Catch Your Luck

552.02Question: In principle, nature and the Creator are one and the same thing. Nature constantly generates all of mankind and develops people. At a certain time, does each person have some opportunity to develop spiritually, to reveal the Creator?

Answer: Yes, in principle, everyone has such an opportunity. Yet very few people catch it and notice it. But in every person’s life there is at least one second, if I may say, when he is suddenly stabbed in the heart and reminded that there is spiritual development: “What’s with you and it?”

Question: And this can be called luck?

Answer: No, it is not luck yet. This is an invitation to attain real luck. But no more than that.

Question: Is the very revelation of the Creator to man, His attainment—luck?

Answer: It is a great fortune.

Question: And it should happen to everyone?

Answer: Yes. If not in this life, maybe next time.

Try to catch your fortune every moment. I wish you all good luck!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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In Simple Language, What Is Unity?

289Question: Igor writes: “Could you explain to me in simple language what unity is?—the one that you call for all the time, the type that you talk about in every clip, article, broadcast everywhere. Just do not use phrases like “good connections” because we already see that this is from the realm of fiction. Unity as a goal—what is it?”

Answer: In order to reveal the Creator, to feel the Creator, to grasp Him, we need to grasp each other. To the extent that we will see the Creator in everyone. No matter how impossible it may seem to us, how fantastic, and generally repulsive, we need to make sure that every person in the world begins to appear to me as a manifestation of the Creator.

I have to reach a state where I love everyone, I want to be in connection, merge, and unite with everyone. Then I will feel the Creator in this attitude toward them, not in them, but in myself.

Question: That is why you keep saying: “Good connections, search for love.” Is it really searching for the Creator all the time?

Answer: The Creator lives in man. Do you want to reveal the Creator? You have to love someone else, and then you will feel how the Creator awakens in you.

Question: The formula sounds very simple, but it is so complex. It is amazing, of course. But there is no getting away from it?

Answer: There is no need to get away from anything. It is absolute, it is true, it is short, simple in implementation, only difficult.

Question: Are you aware that it is difficult?

Answer: It is impossible.

Question: Then when does it become possible?

Answer: In order for the Creator to help. That is all it takes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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Invitation to the New Reality

627.1Question: From where does the sensation of inner emptiness come to a person?

Answer: Desire is constantly growing within us. It has to grow to the state where you will demand the light, moreover, in the size that exceeds our world. Then unwillingly you will have to exit the framework in which we live and rise to the next dimension.

This invitation to the next level already exists in a person and therefore he feels emptiness.

He is playing a game of life, feeling that there is nothing to be fulfilled with. “For now I will live this way. What can I do? Will my life end simply like that? But there is nothing shining behind that. But at least for now I will be busy playing somehow and will spend time.” A person has the instinct of self-protection.

But in essence, the inner spiritual hunger is sucking him and calling him to reach something higher. This desire is developing for the next level, to a greater portion of light, in other words, to another life.

Question: Does it mean that we do not have any freedom of choice in our existence?

Answer: The freedom of choice is only in accelerating our development. And we can accelerate it only with the help of a certain environment.

When we create such an environment around us—books, teacher, and friends—we can elevate our desire, direct it correctly, shape it, and make it big and aspiring to the goal. Then we will come out of our world to the next dimension faster.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Does the Creator Exist?” 5/9/11

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The Structure of Spiritual Division

232.08Question: It is written in Torah that Moses’ father in law gave him the structure of the “ten” to organize the people. He said “But you shall choose out of the entire nation men of substance, God fearers, men of truth, who hate monetary gain, and you shall appoint over them leaders over thousands, leaders over hundreds, leaders over fifties, and leaders over tens.”

Is this only the inner hierarchy of our desires or was the nation was indeed divided this way in the corporeal world?

Answer: Sometimes it used to be this way.

If we desire to become similar to the Creator, come closer to Him in our properties, we have to build ourselves, our society, the state, even the world and all of humanity according to the same principle as  described in Torah, meaning we have to divide all into tens, fifties, hundreds, etc. Everyone!

This is because when we unite this way we can reach the property of mutual bestowal, interconnection, mutual guarantee (Arvut). With the help of this relation among us we will be able to relate the same way to the Creator.

Question: But why exactly is there such a division into ten, fifty, one hundred, one thousand?

Answer: It comes from the same ten Sefirot. If we have the upper one, bestowing, His bestowal spreads down the ten rungs until it reaches the last Sefira Malchut, which receives everything.

The distance of ten rungs from the bestowing state Keter (crown) until the receiving state Malchut (kingdom of receiving) fully reflects the development of the Creator’s desire to bestow into the creation’s desire to receive.

If the creation from its side desires to become similar to the Creator, it has to make a restriction upon itself: not to receive the way the Creator made it, but the opposite, to act in similarity to the Creator, meaning from the bottom up, back from Malchut to Keter realizing itself in the property of bestowal.

In fact the restriction was not for the action itself, but rather for the intention. However, when we restrict the intention, the action simultaneously is restricted as well. After that the action can develop in the opposite way, toward receiving. The main thing is the intention.

Question: But where did fifty, one hundred, and one thousand come from?

Answer: It does not matter. Actions in the fifty, hundred, a thousand etc. fall under the same conditions, the same laws as in the ten.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/10/22

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