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Looking For Happiness Or Simply Living?

760.2In the News (“Why Our Pursuit of Happiness May Be Flawed”): “It is an emotion linked to improved health and well-being, but is our obsession with being happy a recipe for disappointment, asks Nat Rutherford. …

“Yet more and more aspects of life are judged in terms of their contribution to the phantom of happiness. Does your relationship, your job, your home, your body, your diet make you happy? If not, aren’t you doing something wrong? In our modern world, happiness is the closest thing we have to a summum bonum, the highest good from which all other goods flow. In this logic unhappiness becomes the summum malum, the greatest evil to be avoided. There is some evidence that the obsessive pursuit of happiness is associated with a greater risk of depression. …

“By misunderstanding happiness, the modern conception increases the likelihood of disappointment. … Instead, aim with Aristotle to embrace those blemishes and to flourish in spite of them.”

My Response: I agree absolutely and clearly! For an ordinary person it is so. And if he really wants to find happiness, then he must first understand what it is, proceed from there, and achieve it.

Question: Happiness comes all the time, then it slips away, it comes and slips away again. How can you define what happiness is and near it so that it is not illusory and so that we really achieve happiness?

Answer: It must be real and not that everyone will have their own happiness and constantly change.

Question: Is it necessary to look for happiness all the time or not—real happiness?

Answer: You do not need to look for it. You need to define it. It exists and it exists in only one form—in understanding the meaning of life. Only what exists in the present and not what you invent for yourself over and over based on your condition.

So if you know exactly how to reveal this meaning, it will lead you forward, it will reveal the meaning of life more and more, and in finding the meaning of life, even if you are unhappy and dissatisfied with it, you will still be happy because you understand the meaning of life.

Question: What is the meaning of life when I can feel unhappy on the path?

Answer: It means that you are not yet able to develop yourself to such an extent that you can understand the meaning of life.

Question: And understanding it will make me happy?

Answer: Yes. The fact that you aspire to it. That the meaning does exist outside of you! Even this already creates a feeling of happiness in you.

That there is life and there is happiness in it, and happiness is in understanding the meaning of this life. Even if I still do not understand it but I am moving toward it, I am already happy. I am already absorbing it, looking forward to a future meeting with it.

Question: It is amazing when I am happy on the way! What kind of happiness is this, please tell me?

Answer: It is being happy to feel the harmony of the universe.

Question: I enter this harmony and also become harmonious?

Answer: Yes. Like entering a black hole and I reveal absolutely everything there!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/10/21

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There Were No Mistakes in Your Life

627.2 Igor writes: “I am fifty-four years old, married with two children, and both my father and mother are alive. My father is eighty-four, my mother is eighty-two. I always took care of their health, but everything turned upside down. The doctors say that I have no more than six months left to live.

I found you too late. I watch your programs and I am not afraid. There is just one question—why so late? I spent so much time on needless worries and on work that no one needed. I have a big complaint against the Creator. I understand that one should not look back and regret anything, but I cannot help myself. I did not live my life right. I look at my children and I am afraid that they will repeat my mistakes. I just wanted to say thank you!”

My Response: I will tell you, Igor. Everything was correct. There were absolutely no mistakes in your life. You must accept all of it as a correct attitude to life, to the Creator on your part. You just have to calm down.

If you relate to the whole of nature, life, the universe, everything, and yourself as a manifestation of the Creator, then there is nothing you have to do, nothing to worry about. You should only think about how to agree as much as possible with what is happening to you. Then, through this attitude of complete agreement, you will begin to feel the Creator.

I am advising this to you and to everyone. Let go of the situation and do not worry. Stop the confusing complaints. None of that is needed. Everything happens as it should happen.

While it seems to us that we are running around, redoing things, and trying to get everything done in time, this is all nonsense! It does not change anything. We are always trying to do something, as it seems to us, while the Creator does His own thing. So, we end up being unhappy when things do not work out the way we want them to.

Let it all go and you will see that you have nothing to worry about, not in the present or in the past, and especially do not worry about the future. It is all in the hands of that very same upper force.

Comment: Can it possibly be that. I have to tell you, I was touched, because he is not writing about being afraid of death or afraid of anything. He is touched by the fact that he found us too late, in a manner of speaking, that he somehow lived his life.

