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Do Not Pull Out The Weeds

629.4Question: There was a man who took great pride in his beautiful lawn. One day, he saw dandelions growing in the grass. No matter how hard he tried to fight it, to his dismay the dandelions continued their rapid growth. He turned to a sage and asked: “How can you help me clear the field of dandelions?” “You need to start loving them,” said the sage.

We want to see a certain kind of field, a certain kind of life, but life is full of dandelions. We keep fighting them, but the struggle never leads to anything. Do we have to love them in order for them to disappear?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: What will happen?

Answer: There will be not only dandelions, but all sorts of weeds and thorns. And you will realize that this is what should exist in this field. But you will find yourself in the correct interaction with them. You will see a new life, a new world, in their manifestations toward you.

Question: So my task is not to clear the field of weeds?

Answer: Not to do anything. What appears before us should be appearing exactly as it is. We only take out of it what we need for our existence and leave everything else as is. It will change depending on our inner changes.

Question: So I never destroy anything?

Answer: You should never destroy anything!

Question: What if I encounter evil, all sorts of troubles, haters?

Answer: Do nothing! You cannot destroy anything. You cannot do anything about either good or evil. You cannot even understand what is evil and what is good. This is possible only when we behave correctly, and then through our internal balance between all our bad and good qualities, each within himself and between us, we cause changes in the surrounding nature: animate, vegetative, and inanimate, as well as changes in their balance.

Question: How do I act correctly regarding what I see?

Answer: I must work at the level of “love your neighbor as yourself” and perceive everything around me as a manifestation of the Creator. I should excel at loving all of nature without trying to see something good or bad in it, which I see through my egoism when something seems good or bad to me based on some criteria of taste, or smell, or its usefulness, while something else does not.

I must accept everything as the upper force and try to shape myself as the correct component of this force, to be in harmony with it, and then everything will fall in its place. My views will change: whatever has to leave will leave, and what needs to stay will remain. If necessary, dinosaurs will reappear, but they will be friendly.

Question: So, I am always trying to break this connection with nature. Is this my main issue?

Answer: Not break it, I am trying to cripple it.

Question: And it responds with weeds, each time bigger and bigger?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And if I try to find a connection with it, to resonate with it, then I will practically not notice the weeds?

Answer: I will simply not criticize it. If I need something, I will take very carefully from it, but never harm it.

It all depends on the attitude. Attitude is not a physical action. It happens afterward. It is the feeling of love for everything around me because it comes from the Creator.

I look at everything as nasty, dirty, as cruelty among animals and so on, and I see that it is all nature, coming from the Creator.

And the reason for it being this way is also explained to me in the Torah. If man were kind, then all other parts of nature under him would also be kind to each other. And naturally, the lion would lie down with the lamb, and the little child would play with them, and everything would be fine. It depends only on the attitude of people toward nature. I think we will see this. It is pretty close.

Question: By nature you mean virtually the whole universe?

Answer: The entire universe including our world and all interactions in it. Up to the point that we can change our relationship to nature in such a way that with our good attitude, we will never get a negative reaction from it. On the contrary, if you need to take something from nature—like water or bread—you are welcome to. Everything will grow and bloom beautifully and there will be enough for everyone! All we need to do is to correct our relations.

This is not a fairy tale. I think people will start to understand this. And then they will curtail all their grand plans like flying to Mars or others. They will not need any of it.

The most important thing is to make our life on Earth self-sufficient, beautiful, and to engage in inner contemplation. Not through physical external expansion. We will achieve nothing by it. We will only burn ourselves and exhaust all our resources. But on the contrary: by inner deep scrutiny into nature, we will begin to attain its eternity, infinity, and its altogether different structure. This is where everything is.

I think that people will now go through a certain stage of realizing the uselessness of their scientific and technological development and become convinced of its futility.

We see today that all these years of progress have amounted to nothing. It allowed us to grow to eight billion people instead of two billion in the course of 100 years. But what good is it? Who among these people who were born and grew up are happy or satisfied? What good are they doing for themselves or the world? Perhaps it would have been better not to bring them into the world or develop them but let them exist in a different form, not developing, not being born.

