Everything Will Be Fine

294.4Comment: According to the UN, 40% of the world’s lands are defined as degraded, that is, deprived of natural resources, water, trees, vegetation.

This damage is clearly from man’s economic activity from agriculture squeezing everything out of the ground, forests are cut down, minerals are extracted, industrial pollution goes on, and so on.

And so we are approaching starvation. They say that next year, 2023, a serious famine is expected as a result of these wars and environmental disasters.

But still, I want to ask you about the Creator. We hear all the time about what’s going on, all this environmental disaster. The Creator created this blue planet with shade, with water, with minerals, with everything necessary for a person, as if he settled man here. Was it really not clear that a monster with a terrible egoistic nature was settling here?!

Answer: Not a monster. He is given all the conditions in order to realize who he is. And recognition is possible only from the opposite state. Only from the opposite state! And therefore, indeed, although he is a monster, he is given the opportunity to feel himself and raise himself to the highest degree—to the degree of the Creator. The Creator is not capable of such a thing. But we were created by Him specifically in this state.

Question: Meaning that in the beginning, He created us in such magnificent conditions that we are destroying in full now with wars, our attitude, and so on. Was this realized by the Creator?

Answer: Of course.

Question: It means that we have to reach some low point, that we are really savages and beasts? And for this to destroy the whole planet?! Isn’t it a shame?

Answer: Not to destroy it physically, it is enough for us to see what we are doing, to realize.

The fact is that if a person is stupid, then he needs to descend into this state physically. And if he is smart, then he may not sink physically, but it is enough for him to see it from afar. And this will already be enough to understand this state and not desire it.

Comment: But if we don’t feel the master and we feel like we are the masters, then what you say will never happen. We don’t feel that we are robbing and destroying.

My Response: We will start shouting from the pain, from fear, from all the problems: “Where to go?! What to do?!” We have nowhere to get away from this Earth. The earth itself is burning under the feet of humanity.

And then we will begin to feel that we have no other choice but to discover the force that controls us. Then we will begin to feel this force from the point of view of our egoism. Who controls us? Who allowed this? Who did this? Where is the villain who made such conditions for us?!

And at the same time we will begin to realize that we ourselves, it turns out, made it out of good conditions, as it is said: “And God settled man in the Garden of Eden.” And then look at what the little man made of all this. violated all conditions, all laws.

God settled man on this Earth, and he began to destroy it. And he will destroy it almost to the limit. That’s when he will feel that he has no other way out, he must change himself! Not just the Earth and around him, but change himself. As soon as he realizes that the correction of the world is in correcting himself, then he will reach the recognition of evil.

And nothing else is needed. We don’t need evil itself, we only need the recognition of evil. As soon as he realizes the evil and says, “Oh!”, that’s it, the lowest point will be passed, and he will begin to rise.

Comment: But we have destroyed this Garden of Eden. Where are we going to rise? We were given paradise, and we destroyed it.

My Response: It’s all inside us!

Question: And all these resources, all these destroyed lands, ecology?

Answer: No! This is all nonsense! Suddenly you will find that you are sprouting in a completely different place, not on the planet. You don’t need this planet and the physical world. All this is not necessary! All you need is relationships. You only live in relationships, outside of bodies.

This is the heavenly state. This is the real, true state! And our world is called imaginary. You will begin to live in this heavenly state. “And we will settle in it.”

Question: And this world as if it did not exist?

Answer: It is already called an “imaginary world.”

Question: So it’s like it’s done its duty and can disappear?

Answer: Yes, it exists in our uncorrected desires, intentions, and qualities, so that we realize all this and would want to rise to the true state, to get out of this delusion, “were like in a dream,” to get out of this dream.

Comment: The sooner the better.

My Response: It depends on the desire. Everything will happen.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/28/22

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