My Response: This, too, is incorrect, and this, too, is the upper providence. So, nothing is too late, everything that is given to you is given correctly. Use the strength and the time that you have to the extent that you are now inspired by our idea, our path, and everything will be good.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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Comprehending The Hidden Part Of Nature

222Question: How can we work with people in order to bring them closer to an integral state?

Answer: Through conversations with them and between themselves about the meaning of life: “Why do we have such questions? Why, during the many thousands of egoistic developments of mankind, have we come to such a state when we have no idea where to develop further?”

Although the new generation is still striving for money by inertia, in principle, it is already beginning to show its fatigue and unwillingness to develop in the same form.

We see that egoism is no longer the driving force behind our development. We are ready to bury ourselves in our apartments with our phones and have no connection with anyone. The egoistic force of our development leads us to something completely opposite to it. Where did it come from? Why? Etc.

In general, there is a whole technique when, with the help of such clarifications, people begin to understand that the next level of development is supra-egoistic. It is aimed at ensuring that in unity we begin to comprehend the hidden nature—not inanimate, vegetative, and animate, but spiritual.

In principle, despite the fact that we are so developed, we are animals because we use the same egoism as all the previous levels—still, vegetative, and animate—only in a more exaggerated form. We must go to the next, collective level, Adam, to which the whole of humanity is gradually moving.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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The Purpose Of Our Life

912Question: How is the purpose of a person connected with his life’s work?

Answer: In principle, a person should understand that he has nothing to do in life except to exist normally, but in a very everyday sense of the word. That is, all his work should be to provide himself with everything necessary, precisely what is necessary.

And all the rest, all his strength, knowledge, and opportunities, give in order to quickly create the right connection with other people and reach the level of the Creator, that is, complete interconnection. In this integral connection, we find ourselves existing in a completely different form, at a different level, in a different matrix. This is the purpose of life.

As a result of our earthly development we have come to a state that pushes us to the next level of existence.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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“The Uniqueness Of Human Development” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Uniqueness of Human Development

Physically, humans are very similar to other species of apes. In fact, we’re far less capable than other species: We’re much weaker, move slower, more susceptible to diseases, and we can’t climb trees. So how come we’ve become the “lords of the Earth?” The answer lies not in our abilities, but in a unique desire that only humans have: the desire to go beyond this world, the desire for the spiritual!

The desire for the spiritual causes us to ask questions, which develop our brains, which in turn make us smarter than all other species, which don’t question their condition or circumstances. But we don’t only ask how to make life more convenient or easy; we also ask, and this is the most important, what life is for. Everything we have developed, from art to technology, to industry, to science, to religion and philosophy, everything that makes us human pertains to the search for life’s purpose. This search has developed us to the point where we have become the lords of the Earth.

Yet, while the search for life’s purpose has developed us far beyond any other animal, it has also left us intensely frustrated. The inexplicable frenzy that the world seems to be going through these days is happening because of this craving to find the answer to the tormenting question about the meaning of life. In our frantic search for it, which is often an unconscious drive, we are running amok in every direction and destroying everything in our path.

Yet, gradually, we will come to realize that we can find our purpose not within us, but between us. The purpose of life is to lift us to a level where we understand how everything works, and why, namely that we understand the thought behind creation itself. To achieve this, we needn’t study each part in specific, but how all the parts work together to create reality. In other words, if we understand the connections between us, we will understand reality and understand ourselves. Only then will the world’s madness subside.

To understand our interconnections, we need to reconstruct the network that nature has created. This is why we have each other. If we build among us the same type of connections that exist in the rest of reality, we will understand the rest of reality. When we understand reality, we will realize that it is based on balance and harmony. Each part takes only what it needs, while the rest of its operations help maintain the system. In human society, this can be done only if people develop mutual love among. In that case, they will take for themselves only what they need, but more important, they will work wholeheartedly for the benefit of society.

Just as family members are considerate toward each other and help each other because they love one another, all of humanity can consciously develop such connections, and thereby understand all of existence, since all parts of reality are instinctively considerate and help sustain one another. Since what comes to all creations instinctively, comes to us laboriously and after much reflection, we will not be automated beings running on instincts, but conscious human beings, cognizant of their purpose in life and how they can achieve it.

