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To Hell or to Heaven?

626Question: There is a well known parable regarding judgment taking place above—to hell or to heaven. The famous preacher’s turn comes; he is calm, and suddenly he is sent to hell. He asks, “Why to hell?! Right before me, a reckless driver was sent to heaven.” He is told: “What were you thinking? Everyone was asleep at your sermons. Meanwhile, when he was driving people, everyone was praying.”

How should we relate to this? Should we be led to prayer while we are alive; how should this happen?

Answer: We are being led. If we strive to reach a connection with the Creator, then all sorts of obstacles and conditions are put to us, and we involuntarily see that we cannot fulfill these conditions in any way, only if we get serious help from above.

Question: Does this mean that if we strive to connect with the Creator, then we can be grateful for all these things and obstacles?

Answer: For the stick.

Question: You keep saying, “Kiss the stick that beats you.” Then we kiss it? Otherwise what happens?

Answer: Otherwise we move along with our egoism, the way a fish swims, in such twisty ways.

Question: How should we treat everything that leads us, but is not yet directed, to the goal of creation, to prayer?

Answer: We have to push each other. We have to give an example. We need to shake things up a bit.

Question: How can I, an ordinary person who does not strive for the goal of connection with the Creator, someone who strives to live calmly and simply on our earth, also relate those misfortunes and troubles as things that should lead me to prayer?

Answer: Naturally a person does not want suffering, prayer, or anything.

Question: And how should I relate to this? Should I run away from them?

Answer: Of course. It’s best to run away from them and that’s what everyone does.

Question: This means I can run away if I’m not striving for anything, but I just want to live this life well on this earth?

Answer: In this case, “There is no need for suffering, and there is no need for rewards.”

Question: And what is the advice to such people?

Answer: The advice to such people is to try to live in peace, or even lower, quieter, and calmer. Try to go through life like this.

Question: Is this in order for the waves to pass over us?

Answer: Yes. But this is fate. There are some people who want it; there are those who disagree with this and those who disagree and yet with a couple of blows, they then agree.

Question: So one way or another, these blows bring a person down if he is here and wants to live his life here?

Answer: It depends on the root of the soul.

Question: And what is your advice to those who strive for the Creator and for connection?

Answer: For them, the most important thing is to get closer to the Creator, and it doesn’t matter in what way: either through getting a couple of blows on the way or any other way.

Question: So, one way or another they will and should treat these blows as help?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it correct to say that this parable is intended more for those who are directed to the Creator?

Answer: There is always suffering, but if they are not critical and are instead ordinary everyday sufferings, etc., then they are always good.

Question: Is this the way to relate to them?!

Answer: Yes.

Question: What happens if I start to treat them this way?

Answer: I mean the suffering that does not distract from building a right life or a right connection with others and with the Creator. If there are too many of them, then this is a different sort of suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/4/22

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The First Word of God

226Comment: You recently said, “First there was the word, and it was the word of God.” What was the first word?

My Response: “Bereshit.” There are Kabbalistic explanations for the word “Bereshit” that take thousands of pages. Thousands of pages! Entire treatises explain what Bereshit means. Because this word “Bereshit” contains absolutely everything! Apart from it, everything else is a consequence of it.

Question: Can “Bereshit” be translated as “at the beginning”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you compress these thousands of pages of treatises into a few sentences?

Answer: This word “Bereshit” contains the essence of the Creator, the purpose of creation and its full program of development, up to the last state.

Question: What is the essence of the Creator?

Answer: The essence of the Creator is good who does good.

Question: What is the essence of the creation that He created?

Answer: The desire created by the Creator, which yearns for adhesion with the Creator, for coming closer to the Creator is called creation.

Question: Does it mean that the program of creation is to come closer to the Creator? If we yearn for coming closer to the Creator, do we fulfill the purpose of creation?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/20/22

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Dialog With Nature

738Question: There were so many different kinds of natural disasters last year. The year started with a wild cold spell in Spain. They did not expect it and were not ready for it. There were earthquakes; there were floods in Indonesia. A glacier came down in the Indian Himalayas and buried 170 people. There was a sandstorm in Beijing and flooding in Australia. In Western Europe, heavy rains washed away cars and flooded cities. Fires raged in California, Turkey, and Greece. An earthquake in Haiti killed 2,200 people died. On the Canary Island of Palma, a volcano erupted for three months. This has not happened for 500 years. Dozens of tornadoes swept across the United States. A typhoon hit the Philippines and left havoc in its wake.

