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When Will The Messiah Come?

624.07Comment: Our viewer Galina Azaria writes: “Michael Laitman, I am very grateful for your instructive, informative programs. I am interested in one question, and no one else will answer it except you. Who is the Messiah? Will the Messiah come soon? If he comes, will there be changes on our planet? Why are so many people waiting for him? Who is he?”

My Response: The Messiah is not a person. It is a special force of nature that pulls us out. Therefore, it is called “Messiah” from the word “Moshech” (to pull out). It pulls us out of our egoism and thus brings us closer to each other and helps us create a better atmosphere, a better society, better families, and so on.

This positive force acts even now, but in a very small capacity. However, we are getting closer to the state when all of us will think and hope that this force will be manifested more.

Question: Despite the fact that we are egoists? This is a bit contradictory. He pulls us out of egoism, and egoists suddenly think “Let the Messiah come.” Why do they think that?

Answer: In principle, we theoretically agree to exit egoism, and no one wants to admit that he is an egoist. Therefore, if the Messiah pulls us out, it will be like the current pandemic. Some kind of a virus comes into the world and annoys us until we wish to free ourselves from this egoism.

He must show us that this is necessary. No one in the world feels that this is what hinders them.

Question: He must demonstrate to us that this is evil. Will he then pull us out according to our request?

Answer: Gradually, according to our consent, he will pull us out.

Question: What is above this line?

Answer: There is the same life there, only not egoistic; instead you live for the other, and everyone lives for the other. This is a completely different system of relationships, connections, and values. Then everything is fine.

Question: What kind of system of values? Does the concept of “love” exist there?

Answer: There is nothing else besides providing service to the other. A person feels his freedom, his destiny in this.

Question: Does it mean that you do not even think to grab everything for yourself?

Answer: The thought is there. However, if a person rises above this, he has great pleasure. If there is no thought to grab, then what will be the pleasure from bestowal and love? Therefore, “to grab” remains.

Question: Does ascent above your nature bring great pleasure? Is this what a person will want to come to?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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The New Olympic Games Motto

600.02Comment: The Olympic Games motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” was introduced in 1894.

Now the International Olympic Committee has added the following to this motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger—Together!”

My Response: This is good. The recognition of evil is already beginning.

This suggests that, theoretically, a turn to “together” is coming. People are aware of what the most important thing in these games is and why we should have them as well as any other event of mankind.

We can compete and think how to beat the others but only so that friendship will win in the end.

I think that this manifests in people out of powerlessness and not out of their determination to get closer. Yet, it does appear.

Question: How would the Olympic Games look like if this together would be filtered through the heart?

Answer: No, this is impossible to imagine. You are suggesting that people would compete not to win but to defeat themselves!

Question: Are the Olympic Games and sports in general suitable for defeating oneself?

Answer: If the Olympic Games were based on the same principle as in ancient Greece—when wars stopped, when everything stopped—absolutely everything! Nothing happened! Only peaceful competitions and, in fact, it practically was not a competition. It was just a demonstration of capabilities of a person who overcomes nature, his internal physiological, physical nature, and at the same time also overcomes his egoistic nature, which is even more internal.

Question: Do you think this is what they had there, even just a little?

Answer: There were at least some rudiments of movement toward each other.

Comment: And now, on the background of wars, troubles, earthquakes, failure to help each other…

My Response: And now, it is because they are being pushed by all sorts of political, economic benefits, and so on.

Comment: That is, if it was aimed at winning over oneself…

My Response: So that all of us rise together. Can you imagine what heights these games would have? We are preparing to demonstrate to the entire world our human capabilities in order to rise above ourselves in spirit. Athletes would be great Kabbalists. I think they are taking some steps toward this. Otherwise, this would not exist.

Question: Are we for adding “together” to the motto of the Olympic Games?

Answer: Yes. We are always for together.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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Why Is The Creator Jealous Of Us

239Comment: “From what I hear from Michael Laitman, the Creator wants us to love Him. Not each other, no, but Him. This is just an excuse: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In fact, the Creator wants us to love Him. What kind of jealous Creator does Laitman have? ”

My Response: It is said that He is jealous, cruel in His jealousy. The Creator is jealous of everything that is not directed at Him. The fulfillment that comes to a person from the Creator is incomparable with anything. And if a person is distracted from this, then, of course, the Creator here expresses His jealousy.

Question: So the Creator tells us: “You have no idea how much I have prepared for you, and you are wasting your love …” So, He seems to be saying that earthly love does not exist?

