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Who Does The Virus Hit More – Men Or Women?

198Comment: The coronavirus has hit almost everyone: presidents, ordinary people, from fisherman to academic. Millionaires, not understanding what is happening, sit all locked up.

On the other hand, statistics show that twice as many men as women die from the coronavirus. There are many different explanations. Women supposedly have a better immune system and are less addicted to bad habits. How would you explain this?

My Response: I think men are more attached to and more responsible for correcting the world than women. They are more opposed to integral nature than women. They are more selfish. Therefore, to this extent they are more affected by the virus.

Question: Are men more selfish than women?

Answer: Of course. In its manifestations regarding nature, the surrounding society, etc. Women are still more likely to share, somehow balance. Their inner animal essence is like this. Not so with men. He is a conqueror, he is all about competition, and so on. So, the virus refers to them more. Therefore, they are more susceptible to viruses, weaker. Women are stronger. I think this is clear to everyone. A woman’s body is much stronger, much more resilient.

Question: Is it because they have this warmth, home, birth?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And the men have belligerence, hatred, and a desire to kill, capture?

Answer: This is a different kind of egoism. Of course.

Comment: You said something very important. Men have a greater responsibility to the upper system, to nature.

My Response: Yes, to become like it precisely because they are more egoistic. This is a very complex system, and it is impossible to begin examining now to what extent women and men are the opposite of an altruistic nature each in their own way.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/20/20

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Ten-Year-Old Criminals. Punishment—Pros And Cons

laitman_552.03Question: In the UK, under the law, a person is criminally liable starting from the age of ten. “Criminal liability from the age of ten—isn’t it too early?”—ask researchers, parents, sociologists, and psychologists.

When you are ten years old and British, the law severely restricts your rights. You cannot drink, smoke, vote, or get married. You cannot even get a dog or a cat on your own. You are under-age.

However, when it comes to murder, ten-year-olds are tried as adults. In England and Wales, the age of criminal liability starts at ten.

Can a person at such a young age understand what murder is if he commits it in a state of fervor or passion?

Answer: For this, he must be brought up in a certain style. The upbringing in Britain used to be very serious. Even now, in universities, you can see what bug-eaten benches they sit on and what plates they eat from—these are cracked earthenware plates from 200 years ago. In the morning, they take a bath, and if suddenly the hot water is turned off, they must take a cold bath.

If they raised their children in this way, and especially in the last few years before their 13th birthday (ten years old is too early), then it would be possible to treat a person as an adult from the age of 13 onward.

Question: What does it mean to properly educate children under 13?

Answer: It means explaining to them quite seriously what the responsibility of a person in all aspects of their life means.

I remember that we, as students studying medical biological cybernetics, were taken to the morgue, to the maternity ward, to surgeries, to not very pleasant places. They would open a corpse, show us something, and it all leaves not a very nice impression. A woman gives birth and you see how it all happens. I remember myself at the age of 18 and 19, I was very impressed by this.

Also take them to jails, all this is necessary. And it is after such practical training that you can demand something from a person. All this is not simple.

Remark: There are cases of child abuse by parents, their children are beaten.

Based on such real cases in Britain, a TV series was filmed in which they show the father’s abuse of his sons and his cruel treatment of the mother. In the story, at one point in the evening when their father was drunk and sleeping, the children inflicted multiple stab wounds on him, and then they must be judged.

Researchers are wondering: even outside of the framework of the movie, are children able to take responsibility for their actions in such cases?

Answer: It is hard to say. Neither children nor adults are. Neither children nor adults! It is not a question of age but of what training and education they had received.

Question: Then how can we judge them correctly?

Answer: There is no way to judge them if they are not ready to be judged and judged correctly.

Society is to blame for not giving them proper training, for not educating them in the correct way, for their behaving in this way, and for their father behaving in this way. It is society! We should not blame the parents, and that is what happens.

Society allows such movies, such Internet, such influences on children, and then complains: “How can this be? Let’s ask society. Let’s put society in jail.