This is a short list of what happened. Can you translate to us in human language what nature is saying to us?

Answer: Nature tells us: “It serves you right!” Really, how you treat nature—disturbing its balance in everything possible, at all levels, in all cases and possibilities—this is how nature reacts.

Imagine that you have a sick body, the whole Earth, the whole globe. And what will you do?

Question: So what do we do?

Answer: Do not interfere, do not disturb its relative peace. It is in homeostasis—very well, let it stay that way, don’t touch it!

Question: But one way or another, don’t we have to produce something, extract minerals?

Answer: It depends in what doses. It’s like the doctor says: “In moderation.” It’s the same here: you dig into the ground, you start picking at it, taking stuff out, digging it out, pulling it out, sucking it out. You have to understand that it all needs to be replenished at some point.

We are slowly getting old and dying. The same thing probably happens with the Earth.

Question: How do we enter this dialog? How do we behave with nature so that we have homeostasis with it?

Answer: We must understand that this is a living organism, an actual living organism. And if we impact it, we must do everything very carefully and cautiously.

And it is necessary to compensate and to understand that if it is one organism, it does not matter where you operate. If you do something somewhere in Australia, it will resonate in Canada or somewhere in South America. We are really responsible here for everything and for everyone.

We have nothing but this land! We can’t fly anywhere and do anything. And we just do whatever we want here today! And there is no reaction, no calculation, no thought for tomorrow!

Comment: Our current thought is to gain from this—to earn more, more, and more money.

My Response: But then we lose 20 times more. We must compensate for all this.

Comment: A person has a thought: “After me, even a flood.”

My Response: The whole problem is in our egoism. That’s clear.

Question: If possible, can you give one more recipe? What is a person’s work with this organism called Earth?

Answer: The Earth is a very wise organism. Its laws, which are still unknown to us, hide huge layers of wisdom that are our future. And that’s why we need to treat it very carefully and with respect.

Question: So are you saying that if this thought enters a person and lives in him, then he will have a completely different attitude and everything in general?

Answer: Yes, which means if you dig with a shovel, you must explain why, for what, how, and how you will compensate for it. It’s as if you borrow from the Earth its matter, its energy, and its power that it will have to invest in what you, for example, plant in it.

Question: So even for such a small intervention, I have to make a huge calculation before I do it?

Answer: Yes. It’s an attitude, but it will save us. Otherwise the Earth, as it is said, “will spew you out.”

Comment: Yes, it will spew us out. It seems that the hints have already become very clear and are knocking on our door.

My Response: Yes. There is a beginning.

Comment: Let’s hope that we will understand.

My Response: No, there will be no hope here. Until a person corrects his egoism, he will inevitably harm nature and the planet he lives on. And it will be bad.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/30/21

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Save Yourself Or The Child?

560Comment: You received a letter from a young man.

Hello, Dear Michael!

I know that you will help me. I subscribe to all your programs. May you be healthy! That is the main thing.

I have been bedridden since childhood. I have a rare disease, which is progressing. My beloved parents and I have been fighting it since childhood. But it has gotten worse lately. It is painful to move. And recently, just six months ago, a new method of treatment appeared that has already helped many recover. But it requires an organ transplant from a close relative.

My dad immediately decided to become my donor. He was tested, and everything checked out. But I found out that it is very dangerous for my father. He is not all that healthy and nobody knows how the surgery will affect him. When I found out about it, I told my father that I do not agree, that I do not want the transplant, but he insisted. He does not want to hear anything. What should I do? How to convince him? I do not want it! I am afraid. Naturally, I want to get well, but I am afraid for my father! My mother is not saying anything and neither is my sister.

I am writing to you. Help me! I am exhausted thinking about it! In the meantime, I am getting worse.

