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How Can We Know The Ultimate Goal Of Our Existence?

Laitman_198Question: How do we find out the ultimate goal of our existence? A person is limited to living in a certain country and has certain financial and physical capabilities. Where should he start the shift? Is this some kind of internal process, an internal decision?

Answer: A person will be unable to see, define, understand, or realize his final state. For example, if a two or three-year-old child suddenly saw himself as an adult on the stage of a theater conducting a huge orchestra, he would not understand what kind of person was standing there and waving a stick, while the rest were pulling strings or blowing horns.

We don’t see our final state because we don’t have any predisposition to it. We can only read about these final states, we can only imagine them in a very limited way, with certain conditions that Kabbalah sets before us, saying that we should not rush too far ahead.

See what is in front of you, the final states will be explained to you, and you will get an idea of the overall picture. But most importantly, these are the states that you must gradually realize in your spiritual progress.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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The Information Record That Is Everything

laitman_202.0Question: We can say that spiritual advancement pushed Mikhail Lomonosov, who was born into a poor fisherman’s family, to leave his native village and go on foot to Moscow. Let’s say that people do not have such an awakening, there is no such aspiration, but at the same time they can listen to us now. Where could they start? What can turn them on?

Answer: If they have such an information record that they should turn on, then they turn it on, and if not, then no. This is destiny.

Question: They say that 50 percent of your destiny can definitely be changed, and 50 percent of events you just need to accept. I am not suggesting that this is correct. But it turns out that everything that happens in life can be changed?

Answer: No. You can only be what you are as recorded informationally in your original state. It contains all the steps you must take on the way to your final absolute state. But you can speed up this path, make it more convenient, and most importantly, do it yourself. You can enjoy realizing it.

Such a realization of the path of life, when you make yourself a person of the future, is a great pleasure. It gives you fulfillment and creativity. But in general, you still keep going and translate into reality the informational record that was in you initially.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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Can We Start With A Clean Slate?

627.2Question: Many people ask if it is possible to change your life in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, to start from scratch? Is it possible to change your family or profession? There are women who really want to change something in their lives, like their profession or marital status, but they are afraid of being judged, afraid that they are violating God’s commandments to accept, to tolerate, and to forgive.

Answer: Let’s put your thoughts and principles in order.

First, it is impossible to change your destiny. You just need to reveal it and try to realize it correctly. This way, you become equal to the Creator, as if you are His partner.

He created you, embedded in you an informational record of all your states up to the most perfect final state, and now you want to grow in the way that lets you, together with Him, realize yourself.

And it turns out that you do become His partner. You begin to understand why this is happening to you, to others, and to the whole world. You begin to attain this whole world in action through yourself.

This is a work of one who is aware of one’s individuality, one’s uniqueness. This is what we strive for. Kabbalah explains this and helps you live this way.

For more on this topic, please read: Women, Relationships & Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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The Age Of Enlightenment And Emancipation, Part 2

laitman_209What is the benefit of Kabbalistic knowledge?

Question: What is the benefit of Kabbalistic knowledge for humanity? What is so special about it?

Answer: The fact is that Kabbalistic knowledge is necessary for people who are interested in the meaning of life, for what purpose it was given to them. After all, a person, unlike an animal, sometimes asks himself: “What should I do?” and begins to seek the meaning of life. “Where did I come from?” “Why am I here?” “Where do I go after I leave this world?”

If such questions torment a person, then he can no longer abandon the desire to attain them. The rest of life becomes as mere support for existence, which does not make sense since life is finite. What is the point of supporting it if in the end you do not achieve some higher predestination?

This is how certain people who have a “point in the heart,” that is, a desire that urges them to know the meaning of life, feel. They strive for this and tell everyone else who also want to attain the essence of existence.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 8/5/19

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The Only Value In Life

laitman_294.3Question: What are the real values in life? And who will confirm their validity?

Answer: The only value that exists in our life is merging with the eternal, perfect nature. And we can acquire it. Nothing else is needed.

You gain eternity, perfection, in merging with the eternal, perfect nature. That’s it!

I wish for you to begin attaining and feeling this. We will reach this level anyway. But why calm down if you can do it sooner? I wish you good luck in this!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/17/20

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Kabbalah—A Method Of Changing One’s Fate

laitman_760.3Question: What is fate and what is karma? Is there a difference between these concepts?

Answer: I don’t know what fate or karma is in other people’s minds. I can only say that a person has his own path, and while walking through it, he can alter it. I don’t know whether to call it “karma” or “fate” but everyone has it.

