Death, Glory, and Love

294.2Comment: Governments of different countries allocate a total of almost two trillion dollars a year as state subsidies to businesses that are harmful to the environment, to the climate of the planet, and that pollute nature. This brings the extinction of humanity closer.

On the other hand, the same countries that sign all the manifestos and programs to clean up the environment also allocate the same crazy money for this.

My Response: And what is the big deal? A person smokes and takes pills. He drinks and is also being treated for it. What I mean is that a person consists of these two opposites. Everything is fine.

Question: So there are two halves in him? One gives money for destruction and the other for restoration?

Answer: I get a good feeling from participating in something good, big, kind, as well as from the opposite.

Question: And this is no different from normal human nature?

Answer: Yes. Look, after this war, there will be all kinds of awards, people will rise, and so on.

Question: On one hand there was death, on the other hand honor and glory. This is our world. And how to get out of such a world?

Answer: There is no way; that is how we live.

Question: Is it impossible to get to the point where I give money exclusively for prosperity?

Answer: How is that possible? You will not be able to give money for prosperity if you do not feed, on the other hand, everything that causes harm.

Question: Is there no middle line?

Answer: The middle line is not here. The middle line is only if a person rises above himself.

Question: But is it necessary to get out of this or not?

Answer: All this is just so that we understand that we are in a trap and that there is no way out of it.

Question: In principle, is it possible to get out of this trap?

Answer: Not by conventional methods. It is possible only when we are completely, absolutely completely disappointed in ourselves, in our lives, in everything. It is a dead end that makes you climb.

Question: What is the only way out of this state? If a person feels trapped, if he has come to this feeling: “I’m trapped, I don’t know what to do. I understand that one way out is death.” What is the other way out?

Answer: It is when you are stuck in this trap, and you have two legs and two hands in it, you cannot do anything, then you quietly agree with this trap, stay in it, and look not for physical, but inner redemption. And everything will work out.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/4/22

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