Gathering In The Land Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can it be said that the Jews were scattered among the nations to provide an example and present the method of unification on the ground?

Answer: First of all, the people of Israel were scattered among the nations to absorb their characteristics and to insert its characteristics into them. The wisdom of Kabbalah calls this process mutual integration.

If the people of Israel hadn’t gone into exile, humanity’s development would have taken place completely differently. This is because all the areas of development be it finance, technology, economy, culture, and other areas all actually derive from one source. So, considering the modern means of mass communication, we have no need to remain “on the ground.”

Question: Does this mean that today it is preferable for Jews to gather in the land of Israel today and spread the wisdom of connection and unification from here?

Answer: I see that the higher supervision is arranging everything in such a way that whether we want it or not, we are compelled to come here.

I came to Israel during the Yom Kippur War, after four years of being refused permission to emigrate. Everyone in Russia, including the Jews, said to me: “What are you going to do there? After all, your situation here is excellent.” But over the years, I saw how even these people moved here. So therefore, it is only a matter of time.

In the meantime, I am not talking yet about North America, but the general trend is accompanied by pressure on the Jews, at least in Europe. The pressure will continue to grow so much that they will begin to seriously think about complete assimilation. But this won’t happen either, because there is a higher plan.

Ultimately, after many troubles, even though they might delay, from the lack of any other solution, they will need to flee from there in any case.

The same thing happened in the twentieth century with the Jews of Germany who supposed that they still had time, but ultimately, only a lucky few fled with nothing; and the fate of the rest is known.

Question: Why is specifically the area of the land of Israel so important to the Jews?

Answer: This is derived from the laws of cause and effect, of root and branch. A person who is attracted to Israel, is in fact drawn to spiritual development. Even though externally, the nation doesn’t seem appropriate as an example, nevertheless, despite all the negative phenomena and internal discomfort, this place is important to a person. It means that a connection with the program of creation, with the higher forces of nature, has been awakened in him.
From KabTV’s “Like a Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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