Question: Is it possible to exist without being born?

Answer: Of course. What good is there in them coming to this world? It says so in the Torah, the sages sat and discussed: who is happy—one who was born or one who was not born? And they decided, happy, of course, is one who was not born, but if you were born, you must behave correctly.

Question: So you should still choose the goal of life correctly?

Answer: Yes. But the one who was not born is happier. And what does he do then? He has a different life we know nothing of in a non-physical form.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/15/21

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What To Choose: $10 Million Or The Meaning Of Life?

025.01Question: We are living through a difficult time, people have clearly matured, many are reconsidering their lives and thinking about the future. Against this background, sociologists asked a simple question, “What would you prefer: to search for the meaning of life or to win 10 million dollars in the lottery?” 85% chose money.

In the near future, we will open Kabbalah courses. What would you say to people? What will they find in these courses? The meaning of life or the equivalent of money confidence in the present, the future, or something else?

Answer: You understand our world is a small ball and we are flying on it, riding it like Munchausen [in Baron Munchausen’s Narrative of his Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia] on the core through airless space, dark space, dead space, which is absolutely not ready to revive us, support us, feed us or water us.

In this state, we exist only due to the fact that there are special conditions on this small piece of our universe. Moreover, no matter how many such conditions are searched for in the universe, they do not exist!

This blue planet is special. And if we do not take care of it, then we will end our existence there. Therefore, I think the most important thing for us is not money. The most important thing for us is to protect our planet.

But in order to protect it, we need to know the forces that exist that it depends on. And that is why this small living organism called Earth is a living organism! It is thanks to it that we exist; it must exist. Therefore, first of all we should think about it.

When I hear that trillions of dollars are spent on weapons of mass destruction every year in the world, I feel very bad. Because today one strong, modern atomic bomb is enough for this globe to be carried in the wrong direction. Simply the wrong way!

Its orbit shifts a little, something happens, and that’s it! Life changes not because of some small pandemic we are experiencing, but because environmental conditions are changing so much that we suddenly cannot breathe, we cannot exist with such a level of radiation, and so on.

This, I think, is the most important thing. We must, through the necessity of the sustainable development of the Earth and the conditions we exist in, first of all take care of the atmosphere, the environment we live in. Kabbalah speaks precisely about this, how we should properly take care of our future.

Question: And you put this blue ball as the basis for everything?

Answer: Yes. It is blue because it still has a small oxygen pad on it. But there will be no oxygen cushion for it to lie on, then that will be it! It will turn red like Mars, or blue like Venus, or something else. He will turn red, turn blue, and that is it.

Question: So what? Kabbalists are not ecologists, they do not say, “Let’s save the ecology.”

Answer: No. But I am addressing people who just want to continue to exist, to live on this Earth. That is why I say that instead of $10 million, you can do much more for your life, security, and development.

Question: Will they find the meaning of life in this?

Answer: They will not find the meaning of life in anything unless they begin to properly delve into the science of Kabbalah. Then they will find not only the meaning of life, but a connection with the source of life. And through it, they will already find the meaning of everything that exists in general: the universe, the Earth, themselves, everything that happens to them every minute, what has been, and what will be.They will find all this only if they begin to understand the world correctly.

Question: Do you think they will come to this in our Kabbalah courses?

Answer: Yes. They will not get this anywhere else. I think this is already provable and there is no need to try to find anything anywhere else. The science of Kabbalah in comparison with all other sciences, theories, philosophies, and so on puts forward such a practical methodology and invites everyone, regardless of gender or religion, to master it and rise above the question of the meaning of life, that is, to the source of life.

And then absolutely all the questions that arise in a person become clear to him, even before he asks the question.

I invite you to take courses. I believe that if a person in our time cannot answer these questions for himself, then he cannot properly equip himself.

Question: What questions?

Answer: The meaning of life. Why is this happening? How can I fix it all? Those are the most fundamental questions of existence.

So we must master this science. It is not difficult. I’m not talking about being in it, starting to work in it, like a scientist in a laboratory, and so on. No.

