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Meaning Of Life, Part 8

laitman_939.02We Will Raise their Desires to the Creator with our Intention

Question: Is it possible to reveal the Creator with people who are not searching for the meaning of life?

Answer: No.

Question: So that means there should be a group of people with one common goal. What are the other 8 billion for?

Answer: Others will gradually feel that they have no meaning in life, that they need something, although perhaps it is not yet the attainment of the Creator. However, they will feel and discover all sorts of negative qualities, negative aspects of their lives, and in order to get rid of them, they will still have to gather in groups that are attaining the Creator. Not at this level, but at a lower one.

The meaning of life is the destiny of just a small group. The remaining 8 billion will be aspiring for the Creator for various reasons. For example, because they need to provide for their children, family, etc. They will not have a question about the meaning of existence.

Nevertheless, their aspirations for some materialistic goals will be enough because they will enter into our desires even with their egoistic desires, and we will be able to raise their desires to the Creator with our intention.

It is enough if they just know that there is a goal, and you need to gradually get used to it, adapt to it. This is enough to make this goal manifest in the masses even without raising their intentions to altruism. It is because we will give them our intentions, and they will give us their desires.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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laitman_530Duty to Reveal the Creator

Question: Let’s say I found a group of like-minded people who, like me, are trying to find the meaning of life manifested in the revelation of the Creator. If I am helping them reveal the Creator and this is more important for me than to attain Him myself, then under these conditions will the Creator appear between us?

Answer: A quality called “the Creator” will appear between you, that is, the quality of absolute bestowal and love. The attainment of this property, its sensation within you, is the highest possible pleasure.

I think that it is not enough just to try, all our lives today push us to this, and we cannot get away from this. We will have to reveal the Creator exactly from various states of descent, emptiness, and everything else that we go through.

Comment: It seems that this is not very difficult to find people who are also looking for the meaning of life, gather them in a group, and try to take care that they always have the importance of this meaning.

My Response: This is what we are doing now. In practice, we are trying to create a group that would be an example, a laboratory, and then everyone would be able to do the same in it.

Like Baal HaSulam wrote that we need to first build the correct society, which would be an example for everyone else. Then everyone else could act in the same way as this society. In principle, this is what we want to achieve.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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laitman_608.02Patent of Continuous Pleasure

Question: In corporeal life, is the fulfillment of our desires felt on the collision, with the disappearance of pleasure? For example, when I am thirsty I take a few sips of water and feel pleasure at the same time. Then it disappears. As far as I understand, there is a patent of continuous pleasure in Kabbalah.

Answer: In Kabbalah there is indeed a means that allows one to enjoy continuously more and more. In our world, any pleasures on the inanimate, vegetative and animate degrees extinguish our desires. Both desire and pleasure disappear—I feel twice as empty, i.e., I practically kill myself.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, I must receive pleasure in a form that does not extinguish my desire. Then I will feel this pleasure for eternity. The more I have pleasure and desire for it—even more pleasure, even more desire—I will constantly feel more and more fulfilled. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is called the science of receiving.

Question: That is, there should be some kind of a barrier, resistance, so that pleasure will not extinguish the desire. What is it?

Answer: This is an ascent above our egoistic desire when I break away from it and use it for its intended purpose, regardless of my feelings, to fill it with pleasure. Moreover, the pleasure that I experience must be felt by me not for my own sake, but for the sake of others or for the sake of the Creator.

Question: Does it mean that another person can become this resistance?

Answer: Yes. If I do it for the other person, then I isolate myself. I separate my desire from fulfillment because I do it for the sake of the other. Then my desire does not disappear. It is not extinguished by pleasure because the pleasure relates to the other. In this state, I can enjoy continuously and indefinitely.

Question: So, we have a scheme here: I, another person, and pleasure. Is one person enough or should there be a group of people or even all of humanity?

Answer: It does not matter. Of utmost importance is that it is outside of me. I can then truly enjoy continuously and increasingly.

Question: How does this relate to the Creator? Where is the Creator in this?

Answer: The Creator is the cause of all this, and by His constant positive and negative influences on us, He teaches us how to build an instrument in which we will receive continuous, ever-increasing pleasure.

Question: Why is it not “I, the Creator, and pleasure,” but “I, another person, and pleasure”?

Answer: It does not matter whether it is the Creator or another person. Simply, the Creator here acts as a third person who replaces absolutely everyone. By aiming yourself to fulfill others in order to fulfill the Creator with it, you are as if completely detached from yourself.

Question: Does it mean that if I want to receive pleasure, I just need to find some stranger and do something good for him?

