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Three Steps Of Transferring The Light

laitman_219_01Question: If the Jewish people are not yet ready to unite, how will redemption come to the world?

Answer: We begin from ourselves. The Upper Light works through Bnei Baruch, which is among the people of Israel, and the people of Israel are found among the nations of the world. The Light does all of the corrections. The Light can work only on condition that there is something corresponding to it.

So if we reach unity, the Light is found within us. It doesn’t even come from above, it is simply found everywhere, and it is revealed in us thanks to our equivalence of form.

Through our actions we are linked to the people of Israel; with this we transfer Light to them. And after that, because the people of Israel are connected to all of the nations of the world and influence them, the Upper Light passes to them also.

So first of all, we, Bnei Baruch, must be united. Then equivalence of form with the Upper Light makes it possible for us to have contact with it.

There doesn’t have to be unity like this between us and the people of Israel because we already influence them from our Kelim, and through our Kelim, they receive the Light. So there must only be a particular degree of connection, agreement, and integration with us here.

And between the people of Israel and the nations of the world there must be some kind of understanding that we are found in one world and one system, and from this anti-Semitism is derived, a unique attitude towards the people of Israel and also the system of correction. If the people get the general idea about this system and connect with us a bit, this is enough for the Upper Light to pass through them.

The Three Steps In The System Of Transferring The Light
Every time in the descent of these spiritual levels, a correlation is formed between the Kelim and the abundance that spreads in the relationship from the higher to the lower and from the lower to the higher. And generally this is what we talk about in our dissemination.

But the main thing for us is specifically our unity with the Upper Light. Then it will spread, will awaken a response in the people, and the people will begin to speak with our words, will agree with us, will be ready to go with us. All of the work is done by the Upper Light. Let the Light work and it will stream like water that penetrates into the soil and reaches each and every place to water anything that a person grows in the ground. Then on the way it will also fulfill us, will connect us into one. In what way does it do this? That is its business that is its work; this is the work of the Creator. We must only work on connection.

Question: If so, must we go out to disseminate externally?

Answer: If we don’t get the deficiency from the people, their desires, their problems, if we don’t take it and raise it up to ourselves, we will have no need to connect with the Creator. We can sit and study the sources for a thousand years and it will only be theory. As long as we are not integrated with the people, the desire to connect will not be awakened in us. The desire to connect is awakened only from the deficiencies that we get from people, and from these deficiencies, we can present the MAN, the request for correction.

So if you think that you want unity now, this is not true, this is not the right unity. The true unity is possible solely and only if you go out to the people, sweating and working with them on their connection. Only from there will you receive a true imperative to connect.

Question: Does this mean that if we truly unite, all of humanity will automatically be changed and we will not need to do anything?

Answer: Yes. If only the Bnei Baruch group changes, the people of Israel will be changed. And if the people of Israel will be changed to a particular degree, all of reality will be changed, all the peoples, all of humanity. That is how these three circles work. But each one depends upon both the higher and the lower. And without the deficiency of the lower, you cannot reach the higher.

So we must work with the people of Israel so that we will have a need to connect together and be like the Creator. Through the people of Israel we must go out to all of humanity so that for us there will be a need from humanity to turn to turn to the people of Israel, and from the people to ourselves, and from ourselves to the Creator.

All three of these levels must work as one. Therefore we work on “three fronts.”
From the Talk on the Subject of “Unity of the Nation” 7/10/14

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It Is Impossible To Empty The Ocean With A Pipette

Laitman_120Question: How can ten people contain the information about the whole universe?

Answer: You don’t even need ten people for that, another person beside me is enough. The main thing is that I should exit myself. I perceive the world, reality, with my senses. I either perceive the internal reality to the extent that I can contain it or perceive it in an opposite manner the way it is on the outside and exit myself.

It Is Impossible To Empty The Ocean
Then the Masach (screen) on which I see the picture of the world is no longer inside me but on the outside. I now measure everything on the outside with regard to others. This is called “love thy friend as thyself,” which is an acquisition of a new sense.

Question: This is probably a qualitative change in our perception and not a quantitative one?

Answer: Of course! I exit myself and live there. This is how I perceive the true reality that is external to me. I don’t distort it by the corruptions in me and thus don’t see it as distorted.

I can either perceive all of reality only in my tiny vessel, as if using my tiny pipette to draw from a vast ocean of information and perceive only what it can contain, or I may exit this tube and contain the whole ocean since I have exited myself.

Question: It turns out that I remain with this tiny tube.

Answer: No, I simply acquire a new sense by this tube that is external to it. Thus I perceive everything there is in the enormous ocean.

Question: Don’t I need to acquire many tubes for that?

Answer: We have to simply exit it and leave the pervious egoistic perception. This means that you acquire ten whole Sefirot, and even if they are very small, they are external to you and this is enough to begin to feel the spiritual reality.

We never perceive the true reality that is external to us, but we develop more and more and get closer to the real picture. This indicates our ascent up the spiritual ladder.