What Is A Person’s Purpose?

167Question: What is the purpose of a person?

Answer: Kabbalah links a global purpose of a person with his personal one. It says that we are, especially now at such a stage of development in which a person must learn his purpose.

This question arises in a person consciously or subconsciously. Therefore, people either rush to some decision or try to calm themselves somehow because it is not easy, and perhaps even impossible, to answer the question about the meaning of life. People get depressed, start taking drugs, etc.

Kabbalah reveals the meaning of life, the purpose of a person. Perhaps the purpose and meaning are different things, but a person must reveal them, how turn them to one’s advantage, make them your own, and begin to implement them.

The meaning of life is to reach the next level of development. The next level is the sensation of being in complete contact with the program of nature where we all become integrally connected into one single system called Adam.

Of course, this connection looks absolutely fantastic today. Because by combining our desires, not leveling them, not reducing them to one size fits all, but simply correctly connecting not only them, but also all our opportunities and all our thoughts, we form one single integral system.

By creating such a system, we begin to feel the revelation of a general upper force of nature called the Creator in our connection.

This is not something materialized, not God, not something people imagine, but what is revealed precisely in our connection and not outside of us. We cannot talk about this force outside of us. It is within us, in our connection, and we feel it as something common, based, on the one hand, on our egoism, mutual rejection of each other, and, on the other hand, on our connection above this rejection. Both hatred and love are revealed here. It is on these two levels that we reveal the Creator.

Kabbalah is engaged in the revelation of the Creator, the upper governing force, His program, which develops us and brings us to complete equivalence with Him. This is our purpose.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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Death Or Life By Vote?

962.1In the News (New York Post): “A 16-year-old girl killed herself after sharing an Instagram poll asking followers whether she should die — and 69 percent of them said she should, reports said.”

My Response: Many people would kill themselves if they could do so easily by taking a pill, falling asleep, and that’s it. Why suffer? This life is miserable if one doesn’t find a filling in it, elation, the attainment of a certain dream, and we all die someday anyway.

But society does the right thing by not letting this inclination grow. We need to “choose life” as it says in the Torah, but this must be chosen.  And in order to do so, we need to try, strive, and seek.

The wisdom of Kabbalah offers us a way to do so, but a person needs to reach it and to find perfect eternal life in it.

Question: What is the goal of the upper management in bringing a person to such a point?

Answer: Its goal is that a person will find out that there is a meaning to life. Not the one he lives in. At the moment he lives a beastly life, and he has to ascend to the next level.

Question: Are you in favor of enticing a person by pleasures or pushing him from behind by suffering?

Answer: I am in favor of attracting a person with pleasures.

Question: Does this mean to show him that this world is worth living for?

Answer: The upper world. Of course.

Question: The world above egoism, as you say all the time.

Answer: Yes, indeed. This is exactly what is worth living for. A person will then find himself in constant motion, in self-development. It is a totally different world, a totally different feeling. A person will see how something in him changes from day to day, upward, downward, whichever direction, but he will be in internal motion and in expectation.

He will be in a state of revealing the upper state, which means the perfect eternal world. He exits his beastly body with his emotions, attainments and knowledge, and begins to feel the higher state.

Question: Do I cease to feel sickness, fears, and sufferings of this world with this feeling of harmony and balance with nature? Do I exit all that or not?

Answer: There are illnesses that you cannot stop feeling because they belong to your beastly state. There are sensations that you feel from time to time, but they belong to a psychological state. Yet, you are already guided by a totally different attitude to your existence, to the world.

Question: Is the change of attitude the main thing?

Answer: Of course! This is the most important thing for a person. A person exists in spirit!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/4/19

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How Can You Learn To Be Happy?

284.03Comment: We see that people are not doing very well in the world today. They suffer, this world drowns them.

There is a letter from a program viewer about such a state.
Dear Michael Laitman, you say that everything that happens should bring joy. Teach us joy, I beg you very much!  There is complete chaos all over, and everything happening to me, to my family, loved ones, to the world is a nightmare! Only a year ago, it was impossible to imagine that it would be so.

My Response: The whole problem is in good and bad states—how we perceive them. This is a purely subjective perception. If we knew for sure that this state was good, directed toward good, toward our good future, then we would also endure this state in a different way.

