If We Want to Live like Humans

962.3In order to reach adhesion with the Creator, we need a strong desire, which we do not have. Desires are revealed from the entirety of the shattered souls, and therefore, they cannot be strong because everything is fractured. Therefore, some small particle from the common soul awakens here and there thanks to which a person awakens.

This general awakening is caused by the surrounding light that is waiting for us to create a place for it where it can really be revealed. Due to this surrounding light, we find ourselves connected to each other and receive the opportunity to gather into a group and study Kabbalah. All this is in order to increase our desires.

After all, our desires are very small and they are also not directed correctly. We do not know where we exist and for what purpose. It is like a small child who does not know where he is, hut has parents who know exactly what is happening to him and what needs to be done with him, and how to take care of him so that he grows up healthy.

Therefore, if we want to grow spiritually, we are brought to a group and taken through all kinds of states. By establishing correct relationships in the group, we aim ourselves in the right direction and thus advance.

Besides, we are at such an advanced stage of development that it ceases to be individual. That is, we are entering the era of what is called the last generation when all of humanity has to awaken. Today, an awakening of a small group or individual Kabbalists is no longer enough like it was in previous generations.

We must understand that we all belong to the same desire of Adam HaRishon, and we need to come closer and to become incorporated in it. Then we will see that the Creator helps us in more tangible way.

It is not by chance that such great hatred is being revealed in the world today, and it is flaring up more and more day by day. It would seem that this is absolutely not compatible with the high level of development of humanity, which should have already stopped all wars and be concerned with more exalted things.

But it will turn out the opposite. We will forget about space flights and high matters. If we do not start working on our connection, we will feel how humanity is sinking lower and lower every day and being immersed in sordid affairs. After all, the main thing we need to do is to connect everyone to the system of Adam HaRishon. If humanity learns about this method and understands why they were mistaken and were getting into difficult situations all the time, then they will come closer to correction in this way.

It is amazing that the further humanity advances in engineering, high tech, science, culture, and education, making such progress as if it can already reach the stars, at the same time, our life on planet Earth will become more and more miserable, appalling, and gloomy. We will look like bugs crawling in manure.

After all, if we do not advance toward connection, then all our other achievements will turn to our detriment and beat us. They will not allow us to develop correctly, and our life will be getting worse and worse.

However, the correction of egoism is impossible by simply overcoming it. We must connect above our egoism. That is, it is already useless today to fight against our egoism, like in previous generations when each person was developing individually.

In our time, there is only one way to defeat egoism: together, collectively. This field of connection, love, mutual care, and guarantee that we establish between us should save us and bring us to a new state. Otherwise, we will not succeed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/22, Shamati #153 “A Thought Is a Result of the Desire”

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