Answer: It is only given to us in order to come to an unearthly love.

Question: And in order to turn us to Him, He gives us all kinds of suffering, pain, and so on?

Answer: He does not give that to us, He just shows us His love, which we reject. And we feel this love, rejected by us, as suffering. And that’s all.

Question: So only love comes from Him?

Answer: Yes. And if you reject it, you turn it into suffering.

Question: What to do? What does He call us to? We do not see Him, we do not know Him, and we do not feel Him.

Answer: It doesn’t matter. You are given the opportunity to position yourself as needed in relation to Him. There is nothing else in nature.

Question: But is it necessary or not necessary to fulfill the earthly feelings first?

Answer: They should help us to get closer to the connection between ourselves, and to organize this connection between ourselves as much as possible in the quality of bestowal and love.

Question: Is this the desire of the upper one?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And then He will stop being jealous?

Answer: There is no jealousy, this is a completely different level—the level of absolute love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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Inside My Interview With Larry King

566.01Comment: Larry King, the legendary presenter and television icon, has died at the age of 87. He conducted over 40,000 interviews and was included in The Guinness Book of World Records. In an era when emotional leaders were quick to ask questions, interrupt others, he mostly listened. He asked the question, “Why? What do you think,” and he listened.

This made him stand out from all. Among his interlocutors were all the U.S. Presidents, starting with Nixon, and also Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Mike Tyson, Paul McCartney, and you, Michael Laitman.

At the end of the conversation with you, he suddenly said to the production team: “I want to talk to him more, continue the time.”

My Response: Yes, he knew how to show the interlocutor that he was interviewing him. And he listened and heard. And although at first I did not feel any special interest in me on his part, in just a few minutes he began to change. He began to get used to the situation, he himself began to live in it, to empathize.

Listening is a gift from God. Who knows how to listen nowadays? No one. Even psychologists. The main thing for them is to foist on you what they think, and that’s it. They do not work for internal contact with the patient, with the sick person, with the interlocutor, or with the interviewee. This is not the case today.

Question: So, in principle, the art of listening is the main art?

Answer: Yes. This is what Larry King was famous for. We had nothing pre-assigned—an unexpected meeting. I practically answered the questions that interested him. And in no case as an interviewer, but as a person who wants to understand a little bit about life, what is going on in his family, what is happening in his life, with work, with a view of the world.

He understood me. That is, he did not have such an automatic switch on what only he needed and the rest does not matter, as television and radio hosts usually have. No, he absorbed it all for himself.

Question: What are the main qualities of a leader? To reveal a person, what do you need to be able to do?

Answer: To reveal a person, you must enter into him without need to spin it.

It is not necessary, because you unwind him, and he, therefore, like a child in your arms, is very light, external. This is not his inner essence. It is necessary to do so that a person opens up himself, and in such a way that he begins to open up in everything that he did not even think about, did not imagine, that he would ever be able to speak.

Question: And this happens when the one who asks presents the question and kind of cancels and listens?

Answer: Not only is it canceled, but when he wants to enter into the interlocutor, sympathize, be with him, not just empathize. And even more so not to show that you catch him on something or you spin it on something. With Larry King, I felt that this is a person who is really interested in understanding me.

At that time he had problems with his loved one, who was very sick. He disconnected from it and went into what I was telling him. This captured him more than his personal problems, and that is why he was so interested in me, and he was late for this interview. And he did not want to leave, he held my hand.

I just understood what he needed, that he was going to the hospital right after talking with me, and so on. It was impressive. That is, in the end I interviewed the person. Although this is not my specialty, not my task, I was impressed by him. It is precisely this turn, what he can do. He remained human.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/25/21

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Jailing Criminals Is Pointless

294.2From a Viewer: Laitman says that we don’t need to destroy evil, but what then—let the Hitlers and their like flourish? Today, there is so much evil around, all ideals are destroyed, the world is ruled by criminals, only evil is around. How should we deal with it? Let him answer!

My Response: We must correct it, not fight it.

Question: Is it not a fight to correct evil?

Answer: No, it’s not a fight. To correct doesn’t mean to destroy it.

Comment: You said that evil remains, it must remain and not be destroyed while good is built next to it.

My Response: Above it.

Question: This is not clear to a person. How so?! When there are so many murderers and all sorts of “Hitlers,” as he says.

Answer: Redo everything. Nothing in the world can be destroyed—neither good nor bad. We just have to rebuild everything.

