The Future World Is Not What You Think It Is

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that the strength of luck leads us into the next world. What future world do you have in mind?

Answer: The future world means that I exit my body. In other words, I rise above my ego. The ego is all my desires, thoughts, inclinations and all my selfish awareness that is called my body, not my flesh, which is considered to be an animal.

I must rise above all these desires and thoughts, and instead of seeking to absorb everything internally, I have the desire to give to my neighbor.

This means that the soul leaves the body, I feel the future world and I find a new desire to bestow, to love, and unite. All this is called the second body in which I enter and act on the basis of these new desires. So I move further and further until I reach full correction.

The future world means a world to come, my next state, which I achieve as a result of work on myself and my attitude towards others. I exchange this world for the future world by exchanging love for myself for love of my neighbor. This means I reach the next world from this world and enter the Garden of Eden.

Question: Why is it called the Garden of Eden?

Answer: Because I’m starting to feel that I am beyond all limits, because there are no boundaries in bestowing to others. I am in an expanse that fully belongs to me.

Question: What does it mean to bestow on to everyone?

Answer: To bestow means to do good out of love for everyone.

Question: Why is it if a person wants to do good to all then one is in the Garden of Eden?

Answer: Because the Garden of Eden is called the place where you can do whatever you want without any restrictions. After all, you want to give, and there are no boundaries on bestowal. And then you feel that everything is for the good of everyone, everything is for you and is full abundance.

In other words, the future of the world is called the land of Israel (Eretz Isra-El), the desire fully directed at the Creator.  The Creator is a comprehensive force of bestowal and love, which includes all of creation, including us. You have to unravel it according to the similarities of properties with Him. Therefore, you are called Isra-El because you want to achieve the same state, the same values of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/8/15

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