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What Does the Creator Hope for?

260.01Comment: Alexey asks: “Michael, it is not evident that you love people. But on whom then does the world rest?”

My Response: On whom does the world rest? Does the world rest on people? The world hardly tolerates these people; it suffers from them. They sit on it like flies and gnaw it from all sides. Why should I love such a picture? We just dig our teeth into this Earth, into this world, and we gnaw on it wherever possible and push others away.

And then we also want to fly to Mars to escape from here: “Apple trees will bloom also on Mars.” And we will chop them down in the same way.

Comment: “Then on whom does the world rest,” Alexey asks. After all, it does rest on something.

My Response: The world rests on the word, on the word of God. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God, and God was eternity, and so on.

The world rests on the quality of good, on the quality of love. It all comes from the upper one, not from us. If it were from us, then this whole world would not exist for a second. We are the negative energy in the world.

The Creator holds us, holds the world. If not for this, nothing would exist. In the meantime, we are parasites on this world.

Question: What does the Creator hope for? What does He even want while holding us?

Answer: He does not hope. He governs so that a person eventually grows up to the realization of how to govern the world in general and takes the place of the Creator.

Question: Does it mean, according to your words, that people are created to govern this world? These, as you say, low creatures?

Answer: Yes. They were created to be the crown of creation, to govern the world, to convince the Creator to influence our world with the quality of good, which will be supported by all means by man, by people, and humanity.

They must allow the qualities of love and bestowal and kindness and compassion to be revealed in the world.

Therefore, they must go through this “bottom,” recognize their nature, suppress it in themselves, and come to the need for the opposite nature—the nature of the Creator.

Question: How does a person come to the conclusion that this is the path?

Answer: From suffering. There is no other way, but the recognition of the pettiness of one’s own powers, qualities, and capabilities. The Creator expects that we will turn to Him for help, ask Him for the force of the quality of good, bestowal, and love, and thereby rise to His level.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/2/20

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Life-Giving Force

712.03Comment: Scientists consider water to be a kind of force that transmits information and cultivates life.

They say that research about water encourages us to think about who we are, why we came here, and where we are headed. After all, there is a reason why a human body consists mainly of water. The effect of negative information leads to either health or sickness, to life or death. The scientists’ failure to grow a living cell in artificial conditions led to this conclusion.

My Response: No, the search for the force that gives life has nothing to do with water. Water is an animating force that transmits information and energy.

Life is breathed into inanimate matter so that it can multiply, develop, acquire new feelings, a new consciousness, and form itself on completely different levels of vegetative, animate, and human nature in a way that science cannot determine because this force comes from a higher state, from the upper world. This force created our world. It is involved from the very beginning in the development of the entire universe and all matter.

But we cannot control it. We cannot artificially transfer it or manipulate it at will.

This is the force of life. It is on a higher level than human. This is information and energy that are not yet attainable by us. We can reach it only when we rise to the level of absolute love and bestowal and break out of the level of our egoism.

Our entire universe, nature, human society, and in general everything that we observe and see in the universe is through an egoistic quality, a desire to receive, to enjoy, to take, and absorb into ourselves.

Meanwhile, giving, love, and life are the opposite of our quality because they expand outward but not in the inward direction. And only if we can break out of our egoism will we feel this force of life, expansion, multiplication, and development. Then we will be able to talk about something, to understand how vegetative matter emerged from inanimate matter, how animate matter emerged from vegetative, and so all the way to man.

It’s impossible to describe because you have to see it. To do this, we must acquire the same qualities of love and bestowal. I hope that someday humanity will come to this and will feel the force with which we were created, which gave birth to us. That is when we will discover the reason for life, its meaning, and its purpose.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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Death, Glory, and Love

294.2Comment: Governments of different countries allocate a total of almost two trillion dollars a year as state subsidies to businesses that are harmful to the environment, to the climate of the planet, and that pollute nature. This brings the extinction of humanity closer.

On the other hand, the same countries that sign all the manifestos and programs to clean up the environment also allocate the same crazy money for this.

My Response: And what is the big deal? A person smokes and takes pills. He drinks and is also being treated for it. What I mean is that a person consists of these two opposites. Everything is fine.

Question: So there are two halves in him? One gives money for destruction and the other for restoration?

Answer: I get a good feeling from participating in something good, big, kind, as well as from the opposite.

Question: And this is no different from normal human nature?

Answer: Yes. Look, after this war, there will be all kinds of awards, people will rise, and so on.

Question: On one hand there was death, on the other hand honor and glory. This is our world. And how to get out of such a world?

Answer: There is no way; that is how we live.

Question: Is it impossible to get to the point where I give money exclusively for prosperity?

Answer: How is that possible? You will not be able to give money for prosperity if you do not feed, on the other hand, everything that causes harm.

Question: Is there no middle line?

Answer: The middle line is not here. The middle line is only if a person rises above himself.

Question: But is it necessary to get out of this or not?

Answer: All this is just so that we understand that we are in a trap and that there is no way out of it.

Question: In principle, is it possible to get out of this trap?

Answer: Not by conventional methods. It is possible only when we are completely, absolutely completely disappointed in ourselves, in our lives, in everything. It is a dead end that makes you climb.

Question: What is the only way out of this state? If a person feels trapped, if he has come to this feeling: “I’m trapped, I don’t know what to do. I understand that one way out is death.” What is the other way out?

Answer: It is when you are stuck in this trap, and you have two legs and two hands in it, you cannot do anything, then you quietly agree with this trap, stay in it, and look not for physical, but inner redemption. And everything will work out.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/4/22

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The End of the Development of Egoistic Nature

115.06Today we are at the last stage of development when human society moves from an animal, egoistic society, which developed like all previous forms (still, vegetative, and animate), to the development of the next degree, I would even say, dimension, as it is opposed to all previous forms of nature.

The previous forms of nature began their development from the Big Bang. This is how the Solar System and everything on Earth appeared. And then, in exactly the same way, humanity evolved from monkeys. Moreover, man is no different from animals, except for even greater egoism. This develops him to the point that he is constantly improving technology, society, the environment, and his capabilities until his egoism begins to deteriorate, like at any previous stage.

For example, when egoism exhausted itself at the still stage, another stage began to appear, the vegetative one. This is the law of “negation of negation,” when the previous stage is no longer able to express itself further or be filled, and grows into another.

So plants evolved from still matter, animal organisms from plant matter, and so on. And now a person, developing as an animal organism, gradually comes to a state when he exhausts his egoism at the animal level and eventually discovers his incongruity: “And what next?”

This is a characteristic feature of our era when we ask: “What are we living for? There is no point in existing like animals. And if not like animals, then how else?”

In everything we have created, we find that technology is to our detriment, society is to our detriment, and we find no satisfaction in anything. That means, we have exhausted this stage. Practically, this is a very good state, the state of birth, the transition to the next degree.

But the next degree is radically different from the previous ones, it is no longer egoistic. Therefore, the entire multibillion-dollar process of the development of egoistic nature from the Big Bang to our state has ended. And now we are living in such a wonderful time, the birth of a new world.

This means the birth of a new person because the world does not exist outside of us, we perceive it within ourselves. Thus, if a person changes, he will suddenly discover that he exists in a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Future of Humanity” 7/17/11

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