Question: Why is a group of two people enough in order to feel the true reality that is external to me?

Answer: If many people connect and are ready to unite, it is easier for each of them to exit himself. But it is also possible for two to do it if they are together. There are cases when a person manages to attain the spiritual revelation all on his own, but it is very difficult. The more people there are who support you and who try to do it together with you, the easier it is to fulfill it. It is best when there are at least ten people.

Then you begin to see reality outside your body, which means in the Returning Light. It is not inside you but outside that you merge and integrate with the external reality.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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How To Manage Success

Laitman_715Question: Do the stars tell what my own fate will be like? What is so special about the stars?

Answer: Nothing! These elements, the stars in the sky, are constant, and from day to day, from year to year, from epoch to epoch, over the centuries, they go through the same cycles.

Therefore, we can calibrate the position of each of them at any point in time and connect it to our birth, a wedding day, or other events, or make a conclusion about whether to fight or make peace, and things such as that.

In essence, the sky is the time axis in which we exist. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to determine the movement of the stars where we are located. Clear and unchanged laws exist here.

Therefore, based on the date and place of birth, and the date and place of birth of parents and the positions of the planets at this time, you can see how nature affects us. After all, this effect does not come from the stars. Still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature are all on the same map within the same system.

Therefore, according to the law of nature in the still level, that is, according to the movement of the stars and their combinations, we can say that we can influence what is happening on the human level. And even though man and the stars are very distant, the system itself is one.

This is why there are signs on the map of the heavens. Based upon what has been observed for thousands of years, we can say that we can suffer damage or succeed in a particular case, with respect to this or that person or a couple going to get married or entering into some sort of a deal. To some extent, we can imagine this.

It is written in the Torah, for example, that Haman was a great astrologer, and Abraham himself once studied astrology, selling idols and amulets.

The problem is that ordinary people do not have the possibility of a reverse impact on their fate. In order to influence one’s own destiny—that is, the higher power—only one that knows how to do it can do it from the bottom upward.

Kabbalists are the only ones that can accomplish this. As it is written in a very famous saying of the sages, “Israel is above the stars and signs of good luck.” In the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is written how we can connect with each other, to be prepared for it not only to protect ourselves, but also to rule over our own destiny and rule over our luck.

Then, I look at the map of the heavens that the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to me, and this map reveals the stars and the signs of good luck to me, the so-called Mazalot, the “drops of luck” (from the Hebrew word Nozel, or drain). These are the special lights that fall upon us drop by drop from a higher system, Rosh (head, brain) Atzilut, and influence us by forming all sorts of phenomena at the bottom, within us—the current and the forthcoming ones in the future. All of these forces are called signs of good luck (Mazalot).
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/8/15

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Magic For Sale

laitman_276_04Spiritual Weapon

Question: Is there such a thing as magic? Do we have the possibility to use supernatural force in order to change our reality?

Answer: No. The actual concept of “supernatural” must be reset. If we are talking about what lies above our being, then we can correlate the entire natural phenomenon to this realm.

We cannot influence the movement of Earth and other celestial bodies. However, we can calculate them. Thus many things have crossed from the mystic into the scientific realm.

However, there are still so many facts unknown to us, the roots of which slide away from our perception. In this area we are still weak; we are still standing before nature that we cannot figure out in advance. Meanwhile, a person yearns for security; he needs a “guarantee policy” against all threats.

This is where magic comes from. First, magic provides us with security against threats including enemies, that now a person can confront armed with a spiritual weapon. Second, it is an opportunity to start the attack, to establish one’s superiority, to cleanse the area of wrongdoers that stand on one’s path.

Supernatural for Sale

This is where many people make promises by claiming that they know how to do magic and will assist only if their services will be paid for.

There is black and white magic. If the first one is to cause harm, then the second one, in its turn, promises to help. Such a division, however, is purely arbitrary, just like children when they play bad and good people. A person feels weak before the forces that determine one’s life. A person would want to control one’s own fate and, therefore, comes to see the people “in the know.”

Besides all of this, the death of our bodies really scares us, as well as the unknown ahead. What will happen to my soul? Where will it end up? Can I escape hell and ensure I end up in heaven? This also causes a huge worry upon which others can make good money.

Question: Does this mean that there is no magic?

Answer: No, however, the problem is that everything that we refer to as the inner world of a man is associated with our psychology. As a result, a person can be influenced in such a way that it may seem like magic to one. In that regard, this happens to many believers.

There is nothing you can do about it because such are the properties of our psychology. Ultimately, everything comes from ignorance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/18/15

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Nature Is Our Home

Laitman_720Question: Do the stars influence the personal fate of a person?

Answer: Such a connection exists. But it isn’t the stars themselves that influence humans, animals, or plants; rather, according to the changes in the position of the stars we can understand which correspondent changes are happening on the levels of vegetative and animate. This doesn’t mean that one influences the other, but according to changes that happen in the heavens, on the level of the still, to which we pay attention, we decide that we must be changed too.