Answer: No. This is not how things happen. After all, in this way you begin to perceive this person like yourself, he becomes close to you. To give to another or to give to yourself—there is a danger that you will associate this with yourself, and in the end you will begin to fulfill him egoistically.

Comment: If this is, let’s say, my child, I can understand.

My Response: Even if this is not your child but a stranger. Therefore, everything should be related to the ten, through the group to the Creator in order to place this on a very serious degree.

Question: How is the Creator revealed here? Is it like fuel that gives me an opportunity to do something?

Answer: The Creator here is revealed as a goal, as an address to which my action is directed. I do it for His sake. Through the group of people to the Creator. I then have an absolutely clear intention for bestowal.

Question: How do I know what the Creator needs?

Answer: It does not matter. If I arrange my actions in such a way, I break away from my egoism. There is no Creator. I just need such an arrangement in order to exit myself and reach absolute and constant pleasure.

Question: What do I need to do for the sake of the others? Do I need to give them something?

Answer: You will begin to receive the understanding of what they are lacking and see opportunities to fulfill them through you, that is, to treat them in such a way that the upper light passes through you and fulfills them.

Question: Is there is a danger here that we might find ourselves in illusion?

Answer: You cannot be in illusion because this is disconnected from your egoism. Egoism cannot play with you here. This is very real, so much so that it takes years until we come to this state.

Question: But how do I know what others need? Let’s say, I have a few friends, so in the case that they ask, should I try to do something for them?

Answer: They need the same thing you need. Exactly the same thing.

Comment: Suppose, I need to find the meaning of life.

My Response: And they need the same. They are together with you in the same group.

Question: If I help them find the meaning of life, to reveal the Creator and they understand that, and I take care of that, is this called that I bestow to them?

Answer: Yes. You mutually help each other. Therefore, this common work brings you to one single desire, to one single intention. You are already considered connected with each other so much that you do not feel where you are and where the other is.

You have common desires, common intentions and in them you reveal the intention for the Creator from the entire group.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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Life And Death, Part 10

laitman_600.01Prefer Life in Bestowal

Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot”: 3) “See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil…therefore, choose life…”

This means choose the quality of bestowal and love for others. It is not easy because the choice happens above our egoism. This is why we live.

We need to go through a lot of things in order to really understand this: to prefer to live in bestowal, meaning, to serve other people in order to bring them to connection and by so doing, letting the Creator reveal Himself between them. This is the person’s sole goal in life. All the rest simply disappears, nothing else exists.

We cannot imagine how the universe is arranged outside of our present inherently false state. It is absolutely wrong, distorted by our egoism. If we had the opportunity, like in a camera, to focus on what is happening, we would see how with a qualitative decrease or increase in egoism, that is, by getting closer to others or by moving away from others, the world becomes different.

Let’s hope that this will become revealed more and more between us. However, to do so, one needs to be in a group, in the ten. Only there, in the group of those who yearn to attain the purpose of life, can we assemble a model that will be called “life after death” or the “upper world.” This can be simulated while still in our world, in our life.

Therefore, if someone has such a desire, they should come to our group and participate in practical “laboratory” classes. Then he will see that all this is very effective and attainable. We await you.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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Meaning Of Life, Part 5

Laitman_115Push to the Revelation of the Purpose of Creation

Question: Is the meaning of life from the point of view of Kabbalah in the revelation of the Creator within a person precisely when one exists in this world, in this body, that is, when one leads an ordinary human life?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it felt like a great pleasure? After all, it is written in all Kabbalistic sources that the purpose of creation is in bringing pleasure to the created beings.

Answer: Bringing pleasure through what? It is through the revelation of the Creator.

Question: So, does it mean that the Creator, nature, initially develops us so that we would advance from the shallow basic pleasures to social pleasures?

Answer: Yet nevertheless, moving from small pleasures to bigger ones, a person goes through suffering.

Question: Is it suffering that becomes a push toward the revelation of the purpose of creation?

Answer: Yes. The feeling of lack, that I need to reveal more, to understand more, and to feel more drives us forward.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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laitman_543.02Each Has One’s Own Meaning of Life

Question: Why isn’t the meaning of life taught to us at school?

Answer: What can teachers answer to this question?

Remark: In religious schools, for example, they would answer that the meaning of life is in the revelation of the Creator.

My Comment: Indeed, religious people say so. Therefore, today a lot of people return to religions where they find some mystical comfort, which somehow answers this question.

Remark: Secular people would say that the meaning of life is in creating a good family, in love.

My Comment: This is not the final goal. It all ends. Even psychologists and physiologists say that all relationships disappear in a few years.

People remain together only because of children and common property. In principle, no special mutual feelings remain, only mutual responsibilities.

Question: Does it mean that love and family cannot be the purpose of life?

