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Clinging To The Creator

laitman_527_03The Midrash, “BeShalach: The righteous among the people cried out: “Let’s fulfill the Creator’s will patiently”; those who are weak should split up into four groups. Each of them thinks that its operation plan is the right one.

The representatives of the tribes of Reuben, Shimon and Issachar were scared and decided that it was better to jump into the sea than to confront the Egyptians. Moses calmed them: “Do not fear, be calm and you will see that the Creator will save you.”

The tribes of Zebulon Judah and Joseph called: “Let’s go and fight Egypt.” But Moses corrected them: “The Creator will fight for you.” The tribes of Dan, Gad and Asher suggested invading the Egyptian camp and causing a scare there. “No,” said Moses, “stay here and give up this plan.”

This speaks about the division of Israel into twelve tribes that yearn for the Creator but cannot unite into one nation since they embody three lines: the right, the left, and the middle. Since there are four phases of development in each of the lines, three times four is twelve tribes. We mustn’t mix them since they advance in a certain order, in separate columns in the desert.

All the problems and disagreements between them are necessary in order to understand that only the Creator can help them. Therefore, they need to adhere to Him and not run ahead or stay in one place, nor attack the desires by trying to destroy them or to move away from them.

In other words, everything that happens around them is arranged by the Creator and takes place where they are, “There is none else besides Him.” The only thing left is to connect to Him, and He will work everything out. All the problems are given to us in order to attain unity.

But at the same time, all our attributes and our impulses tear us to pieces. We fear that we will remain in the egoistic state and will not be able to leave it; therefore we are scared.

The only solution is to hold on to the state that was sent from above by the Creator, realizing that the scare is not so that we will fear the Egyptians, no matter what form the egoistic desires will be depicted to us, but to fear the Creator. This is already a different kind of fear, a fear of the Creator’s greatness. If we had that fear, no one would fear the Egyptians, our ego.

Moreover, Moses keeps saying: “Don’t fear, be calm, the Creator will fight for you, He will save you.” Therefore all of a person’s desires should be connected to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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Full Access To The Program Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do “prophetic” dreams exist?

Answer: There are people who can predict the future. They enter a special state of trance, as if sleeping, and can see the events that will happen in the future. In real life, these states are yet to be manifested, but they can be seen in a dream state.

Comment: It turns out that some dreams are triggered by past experiences that remain in a person, and other dreams reveal the future, as if we are able to connect to a higher flow of information.

Answer: Yes, this is possible, because each of us has a program of everything that will happen to him before the end of this life, and maybe beyond. And if a person possesses special abilities that allow him to see the future, then he can predict it.

There have been seers such as this throughout history.Throughout the ages, people used them, but in the end, they were usually killed for making unwanted forecasts. It is no coincidence that the future is hidden from us. It is better not to know what is waiting for us and to try to build a future for oneself, thinking it as if is in our power.

Animals do not make any plans for the future, except for the instinctive storing of food for the winter. They do not do it consciously but instinctively. And if a person knew his future, he would just commit suicide because his life would lose all meaning. Therefore, nature has deprived us of the ability to see the future.

However, due to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we have the opportunity to improve our future. We can rise above our programmed destiny provided that we can rise to the level where this program of the future was written and then are able to enter that computer, the correct folder, and re-program our entire life anew.

We ourselves will be able to plan the coming intermediate steps and change all the states we go through, except the final one. The final state refers to a higher degree, which we are now unable to reach.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that this is the best and perfect state. And if we want to advance towards it along a good path, we must study it and understand from this how we can gradually realize this bright future at every stage of our development.

Starting today, I can draw to myself the fragments of a good future and realize them right now in my life. This is the purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah that teaches us how to realize our good future.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/11/15

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The Connection Between Our Fate And The Stars

Laitman_712_03Question: Is there any connection between a person’s fate and the place of the stars and the sun?

Answer: Of course. We are in a tightly mutually connected system in which there are very rigid laws. We learn about some of them in physics and astronomy, but we don’t know these laws well enough and we have no information about this whole system.

First of all, we only know very little about the part of the creation called our universe, which is a tiny black point in the huge infinite space that we don’t feel at all. This means that the infinite space of our universe, which we do feel, is actually a tiny point.

Therefore, we cannot advance nor discuss or understand these things without knowing the whole system that is beyond our universe. Even if we did know 100% of the laws in our universe, we would only know and attain a tiny part of the universe.

This is the reason we cannot establish a science by observing the stars and the movement of the planets and different signs of success. We simply don’t have enough data in this field.

Throughout history many researchers and scientists studied the planets and the stars and recorded their observations, wanting to connect the way each of them moved with the revolutions of the other stars and planets and also with what happens on this planet—our climate, the warming and the cooling of the planet, the winds, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and hurricanes—with the positive or negative effect they have on plants and animals and also on different types of people.

We really want to know what a certain factor or another has in store for us, to what extent it affects our near and distant future. People have tried to attain that, and as it seems in astrology, they have tried to connect it to people’s lives, to people’s nature, fate, to the flow of life, and to how people interrelate with one another according to the different astrological signs.

We yearn to know the future, that’s all! If we knew the future, if our parents received a detailed map of our whole life, no one would even look at the stars and astrological signs and wouldn’t listen to astrologers.

We have accumulated a lot of data through our studies of nature but we cannot count on them 100%. However, they can at least show us different relationships and interdependencies. This is indeed true, since it stems from the fact that we follow different natural phenomena and see that in the duration of tens and even thousands of generations certain phenomena are connected to others.