This is in the form, to the extent that a person can be the creator of his own destiny.

Question: And you can become the creator of your own destiny?

Answer: Of course! Be a creator!

Question: Is it a great thing to become the creator of your own destiny?

Answer: Yes. We must. The Creator did everything, prepared, created, and gave us the opportunity to know, comprehend, change, and correct everything that is needed, and thus live in a world that we can make as comfortable as possible for ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/4/21

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Open The Upper World

36Question: When you met with different spiritual leaders did you find any point of contact with them?

Answer: No, none, because their teachings are built on the suppression of selfishness.

All methods except for Kabbalah are built on the suppression of egoism—to desire less, think less, eat less, move less, that is, to constantly reduce oneself in one’s earthly manifestations. And Kabbalah says: “Leave all earthly manifestations. You must develop your spiritual part.”

The earthly part is everything in which we exist, i.e., taking care of our body. As long as it lives we think about it, and this is our whole life. Imagine that you have some kind of animal and your whole life is devoted only to caring for it. And it lives from such and such a day to such and such a day, these seventy years, and you live with it. It dies, and you die.

Kabbalah says: “Rise above this animal so that not only it fills your entire existence because besides this there is another life. Look at the world.” And when you start looking at the world not through this animal—you give it what it needs, but look above it—you open the upper world.

Question: But an ordinary person cannot rise above this animal?

Answer: They cannot. They cannot even try to get out of it and do not understand what it means.

It means to acquire another completely different property, bestowal. After all the property with which I am in this animal is the property of receiving, and it just keeps me in itself.

But inside me initially there is a rudiment of my next state, the spiritual state. It pulls me out of this animal, pulls me to find out: “For the sake of what do I exist? Really in the name of this life? Really in the name of these years in which I am in my body and die?” If I have this urgent question that haunts me and I am obliged to answer it, then I am already in a state where I really need Kabbalah.

For the first time such states are revealed only in our generation. And therefore, only now is the science of Kabbalah being revealed to mankind, and very indifferently: whoever wants it, please; whoever doesn’t want it, no need. No one convinces anyone. The entrance is free, the exit is even freer.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up Seekers”

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Without Postponing For Hundreds Of Years

760.1Question: The writer Ivan Yefremov in his 1963 book Razor’s Edge says: “Man is like the universe, deep, mysterious, boundless. The most important thing is to find in a person everything that he needs right now, without postponing it for hundreds of years into the future and without appealing to upper beings from outer space.”

What do you think about this?

Answer: I think that if a person wants to reveal the essence of one’s existence, what one lives for, then one can do it at any time, in any place. Everything depends only on the person. However, this definitely should not be postponed.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 7/29/21

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To Know Everything About Yourself

198Question: What does a person have to change to be happy?

Answer: To see the world one is in.

Question: Does one need to change some external conditions for that?

Answer: No, absolutely not! Open a book or connect to our website on the Internet. He will get everything from there.

Comment: But it sounds somewhat unrealistic that my happiness depends on reading a book or listening to some channel.

My Response: This is how Kabbalah works. This is a special science that is revealed in this way.

On the other hand, I would say that there is nothing special here. Isn’t the same thing happening to me when I study other sciences—let’s say psychology?

Comment: But I don’t change. By studying any some science, I just accumulate knowledge.

My Response: It depends on what kind of science. If you study the science about yourself, then you change. I said psychology, not veterinary science or geology.

It is not easy. I am changing because the science is about me and about how I can discover the higher world. It is said that Kabbalah is the science of the revelation of the Creator to a person in this world, in this life. By the Creator, we mean the whole of nature, true, global nature, of which we currently feel only one percent, and therefore we do not know how to behave in this world, and not only in it. What happens to us after we die?

Comment: Nobody knows this.

My Response: So I can find it out. Why should I live in this world without knowing what will happen to me next? Then this life has no meaning either. And thus the whole picture is opened for us and it unfolds in front of us—everything right here where we exist.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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From Feeling The Emptiness Of Life

276.06A person like you, who was born with the question of the meaning of our existence and understands that if his life is temporary, then there is no need to live, thinks about it.