Question: At what age can a person be criminally responsible?

Answer: It depends on education! On education! Not on age.

Question: But what does that entail?

Answer: This includes everything. It entails creating a new person! The way we want. The way we think he should be. Society must decide. “Here it is, here is an image of the correct person. We want to make such an image from each and every one.”

And do not think that people will be similar to each other. They will not. We do not standardize people. But regarding their behavior toward each other, their responsibility to society, their parents, and  everyone, they will behave the way we decide. And here everything depends on what we decide. But after that, this will be our responsibility.

And today too, it is our responsibility! How can you hold a ten-year-old child responsible? We show him all sorts of deformities on TV, he sees the hell knows what in the family. How can they act differently? There is no way.

Who should be punished? Those who are responsible for the upbringing are not even the parents. What about these poor parents? What kind of parents can they be? We need to put the ministry of education and upbringing in jail.

Question: You said that we will depict an image of a new person and educate the generation according to this image. Can you show us an image of a new person?

Answer: The image of a new person is very simple. It is someone who understands their personal responsibility for the entire society and lives the life of society. In other words, the main thing is to support society so that it is always in a good state.

That is it. When there is such an atmosphere, everything will be alright.

But this must be monitored! The police, the ministry of education, and the ministry of upbringing should still exist. Upbringing! After all, upbringing is not the same as education.

And everything, starting from kindergartens, should be subordinated to this. Then people will be healthy both mentally and physically.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/17/19

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The Secret Of Black Holes

Laitman_152Remark: Black holes have been verified. Time stops there; the laws of physics do not apply. The gravitational field is so strong that it consumes everything, including the light.

My Comment: The laws of physics of this world do not work there.

Question: What does this knowledge give us?

Answer: It lets us understand that there is a border for time, space, and motion. Completely foreign laws are in effect there that we cannot approach or study.

That is, we can guess based on what we know that everything is different there. But how different? In a few more centuries, we still will be no closer to discovering this because we are standing behind the radio-telescopes that gave us a picture of that black hole.

We are trying to research this phenomenon with our egoistic minds that are quite mechanical rather than quantum, and therefore, nothing will come from it.

In order to perform a serious study of what lies beyond, of what happens inside the black hole, where totally different laws of physics are at play, we too need to be different.

We have only caught a glimpse of our universe to this point of transition to some other space. This is the boundary of our attainment. We call it “the border.” It is the boundary of time and space. Neither exist there.

We have no knowledge of whatever lies inside these black holes. One thing is clear: everything disappears there for us. It would be interesting to see how we would appear from up there if we looked at this world through this black eye.

Remark: This would be interesting, indeed! To look, from a different dimension, at our own.

My Comment: We would appear to be very primitive, below the speed of light. It is the most primitive state in all of nature—existence below the speed of light. This means that I am completely under the power of mechanical light. I am overpowered by it and controlled by it; I am nothing. I do not exist because my “I” cannot be felt.

Question: What will bring us to the understanding that when a person changes, so does the world?

Answer: When our world becomes a black hole where everything disappears.

Comment: When will humanity arrive at this state?

Answer: We will arrive at it through the recognition of evil, which we are gradually approaching. We can feel this evolution.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 4/23/19

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Israel Is 70 Years Old. This Is Going To Be A Special Congress!

In the past 20 years we have had hundreds of congresses and each was unique. But this one is going to be very special. It is dedicated to honor the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Israel is not just a country. It is a nation of people. It is one heart in which there is place for everyone.

Our congress is for everyone. Everything in it is about unity. When hatred toward Israel is growing, people from all over the entire world are coming here. And they are coming here to support us.

Here the unity of the nation of Israel is forged.

Come and experience it!


Yom Kippur (Judgement Day)

laitman_288.2Yom Kippur is the day of judgement. Who judges? Who is being judged? What does a person need to do on this day? What will happen if a person does everything correctly?