My Response: You must give your father the opportunity to give you life again. I feel for you and for your father. This is something you must go through together.

Question: But what will he feel if he accepts it?

Answer: They are going through this together, through this surgery, together!

Question: Meaning, as if the father is giving him life again?

Answer: Yes! And the boy already understands, you can tell by his letter, that otherwise he will have a tragic end. How will his father be able to live on if the boy dies?

Question: So he is actually saving his father, among other things?

Answer: Of course. He should give his father the opportunity to help him.

Comment: No wonder he wrote both my mother and sister are quiet.

My Response: Because this is his personal decision.

Comment: He will instantly mature, he will become an adult as soon as he makes this decision.

My Response: True.

Comment: Such mature questions for these children!

My Response: Life is full of challenging decisions.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/1/21

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What Have We Learned From Last Year?

627.2Question: What are you thankful for from 2021?

Answer: It was a good year. I think people have sobered-up in many ways. They have awakened, they are more reasonable, they are starting to listen, hear, and pay attention. It is no longer possible to scare or fool them the way it used to be before.

It was not a bad year for the more or less peaceful development of humanity.

Question: Even despite the pandemic, despite everything that happened?

Answer: The year was peaceful and good. It slowly, patiently taught us to understand our world.

Year after year nature teaches us. However, this year went well.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/20/21

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Field Of Kindness

600.01In the News (“The Rescuing Hug”): In 1995, a pair of twins, Brielle and Kyrie Jackson, were born 12 weeks premature. Each weighed only about 2 pounds. One of them was not expected to survive.

“At three weeks old, one twin went into critical condition. Her heart rate was soaring. Her oxygen level was dropping quickly, and she was turning blue. The nurses tried everything, but nothing worked. They were about to lose her.

“Then one nurse, Gale Kasparian, decided to put the stronger twin next to her sister in the same incubator, a novel procedure that has never been done before at the time in the US. The standard practice at that time was to place twin babies in separate incubators to reduce the risk of infection.

“Once the twins were together, the baby snuggled up to Kyrie, the stronger twin. As soon as Kyrie put her arm around her sister, the vital signs including breathing and heart rate of the weaker twin instantly stabilized. They called this the rescuing hug.

“Without this rescuing hug, the weaker twin baby wouldn’t have survived.

“The hug has helped change medicine in the US.”

Comment: From that some scientists drew the conclusions that if we could, with such pure, childish intention, hug a sick person or treat another person like that, then there would be no diseases.

My Response: In general this is true. It is necessary to create a field of kindness in which all of humanity will be placed. Then of course, there will be no problems!

Question: So this case is really conclusive? Such pure natural warmth?

Answer: Here, yes. There is pure nature here.

Question: We are all so dirty and egoistic in this world. Can we at least get close to that state?

Answer: Not in an easy, natural way. It needs to be explained and shown, and we need to work with it. But humanity has other tools for realizing the evil of its egoistic nature. Instead of pushing others away, bring them closer and embrace them. We can convince people that this is for good, that it is necessary. Nature gives us such examples.

There would be no life without it. It’s not simple that one life is born within another. The embryo should be in the mother for nine months. What a long term! How many weeks? How many lunar months?

Question: Is the baby in such a state, like this one twin sister hugging the other? She is growing in such care and warmth?

Answer: Yes. Moreover, there should be the same cosmic relation, like the Moon and the Earth. This all goes according to the lunar calendar, according to the lunar months. Once upon a time, women had their usual monthly flow all together, at the same time. That was the impact of the Moon.

Then all this was obscured, egoism was shattered into many more parts, and this did not happen anymore.

Once, the female body worked in accordance with nature in a single cycle. And further egoistic shattering led to the fact that the relationship between everyone became worse and worse.

Question: How to at least come closer to such a state? I really want to treat someone else like this.

Answer: We need to understand that we are in a single mechanism, that we are nourished by a single upper force, and we must take into account that only by the right relationship with it will we come to the correction of our own nature and the whole world, and discover the upper state for ourselves.

Question: And then we can have such a relationship with each other?