Comment: A person like you who was born with the question of the meaning of our existence and understands that if his life is temporary and so then there is no need to live, thinks about this. But today many people still do not ask this question.

My Response: Then suffering will force them gradually and the question will arise.

I also did not have it right away. What do you mean I was born with this question? It appeared from the feeling of emptiness of this life, and that, that in general, there is nothing in it.

I was born in a very well-off family with excellent conditions, received an education, and I had no problems in the corporeal sense all my life. I know how to provide for myself and how to conduct business.

I had no problems with anything except for one thing: Why am I doing all this? This is the question that constantly bothered me. Everything else I had in abundance and in surplus. You can say that I was born “with a golden spoon.” This is what is called “Mazal” (luck). But the question of the meaning of life bothered me all the time.

There are people who come to this question through suffering. They have such problems that they begin to ask themselves: “Why? What for?

What is happening to me? What have I done wrong?” From this they gradually reveal the meaning of life.

Eventually, we all will reveal it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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PTSD And The Purpose Of Life

961.2Question: In April this year, Itzik Saidyan, a 26-year-old disabled soldier, set himself on fire in front of the Israeli Ministry of Defense Rehabilitation Department. This event has awakened public discourse and brought up awareness of those suffering from PTSD and other emotional trauma. Many of these people feel that they are invisible because their handicap cannot be seen.

Let us say that same person would meet you a few moments before he goes to set himself on fire. What would you say to him?

Answer: I would tell him that human life has a much greater purpose than what he can even imagine. Even when one finds oneself in this difficult state, eternal, whole, perfect, and joyous states can be reached.

Question: Many people among us are suffering from trauma on one level or another. How can we act, as a society, to strengthen them and give them hope?

Answer: We have no other choice but to learn how to approach and reach out to them, to listen and explain the process that a person must go through. In this way we can help them reach the truth.

Question: What is the truth Dr. Laitman?

Answer: The truth is that each one of us exists under the general plan of nature and every situation we go through, is all predetermined within it. If we can come to agree and discover the fact that this is how things are, this will give us great satisfaction.

Question: Can one rise from this shattered rock bottom state?

Answer: Yes, for the general correction of man brings him to a state where he rises above himself and is included in the perfection and harmony of nature.

Question: What allows him to grasp eternity and perfection when he is at rock bottom?

Answer: Precisely that this care and understanding, is all that one has left in order to prevent “being buried alive ” so as to heal these traumatic and post-traumatic situations. And in general, all events in a person’s life can be changed because we all go through such traumas in life, with the reason being that everyone needs this to push us into changing.

We only need to understand that the correct care is that we rise above our current nature to that of bestowal, love, and connection.

Question: Is this the remedy for everything?

Answer: There is no other remedy!

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Musk Will Not Get An Answer From The Universe

507.05In the News (sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com): “Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, said ‘ I’m not religious in a traditional sense, because you know I was raised in a scientific school of thought. But at the same time I do wonder — where does all of this come from? What’s the meaning of life? How did we get to be here? What are even the right questions to ask? I would say that … philosophy is to expand the scope and scale of our mind so that we are able to ask the right questions about the universe.'”

Question: Will he get an answer from the universe: who are we, where did we come from, why?

Answer: No. Never. And everything he does is all children’s games because this does not refer to the essence of life, to the essence of a person. This is all external and very mechanical.

What will he find—where to move? We spoiled the Earth, now we will spoil Mars.

Comment: But he already plans to relocate a million people to Mars by 2060.

My Response: Suppose they live there, grow in numbers, even produce their own food and everything. What next? There is no life here and there will be no life over there.

Question: That is, he will not get an answer to questions that have been asked: what is life? How did we get here? What are we living for?

Answer: No. From life itself you will not reveal its source. You must leave this life and then you will find out where it comes from.

Leaving is not the same as dying. To die is to die. To leave life is to rise above it. It is not on Mars.

Question: Have you ever dreamed about it?

Answer: Did I ever! I was ready, put me in a rocket, lift me up somewhere, fly! And coming back, let me burn in the atmosphere.