Answer: No. There are many works of psychologists on this subject. Any good relationship between a man and a woman does not last more than three, even two and a half years. After that, we cool down. That is how we are built. However, there are children, a common household, for which it is worth living together.

Question: Why is the meaning of life not the same for everyone? Everyone has their own.

Answer: What you mean is not the meaning of life but whatever a person uses to clog themselves with. For example, scientists believe that it is necessary to pursue science, for creative people it is art. Some people think we should raise children to be happier than we are, and so on.

That is, each person comes up with a meaning of life that calms him and gives him a sense of existence. In fact, it is just a “calming pill” and nothing more.

In order to really reveal the meaning of life, you have to do a lot of internal searching, digging, until a person finds the wisdom of Kabbalah and begins to really explore the meaning of life with its help. The meaning is in understanding the root, the source of life. Only there will you find the answer to this question.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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Meaning Of Life, Part 3

laitman_532Is it possible to obscure the question about the meaning of life?

Remark: Today, life expectancy has increased fourfold. 3,500 years ago, the average life expectancy in Ancient Egypt was 22 years.

My Comment: Today we cannot understand that. At 22 life doesn’t even begin yet.

Question: In those days, 15 to 20% of the population died an unnatural death because wars were constantly waged. In our time, of course, life has become better. However, on the other hand, half the world’s population takes antidepressants. Is this all caused in people by nature?

Answer: Yes, our nature, which leads us to the goal. That is, you have everything except the main thing: What are you living for?

In ancient times, a person in their 20s might not have thought about the purpose of life. But when you live 80 years, then you already have a problem, half of your life you think, “Soon I will die, and what did I live for? What’s the point?” It is worse than death.

Remark: Even the fact that everything ends raises the question of what is the meaning in life if everything ends?

My Comment: We then need drugs in order not to think about that, and this is what humanity invented.

Question: Drugs are now legalized all over the world. Do you think it is not accidental?

Answer: Of course, it is not accidental! A person does not want to think about their end, but since these thoughts do not leave a person, one wants to somehow fill this void.

Question: Does it mean that the Creator gives us suffering on one hand, but on the other hand, He allows drugs so that we would use them?

Answer: It is for us to see that this is not a solution either. It is not a solution.

Question: So drugs will not help obscure the inner question about the meaning of life?

Answer: In no way.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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Life According To A New Script, Part 2

laitman_760.2Life is a script that I can rewrite again and start to control my life. In the end, a person gets tired of the movie someone forcibly made him the main character of. This is someone else’s life and I want to live my own life.

I then realize that everything around me is not mine, that I am under the influence of thousands of forces from different sources, and they play with me like with a ball, kicking and tossing me from place to place.

The question is: How can I stop this movie? I need a force that is above the actors playing with me in my life. I want to rise above my existence, above work, family, home, and plan my own life by myself. After all, we do not know how the script will turn in the next second and what new characters will appear in it.

I do not know the script of my life. In order to know it, I need to rise to the degree above myself and know the upper plan. Then I will understand how to play in it, what for, why, and what the purpose of this movie is.

Everyone wants to receive a good feeling from life; otherwise, why do we need it, its end is clear. Yet, while life is not yet over, I want to live it according to a good scenario. To do this, I need to connect with the forces that control my life, and the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how to do this.

No matter how many times I rewrite the script according to my will, I will find out that it causes me harm. If I really want to write a program for my future, I have to study and learn what is best for me and how to change the script to a good one. When I really understand what good is, I will find out that I have an opportunity to shoot this movie and be the main character in it and director of it.

After all, a person usually does not understand what is good for him. We see that the forces controlling our lives involve us in such terrible films that we do not want to watch. But we can switch this movie to another if we know what we really want. By receiving this knowledge, we will receive the ability to make changes.

The entire development of a person in this life is designed to lead us to an understanding of what is really good for us. As soon as we understand this, we can immediately begin to live in it. This is because the good movie is already ready! We just do not want it, we reject it because of our short-sightedness.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1167,” 10/22/19

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Life According To A New Script, Part 1

laitman_922Nature has given a person the ability to exit himself and enter the plot of a book or a movie. Endless TV series’ and movie marathons are the mainstream addiction of our times, involving both the older and the younger generation.

The dream of any person is to come home, sit in a chair, dim the lights, turn on the TV, and delve into a TV series.

Netflix, which allows you to watch movies on any device that has a screen (TV, phone, and computer) has 140 million subscribers. People spend hours sitting in front of a screen watching series after series.

This transports a person to a different reality; he wants to separate from everyday life and move into a different movie. That is, he changes the movie in which life forces him to be the main character to another one where he can be a bystander, sitting quietly in a comfortable chair. How nice it would be to live life like in a movie.