Question: This is not clear to people. Let’s say I see evil. What are my actions? I see evil, obvious, the worst possible thing. You say: Don’t destroy it. What should I do? How should I handle it?

Answer: It comes from the Creator. There is “None else besides Him.” He is the only source of all that is happening.

How can I imagine that evil turns to good? This is a problem. But this needs to be explained. Why is there more and more evil in the world? Because we don’t correct it. We are trying to destroy it by putting people in prison and killing them to eradicate evil!

We should do nothing of the sort! In no way can this be done. Only turn it to good.

Question: But criminals are put in prison, right?

Answer: Jailing is also wrong. Isolate them, but don’t put them there to stay. As it says in the Torah. You have to create for them such cities where they would live normally and provide for themselves.

Question: Please tell me, what does their correction mean?

Answer: They should receive such a dose of education that they would eat themselves up for what they have done, realize who they are, what, why. And turn into the best correctors and educators.

Imagine, having this practical skill and this past under your belt! After going through everything correctly and absorbing the right education—how much good they could do!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/30/20

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Hanukkah Is A Celebration Of The Victory Of Light Over Darkness

600.01Comment: The holiday of Hanukkah is called the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, purity over conformism, spirituality over corporeality. And I think, clearly this is not only a Jewish holiday. The whole world is now on the threshold of victory or defeat of light over darkness.

My Response: There are actually no Jewish holidays. This is the interaction between the quality of bestowal, love, and the quality of reception, hatred, which always fight with each other.

Question: Was there a day in history when the forces of light defeated darkness?

Answer: Yes. The forces of connection.

Question: The forces of connection, of love, suddenly defeated the darkness in this egoistic, dark world of ours. Was there such a fragment in history?

Could you reveal it? How can we expand this fragment now and bring it to the present? Everyone is interested in the present time and only few people are interested in history. How can we bring light, the holiday of Hanukkah to this melancholy, to this despondency of humanity?

Answer: In general, this is a constant, ecumenical opposition between Rome and Jerusalem. Rome is power, it is strength, the conquest of Europe, the conquest of all the savage tribes that lived in Europe then. It is no secret that almost until the 10th century people there lived in trees, underground, and so on. There was barbarism in Europe, and they ate each other.

And Jerusalem wanted to bring to the world a completely different law: the law not of power, not of supremacy of authority, but of the spirit. This was the motto, the goal of Jerusalem. Of course, people were not ready for this.

Question: Is this the time when the Temple was built on the height of love for the neighbor?

Answer: Yes, for a thousand years from the 10th century before our era to year zero of our era, there was a struggle of what would overcome. Eventually, Judea fell. And at the end, when it was already crushed, during the fall, there was a great uprising. It was led by the Maccabees. It was the Maccabees who were carrying this light. This last surge in the fight for ideals marked Hanukkah.

Question: This was a fragment of history. How can we transfer it to our time? What is Hanukkah for the world today?

Answer: Hanukkah is an image of light, bestowal, love, connection of all and everything no matter at what level. The main thing is the good attitude of everyone toward everyone, above all prejudices, religions, philosophies, above everything.

In this dark time, there is an opportunity to tell the world what it should be like. This is because the advantage of light is precisely over darkness. And also because the world today, during these 2,000 years, has already been completely imbued with this ideology of Romans and Greeks.

Question: That is, with complete materialism?

Answer: Yes. Since the world has realized where it is heading, where it is, and also its end, today it is already possible to tell, explain, and try to pull the world to look in a different way, with different eyes. We are not going to conquer the world; we just want to explain to it that it is falling and that this is very threatening.

Question: So, is this holiday very relevant and necessary?

Answer: Of course.

Question: How can a person now light this little fire in himself?

Answer: It is very simple. We have nothing else left but to turn ourselves inside out, to begin to negotiate between all our hatreds, adversities, desires to destroy, humiliate, and subjugate each other, and so on. We should stop playing these games.

Today we can say: “Let us remember, let us see what those true ancient Maccabees, the Jews, were talking about.” They talked only about restoring the kingdom of understanding, mutual help, and love between all the people in the world. Not on an egoistic basis because it is impossible—we would be building something unsuccessful again—but on the basis on which the wisdom of Kabbalah is founded.

There is a force in nature that can reveal itself and subjugate our egoism. This will happen. I do not just believe it, I see it coming closer every day.