Comment: That is, you wanted to research, get scientific evidence. And somewhere, this system collapsed.

My Response: Futility. Pointlessness. Well, suppose we take root on Mars, and then somewhere else, and on some other star, and on some dead cosmic body. What next? Where are you going from there? Will you live 1,000 years instead of our standard 100, or a million years? That is even worse. If you do not have a serious, correct task suitable for so many years, then living 1,000 years is a horror!

Even with these years that we have now, we do not know what to do. We do not know! Try to close people off now so they cannot fly back and forth, travel on vacation or anywhere else. Close the way they live: sit, get your living wage, and that is it. And what will they do? People will start killing themselves and each other out of despair.

Question: And if a person still has these questions: “Where did we come from? What is the meaning of life? How did we get here?”

Answer: These questions will come, but they will come in a couple of years when people stop playing such games.

Question: That is, a person now has different needs?

Answer: You see if there is an end at all, it means that it will happen now or in a thousand years, it does not matter. Moreover, I cannot fill these 1,000 years with anything. What, am I going to look at these soulless cosmic bodies?

Question: Is this all not filled with the main meaning—the meaning of life for you?

Answer: No. I really wanted to find the meaning in this and could not find anything. It does not make any sense.

Still, vegetative, and animate nature cannot fill a person who is at the next level of development. And we can fill a person only if we give him knowledge, consciousness, a feeling of an even higher force than the person himself, than our nature, the higher nature, the Creator, as we call it. This is possible.

And we cannot do this with our own hands physically. Only from inside: to give birth yourself, raise yourself to the next level. But how can we do that? By uniting with each other! Just as all nature originated from the Big Bang, we must go back through that point that exploded and gave birth to our world and go there—into what was before the explosion.

Question: That is, this is how we pass through this tunnel and suddenly the world opens up to us?

Answer: Yes! A great world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/31/21

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How To Feel The Creator, Part 2

527.03The Spiritual Basis of Man

But attaining its emanator is a deficiency toward itself, and this is its being. (Baal HaSulam, A Sage’s Fruit Volume 2, “From My Flesh I Shall See God”)

The attainment of the Creator is originally embedded in the soul. A person yearns not for comprehending itself in life, but for attaining the root of life, the Creator.

There is a record of spiritual information inside us called Reshimo, which is revealed from time to time and demands its fulfillment. This is man’s spiritual basis. This is the reason we feel the urge to know everything: Who am I? What am I living for? Where am I headed, etc.?

A person cannot remain indifferent to these questions because if he does, then who is he and what is he living for? It is very important for him to discover his origin and destiny, at least the starting and ending point of his earthly existence. Otherwise, we simply live as beasts and even worse than beasts because they do not have all these questions.

The question is how to realize our internal impulses and find answers to them.

Here, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to our aid and explains everything very clearly. Later, if we wish to achieve revelation, we have to make serious efforts.

That is, it feels itself as an emanated being. All its events aim toward it, and this is the deficiency that it feels— that it will be able to attain its emanator.

The higher the soul, the more strongly it yearns for that.

Even from the people who come to us to study one can see how strong, stable, and consistent their yearning is or, on the other hand, how inconsistent they are and can easily leave everything and go. This is the first point.

Second, a person is tested by being given all kinds of obstacles in life and he shows to himself and to the upper forces that develop him the extent to which he is ready to stay on track, to keep developing, and has no intention of giving in to or to follow any corporeal interruptions.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/23/19

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Why Study Kabbalah?

051Question: Why did you start studying Kabbalah?

Answer: I wanted to know the meaning of life, where it can be found, how to check what it is worth living for. These questions really bothered me and constantly excited me. I wanted to know what I exist for. Thus, in the end, I found Kabbalah.

I met Kabbalists in Israel and around the world, traveled a lot, asked questions, and researched. Over time, I defended my dissertation on the topic of Kabbalah. Since then, I have been known as a Kabbalist.

I have a great number of students. Every day I give lessons that are simultaneously translated to many languages of the world.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 7/29/21

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