Miracles That Slow Down The Advancement Of Humanity

laitman_629_4The Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim), 19:26: …neither shall ye practice divination nor soothsaying.

Question: Why is it forbidden to practice divination or soothsaying?

Answer: The point is that divination or soothsaying can provide a person with answers to questions that trouble him, but he has no right to use that since such actions are not aimed at bestowal but actually at satisfying his ego. It doesn’t mean that he closes his eyes and advances like a blind man. There is no such thing in our spiritual advancement at all.

“Neither shall ye practice divination or soothsaying” means that all the actions you perform in your mind and heart should be aimed at bestowal, that such actions aren’t focused on you, like in the case of divination or soothsaying. Here you should simply determine the way you act in complete bestowal unto the Creator, unto those around you, and move forward. Then you don’t feel the need for divination or soothsaying. You should ascend above your ego without seeing your future since the next level has to be in complete concealment.

Imagine that a certain airline’s plane disappeared and no one knows what happened to it and whether it was hijacked, sank, or exploded. Suddenly I appear on the radio or hold a press conference and say that I can find it. My announcement causes a stir all over the world and they do actually find the lost plane. At the same time I explain to everyone that I managed to do it because I engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah and that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the next world etc.

Comment: This is where the powerful popularity of the wisdom of Kabbalah stems from…

Answer: Yes, but it is forbidden to do so. Everyone will immediately run to Kabbalists spurred by their ego, all the people in the world would want to become Kabbalists, but what’s the point?

Comment: But the Creator actually operates that way! When Moses said that the people wouldn’t believe him, the Creator answered him, “Throw your rod to the ground,” and the rod turned into a snake. This means that Moses performed miracles on behalf of the Creator.

Answer: The Creator did that in order to harden Pharaoh’s heart even more and to give the people the chance to escape from him, so that they would have no chance of thinking that he was actually right and that he had certain powers. You can imagine that if I really did say something about the plane the human ego would rise to such a level that we wouldn’t be able to explain anything to people. The ego would also leap in us and how?! Since they would all begin to bow to Kabbalists.

By performing that action, I would bury everyone in their ego and we would have to wait a few more centuries until all this will sink and then start anew from scratch. The upper system of connection is very meticulous with regard to any spiritual matter that can enter a person since by such things he may not hear us and therefore it says: “…neither shall ye practice divination nor soothsaying.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/9/14

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