One day, they will come up with the idea of completely getting rid of the screen by attaching a wire directly to the head and broadcasting the movie of life to us. I could even be made the main character in it so I can imagine myself in different states. We are in a movie now, without knowing it. How can we know whether this is a movie or not? In fact, that doesn’t matter to us; the main thing is to feel good, or at least not to suffer.

Nature has developed in us the ability to come out of one’s life and empathize with the plot of a movie or a book, with its characters, so that we know that we live in a movie. Our whole life is played out to us like a movie, which we can change.

We can rise above the person who is watching the movie to the level of the forces that project it; we can intervene in them and change our movie, that is, our life. I can make myself a character of any movie I want by changing my states, including life and death.

The ability to empathize with movies is given to us so that we can create a new movie for ourselves where we will be the director. After all, how much do we regret the movies we lived in before, how much we would like to change our past, but think it is impossible. But it is possible. I can change my past, pause this movie, rewind it to the right moment, and start again differently.

I will again become a little carefree child who is just starting life. But what would I like to change in my life? This is the question. I will not be allowed to change anything until I can write a new scenario that is more correct than the old one. Then I will be able to implement it.

After I go through it with my accumulated experience, I will again see how I can improve it, and I will start again on a more mature, serious level, trying to realize myself so that I will not have any regrets at the end of the movie before I die. Then we will understand that the movie does not end and how we can make it continue forever.

The wisdom of Kabbalah allows every person to develop the ability to broadcast the script of his life, keeping everything under control. We learn to accept our life in the correct form so we will not regret any moment of it and will not want to return and correct it.

The life I live will be correct, kind, filled with meaning, and I will not regret a single moment. Then, after all these calculations, I will discover that it was not me who did all this but the force that projects this movie to me, and all the troubles and problems that I had to go through were intended to bring me to a perfect state. There was no other way! Therefore, I agree, the movie ends, and the real life begins.

Then I see that my whole previous life was a dream from which I am awakening now to a new life and I start a new day. This life is eternal and perfect. I am in the correct relationship with the one who was broadcasting this movie to me, and we are together building my further advancement by creating a new movie.

I know and understand how everything is arranged and how it advances by becoming a screenwriter, a cameraman, and a director, that is, a complete master of the movie with thousands of participants. I myself, instead of the upper force, arrange my life. Each person is given their own life and their own world with all the actors.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1167,” 10/22/19

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laitman_959Remark: There are people in Japan called Hikikomori. These are people who withdraw into themselves, isolate themselves, confine themselves to their homes; they do not go anywhere. Some never leave their homes and earn money by freelancing on the internet. Japan has more and more of these people.

My Comment: Very well. They live and have acquired a virtual identity for themselves. They should be given an opportunity to develop in various ways through this virtual identity. Each person will decide, according to their own egoism, what is best and more convenient for them.

They do not cost the government anything, they do not harm anyone, they do not kill or steal—nothing like that. That is all good. They do not sneak out at night to do something bad.

I would put all people on this “diet,” this lifestyle.

But, in order to achieve a higher life, a higher purpose, to acquire the ability to sense it, to come out of ourselves, to rise above this meager collection of still, vegetative, animate, and human bodies, our world, for this ascension, a person must exit one’s cell and begin to unite. But unite in the right way!

Question: Will they be able to break through and grow after some time? What will they achieve by sitting in solitude and not stepping outside? What will happen to them?

Answer: The question about the meaning of life will come to them. It will occur to each of them.

I am certain that people will begin to distance themselves from this hectic, raging mass, from this “Manhattan” that has spread all over the world. Thanks to emerging technologies, all the commuting from office to office, to and from work, will be reduced. Humanity will engage in inner work with the help of computers, producing a more internal intellectual product.

Therefore, many people will be confined to their homes, not just the Japanese. It is ecologically sound, cleaner, easier, more agreeable to people. Even the Torah says: “Happy is the one who earns a living not having to leave his home.”

Question: What what will it lead to?

Answer: People keep developing, their desire keeps growing, as is intended by nature, from above; they will start to feel: “What is it all for?”

Right now, humanity is preoccupied with their “games,” not realizing what kind of question is hanging over them. They will come to the meaning of life. The truth.

Question: A breakthrough toward it? From what, an outcry?

Answer: From a growing, expanding inner need. Actually, this is sweet suffering because it tells you about the search, that you are a human!

Question: Does this mean there is a great joy somewhere out there, but I have yet to discover it?

Answer: Yes. I have not discovered it yet, but it is shining at me from afar. That is, I am already connected to it but now I have to move toward it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/2/19

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