There are charts of these mutual connections in astrology according to which we can approximately say what will happen when a certain number of the external conditions match. What is more, there are several options as to how different events can develop.

Just as we observe natural phenomena, collect data, and then establish sciences on this basis, we also do the same thing in astrology. But we cannot call astrology a science because this whole area is completely beyond our control.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/8/15

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If We Don’t Intervene

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalistic sources relevant to our era consider it as a kind of prelude to the War of Gog and Magog. About Ishmael, who is a symbol of today’s Arabs, it is said: And he will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be upon all, and everyone’s hand upon him, and before all his brothers he will dwell. (Genesis 16:12) In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the present trends are precisely and clearly defined.

Moreover, every stage is explained in the writings of the Kabbalists as to how it will happen if we don’t intervene and don’t “sweeten” the situation. Through the right actions, we can dramatically change it to the opposite situation.

But otherwise, we can expect very great, dangerous, and terrible wars between Russia, China, Europe, America, and the Arab nations. And of course, Israel will find itself in the middle.

But at the same time, this place will be the safest. So, we invite all of our Jewish brothers from France to come to us. We accept them with open arms and together we will carry out the correction.
From KabTV’s “Like a Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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Gathering In The Land Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can it be said that the Jews were scattered among the nations to provide an example and present the method of unification on the ground?

Answer: First of all, the people of Israel were scattered among the nations to absorb their characteristics and to insert its characteristics into them. The wisdom of Kabbalah calls this process mutual integration.

If the people of Israel hadn’t gone into exile, humanity’s development would have taken place completely differently. This is because all the areas of development be it finance, technology, economy, culture, and other areas all actually derive from one source. So, considering the modern means of mass communication, we have no need to remain “on the ground.”

Question: Does this mean that today it is preferable for Jews to gather in the land of Israel today and spread the wisdom of connection and unification from here?

Answer: I see that the higher supervision is arranging everything in such a way that whether we want it or not, we are compelled to come here.

I came to Israel during the Yom Kippur War, after four years of being refused permission to emigrate. Everyone in Russia, including the Jews, said to me: “What are you going to do there? After all, your situation here is excellent.” But over the years, I saw how even these people moved here. So therefore, it is only a matter of time.

In the meantime, I am not talking yet about North America, but the general trend is accompanied by pressure on the Jews, at least in Europe. The pressure will continue to grow so much that they will begin to seriously think about complete assimilation. But this won’t happen either, because there is a higher plan.

Ultimately, after many troubles, even though they might delay, from the lack of any other solution, they will need to flee from there in any case.

The same thing happened in the twentieth century with the Jews of Germany who supposed that they still had time, but ultimately, only a lucky few fled with nothing; and the fate of the rest is known.

Question: Why is specifically the area of the land of Israel so important to the Jews?

Answer: This is derived from the laws of cause and effect, of root and branch. A person who is attracted to Israel, is in fact drawn to spiritual development. Even though externally, the nation doesn’t seem appropriate as an example, nevertheless, despite all the negative phenomena and internal discomfort, this place is important to a person. It means that a connection with the program of creation, with the higher forces of nature, has been awakened in him.
From KabTV’s “Like a Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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Writing A Book Of Torah

laitman_260Question: Why can’t you give me a lucky charm?

Answer: Because you have to make it, not I! It should be according to the program that is projected in you! No one can do anything for another person!

It says: “Inscribe them on the tablets of your heart.” It says that every person is obliged to write a book of Torah. Everyone! There is a Mitzva (commandment) to write a book of Torah.

This means that you have to learn this whole program from the first letter of the Torah, the Hebrew letter “Bet – ב,” all the way to the last letter, the Hebrew letter “Lamed – ל,”  and to write all those letters. To write them means to understand what this program means.

After all, the Torah is not a historical novel about a nation that lived ages ago. It is about you and about how you are made. When you read the Torah you begin to feel how it affects you once you understand the letters and the attributes. Ultimately every person has his own Torah.

I read the Torah, which means that the whole line of letters goes through me from the beginning to the end, and I read it. This means that I begin to understand, to feel, and to incorporate this program in me from the beginning of the creation with all the connections it contains in a totally different manner than you read it. Everyone does it according to his own nature and we are all very different.

So you know what you can add. Writing a book of Torah, is first of all writing it on your heart. But what do you write it with? You don’t simply place your heart so that the Torah can be printed on it. A heart means a desire.

You process these letters and the way they are ordered. You agree with them and change yourself according to every letter. Then it is written on your desire. This means that the matter of the letter is designed and depicted inside you by your desire.

Our matter is a desire to receive. This pile of desire which every person has must clothe the letters of the Torah on itself, that is,  to take on their form, similar to cookies shaped like letters. shaped biscuits. These are the letters you have to make of your desire in the form of the Torah.

Question: Every person yearns to be in the best possible state, but it is practically impossible to attain it. How can the letters help us succeed in doing so?

Answer: This is the path to success because the Torah leads you to the next world, to a state of perfect goodness. It is because your desire constantly yearns for something but doesn’t know exactly what it wants and never gets what it desires. Even if it does get one gram of pleasure, it disappears immediately.

The Torah is meant to bring you the Light. The Light is real pleasure that is permanent and full.

Question: What do you mean by the Torah?

Answer: This whole program is called Torah and we study it by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.23.15

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