But the stars themselves are not the cause of these changes. It is not on the level of the still. It can remain absolutely hidden from us. But it influences the stars, plants, and people. We don’t see the real cause, and so we have no choice except to link our fate with the stars.

Thus humanity has learned throughout all of its history, from experience. They paid attention to particular plants that followed the moon. Others followed the sun. There were those that opened in the daytime and others that opened at night. From this astrology was born.

Astrology is based upon experience that human beings gathered. Over thousands of years they watched the phenomena of nature in the heavens and on the face of the earth and discovered how one depended on the other, how everything was connected. They constructed records, tables, and pyramids in South America and in Egypt. But all of this teaches only about the mutual connection of all the forces of nature that human beings discovered.

Even people who lived 10,000 years ago had already discovered that our world is global and that all things in it are linked to each other: human nature, the plants that are around him, the animals, nature, and the weather. Everything is connected into a single whole and in every part there are signs of all the rest of the parts, so much so is the system integrated.

Question: How does it follow that in ancient cultures this connection was already known, but because it didn’t since then it wasn’t developed and was even lost? Don’t we get the impression that the ancients were more developed than us?

Answer: The ancient people were more developed than us and were closer to nature. They weren’t afraid of nature; rather, they lived within it and so they understood and felt it. They understood nature better because they attributed everything that was happening with them to it. They connected their entire lives to it: The life of the family and their children, the nature of the person, everything that happens within the family and the community, the weather, the behavior of the animals, and the state of the crop yields in the field.

For them this was one world, and from this perspective, they were more advanced than modern man. Through the development of technologies we have detached ourselves from nature and have stopped respecting and valuing it, feeling it as our home. We will soon have to return to this perspective.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/1/15

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The Secret Plan Of The Jewish People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In general, how do you see the situation that the Jewish people find themselves in today?

Answer: We must understand the current development of mankind, understand why we are so hated in the eyes of the world, why we are, at best, pushed into a corner, and in the worst case, mankind wants to annihilate us.

All of this has been determined by the historical role of the people of Israel, and especially in our time we must be an example of the correct unification for humanity, making it possible to move to the next stage of our development.

Today, the dead end of human development has been revealed, the dead end in familial relationships and in different areas. This exists on the scale of individual nations and also the entire world. The time has come to ascend to the next level, but we still don’t understand this. In the meantime there is no solution in our world, so everyone is suffering from not having found it.

Philosophical outlooks are collapsing, plans are upset, and everything is coming to an end. In the past, humanity aspired to something, but today parents no longer have hope for a better future for their children.

An Alternative Possibility

And here the Jewish people should understand their purpose: Specifically now, we must show and provide an example of the method of connection and unification to humanity. For it is precisely through this that humanity will connect according to our example. It will unite in a good way through which we will come into line with nature, its general law and its evolution. And then we will develop further, not just to survive but to ascend to a new level.

The key for this is latent in the Jewish people. This is the secret of the people of Israel, that secret plan that they attribute to us. And we must finally reveal it to ourselves and to the whole world. This is the order of the day.

I hope the Jews will understand that the time has come to implement the stimulus program that has been waiting for thousands of years, to apply it to ourselves, and in this way to provide an example to everyone. We must transform into a “Light unto the nations,” as it is called.

If we don’t do this, the general course of things will press upon us so much that in the end, we will need to act in spite of it all.

And conversely, if, for a start, the Jews will at least discover and know why they are hated by the world and what their destiny is. This will make their lot much easier. After all, this knowledge itself is a rudimentary, albeit passive, participation in the general process derived from the thought of creation.

Even though people still don’t understand its general meaning, even a first contact with the truth, the beginning of a familiarity with the real state of affairs, can change the situation for the better. And the contact itself opens channels to a new power and new management of the world.

There Are No Accidents

The main thing is to explain to every Jew what their mission is in this life, in the world, and why humanity displays such a negative attitude towards them. The reason is that they are not carrying out their role.

It is not by chance that they attribute bad intentions to us and explain that all troubles come from us. We must examine and analyze these eternal slanders. We are talking about a natural phenomenon, not about spontaneous unconnected outbursts. Even those peoples with whom we were never actually in contact are experiencing this same real feeling. We must understand that there are sources and a basis for this natural phenomenon.

The wisdom of Kabbalah describes the inner mechanisms of what is happening and explains to us how we can actively implement our role.

First of all, the people are right in their hatred towards us. For we have really turned off the faucet to the abundance that must come into the entire world. Of course, I am not justifying the haters, but I am saying to the Jews, “Come, let’s implement what has been imposed upon us by nature itself. Come, let’s do this as quickly as possible.”
 From KabTV’s “Like a Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.25.15

Writings of Rabash, Shlavei HaSulam,” Article 4

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The Book of Zohar, Selected Excerpts — “The Pleasure Is Only in Bestowal,” Item 116

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 94

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, “Histaklut Pnimit,” Vol. 1, Part 1, Chapter 6, Item 24

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