Answer: Yes, of course. We will feel that we are all together in the same uterus, that embrace each other, and that there is no difference or distance between us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/11/21

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When Will The Messiah Come?

624.07Comment: Our viewer Galina Azaria writes: “Michael Laitman, I am very grateful for your instructive, informative programs. I am interested in one question, and no one else will answer it except you. Who is the Messiah? Will the Messiah come soon? If he comes, will there be changes on our planet? Why are so many people waiting for him? Who is he?”

My Response: The Messiah is not a person. It is a special force of nature that pulls us out. Therefore, it is called “Messiah” from the word “Moshech” (to pull out). It pulls us out of our egoism and thus brings us closer to each other and helps us create a better atmosphere, a better society, better families, and so on.

This positive force acts even now, but in a very small capacity. However, we are getting closer to the state when all of us will think and hope that this force will be manifested more.

Question: Despite the fact that we are egoists? This is a bit contradictory. He pulls us out of egoism, and egoists suddenly think “Let the Messiah come.” Why do they think that?

Answer: In principle, we theoretically agree to exit egoism, and no one wants to admit that he is an egoist. Therefore, if the Messiah pulls us out, it will be like the current pandemic. Some kind of a virus comes into the world and annoys us until we wish to free ourselves from this egoism.

He must show us that this is necessary. No one in the world feels that this is what hinders them.

Question: He must demonstrate to us that this is evil. Will he then pull us out according to our request?

Answer: Gradually, according to our consent, he will pull us out.

Question: What is above this line?

Answer: There is the same life there, only not egoistic; instead you live for the other, and everyone lives for the other. This is a completely different system of relationships, connections, and values. Then everything is fine.

Question: What kind of system of values? Does the concept of “love” exist there?

Answer: There is nothing else besides providing service to the other. A person feels his freedom, his destiny in this.

Question: Does it mean that you do not even think to grab everything for yourself?

Answer: The thought is there. However, if a person rises above this, he has great pleasure. If there is no thought to grab, then what will be the pleasure from bestowal and love? Therefore, “to grab” remains.

Question: Does ascent above your nature bring great pleasure? Is this what a person will want to come to?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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The New Olympic Games Motto

600.02Comment: The Olympic Games motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” was introduced in 1894.

Now the International Olympic Committee has added the following to this motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger—Together!”

My Response: This is good. The recognition of evil is already beginning.

This suggests that, theoretically, a turn to “together” is coming. People are aware of what the most important thing in these games is and why we should have them as well as any other event of mankind.

We can compete and think how to beat the others but only so that friendship will win in the end.

I think that this manifests in people out of powerlessness and not out of their determination to get closer. Yet, it does appear.

Question: How would the Olympic Games look like if this together would be filtered through the heart?

Answer: No, this is impossible to imagine. You are suggesting that people would compete not to win but to defeat themselves!

Question: Are the Olympic Games and sports in general suitable for defeating oneself?

Answer: If the Olympic Games were based on the same principle as in ancient Greece—when wars stopped, when everything stopped—absolutely everything! Nothing happened! Only peaceful competitions and, in fact, it practically was not a competition. It was just a demonstration of capabilities of a person who overcomes nature, his internal physiological, physical nature, and at the same time also overcomes his egoistic nature, which is even more internal.

Question: Do you think this is what they had there, even just a little?

Answer: There were at least some rudiments of movement toward each other.

Comment: And now, on the background of wars, troubles, earthquakes, failure to help each other…

My Response: And now, it is because they are being pushed by all sorts of political, economic benefits, and so on.

Comment: That is, if it was aimed at winning over oneself…

My Response: So that all of us rise together. Can you imagine what heights these games would have? We are preparing to demonstrate to the entire world our human capabilities in order to rise above ourselves in spirit. Athletes would be great Kabbalists. I think they are taking some steps toward this. Otherwise, this would not exist.

Question: Are we for adding “together” to the motto of the Olympic Games?