It is on the ruins of the old world, and now we see how its last bastion that is built on capital is crumbling, and crumbling, and crumbling, that a different world will be built: a world of mutual respect, love, opposite to the past one.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/7/20

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Evil Should Not Be Destroyed

566.02Question: The Internet is full of fascist elements and racists, and anti-Semitism is through the roof. Look at what is happening in many countries: riots, oppositions to governments. There is a lot of evil in the world. Do you agree that there is really a lot of evil?

Answer: The Creator created a good world!

Remark: He said: “I create evil: I the LORD do all these things,” and now we see with our own eyes that He really created evil.

The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam wrote, “All there is in reality, good, bad and even most harmful in the world has a right to exist. It should by no means be completely destroyed.”

My Comment: Yes. Just to correct it by balancing it with its opposite.

Remark: Then he writes, “Our task is to merely correct it and return it to the Source.” A person would like to destroy the evil that comes into the world; for example, one wants to get rid of this virus.

My Comment: It is because he is reasoning with his egoism. If he were reasoning from the point of connection with the Creator, he would have said, “Everything has the right to exist.” Everything has the right to exist! It is very good that there is evil, and it is very good that it exists.

But how will it lead us to good? After all, on one hand, everything is one, and on the other hand, it points to the opposite of itself.

Question: How can I reason so logically when it comes to me? Evil comes to me and my first reaction is to avoid it! I had a normal life, I had everything good both at home and in the family.

Answer: That is correct. This is instinctively true.

Question: But why should I suffer? Can you explain this to me?

Answer: You do not have to suffer.

Remark: Then I should destroy the evil.

My Comment: No, by this you do not destroy evil. On the contrary, it is how you grow it! That is what is interesting! Both left and right, good and evil, all of them, both from their own side only cultivate evil and in case destroy it.

Question: Why don’t they understand this? We see more and more confrontation over the years.

Answer: A one-sided view of the world.

Question: Can they do some logical scientific research and see that it only gets worse and that their resistance makes it worse for everyone and for the world? Can a person sit down and think?

Answer: You see that they cannot. Thousands of years of existence of human society and it has not been achieved. It happened once a little bit when people fought among themselves and seized fortresses. Then they even threw food over the fortress walls for their opponents because they wanted to defeat them not by starvation, not by pestilence, but by their valor.

There are a few such examples. Yet, that was a long time ago when people fought not with firearms.

Question: Then what can we do? How can we introduce into the brain, into the consciousness, and into the heart of those who are fighting evil that this is useless, that it only increases evil?

Answer: Only through education and upbringing. Only by explaining to them that evil cannot be destroyed. Evil and good are two qualities of the world that run in parallel. Thus, you cannot destroy one or the other. By increasing or decreasing one, you influence the other. But in no case do you destroy it.

Remark: Baal HaSulam says that all the villains of the world should also be protected, not destroyed. How do you explain this?

Answer: I speak about this absolutely calmly. The Creator is above them and He lowers every one of them on a string into our world. And they are rustling and bustling in it. We have no right to destroy them.

We need to reveal their insignificance, harmfulness, and in parallel with it, also the opposite characters and actions. If in our world evil manifests itself in the form of some villain or a bunch of people, no matter whom, you must to the same measure reveal the good in the world.

This is the only way you can fight evil. You do not even need to fight with it, you must balance it correctly. Then it will be revealed as a necessary thing for the manifestation of good. Initially, evil is revealed only in order for us to reveal, expand, and increase the good in our world.

Question: In other words, the bigger the evil, the more good is revealed?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: The second part about not destroying evil still requires some explanation.

My Comment: You cannot destroy evil because it is the force of the world—the force that manifests itself in human society. You can only balance it with good so that both good and evil will co-exist together eternally, and the most comfortable state of humanity will be between them when it absorbs both of these forces and builds an image of the upper force out of them.

How else can you build the upper force? Only by the correct combination of good and evil, and both come from Him. That is why the Creator says, “I created evil inclination. And then I have created good for its correction. ” Evil is the basis of the world! And good is for its correction.

Remark: This is beautiful! Yet, I still wonder if I could treat the real, terrible, huge evil like this!

My Comment: Rise above your egoism and you will be able to do this. Above egoism! Evil will force you to rise above egoism and good will not.

Everything is based on absolute inversion! Turn it inside out and you will get the truth!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/10/20

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Jewish Holidays Are Revelations Of Nature’s Laws

294.4Question: It seems that the autumn holidays, which are called Jewish holidays, are actually worldwide holidays. Especially now during the coronavirus, I am starting to understand this more and more.

