon Nazca

“He Is Always With Me”


Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 10/2/21

For many years, students and friends have been asking me to tell them the story of my time with my teacher, RABASH. For many years, I felt that there was no need for it, that times were different and things work differently today.

But through my conversations with Semion Vinokur, many of the stories percolated to the surface nonetheless. Semion, who really feels me, managed to put them down on paper in his unique and captivating style, and all of a sudden, there was a book.

The book, which was titled Always with Me, begins with my childhood questions and my years as a young man. But these are but the prelude. The bulk of the text tells the story of my years with RABASH: how I found him, how I became his disciple, his assistant, and why I am committed to passing on his message of love for all of humanity.

Today’s Kabbalah students learn very differently from the way I learned with him. However, every student goes through a very similar internal process and can sympathize with the experiences described here.

Since times are different now, I cannot teach my students the way RABASH taught me. Although the way is slightly different, attaining spirituality still requires and will always require dedication and devotion to the goal.

RABASH passed away in 1991, but he will never pass away from my heart or from my mind. When I teach, he is always with me. When I rise in the wee hours to prepare for the next morning lesson, he is the one who guides my heart. When I speak with world leaders or with scientists, it is his legacy that guides my thoughts and words.

I hope that when you read the stories, you will get a taste of the greatness of the man who has made Kabbalah approachable to every person on this planet. RABASH’s teachings are a gift to humanity, and I do my utmost to see that everyone enjoys it.

What I have become, I have become thanks to him, because indeed, he is always with me.

And finally, a word of gratitude to Irina Rudnev and Mark Berelekhis for their meticulous translation into English.

Get a copy on Amazon:

“The World Agrees With ‘The Knights Of The Al-Aqsa Mosque’”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 10/9/21

According to the newspaper Haaretz.com, “The world’s largest video game streaming site has drawn ire over a new Palestinian third-person shooter depicting the killing of Israeli soldiers.” The computer game, called “The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” is portrayed as “educational,” and the player’s only task is to kill as many Israeli soldiers as possible. The more soldiers you kill, the higher your score. Clearly, there can only be one result from “learning” through this game: the making of killing-intent children. I would be very upset about it if I didn’t know that it is actually we who are giving them the opportunity to think this way and design such games. We needn’t fight against the makers of the game, but uproot the thought of creating such games in the first place.
Tacitly, the world agrees with the Palestinians. The nations, too, want to eliminate the Israeli army, the Jewish state, and the Jews altogether. The only difference between the Palestinians and the rest of the world is that the rest of the world is not acting out its will, yet.

My words may sound harsh, or as if I’m trying to intimidate, but everyone knows they are the truth. Hatred for Israel will continue as long as the Israeli people are contemptuous of their duty to set an example of brotherhood and love of others. Until we demonstrate, through our own society, that “love your neighbor as yourself” is the rule that everyone must follow in order to have a good life and maintain a sustainable society, the hatred of the nations toward us will not subside.

It makes no difference that we are helping other countries or that we are contributing to science and medicine more than any other country. The only thing we need to do is show the world what love is, what is connection, through our own example. This is the essence of being “Israel.” Until we show them this, they will have no compassion for us. All they need from us is an example; they will do the rest.

If we set an example of brotherhood and love of others above all our differences and disagreements, they will love us. If we set the opposite example, as we do now, they will hate us, as they do today, and wish for our elimination.

You can find more on this topic in my book:
The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism

“A Weekend Of Profound Unity”


Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 27/9/21

Over the past weekend, my students from around the world gathered for an event of profound unity. Using a unique virtual platform, built by the students themselves, nearly 6,000 friends got together online for what was probably the largest interactive convention ever held.

For forty-eight hours of joy, we had lessons, workshops, watched movies and clips. We ate and drank, sang in multiple languages, at every hour of the day, and at every time-zone in the globe.

Every event was simultaneously interpreted over the internet into dozens of languages by the friends themselves, which fastened and strengthened their bonds. They divided into groups, then mingled the groups, divided into languages, then mingled the languages, and all with one aim in mind: to generate worldwide unity.

This weekend, Chinese bonded with North and South Americans, who bonded with Iranians, who bonded with Israelis, who bonded with Russians, who bonded with Europeans, who bonded with Africans, who bonded with Australians, who bonded with Chinese, until the circle was complete. Indeed, we all became one sphere, held together by invisible threads that stretched from heart to heart to heart. Veteran students, complete beginners, and everyone in between felt very much at home in this gathering, and everyone wishes to continue fostering our unity.

In this troubled time of deepening chasms among and within nations, when hatred and violence seem to have the upper hand, my students proved that if we truly want to unite and nurture love among all people, no rift will divide us. On the contrary: The deeper the rift, the tighter the bond.

I am confident that such events have an enormous positive impact on the world. Hopefully, with persistent work on unity, we will be able to spread the love that we nurtured this weekend to the entire world, so that all of humanity may taste the taste of oneness and choose to beat swords into plowshares.

“The Difference Between Wisdom And Knowledge”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 22/9/21

Tomorrow, Google will celebrate 23. In just 23 years, Google has managed to change the way we do so many things that the list is too long to remember. But perhaps Google’s first revolution was the way we gather information. It is with good reason that we tell people “Google it!” in order to find out something. You would think that making knowledge so accessible to everyone would make the world a better place, but reality has proven otherwise. Knowledge, we have learned the hard way, is not the same as wisdom.

Knowledge is the accumulation of information; wisdom is the ability to use it correctly, which is what really counts.

It is great that we can find all the information we need so quickly. However, although information is so easily accessible, we are not happier now than we were 23 years ago. By all accounts, we are more depressed, anxious, violent, and generally more miserable.

Why are we so miserable? We misuse the information that we gather with such ease. Without knowing how to use what we know correctly, the more we know, the more miserable we feel.

The benefit from Google’s success in making knowledge readily available is that it shows us what our world really looks like. It shows us what humans do to one another and to nature, and that humanity is only growing meaner and more vicious.

If we want to be happy, we must use this information wisely. What we know about ourselves must prompt us to seek to change ourselves, to change our very nature, which makes us harm each other so readily. We clearly cannot help ourselves.

Now it is time to shift to the next level of learning, to use what we know with wisdom and make our world a better place. To do that, we should not seek external changes, which will only distract us from the crux of the problem. No, we should look within, at our own motivations for the things we do and say.

Alone, we will not be able to change our nature from the nastiness within us and become caring and compassionate. Together, there is no end to what we can achieve. Indeed, if we support each other, we can even turn ourselves into completely different human beings: kind, caring, and connected.

Everything we learn from Google or from any other source should go toward improving ourselves. There is no other problem in the world but human nature. It is our own vile disposition that tells us to look elsewhere, but it’s a decoy; we should not be tempted. The sooner we learn it, the sooner we will know how to distinguish between knowledge and wisdom, and how to use knowledge wisely—for the common good, and for our own.