On Judgement Day, a person judges himself, rising above personal egoism and revealing the world as a unified system. It is not by chance that the Jewish people were always criticized for cosmopolitanism—even though all boundaries are arbitrary, our innate, inner core has always made us strangers among them.

Today, when the world desperately needs unity, the Jewish nation is shattered into pieces. However, other nations cannot lie to us—they instinctively, even without their own awareness, demand us to take on the responsibility for the mission of unification, to melt all hearts into one heart.

In this is the essence of our Judgement Day.

Human Rights Day

Laitman_414Comment: On December 10, 1948 the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and since 1950 this day has been observed as Human Rights Day.

This declaration, which was adopted almost immediately after the terrible WWII that trampled all possible rights, including the right to life of millions of people, has become the first world document that formed the state of human rights.

Answer: 66 years have passed since then and what has the UN done in order to implement it in our lives? Does it educate people in every country to relate to each other in a humane manner, or does it do the opposite? I don’t see that anything positive has happened. They only speak about it and nothing more than that.

People are greatly disappointed with all the declared international days: Coal Miners Day, Veterans Day, etc. It is the same with regard to Human Rights Day.

Question: What are human rights to you?

Answer: Human rights are to understand and attain the meaning of life. One can actually attain it! All the ways are opened for this purpose and I can do it. After all, human rights are not about a person not being hungry, having a roof over his head, having a family, children, education, a pension fund, etc. These are basic things that can easily be provided today for everyone.

If people today understood the meaning of life, they would live a much better life regardless of the UN.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/05/16

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Why Do We Need To Correct A Man If He Was Created In The Image Of The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created a spiritual prototype of a man called Adam. He was on the level of the quality of complete bestowal and love, i.e., was in equivalence of form with the Creator.

We are called “sons of Adam” and there is a part of him in each of us. Today, we are completely opposite to the Creator and our task is to rediscover the quality of bestowal and love in the connection between us and to rise to the level of an upper force.

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Catch Pokemon, Attain the Creator

laitman_527_03In the News (Pravda.ru): For me, a very interesting experience is Pokemon Go. Until recently, there was a period of immersion in the virtual world, and now it is moving to a desire to get out into the real world. And this Pokemon Go – it’s just about wanting a real dialogue, real reactions, dating is a way of attracting attention and a way to say that I did not do something as an Avatar, but I’m a man and I want to be seen, heard, I want to interact with others, even in such a strange way.

“People also do not have enough positive emotions and some purpose, meaning in life.”

My Comment: A person is playing all the time since he is searching for the meaning of life and self-realization. I am not against the Pokemon game because everything that appears in our world ultimately leads us toward correction.

Question: Can a person find the meaning of life through a game?

Answer: Obviously! The entire wisdom of Kabbalah is a game. It is written that the Creator plays with Leviathan, so we also play with each other. A game is an activity in which I imagine a state in which I am not yet found, like in a theater. We gather together and begin to simulate our spiritual states that are specifically discovered in the connection between us. Even though we have not yet attained that connection, we imagine to ourselves how it will be, how a future society will look in which everyone is connected together, to begin to feel the start of spiritual states. So in this way we attract a unique energy on ourselves that moves us forward physically.

Question: Are we children?

Answer: Certainly! If we realize that we are children and we truly are like children who have long since already become serious adults. We gradually grow when we come into the game because in the future life on a higher level is expected for us, a very good and warm life in which we are no longer just playing a game but a real Pokemon.

This is because the pursuit of Pokemon is a pursuit to discover the Creator! This is essentially what the wisdom of Kabbalah engages in. Within us and in our connection with others, we are constantly directing ourselves toward a greater revelation of the Creator. We pursue this until we reach a state in which the Creator begins to be revealed more and more. These are 125 levels of attainment and the discovery of a higher perfected and unlimited state; this is not a pursuit of some kind of ghostly image. Rather, it is a state that changes our lives and takes us out to another dimension.

Question: What leads us forward in this game?