Answer: Yes. We are always for together.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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Why Is The Creator Jealous Of Us

239Comment: “From what I hear from Michael Laitman, the Creator wants us to love Him. Not each other, no, but Him. This is just an excuse: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In fact, the Creator wants us to love Him. What kind of jealous Creator does Laitman have? ”

My Response: It is said that He is jealous, cruel in His jealousy. The Creator is jealous of everything that is not directed at Him. The fulfillment that comes to a person from the Creator is incomparable with anything. And if a person is distracted from this, then, of course, the Creator here expresses His jealousy.

Question: So the Creator tells us: “You have no idea how much I have prepared for you, and you are wasting your love …” So, He seems to be saying that earthly love does not exist?

Answer: It is only given to us in order to come to an unearthly love.

Question: And in order to turn us to Him, He gives us all kinds of suffering, pain, and so on?

Answer: He does not give that to us, He just shows us His love, which we reject. And we feel this love, rejected by us, as suffering. And that’s all.

Question: So only love comes from Him?

Answer: Yes. And if you reject it, you turn it into suffering.

Question: What to do? What does He call us to? We do not see Him, we do not know Him, and we do not feel Him.

Answer: It doesn’t matter. You are given the opportunity to position yourself as needed in relation to Him. There is nothing else in nature.

Question: But is it necessary or not necessary to fulfill the earthly feelings first?

Answer: They should help us to get closer to the connection between ourselves, and to organize this connection between ourselves as much as possible in the quality of bestowal and love.

Question: Is this the desire of the upper one?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And then He will stop being jealous?

Answer: There is no jealousy, this is a completely different level—the level of absolute love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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Inside My Interview With Larry King

566.01Comment: Larry King, the legendary presenter and television icon, has died at the age of 87. He conducted over 40,000 interviews and was included in The Guinness Book of World Records. In an era when emotional leaders were quick to ask questions, interrupt others, he mostly listened. He asked the question, “Why? What do you think,” and he listened.

This made him stand out from all. Among his interlocutors were all the U.S. Presidents, starting with Nixon, and also Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Mike Tyson, Paul McCartney, and you, Michael Laitman.

At the end of the conversation with you, he suddenly said to the production team: “I want to talk to him more, continue the time.”

My Response: Yes, he knew how to show the interlocutor that he was interviewing him. And he listened and heard. And although at first I did not feel any special interest in me on his part, in just a few minutes he began to change. He began to get used to the situation, he himself began to live in it, to empathize.

Listening is a gift from God. Who knows how to listen nowadays? No one. Even psychologists. The main thing for them is to foist on you what they think, and that’s it. They do not work for internal contact with the patient, with the sick person, with the interlocutor, or with the interviewee. This is not the case today.

Question: So, in principle, the art of listening is the main art?

Answer: Yes. This is what Larry King was famous for. We had nothing pre-assigned—an unexpected meeting. I practically answered the questions that interested him. And in no case as an interviewer, but as a person who wants to understand a little bit about life, what is going on in his family, what is happening in his life, with work, with a view of the world.

He understood me. That is, he did not have such an automatic switch on what only he needed and the rest does not matter, as television and radio hosts usually have. No, he absorbed it all for himself.

Question: What are the main qualities of a leader? To reveal a person, what do you need to be able to do?

Answer: To reveal a person, you must enter into him without need to spin it.

It is not necessary, because you unwind him, and he, therefore, like a child in your arms, is very light, external. This is not his inner essence. It is necessary to do so that a person opens up himself, and in such a way that he begins to open up in everything that he did not even think about, did not imagine, that he would ever be able to speak.

Question: And this happens when the one who asks presents the question and kind of cancels and listens?

Answer: Not only is it canceled, but when he wants to enter into the interlocutor, sympathize, be with him, not just empathize. And even more so not to show that you catch him on something or you spin it on something. With Larry King, I felt that this is a person who is really interested in understanding me.

At that time he had problems with his loved one, who was very sick. He disconnected from it and went into what I was telling him. This captured him more than his personal problems, and that is why he was so interested in me, and he was late for this interview. And he did not want to leave, he held my hand.

I just understood what he needed, that he was going to the hospital right after talking with me, and so on. It was impressive. That is, in the end I interviewed the person. Although this is not my specialty, not my task, I was impressed by him. It is precisely this turn, what he can do. He remained human.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/25/21

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