This path begins with the fact that everything is already embedded in a person. Just as a drop of seed contains all the information about the future person, there is a spiritual drop of seed that determines the development of an earthly, spiritual person in us and in this way we advance.

Can this be changed? It can be. The science of Kabbalah is a method of changing one’s fate (karma, if you like).

Comment: The fact is that many people have a fatalistic belief that you were born with a certain fate that you have to accept and go with its flow.

My Response: No, that is not true. We can change our fate and ourselves. The science of Kabbalah gives a person the opportunity to attract the upper forces that can change him.

A question arises: Is the scenario by which this can be done also written in our destiny initially? In general, yes. The only difference is whether I follow it in a good or a bad way.

I can turn myself into a person that is initially embedded in me (in the form of an information record) rather quickly, easily, and pleasantly, or I can do it in some other way. Meaning, I can accelerate my development. But, in any case, I will have to achieve the final goal that has been encoded in me.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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Attaining The Upper Force

Laitman_421.01Question: Is the question of the meaning of life individual or common to all?

Answer: Understanding the root of life is common to all. But you know it individually.

You begin to see that the real universe is eternal, infinite, and you also exist in this eternal, infinite movement. There is no death besides the one that seems to us because it falls only on our animal state. The higher state is not affected by the death of the animal body.

You see that the knowledge of life is the attainment of the force that governs all of nature. We call it “Creator” because it created us. But this is not what is implied in religions. This force is attained in the properties that we acquire, absolutely clearly, experimentally. You begin to feel how everything exists around you, and at the same time, you rise to this level.

It becomes clear to you what a human means, how he is different from the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world. After all, they all exist within the framework of a small Earthly egoism, including us.

And if you rise above your animal egoism, then you begin to attain the eternal, perfect state in this world, in this life. And our material existence in no way limits us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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Out Of The Impasse

laitman_592.04Question: Suicide is the most extreme step of despair. Today the number of suicides is simply sweeping the world. Why is this so?

Answer: A person living in the modern world is in despair because he doesn’t feel any meaning in his life, he doesn’t see a goal, and he doesn’t even see the reason why he has to suffer in this world.

On the other hand, a person is so developed that he understands everything that happens and everything that might happen, and thus eventually decides to put an end to it. What’s the point in living and suffering if it is possible not to exist and not to suffer? This certainly makes sense.

Of course, no one says that this is the right decision, but it certainly makes sense. So if a person discovers that he can reach a perfect life in this world, in our world, knowing and understanding what he lives for and how everything works and that there is a perfect and eternal goal ahead of him that he can attain, it will be possible to change the negative statistics significantly. This is the way out of the impasse.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/24/19

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Life Lessons

Laitman_198Question: Each of us experiences difficult moments in life. And then we ask ourselves a question: “Why do I deserve this?” Do karmic laws really exist and each person deserves what happens to him?

Answer: This is partially true and partially not. In every person, there is a source of his soul. He is born with a certain set of properties and has the experience of previous cycles. And now he must continue them and achieve the goal of his existence: to reach complete similarity to the Creator.

Thus, his starting point disappears somewhere in his past cycles and his end point in his future cycles. And at the moment, he is carrying out a certain program. Therefore, everything that happens to him cannot be accidental. All this is absolutely predestined. In this way, he is directed to the goal.

Question: Should each person learn a lesson from this?

Answer: Yes, if he wants to. If he strives for this, then he is helped from above, he is given a certain environment, and then he can learn these lessons and move quite consciously.

Question: Based on the current situation, has humanity learned this lesson? What should we understand from the situation with the coronavirus?

Answer: Our world is an integral system, which a wave of pandemic is passing through now. For the first time, it is passing all over the planet. Throughout all of history, there has been nothing in the world that would touch everyone without exception.

We are shown that our world is truly an absolutely integral, closed system, and we must accordingly bring ourselves to complete internal balance.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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New Life 1179 – The Importance Of Life

New Life 1179 – The Importance Of Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the importance of life is found in the attainment of the purpose or source of life, the upper force. The upper force is a field within which reality exists. We can understand it and feel it when we become like it. We build this connection from inherent data, education, and environmental impact. A person feels that his or her life matters when it matters to the surrounding society. A person goes from an ordinary life to a noble and eternal level of living. One’s whole life becomes a means for reaching this state.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1179 – The Importance Of Life,” 11/21/19

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