Answer: When a person directs himself toward the inner connection between himself and others, he changes all of his senses this way. We enter into another reality more and more. It is impossible to compare this to running in a park searching for something.

Comment: In spite of it all, this is a tiny additional step for humanity.

Answer: Without a doubt! Various phenomena in our world always give us some kind of advancement. So let’s direct ourselves toward a real search.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/21/16

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Peace Is But A Dream

 Question: How can we stop envying those who live much better lives but refuse to listen to the wisdom of Kabbalah or about spiritual work?

Answer: I can’t imagine living a peaceful life. I am already about 70 years old, I am retired, but why calm down…?! What then? If someone is about to die, there is nothing to be done about it, but what if you want to live more, what then? Should you forget about the meaning of life, not develop, not attain anything, not grow as a human being? A person should have a certain degree of self-respect. Am I a human being or a beast?

Question: Does this mean that life for you is a continuous search?

Answer: I think this that is not only for me. A person needs a good environment that will lead him to that, support him and agree with him. Then life will be interesting and pleasant and he will really do something meaningful in life.

Question: It seems that you are not going to be a fishing enthusiast who fishes all night until dawn.

Answer: I once tried to join a friend who really loved fishing and we went out fishing a couple of times, but I couldn’t find anything that filled me in that.

Question: Is it possible to combine activities?

Answer: You can combine anything. The question is whether a person finds peace in it. I didn’t. I really love music, good cunning comedy films, and good jokes. I love to learn new things. I have visited many places all over the world and found it interesting, although on the other hand, this world is like a point that disappears on the background of the wisdom of Kabbalah. The main thing is that a person has a goal that leads him forward and he grows. A person should do that since we will have to fulfill the plan of creation in any case.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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Undue Risk – Contagious

laitman_945_0Comment: Scientists from the Universities of Melbourne and California have proven that unduly risky behavior is contagious. We see how much gambling, reckless driving on the highways, and even terrorist organizations attract many people because the environment influences us very strongly.

Answer: The idea is not in the influence of the environment, but that the person comes in contact with the unknown in this manner. He feels that there is something unknown that manages him; there is some kind of force found above him. In the monotony of daily life he cannot come in contact with that power. It is only if he tries to break through to it that he can come under its influence and feel a connection with it.

This is a very internal and strong need. What is gambling? If I were to know from the start the benefit or the loss, then this would become a business. The game lies in the fact that I do not know the outcome, and it is my pleasure, and it is desirable, because when I climb over the unknown, I rise above egoism and begin to feel the force of that is above us—the force that controls our world.

This is what throws people into the arms of gambling and terrorist organizations. I am not talking about those who are attracted to a future “paradise” after death, but specifically about those who are looking for adventure or daring scientists who conduct experiments on themselves, etc.

But all of this is very small. A miserable man has no other way to connect with the higher management, a higher purpose, to rise above himself, to escape from himself. What kind of benefit does a person derive from Bungee jumping?

I had an acquaintance who loved jumping without a parachute very much and his friend had to catch him in the air. This gave him inner satisfaction. Fear prevents regular people from doing this, while he explained everything very simply, “I get the pleasure that is higher than the fear; I cannot stop myself!”

Question: Is it possible to direct such people to search for spirituality?

Answer: This is a problem, because seeking spirituality places a person in situations that he creates with his own effort. When he understands his dependence on the upper force, he discovers these states, and then the higher power is revealed to him. But this happens in a very complex inner struggle with serious preparation.

This is not a breakthrough, it is not an adventure; it is life. When the person lives his dependence, he raises himself to the level of the managing upper force and begins to work in partnership with it. Then a “second wind” develops in him. He is found simultaneously in the present, the past, and the future. Everything merges into one single whole. The feeling that fills him removes all impressions of time, movement and location and he feels that he flows permanently in this state.

So when you look at the childish attempts to obtain a “grab a tiger by the tail” feeling, you  realize that people so want to fill themselves for a moment, while this feeling may be tested constantly. In spirituality it is possible to feel this sensation permanently.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/20/16

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