Rosh Hashanah (the beginning of the year) symbolizes the discovery of the law of love and bestowal. This is the starting point of humanity, and this is where the counting of time begins. Why is this not a world holiday? Why do we call autumn holidays Jewish?

Answer: These holidays do not apply specifically to Jews. These are cosmic holidays that refer to the upper force that governs our world as it enters new stages of its influence over us.

Question: What does this new year require of us?

Answer: We must change, conform to nature, and not destroy each other. We must stop being controlled by our egoism like small animals. Can you imagine if the animal world had such egoism as we do? They would have consumed us and themselves; everything would have been devoured. And so only humans have it. The human being is gradually consuming everything. We have already reached a dead end! We must realize that our egoism is evil!

This year is a turning point. I hope that it will be such that we realize our evil nature and wish to change it.

Question: Is this your wish for all of humanity? Is it to realize its evil nature?

Answer: Yes, this is my wish for the new year.

Question: Is not the usual wish for everything to be fine, for there to be enough of everything at home, for everyone to be healthy?

Answer: No, no need to wish for that because it will not happen anyway. What is the point of all sorts of impossible dreams, suffering, and so on?

Question: Do you think it will be bad?

Answer: It will be bad, but the main thing is for us to quickly realize the cause of this evil in us. Exclusively in us! In addition to finding the cause, to have ability to correct it and transform it to the opposite. Humanity does not need anything else.

Question: Do you think this is feasible to execute this year?

Answer: If we do not, this realization will come through great unprecedented suffering! It is better to do it quickly. Because when a period of suffering comes, you cannot stop it. It comes for many years and with it brings such destruction and cataclysms, both ecological and societal, with pandemics and so on; it would be simply terrible.

Question: Let us say I heard you, and even the threat that the suffering could be great, what do I do now?

Answer: Tell everyone how we can avoid it, how to prevent it from happening. This can only be done through good connections between us. Just like people cling together like little animals in times of great suffering, that is what we have to do now.

Question: Warm, kind thoughts, getting closer to each other, connection, and unity, this what it should be?

Answer: Yes. If not for the good, then to avoid the bad, but we have to do it.

Question: The next holiday is Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). What does it mean for the world?

Answer: For the world, the Day of Atonement is a manifestation of a great evil inside it, which makes us feel completely powerless. There is nothing we can do but ask for the upper force to help us understand, to help us cope with our inner egoism.

After all, there is nothing external. Everything that exists in the world is only an echo of what is happening inside us.

Question: So, am I already revealing the evil inside me? Do I reveal that this is the most terrible thing possible? What do I ask for?

Answer: I renounce it, I do not wish to use it. This is the meaning of the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). That is, I do not use any of my egoistic desires. None! I make a restriction on them. Externally it is defined as the five prohibitions.

Question: What would I achieve if I were to do this?

Answer: You would have stopped working with your egoism. Then you can start building your attitude toward the world only from the angle of goodness and connection. This is characterized by the fact that you are building a hut.

Question: So, we come to the third autumn holiday of Sukkot. What is the construction of a hut called a Sukkah?

Answer: This is called “Sukkat Shalom“—hut of peace. It represents the screen, that is, the anti-egoistic force that covers all of us, all of humanity. This is what we need to build.

We can hide under this force. We can gather together, and in this way we want to live.

This is all that we need to do for the new year. If we pass through these states, we are ready for the new development which is the new year. This development is toward the complete unification of all mankind under such a world blanket.

Question: If this happens, should we not be afraid of the virus and all that?

Answer: The virus will disappear as soon as we wish to start moving in this direction.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/14/20

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Who Does The Virus Hit More – Men Or Women?

198Comment: The coronavirus has hit almost everyone: presidents, ordinary people, from fisherman to academic. Millionaires, not understanding what is happening, sit all locked up.

On the other hand, statistics show that twice as many men as women die from the coronavirus. There are many different explanations. Women supposedly have a better immune system and are less addicted to bad habits. How would you explain this?

My Response: I think men are more attached to and more responsible for correcting the world than women. They are more opposed to integral nature than women. They are more selfish. Therefore, to this extent they are more affected by the virus.

Question: Are men more selfish than women?

Answer: Of course. In its manifestations regarding nature, the surrounding society, etc. Women are still more likely to share, somehow balance. Their inner animal essence is like this. Not so with men. He is a conqueror, he is all about competition, and so on. So, the virus refers to them more. Therefore, they are more susceptible to viruses, weaker. Women are stronger. I think this is clear to everyone. A woman’s body is much stronger, much more resilient.