When you treat a dog or other animal and hurt it, it understands that you are doing something right and good for it and it will endure your treatment calmly.

In the same way, we must understand that this is how we should relate to what we are going through. We must raise ourselves a little to the level of being aware of our common goal and look at all our changes as something that we need to go through in order to learn! Learning to understand nature or the Creator is one and the same. It is the same nature that guides us, gradually leads and teaches us.

Question: It must be painful?

Answer: It hurts because you disagree with it. As soon as you start to agree with it, there is no pain but, on the contrary, there is joy.

Comment: The goal must be very high then.

My Response: We are trying to explain this to people. Those who can be filled with this goal, they relate to life in a completely different way.

Comment: If the goal used to be, as it was said before, to build a house and start a family, now there are tons of obstacles on the way to it. A person understands that he is really being rammed.

My Response: You can do it. You are simply reminded that you must also take care of the burial place.

And therefore, when you build a house, start a family, and give birth to children, there is this place in front of you which you must also prepare for yourself. And you see the uselessness, the futility. It kills the person.

We are becoming more developed so we can no longer close our eyes to all this or take a philosophical attitude as it was treated for a while: “You cannot do anything. Such is life.”

No, it does not apply today. If “such is life,” then why should I have children, why should I learn a trade? Why all this? And then it turns out that day to day I do not serve myself but others, and such,  or children who do nothing afterward and have no gratitude. Our entire existence emphasizes our uselessness. The lack of purpose is such that there is simply nothing, and thus, apathy appears.

The time has come to realize that there is no meaning in our life. Where is it?

The meaning of life means that there is this enormous nature and there is a thought that controls this nature, launches it, creates it.

It is this thought, this design, the great design of nature, that we must reveal. And then we will know the meaning of life. Because life is everything. What do we mean by “everything?” It is still nature: vegetative, animate, and human. It all has a meaning that is above this life.

And this meaning, it twists, it organizes, it rotates everything. So we need to rise above our life.

We just need to open our eyes and understand why nature created it all. This is what nature drives us to. This is what we must reveal.

And the idea is to rise above our world because it is actually the worst of the worlds, and this is not a poetic expression. To rise above it means to reveal this plan, this force, this thought, this idea. And when we understand it, this thought, then we begin to see beyond time, beyond space, beyond everything. Then a person begins to feel himself at the level of the Creator.

Question: And still, what is this thought?

Answer: Harmony! The absolute harmony of all parts of creation! Something which is not in us. And therefore, acting in this way toward us, nature pushes us to understand this harmony.

We must reveal this. We are not going anywhere! We cannot simply destroy ourselves, we cannot refuse it, forget ourselves. We must discover and attain this harmony.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/11/21

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Is It Necessary To Waste Life On Trifles?

556Question: Did Rabash tell you how many years were required for him to attain the upper world?

Answer: No, he did not. In fact, this is not that important.

What is our life given for? What can I exchange it for? On what scales should it be placed? How should it be measured? With what to fill it in order to squeeze it out like a rag and get the dry residue?

I believe that if there is only one valuable science, and such a one with which you can lead people to eternity and perfection, then there is no need to preoccupy yourself with anything else. Only earn a living, and give everything else to the attainment of the upper world and attracting others to it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/10/19

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Existing Inside Egoism

608.01Question: A person thinks that he creates with his thoughts, that he engages in some kind of work, and that he exists. But in fact, he is in an illusion. Is there a point a person can cling to in order to get out of it?

Answer: What do you need it for?! Why do you need to know what the meaning of your life is, what you make on your own, and what comes from above? Why do you, an egoist, want to know this too? Have you not spoiled this poor Earth enough with your egoistic knowledge?

Question: Isn’t the thought “What do I live for?”, in principle, the only thing that is important for a person?

Answer: Of course. But still, the thought will not give you anything. You will not be able to attain and reach it while you are in your petty egoistic state, only if you rise above it.

Question: Is it possible to rise above this state by relying on our thoughts, on the intellect?

Answer: No. No way! No mind, no intellect, no qualities given to you from the earthly nature is enough to get you out of yourself.

To do this, there must be an entire exit system where you part with your egoism and rise above it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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