On The Way From Chaos To Harmony

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The motto of the Berlin Convention was “Harmony.” What does a Kabbalist imply under the term “harmony”?

Answer: When speaking about harmony, a Kabbalist implies complete similarity to the upper degree: the supreme energy, information, the so-called Light that surrounds us, with which we have to come into full contact and in which we have to dissolve. But at the same time, our “self” doesn’t disappear. On the contrary, our “self” and the Light completely merge into one whole. This harmony is our goal.

All of humanity descended from the degree regarded as the “world of Infinity” or harmony, where everything was as one whole. Gradually, coming down along the five worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, we reached our most opposite state: “our world”. Obviously, there is no harmony here. This is the world of chaos and darkness.

We ended up here, in this state, and over the course of many thousands of years, our entire history, we have been evolving at the animate level. But today, we are beginning our ascent to the first degree of our spiritual evolution.

All of this global mess that exists in the world, all this chaos that we are now beginning to experience, this mutual hate amidst our total interdependence, emerges in us from our first spiritual degree. By now we must all be interconnected with one another at this level in 1/125th degree of our complete oneness.

This degree is already illuminating us from afar, and this is why the corporeal world seems to us so frightening, divided, antagonizing, residing in absolute hatred, and totally incapable of getting together to find a way to get along. As usual, the heads of the governments come to Davos and then somewhere else to only realize nothing is up to them. And nothing will be! No way! No treaties will help! Humanity will face a state when it either destroys itself or unifies. The question is how?

This particular question: “But how?” will arise. And then they, too, will realize that there is no other chance but to employ the method of unification that was revealed as early as ancient Babylon for this very reason. That is when people will turn to Kabbalah indeed.

But first, they have to face this most horrific question. It arises either in those who had internally matured for this and come to us individually or in the entire world after it has come “to a dead end.” So, this sensation of chaos, darkness, and lack of harmony arises as a state opposite to that higher evolutionary degree that we must reach, where we are illuminated by harmony, oneness, and integral existence.

Today we are already experiencing both of these states. Hence, in this transitional state our world is moving toward the first spiritual degree. To break through is the most difficult stage.

If we, our world Kabbalistic group, hundreds of thousands of people, will gradually, from convention to convention, create such tension and bond between us; if we undergo all of the states of desperation and still demand oneness from within; if we, even the smallest part of humanity, manage to realize it, it will be the life saver for the entire humanity. And the harmony they will feel coming from us will draw the whole human race to us like a magnet. That’s what we must achieve.

Therefore, harmony that Kabbalah discusses is a state where all people are unified as one whole, one collective image regarded as “Adam”: the collective desire, the integral soul, within which the higher degree, our eternal, perfect state, is revealed. And this can be done. It is all up to us.
From Lesson 1 Berlin Convention 1/29/2011

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