Question: Is it because they have this warmth, home, birth?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And the men have belligerence, hatred, and a desire to kill, capture?

Answer: This is a different kind of egoism. Of course.

Comment: You said something very important. Men have a greater responsibility to the upper system, to nature.

My Response: Yes, to become like it precisely because they are more egoistic. This is a very complex system, and it is impossible to begin examining now to what extent women and men are the opposite of an altruistic nature each in their own way.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/20/20

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Ten-Year-Old Criminals. Punishment—Pros And Cons

laitman_552.03Question: In the UK, under the law, a person is criminally liable starting from the age of ten. “Criminal liability from the age of ten—isn’t it too early?”—ask researchers, parents, sociologists, and psychologists.

When you are ten years old and British, the law severely restricts your rights. You cannot drink, smoke, vote, or get married. You cannot even get a dog or a cat on your own. You are under-age.

However, when it comes to murder, ten-year-olds are tried as adults. In England and Wales, the age of criminal liability starts at ten.

Can a person at such a young age understand what murder is if he commits it in a state of fervor or passion?

Answer: For this, he must be brought up in a certain style. The upbringing in Britain used to be very serious. Even now, in universities, you can see what bug-eaten benches they sit on and what plates they eat from—these are cracked earthenware plates from 200 years ago. In the morning, they take a bath, and if suddenly the hot water is turned off, they must take a cold bath.

If they raised their children in this way, and especially in the last few years before their 13th birthday (ten years old is too early), then it would be possible to treat a person as an adult from the age of 13 onward.

Question: What does it mean to properly educate children under 13?

Answer: It means explaining to them quite seriously what the responsibility of a person in all aspects of their life means.

I remember that we, as students studying medical biological cybernetics, were taken to the morgue, to the maternity ward, to surgeries, to not very pleasant places. They would open a corpse, show us something, and it all leaves not a very nice impression. A woman gives birth and you see how it all happens. I remember myself at the age of 18 and 19, I was very impressed by this.

Also take them to jails, all this is necessary. And it is after such practical training that you can demand something from a person. All this is not simple.

Remark: There are cases of child abuse by parents, their children are beaten.

Based on such real cases in Britain, a TV series was filmed in which they show the father’s abuse of his sons and his cruel treatment of the mother. In the story, at one point in the evening when their father was drunk and sleeping, the children inflicted multiple stab wounds on him, and then they must be judged.

Researchers are wondering: even outside of the framework of the movie, are children able to take responsibility for their actions in such cases?

Answer: It is hard to say. Neither children nor adults are. Neither children nor adults! It is not a question of age but of what training and education they had received.

Question: Then how can we judge them correctly?

Answer: There is no way to judge them if they are not ready to be judged and judged correctly.

Society is to blame for not giving them proper training, for not educating them in the correct way, for their behaving in this way, and for their father behaving in this way. It is society! We should not blame the parents, and that is what happens.

Society allows such movies, such Internet, such influences on children, and then complains: “How can this be? Let’s ask society. Let’s put society in jail.

Question: At what age can a person be criminally responsible?

Answer: It depends on education! On education! Not on age.

Question: But what does that entail?

Answer: This includes everything. It entails creating a new person! The way we want. The way we think he should be. Society must decide. “Here it is, here is an image of the correct person. We want to make such an image from each and every one.”

And do not think that people will be similar to each other. They will not. We do not standardize people. But regarding their behavior toward each other, their responsibility to society, their parents, and  everyone, they will behave the way we decide. And here everything depends on what we decide. But after that, this will be our responsibility.

And today too, it is our responsibility! How can you hold a ten-year-old child responsible? We show him all sorts of deformities on TV, he sees the hell knows what in the family. How can they act differently? There is no way.

Who should be punished? Those who are responsible for the upbringing are not even the parents. What about these poor parents? What kind of parents can they be? We need to put the ministry of education and upbringing in jail.

Question: You said that we will depict an image of a new person and educate the generation according to this image. Can you show us an image of a new person?

Answer: The image of a new person is very simple. It is someone who understands their personal responsibility for the entire society and lives the life of society. In other words, the main thing is to support society so that it is always in a good state.

That is it. When there is such an atmosphere, everything will be alright.

But this must be monitored! The police, the ministry of education, and the ministry of upbringing should still exist. Upbringing! After all, upbringing is not the same as education.

And everything, starting from kindergartens, should be subordinated to this. Then people will be healthy both mentally and physically.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/17/19

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