The Connection Between Our Fate And The Stars

Laitman_712_03Question: Is there any connection between a person’s fate and the place of the stars and the sun?

Answer: Of course. We are in a tightly mutually connected system in which there are very rigid laws. We learn about some of them in physics and astronomy, but we don’t know these laws well enough and we have no information about this whole system.

First of all, we only know very little about the part of the creation called our universe, which is a tiny black point in the huge infinite space that we don’t feel at all. This means that the infinite space of our universe, which we do feel, is actually a tiny point.

Therefore, we cannot advance nor discuss or understand these things without knowing the whole system that is beyond our universe. Even if we did know 100% of the laws in our universe, we would only know and attain a tiny part of the universe.

This is the reason we cannot establish a science by observing the stars and the movement of the planets and different signs of success. We simply don’t have enough data in this field.

Throughout history many researchers and scientists studied the planets and the stars and recorded their observations, wanting to connect the way each of them moved with the revolutions of the other stars and planets and also with what happens on this planet—our climate, the warming and the cooling of the planet, the winds, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and hurricanes—with the positive or negative effect they have on plants and animals and also on different types of people.

We really want to know what a certain factor or another has in store for us, to what extent it affects our near and distant future. People have tried to attain that, and as it seems in astrology, they have tried to connect it to people’s lives, to people’s nature, fate, to the flow of life, and to how people interrelate with one another according to the different astrological signs.

We yearn to know the future, that’s all! If we knew the future, if our parents received a detailed map of our whole life, no one would even look at the stars and astrological signs and wouldn’t listen to astrologers.

We have accumulated a lot of data through our studies of nature but we cannot count on them 100%. However, they can at least show us different relationships and interdependencies. This is indeed true, since it stems from the fact that we follow different natural phenomena and see that in the duration of tens and even thousands of generations certain phenomena are connected to others.

There are charts of these mutual connections in astrology according to which we can approximately say what will happen when a certain number of the external conditions match. What is more, there are several options as to how different events can develop.

Just as we observe natural phenomena, collect data, and then establish sciences on this basis, we also do the same thing in astrology. But we cannot call astrology a science because this whole area is completely beyond our control.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/8/15

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  1. Concerning this question – ” Is there any connection between a person’s fate and the place of the stars and the sun?” – I don’t agree. For thousands of years the stars and planets have been observed and a great deal of information HAS been obtained. Astrology and astronomy were once the same science. Now astronomy is science and astrology a spiritual art, but astrology still uses astronomy, so they aren’t entirely separate now. Astronomical info is mind-blowing and it is correct, or how else could we end a man to the moon? As for astrology, that’s been proven to be accurate time and time again. But the art of prediction is not a clear path. It’s been said by the Ramchal that “astrologers can see some things, but not all.” That’s because HaShem does not want humanity to know everything. And in areas of feelings and psychological realms the predictions are murky since they’re so unique to each individual. But some things can be predicted, and they happen. However, not all. So in some instances, for some people, things are clearer than for others. That may have as much to do with the astrologer – the more detached an astrologer is, the clearer the picture. But knowing a little about the circumstances is essential. Still, not all can be accurately predicted, according to God’s will.

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